Two Hearts

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Two Hearts

#1 Postby Marion » Wed Jan 11, 2012 1:46 pm

When you sent me into the wilderness, my heart stayed there.
When you cast me out of your Palace, I died on the road.
Where does it lead? Where am I to go?
All I knew was your bosom Ha-Shem. All I knew was your embrace.

Cast out like a goat into the wilderness of the desert.
I fell like a stone to the earth. Into deep waters.

I was like a lost sheep, looking for its shepherd.
But you found me Ha-Shem.
How did you find me?
How did you find the one wandering among the dead?

Surely it is only through your good Grace that it was done!
You embraced me, took me as your own.
Adonai Elohai how my soul longs for you!
How is it that you would make one living?

You took a stone and carved a name into it.
And the Mercy of El was revealed.

Oh Adonai Elohai,
Beloved of my soul.
You gave to me a new heart.

Oh Adonai Elohai,
The One who my soul loves.
You erased every trace of darkness.

Oh Adonai Elohai!
My Lord and My God!
You breathed new life into my nostrils when you gave me your heart.

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