Equinox Easter Egg

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Equinox Easter Egg

#1 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:06 am

Equinox peace to you!

Below is an Equinox inspiration. Following an interlinear Greek-English NT while listening to St. John 20 in the Greek on CD, I was struck more deeply not only by the mantric rhythm of the Greek, but of the very beautiful surprises in Paul R. McReynolds' word-for-word translation of English broken by Greek syntax. Interlinear texts are word-for-word translations, however distorted they might sound in the translated language. While the syntax of the translated language is not intended to be read directly, I personally find this quite beautiful, in a contemporary way, much like unresolved sketches of words, sounds or ideas can sometimes be as beautiful as their resolved final!

To experience this literal word-for Greek word translation as poetry requires you let it wash over in a total effect; drizzle in the sounds and dream with the wateriness of this literally foreign syntax of the original Greek of John 21:

In the but one of the Sabbaths Maria the Magdalene comes in the morning dark still being to the grave and she sees the stone having been lifted up from the grave.

She runs then and she comes to Simon Peter and toward the other learner whom was loving the Jesus and she says to them; they lifted up the Master from the grave and not we know where they placed him.

Went out then the Peter and the other learner and they were coming to the grave.

Were running but the two same; and the other learner ran before more quickly the Peter and he went first into the grave,

and having stooped down he sees lying the linen strips, not however he went into.

Comes then and Simon Peter following him and he went in into the grave, and he watches the linen strips lying,

and the handkerchief, which was on the head of him, not with the linen strips lying but without having been wrapped into the one place.

Then then went into also the other learner the one having come first to the grave and he saw and he trusted;

but not yet for they had known the writing that it is necessary for him out of dead to stand up.

Went off then again toward them the learners.

Maria but stood to the grave outside crying. As then she was crying, she stooped down into the grave,

and she watches two messengers in white sitting, one toward the head and one toward the feet, where lying the body of the Jesus.

And say to her those; woman, why you cry? She says to them, “They lifted up the Master of me, and not I know where they placed him.”

These having said she was turned to the after and she watches the Jesus having stood and not she knew that Jesus he is.

Says to her Jesus; woman why you cry? Whom you seek? That one thinking that the garden keeper it is says to him; Master, if you borne him, say to me where you placed him, and I him will lift up.

Says to her Jesus; Mariam. Having been turned that one says to him in Hebrew; Rabboni (which is said Teacher).

Says to her Jesus; not of me touch, not yet for I have gone up toward the father; travel but toward the brothers of me and say to them; I go up toward the father of me and father of you and God of me and God of you.

Comes Mariam the Magdalene giving message to the learners, “I have see the Master”, and these he said to her.

Being then evening in the day that the one of Sabbaths and the doors having been closed where were the learners through the fear of the Judeans, came the Jesus and he stood in the middle and he says to them; peace to you.

And this having said he showed the hands and the side to them. They rejoiced then the learners having been seen the Master.

Said then to them the Jesus again; peace to you; just as has delegated me the father, also I send you.

And this having said he blew in and says to them; take spirit holy;

-of whom you send off the sins they have been sent to them off, - of whom you might hold they have been held.

Thomas but one out of the twelve, the one being said Didymus, not he was with them when came Jesus.

Were saying then to him the others learners; we have seen the Master. The but said to them; except I might see in the hands of him the example of the nails and I might throw the finger of me into the example of the nails and I might throw of me the hand into the side of him, not not I will trust.

And after days eight again were inside the learners of him and Thomas with them. Comes the Jesus of the doors having been closed, and he stood in the middle and he said; peace to you.

Then he says to the Thomas; carry the finger of you here and look the hands of me and carry the hand of you and throw into the side of me, and not become untrustful but trustful.

Answered Thomas and said to him; the Master of me and the God of me.

Says to him the Jesus; because you have me seen have you trusted? Fortunate the not ones having seen and having trusted.

Many indeed then also other things did the Jesus before the learners of him, which not they are having been written in the small book this; these but have been written that you might trust that Jesus is the Christ the son of the God, and that trusting life you might have in the name of him.

Trusting life may we have in the name of Living Yeshua!

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thank you!

#2 Postby Marion » Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:02 am

Shalom Michael!

Thank you so very much for sharing this! That is so beautiful. I have been thinking about that version of the story for days now...It really makes me want to learn Greek! even if it is just to read the Gospels, this would be a wonderful thing!

Blessings and Shalom!


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