The Kingdom

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The Kingdom

#1 Postby Joyce » Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:48 pm

On the eve of the Great Winter Solstice, and the observance of the Feast of Mother and Child, I thought I might share a poem that came to me a while ago.

The Kingdom

In the locus of subconscious depths
Beyond the reach of mundane mortals
Lies the Holy Grail, the Fount of Eternal Youth.

The One who wins the great quest
And drinks of the Fount of nameless depth
Is brought forth the Boundless, Ageless Child,
older than the hills.
The Child, born in ecstatic agony,
Brought forth by love, in love and through love,
Dissolves jealousy, hate and fear.

Now feel the birth pangs in the war of good and evil!
Love the Child which is stronger than war.
Then behold Prince Melchizedek!
Behold the birth without mortal parents-
Product of the heavenly marriage Mind and Soul
Revealed in the prepared Temple of the body.
No longer are you of the race of the earth born,
But truly Man, God-child of the Universe
In constant rebirth within the hearts
Of those who drink of the Fount!

Behold the Silent Witness within all, waiting-
All in travail to bring forth the Child.
Now behold the Eternal Ones,
Clothed in a white, not of this earth!
Truly, Members of the Greater Light,
Linked by Philos, drunk with the Ideal of their Eternal Youth
Proclaim one and all:

"I have dreamed a great dream!
Behold the Brotherhood of Man come to earth,
Crushing old dogmas, bringing Unity and timeless Wisdom."

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