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The Consecration of the Altar and Staff ceremony

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 12:13 pm
by Brother Christopher
Praise be to MA!!

I would like to share briefly some of my experiences from the most recent ceremony of the consecration of the New Altar and Staff in the Sacred Continuum.

One of the blessings of the consecration ceremony was how close and ever present the energy display was within and around the physical body and yet at one and the same time ever transcendent of it. Thus its effects produced in consciousness were one of pure bliss and utter rapture. Included in this were very passionate and sensual/sexual overtones, as though the Holy Shekinah was in love play throughout the entire rite. At times it felt as though the Holy Shekinah was kissing the Altar giving Her Blessing power upon it. I liken the staff and the altar consecration to the union of the lingam and yoni. Such that the union of heaven and earth coming together in great bliss and in essence creating a sacred space in which to come and rest upon. Thus opening the way....

The staff it seemed was seen as pure energy and its fire produced great heat in the subtle body. As well as invoking in my personal experience a wrathful palace type of emanation and a play of the serpent power and images of riding upon a great black dragon. At times merging with the wrathful palace and feeling the beings forces running through the energy body. During the course of the consecration of the staff there was a play with the magical weapons upon the center altar and Tau turned these weapons inward together facing the magical sphere and there was a shift to the element of Spirit Space and from this there arose a distinct gap in consciousness as though the radiance of Mind now pervading all things with this luminous and yet very subtle Light of the Presence now very lucid. From this great Silence came a Great wheel or vortex spinning of the primordial elements that make up all things spiraling in a great mandala raying out in rainbow colors in all directions. Along these rays of Lights were now opened pathways on which Spirits moving this way and that now danced upon. I then witnessed from within both altars there arose a Presence or Light Power radiating within and all around it, as though the altars themselves were merging or becoming an Emanation Body itself. All this of course not separate in Essence from the Great Dragon from which the entire Matrix was dancing upon. (Emphasis being...Very Big Dragon :)

In closing, what I felt unique and very powerful about this ceremony was its emphasis that the Mother Spirit was drawing out aspects and ways that allowed each Companion to work uniquely in their own way and yet in union with all those present. It felt very empowering and thus quite natural and in many ways drew upon the Feast of the Mother and Child, in that; I sense new direction, new inspiration and leaping into new visions… What a wonderful Blessing :)

Praise MA and the Holy One of Being, May all Spirits be Blessed and may we all remember our innate Union in the Living Spirit…

Brother Christopher

Re: The Consecration of the Altar and Staff ceremony

Posted: Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:14 pm
by Anna
Thank you so much, Brother Christopher, for sharing this tremendous experience of the consecration of the new altar and staff! What a big shift for all of you and for the Sanctuary-- in multiple dimensions! There is a sense of something new brought into this world, and I feel something shifting deeply in my own life, the gospel I am given to express.

Praise and glory to El Elyon for blessings poured out upon all beings!
Shabbat Shalom!

Re: The Consecration of the Altar and Staff ceremony

Posted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 5:59 am
by Martina
Greetings Brother Christopher!

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing experience with us. What a powerful and uplifting ceremony! It is stirring me deeply.

Shabbat Shalom,

Re: The Consecration of the Altar and Staff ceremony

Posted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 1:55 pm
by staroath
Shalom and Blessings in the Name of our Adonai!

Peace and Grace to all the Land!

The ceremony of consecration was a day filled with preparation and prayers and thoughts of beauty and gratitude.
As the ceremony began a strong vision and awareness of the Palace of the Black Madonna and
Child arose in my if the Palace and Presence descended and what can only be as described in my mind's eye as "locked into place".

Most prominent was a exquisite beautilful seeing of the Jeweled Great Serafim Dragons moving around the room with intense love and protection.
At the same time the Archangels of the Seven Gates moved coming and going, moving and moving not, dimensionally carrying blessings and protection to many realms and worlds, as directed by our prayers taken to the Clear Light Presence.

We were directed by Tau to go forth and touch and bless the altars and regrettably I mistimed my movement and the energetic flow of the ceremony, for the movement was complete before I could follow the instruction of Tau.

Many gifts given and many lessons learned!

Praise the Light of Kali Imma and Kali Shemesh!

Blessings and love,

Re: The Consecration of the Altar and Staff ceremony

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 7:23 am
by Martina
Dear Sister,

all this seems such a blessing, even the lessons that move us forward! Praise be to Ma for all the good she is giving us to carry in our hearts.


Re: The Consecration of the Altar and Staff ceremony

Posted: Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:51 am
by Kat

This ceremony was very much a teaching on how blessings can be multidimensional, and how seeking a new Vision for the people can be personal and beyond the person as well. On finding a new way of entering into a challenge in my personal life, entering ceremony I was deeply humbled and filled with gratitude. As the ceremony began I was aware of a great shift about to take place internally and continuum. One of Malachi's first invocations was on shifting the tides, as he pointed to the magical weapons. During the ceremony the shifting of tides was completed by moving the prayer weapons to face inward.

During the ceremony we were asked to bless the Alter of the Mother which is the main altar, and the altar on which the prayer weapons were placed in the center of the room which played upon the mystery of Mother transcendent and daughter more grounded here in the matrix. The Shekinah then asked if I had something to place on the altar, which is an appropriate mystery to enter when entering into receiving blessing. Are you aware of what you have to give, or are you in a place of lack was the question. So being inspired to move, I invoked and blessed the altars and moved in the matrix. There was a powerful feeling of being amongst the "Living", and participating with the Supernal Adam in creation. I started become aware of the great manifesting power of Voice and Gesture, and I felt the Holy One empowering me to push these especially Voice.

Another powerful moment of the Ceremony was toward the end when Malachi (playing the role of Supernal Adam in my experience), put the staff upon the altar in the center of the room pointing north. It was as if a new heaven and earth met and a peace and stillness was felt in the Matrix. When it says in the scriptures the dominion of the archons was shattered by Yeshua, it must of had a similar feeling.

When most invocations were complete, Malachi called me to go under the Mantle of Elijah. I knelt before Malachi and it was like the heavens became like lightning. The Mantel was laid upon me and Malachi left me under there for a few minutes. At first it felt like my heart was breaking, and every cell in my body began to shatter like stars. At first uncomfortable, I began to embrace the experience and a fiery presence took over my body. It felt like my soul was entering my body, a most intimate experience of your outer self and inner self meeting (only words I can use for how nurturing it was). Then Malachi removed the Mantle, and I thought I should sit down because most others participating in the Ceremony were. But a fiery breath was moving and the Shekinah was still moving. Heavenly visions started to appear, the Asherah Tree in the window was like starlight, and the wrathful and blissful Palace was all around. In Buddhist tradition you would say Dakinis where seen, in our tradition you would say wrathful guardians and maybe beings that were dancing with the Red Maiden.

Blessing to all in the Light and Fire of Messiah!