Being A Bride

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Being A Bride

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue May 01, 2018 6:48 pm

Being A Bride

On that wedding night with the Beloved,
we are all brides, don’t you know,
and as every wife will tell you,
she having entered into the bridal chamber,
in that most intimate embrace, the Beloved
is within you, and all around you,
and in the fruition of love-play,
the consummation,
the Beloved is you, and you are the Beloved,
the love, the loving, is the Beloved,
all of it!
There is nothing else but the Beloved,
one flesh, one soul, one spirit,
pure joy, bliss, ecstasy,
melting into Oneness,
it is all the Beloved,
no other,
not you,
all you,
the One!

Fall in love, enter the bridal chamber, and you will know this,
being known by the Beloved!

Such is knowing God, the True Light.

Understand, even the most base and bestial thing is the sign of God Most High to you.

Praise God for revelation and showing signs so that we might remember and return!
Tau Malachi
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