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Is dissolition a willingness to feel Love?
a willingness to surrender?
Is not this our deepest disire
to Love and be Loved
One Being
Not this not that
Not Cain or Abel
One being embodying
the body being
Pure, natural
One who comes from Adam Kadmon
Asleep, then awake and in-between
Life, death and rebirth
Rebirth, Risen and Ressurect
The Gap in-between
Our very breath
Do we dare to be the Gap?
To look beyond the face of fear?
To look into The Face
the Face that is One and Many
Is it only here that one becomes true
Dancing with the fear
the fear of not being this nor that
Becoming the Being and Being the Becoming
Looking the many faces into The Eye
The Single eye
Then Becoming the many faces
No attachment and no adversion
Just Dance
The brinde and the Bridegroom
splendor of the rainbow
Clear Light of the colors
Clear light of the vibration
Wisdom of the Word and Word of the Wisdom
Daughter Sophia and Father Logos
Sun Logos and Mother Sophia
Empress, Doors
Opening and closing
Moving and Not Moving
The Circle
Continuous, Continuum
Conscious, Continuity
Is this Dissolution?
Is this Love?

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