Love's Heresy

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Love's Heresy

#1 Postby Joyce » Tue Jan 15, 2013 8:39 pm

Love's Heresy

Little did I know
That Love could terrify
'Til it blossomed 'cross a boundary
And formed the question, "Why?"

Should I reach o'er that fence
And touch its blossomed innocence?
I would answer the "Why?"
With a "Because!" to the sky.

But as I reached
The fence grew taller
I strained for Beyond
But found myself smaller.

What watered the fence
Before an object so dear?
Fool's questions beget Fool's answers
In multi-headed fear.

Is the blossom poisoned?
Will it die in my hands?
Or is it unbreachable
On "No Trespassed" lands?

Love would make heretics
Of the human race
For it springs
In the most unlikely place.

'T'would care for the untouchable
Bleed for the unlikeable
Teach the unteachable,
For Love, are all things possible.

'T'would stretch our tight notions
And drunk with its potion
Stretch hearts world wide
In Infinity's motion.

Love can't be confined
In our tight little minds.
See it break down the fence?
Dare I face its consequence?

Love, I have fought you
And you have fought back
Saying, "What's more monstrous
Than my lack?"

Let Love be my teacher,
Formless Love take your forms.
Who am I to
Dictate your norms?

The world needs Love
Tho'We play as fools.
The quest is how best
To use Golden Rules.

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