Soft Emptiness (a rush of true words in poem form)

Mark Daniel
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Soft Emptiness (a rush of true words in poem form)

#1 Postby Mark Daniel » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:05 am

There is a deep resonance in my heart today.
As if from nowhere. Then again.
I feel so close to it all, so close.
My heart is breaking.
How will I make it through today with so much beauty around me?
How will I make through this day, or this hour, or this minute?
I ache with the force of it all,
The sweet openness and fullness of it all.
I find my hands reaching out and touching everything I walk past.
The solidity of this reality, the textures of this space, they are more than my poor heart can take.
I feel like I’ve fallen under the wheels of this tremendous existence, this tremendous movement.
I can’t stand it. I can’t stand against it.
I’m forced to bow, to lay flat against the belly of this giant,
Pressed flat beneath the Workings of Creation.
Praise God, my sweet,
Praise Love, my all.
Praise to you glorious One,
Praise to you this Moment,
Praise to you my Mother and Father and Lover.
Praise to you, praise praise.
All I have left today is praise,
And a soft emptiness that feels like death and life all at once.

Thank you my dear brothers and sisters for your love, your support, and your ongoing Work in Christ!

Yours truly,

Mark Daniel-

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