Choice and power - a story of stolen goods

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Choice and power - a story of stolen goods

#1 Postby BrandonLw » Thu Jul 10, 2014 1:57 pm

Matthew 5:40
"If anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, let him have your coat also.”
I prayed for a time to my Mother that I might better understand this verse. Perhaps looking for an empowerment of sorts, a chance to live this verse- it felt removed from me somehow, that I was somehow yet untested in this. Whatever the arising in prayer, Mother heard it…

While I ran on a treadmill in my local gym, I stared ahead seeing how much meditation-type practice I could hold while in cardio (more for explorative fun than for obligation). I stepped off and my bag of belongings was gone. It was gone gone, like a hole opened and it fell into it. The bag held my clothes, wallet, truck keys, cell phone. A dream-like reality set in, expanding on the semi-meditative state. The first thanks I mustered came from the fact that I was somehow not panicked. I told the clerk and we began a stolen goods report. All the while, I had a sense how odd and out of place this event was. I had just moved through a very vigorous and focused cycle over some weeks, and this felt like a surreal twist, something different or set apart.

I called my cell phone and the holder of my goods answered and said he left my keys, and I could meet him to buy back my things. The dream-like nature of the event set my sensitivity and focus higher, so I was able to listen and feel the conversation very carefully. I was struck how it seemed this one truly wanted an exchange, not a bottomless descent into endless needs, and the price he set was reasonable, all things considered (I did leave an opening for one to step in). I got my keys, and went to our arranged meeting spot. I don’t advocate for recklessness for its own sake, but something in this whole scenario gave a sense that it was on rails somehow, that this was a wild and closely watched episode that needed to run its course, and I admit I do have the danger seeker an me (as I think many drawn to the warrior way in tradition do). We met and I gave him more money than he asked for.
I talked with him a time, and he told a story of great need and desperation (which is expected) but he did seem to be one falling in the early stages, not one already in the far depths. I received my things and some information to where the bag was dropped, and we parted. The whole event broke my heart (opened my heart): him, the need to steal, this violence between us, this desperation. Seeing as there are cameras in the gym and one needs to be a member to even get in, he was identified and reported to the sheriffs. I took some heat from my family as to why I met him in the first place.

I remember the strange feeling when the reality of the situation set in, and then the empowerment when I decided I was going to follow through and give him more than he asked for, how strangely at that point he (and what was with him) was no longer setting the tone and details. I think of the apostles who were willing to die for their faith. I think about how it is important to use the existing systems of justice to bring balance and not protect wrong-doings. I am still processing the whole event, but I know in my heart that my Mother is with me, as she is all her children. I do not seek to put my Lord God to the test, but I do pray to have courage.

The teaching say it is humble to place a kaf כ before an interpretation to show that something “occurred like a…” So I will say in humility, something occurred like a dream, something like a thief came and something like a comforting and guiding Spirit arose from the midst and set the course in action. It is good that God should be real in our lives.


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Re: Choice and power - a story of stolen goods

#2 Postby elizabethduval » Thu Jul 10, 2014 3:11 pm

Dear Brother Brandon,

I was very moved by this story an especially how Mother heard your desire to understand the verse you quoted, and how she provided the means for you to act in a way as to "give your coat also." I believe the one that took your belongings must have felt this presence of the Mother also as you spoke with him. One never knows what effect this could or will have on him. And, she protected you from harm from him! What a wonderful witness to this movement of faith! I praise Mother for always being faithful to provide the means and the movement for us to act in faith. Isn't that why we are learn these lessons as our faith is tried. Thank you for sharing this is very powerful.
May we all learn to act in faith in all Mother guides us!


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Re: Choice and power - a story of stolen goods

#3 Postby sheryl » Thu Jul 10, 2014 8:07 pm

Shalom Brother Brandon and friends,

Thank you for sharing of this experience. No doubt the learning will continue to unfold, perhaps in ways not imaginable at this time.

Praise Imma Gadol for her teaching!

A few years back, I encountered something similar, but it was only my cell phone, and not wallet and keys. I had left my cell phone at a restaurant booth and it was picked up by a college student. After a week of exchanging messages, he agreed to brink it back to the restaurant for a certain amount of cash I left for him there, for his trouble in driving it back across town.

I knew my phone had been held hostage, but was glad to get it back, and glad for the exchange sparks and prayers with this young man.

Regarding the verse in Matthew, I tend to think that this is speaking about more than theft, perhaps speaking of a kind of enemy - one who thinks they have been wronged by us and is seeking restitution. Earlier in the chapter, Yeshua speaks of adversaries bringing to mind a teaching by Tau Malachi, one in which he spoke of dis-incarnate adversaries or accusers. He shared that he often times just admits they are right, pacifying them. Such an admission coming from a willingness to look at what we say or do, and see if our actions can be improved, perhaps better fulfilling our intentions. So perhaps with coats and cloaks, Yeshua is speaking of apologizing, pacifying an accusing enemy? I find that sometimes, with the help of the Holy One, when someone accuses me of something, I admit I am wrong, and not only admit I am wrong (coat) but thank them for pointing out my error (cloak). Giving them more than they were seeking in the 'law suit'! Sometimes though forgetfulness arises. May we all continue to learn and evolve!

No doubt not all situations call for this response, but it comes to mind that perhaps in this teaching, Yeshua is speaking of pacification? Which you demonstrated in your willingness to pay this bloke. From our Tau I recall hearing that all that arises is for the liberation of souls, and how we chose to end such an encounter will set up our next encounter with that soul. Just as Sister Elizabeth has insightfully shared, perhaps what caught this gent's attention and what he actually desired, was a soul encounter with you!

May all work for good in all our relationships and encounters!


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