Mantle of Elijah

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Mantle of Elijah

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Apr 14, 2018 5:00 pm

Mantle of Elijah

Elijah was sent out to gather in the soul of Elisha,
and so he went, obedient to God, seeking that soul given him by God,
and when he found that soul in the fields, like a fish in the ocean,
Elijah cast the Mantle God had given him over Elisha,
rather like a net to gather in the fish,
As God willed it, he did it,
and so he did not do it,
but rather God did!

And yes, it was needed, as God knew and ordained.

So then, having cast the Mantle over Elisha, as God willed,
Elisha asked to have leave to tarry in his old self and old life,
and say fond goodbyes to it, that place of impermanence and death,
and rightly, and correctly, Elijah said to him, “Go back again, for what have I done to you?”

Indeed, Elijah had done nothing of his own accord, God did it, just as God willed and ordained.

Elisha, though, was true and sincere, and therefore he did not turn back,
but rather, he gave a great offering to God, the Most High,
and making his offering, he fed the people there,
and then ran after Elijah.

Praise God! Only through God’s grace and mercy could this have happened!

As it turned out, Elisha was good in the beginning, and so was good in the end.

He never again desired to turn aside,
so when tested along the way at the end with Elijah,
he did not get led astray.

He went with Elijah until the end,
to whom God gave him,
and so by a wonder of God
he crossed the Sacred Jordan with Elijah,
he invoked and beheld his confirmation,
and that very Mantle was gifted to him
from Elijah, as God willed and ordained.

Elisha too, carried the Mantle of Elijah, as God willed and ordained.

From this may we understand how to be a follower in the Way,
all as God wills, all as God ordains!

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