Healing Power of the Angels: Communion with the Maggidim

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Healing Power of the Angels: Communion with the Maggidim

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Healing Power of the Maggidim: The Holy Angels

If we are ever blessed to experience the physical presence of a holy tzaddik – a spiritual adept or master, and blessed to be open and sensitive at the time, we will find a distinct field of divine energy-intelligence around them, as though a great matrix of Light-presence and Light-power, of which they serve the center of activity within space-time. If our interior senses are open we may perceive a luminous assembly of tzaddikim (holy ones) and maggidim (angels), and various divine beings gathered around them, and we may perceive a constant coming and going of luminous beings from their presence; it can truly be an awesome and wonderful experience, and we may find that blessings naturally flow in their presence. It is as though they are seated in the midst of a Great Palace of Light, akin to the palaces of light we envision in partzuf meditations, the holy tzaddik serving as the channel or vehicle of the Divine Presence and Power in the material dimension.

This matrix of Light-presence and Light-power that we encounter around a holy tzaddik is basically the same as the field of divine energy-intelligence we wish to generate in the sacred space of our healing work. Thus, at the outset of a healing session, after banishing or clearing the space, we almost always invoke a luminous assembly of tzaddikim and maggidim through prayer, chant and visualization, sometimes even integrating outward ceremonial gestures as part of our invocation. Essentially, in much the same way a living tzaddik acts as a channel or vehicle of the Divine Presence and Power in the material dimension, so also do we become a conduit of Light-presence and Light-power during a healing session, or any other spiritual labor we might undertake – our body serves as a focus of the Healing Power of the luminous assembly invoked, which we then direct with conscious intention into the person in need of healing.

In almost all methods of healing work with others we envision tzaddikim or partzufim in the environment, such as Lord Yeshua, Lady Mirya or the Holy Mother, but also, even when not present in the instructions, we often envision hosts of maggidim in the environment who labor with us in the healing work. According to the masters of the tradition the principle task of maggidim, aside from worship, is tikkune-healing, and it is said all maggidim bear something of the Healing Power of God.

St. Raphael is, perhaps, the most commonly invoked archangel for healing work, yet any of the archangels of the sacred circle and the Tree of Life may be invoked during healing work, and various orders of angels may be invoked – all depending upon the nature of the illness or dis-ease in need of tikkune-healing.

Quite naturally we cannot effectively invoke maggidim for healing work, or any other theurgic work for that matter, if we do not develop a connection and relationship with them – it is much the same as in friendship, if we wish friends to be present with us in life then we must be present with them, cultivating our friendships. It is really just the same with angelic and divine beings, for the masters of the tradition have taught us that when we think of the angels of God, they think of us, and if we will invoke their emanations often then they will be present with us and commune with us, coming and going perpetually in the subtle environment around us. This is reflected in the field of divine energy-intelligence we find around a holy tzaddik, which is, on one level, a luminous assembly of tzaddikim and maggidim gathered around them in the subtle dimensions. Essentially, it is the expression of the power of their daily spiritual life and practice, the power of their realization which has come into being through the continuum of prayer, meditation and sacred ritual they have kept. Therefore, as we take up our spiritual labor of healing in the Order we wish to become well acquainted with the archangels and orders of angels – the maggidim, and begin to invoke and commune with them often, apart from the times we call upon them for healing work.

If you look into Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ you will find that much is shared about the archangels and orders of angels associated with the Tree of Life, along with visualizations and chants to invoke most of the archangels – that can be a good place to begin. However, many volumes could be written by any adept or master of the tradition who has entertained the communion of the maggidim over the years, sharing different chants they have learned, various forms the angels assume, and diverse reasons specific archangels and orders of angels might be invoked. In much the same way that they have gathered the bulk of their knowledge and understanding of the maggidim, so must we: through direct spiritual and mystical experience of the angels of God.

The following are some way to begin your communion with the maggidim and seek knowledge through your own spiritual and mystical experience with them.

Seeking the Acquaintance of the Maggidim:

Perhaps the best place to begin to seek the acquaintance of archangels and their orders is with the archangels of the sacred circle, which are those most commonly invoked in healing work: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Uriel, as well as Metatron and Sandalfon.

Beginning with Raphael, the archangel associated with the eastern quarter of the sacred circle, invoke each archangel every day for one week, contemplating all of the attributes known to you about the archangel and praying that the Holy Shekinah and the archangel might reveal the mysteries of its dominion to you – it various powers and knowledge, and mysteries of the spiritual and angelic realms and orders over which it presides. When you have gone around the sacred circle in this way, including the height (Metatron) and depth (Sandalfon), then invoke the archangels of the Tree of Life, from Keter to Malkut, one each week, as with the sacred circle. (When you come to archangels attributed to the sacred circle seek knowledge and communion with them in the context of the Holy Sefirot to which they are attributed.) As you invoke the archangels of the Sefirot, also invoke the corresponding orders of angels with them, seeking knowledge and communion with the maggidim of the Tree of Life.

In this continuum, as much as praying you also want to envision and meditate upon the archangels. To do this, envision yourself in a solar light-body with the Spiritual Sun in your heart and take up the chant of the corresponding divine name, whether of the direction of the sacred circle or the Sefirot – as you conclude the intonement of the divine name, envision a ray of light shoots out of the Spiritual Sun in your heart and magically appears as the archangel before you.

The visualizations for the archangels given in Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ may be used. Or, alternatively, you may envision them in human form with two great wings, their bodies and outer robes formed of jeweled light, corresponding with their attribute, with inner robes of white brilliance – and you can envision them bearing a symbol corresponding to their dominion (for example, Uriel might bear a pentacle or cornucopia – some symbol of the earth or the abundance of life). If detailed visualization is difficult, you could simple envision a pillar of light or light-presence of the appropriate color – it is all about making some vital and mental connection with the archangels.

In whatever way you might visualize them, holding the image in your mind, you can pray and commune with them in the Divine Presence and Power, and then you can take up the chant of their name – as you chant, envision them growing brighter and light streaming from their bodies, pouring out upon you as a blessing and empowerment from the divinity of which they are an emanation. At the conclusion of the chant of their name, see them dissolve into fluid flowing light that gathers at the top of your head and then pours down into your heart, merging with you.

Give praise and thanksgiving to El Elyon, the Divine Most High, and pray for blessings to pour out upon others as well; then dedicate the blessings and grace generated by your practice to all beings.

(The invocation of the archangels could be begun and concluded with a Kabbalistic Cross; likewise, before meditating on an archangel we could perform a Middle Pillar to make ourselves more open and sensitive to the communion of the maggidim.)

As you seek to develop knowledge and communion with the maggidim it is important to remember that we link with spiritual forces that correspond on a vibrational level with our thoughts, emotions, words and actions. Thus, if we want to entertain communion with angels and divine beings we must pay attention to our thoughts, speech and actions, cultivating positive thoughts and emotions, words and deeds. If we do not tend to the cultivation of positive energy in our mind, heart and life, we will not be empowered to invoke and link with angelic and luminous divine beings – our invocations will be in vain, or worse, what will come appearing like “angels” and “divine beings” will be admixed and dark forces, deceptive spirits. (This is a plight that many psychics and occultists suffer from when the egoistic motivations are present or they do not seek to unfold an actual self-realization, and therefore do not take up the spiritual life and practice integrated their to daily living.)

During this continuum of becoming acquainted with the archangels and their orders it is good to keep a journal and to record what you intuit and learn about the archangels and angelic orders, beginning your own book of knowledge about them.

This same continuum of acquaintanceship is part of the teachings of the Order of St. Uriel, as theurgic work with maggidim is a significant part of the practice of that Order; likewise, initiates of the Order of St. Gabriel take up a similar practice for their work of prophetic meditation – in other words, acquaintance with the maggidim is a common practice to many of the orders.

Invoking the Holy Guardian Angel:

It is said that every soul has a holy guardian angel – an angel that guides and protects the soul in its development and evolution. Naturally, if you are seeking to develop knowledge and communion with the maggidim it is good to invoke your holy guardian angel; likewise, in healing work contact with you guardian angel can prove very helpful, as in any spiritual labor. The following is a simple way to seek contact with your guardian angel.

Take up a continuum of prayer requesting the Divine to grant you conscious knowledge and communion with your holy guardian angel – beginning on the new moon, pray each day, offering up lights and incense.

Then, when the moon waxes full, sit in Primordial Meditation, abiding with the conscious intention of knowledge and communion with your holy guardian angel. As you are sitting, imagine that a Light-presence appears above and behind you, as though a holy angel is standing over you; then imagine that the Light-presence “steps into you” and merges with you – as though it is within and all around you. Feel the warmth and love of your angel’s embrace, and let your mind and heart open to your holy guardian angel, letting it reveal itself to you; as you commune with your holy guardian angel ask her or his help in developing your knowledge and understanding of the maggidim, and your communion with them – ask for guidance in your spiritual development (or whatever you might be inclined to ask for).

When you communion is complete, bid farewell to your angel and let go of the visualization, giving praise and thanks to the Divine, and praying that all who desire knowledge and communion with their guardian angel might receive it.

Although this is a very simple method, many initiates have found it effective for entering into contact with their guardian angel.

Invoking the Great Ofan or Band of Forty Angels:

Traditionally, if a person is in need of spiritual protection, blessing or healing we will pray that the Holy One gives charge to an archangel concerning the person and pray that a band of forty angels surrounds the person, giving them the invisible spiritual assistance that they need – a similar practice may be used to facilitate our communion with the maggidim.

Abide in Primordial Meditation – then envision yourself in solar body of light, with the Spiritual Sun in your heart.

Aware of the Light-presence within you and beyond you, the Light-power within and all around you, pray to the Diviine to give charge to a band of forty angels to send forth their emanations and surround you; then take up the chant: Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot (LORD God of Hosts).

As you take up this holy chant envision that a great ray of light ascends from the Spiritual Sun in your heart out the top of your head, and magically forms a greater Light-presence above your head, as though a Jeweled Diamond Light Being; then envision rays going out of the Archangelic Presence, magically appearing as forty holy angels formed of diamond-like light, sparkling with dazzling rainbow hues. (The band is envisioned as four circles of ten angels.)

Intone the divine name: Eheieh, and envision that a great pillar of white brilliance descends upon you, your solar body continuing to appear, but now within the pillar of white brilliance; then intone the name of Metatron: Torahkiel Yod-He-Vau-He, as you do this envision the outermost circle of angels are transformed into images of radiant emerald green light, the next circle of angels becomes golden light images, the next sapphire blue and the inmost circle ruby red light images – this is the image of a Great Ofan (Wheel Angel), the band of forty angels being its emanation body.

Now take up the chant: Sha Da Ya Ma Sandalfon (or So Da Yo Ma Sandalfon), and envision an outer ring of flaming fire appears – a fifth outermost circle formed of great flames.

Holding the conscious intention in mind for which you have called upon the Great Ofan, take up the chant: Yahweh Elohim, Shaddai, knowing that intention fulfilled by the power of the divine name.

Then, with the conscious intention for the extension of Divine Light, so that all beings might be blessed, chant: Adonai.

*You can perform this practice on behalf of a person in need of spiritual protection or blessing, or for healing work with a person – it is a powerful practice and is an angelic invocation that corresponds to the practice of Putting On the Name as taught in the Continuum of Union with the Holy Master withinin the Order of St. Michael.

**This same method, following the basic pattern given, can be used to invoke any of the archangels – you simply change the divine names and visualizations to correspond with the archangel and hosts being invoked. For example, if you were invoking Raphael and a band of forty angels for healing, the divine name Yeshua Messiah or Yahweh Elohenu would be used, followed by a chant of Raphael – the Divine Light above would be like that of the Spiritual Sun, though brighter, and the entire gathering of hosts would be formed of golden solar light. Then, laying on hands the healer would direct this healing power into the subtle body of the person they are working with, or else envision the archangel doing so – all as is appropriate.

A very simple for of this practice may also be used – chanting: Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot, the Light-presence above and the band of forty angels instantly appears; chanting: Adonai the intention is instantly fulfilled. Then, giving praise and thanksgiving to the Holy One of Being, and praying for others, one concludes the practice with the dedication of merit.

The Supernal Palace of Metatron:

It is said that when Enoch was taken up by Ha-Shem he was translated into the Archangel Metatron and set over all of the holy angels of Ha-Shem; thus, seeking knowledge and communion with the maggidim, once becoming acquainted it can be good to practice the Supernal Palace of Metatron and enter into union with the Prince of the Face – the Holy Tzaddik who is also the Holy Maggid.

Abide in Primordial Meditation and then generate the crystalline light-body, with seven interior stars, three channels ways, and the Spiritual Sun in the heart.

Take up the chant: Sar Ha-Olam, and envision a ray of light shooting up through the central channel from the Spiritual Sun in your heart and magically appearing as a Holy Star of White Brilliance above your head.

With the chant: Torahkiel Yahweh, envision this Holy Star magically transforms into the image of Archangel Metatron, and envision that through rays of light streaming forth from his Diamond Body the Supernal Palace magically appears.

He-She appears as the youthful Human One (androgynous), whose divine body is something like a great crystalline entity, with one thousand wings forming something like a great wheel, with tens of thousands of eyes in the wheel of wings, and he-she has two great arms that, themselves, seem like archangelic beings – gazing, it is as though the body of Metatron spans infinite space and contains countless supernal realms, worlds and universes, the whole Pleroma of Light that is revealed in the Risen Messiah. (He-She is a Great Diamond Being, formed of white brilliance that shines with rainbow hues, surrounded by unimaginable supernal glory.)

He-She appear as the One-Who-Sits-Upon-The-Throne in a glorious golden celestial temple, the inside of which is as though formed with celestial diamonds, studded with celestial jewels of various splendid colors; the floor is made of what appears like fluid sapphire, and Metatron is seated in the midst on a great Living Throne, which itself is a crystalline entity. Above Archangel Metatron is radiant Clear Light such as cannot be described – holy living creatures surround the image of Metatron, then serafim, then kerubim and then ofanim all manner of holy angels fill the limitless space of this Temple-Palace, and angels are continually coming and going from the presence of the Archangel. There are two glorious archangels on either side of the Metatron, and seven archangels hovering in the air encircling him, and the twelve who are archangels of the powers of the twelve saviors encircle those.

Above, in the radiance of the Clear Light, are images of Holy Ones and Immortals of the Divine Order – the Holy Mother, the Master, and the Shekinah of Messiah appear in the Clear Light Radiance, all are there in the Supernal Light of El Elyon, the Palace of Great Maggid being as a Supernal Emanation of the Holy One and Divine Order.

There eight great gates to this Palace of Light, and sixteen archangelic princes who stand as guardians, outer and inner – eight are seen and eight are hidden, and so also with the holy princes before and behind the Holy Throne.

All of this, and all of creation, the Pleroma and the Entirety, is within the Divine Body of the Archangel, yet it all is as an aura emanating from the Divine Body of the Archangel, such as cannot be spoken – it is an awesome and wonderful Body of Vision to behold, the Archangelic Emanation of the Human One of Light. Hallelu Yah!

When this Body of Vision is generated, take up the chant: Yah-Ha-Va, and at the fruition of the chant envision a stream of Light descending from the Archangel, like a lightening bolt flashing down through the top of your head, striking your Root Star. Take up the chant: Ah-Ha-Yah, imagine that instantly you become that flashing fire and that you are taken up in Divine Rapture, merging with Archangel Metatron – you become the Great Maggid.

Let the awareness dawn of the countless sentient beings, within the countless realms, worlds and universes, in need of divine assistance for their enlightenment and liberation; with conscious intention of innumerable angelic emanations streaming forth from your Diamond Body going out to help them and uplift them, take up the chant: IAO.

Envision angelic emanations running and returning in your Divine Body, going out and blessing beings, and gathering in their holy sparks to your Divine Body – awakening countless being to the Divine Reality.

Then, let the awareness arise of the Palace of Light and your Divine Body being as the Entirety, and hold in your heart the conscious intention of the Entirety uplifted into the Pleroma of Light, and take up the chant: Ah-Ha-Yah-Ha-Va-Ha, and envision the entire palace and luminous assembly become as dazzling brilliance and dissolve into your divine body of emanation; then with the chant: Ah, as the Glory Body of the Great Maggid, envision you disappear like a rainbow in the sky, dissolving into Clear Light Radiance – Pure Awareness. Abide in this Union of Pure Radiant Awareness as long as you can.

When your mind moves, envision yourself once again in crystalline light-body, but with Diamond Radiance as the Spiritual Sun within your heart – envision all of the interior stars brightly shining and a brilliant aura of rainbow glory surrounding you.

Envision individuals around you in need of blessing and healing, and as yourself in Jeweled Body, take up the chant: IAO again, envisioning Divine Light streaming out of you as a blessing upon them.

After blessing those you know who are in need of blessing, as you continue the chant envision the Divine Light extending from your light-body into the whole world – seeing all beings and the world become self-radiant with Divine Light.

Once the blessings and grace of Divine Light have been shared, with the conscious intention of praise and thanksgiving of the Divine Most High, chant: El Elyon.

Then, with conscious intention for the dedication of merit chant: Adonai.

This concludes the practice of the Supernal Palace of Metatron.

*All of these practices are from the Order of St. Uriel, but they are also part of the teachings of the Order of St. Raphael to provide a means for initiates of the Order to develop knowledge and communion with the maggidim necessary for their healing work. These practices are a beginning of acquaintanceship, of course, not the fruition – they are akin to a self-initiation into the communion of the holy angels. Ultimately our greater knowledge and understanding comes with time as we take up our spiritual labor with the maggidim and our communion deepens, and we experience the real intelligence and power of the angels of God in the Great Work.

May we abide perpetually in the company of the Shekinah of Messiah, the great luminous assembly of tzaddikim and maggidim, and be empowered to bring glory to Ha-Shem; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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