Deceptions of God

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Deceptions of God

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Jun 04, 2018 7:13 pm

Deceptions of God

On the Night of Calling Out,
there was no temptation of Satan,
that came later;
but rather there were the tests of God, the True Light,
an array of most glorious deceptions,
lesser lights.

That night the Holy Spirit and angels, snatched up my soul,
carrying in ascent through the heavens,
the first, the second, the third,
the fourth, the fifth, the sixth,
until the seventh,
glory upon glory,
light upon light,
bliss upon bliss.

Each immeasurably greater,
more beautiful and holy,
more awesome and wonderful,
than the other,
completely intoxicating.

The soul within me though, would not gaze upon them,
but rather kept the vigil of prayer and invocation,
“Not this, not that, only You my God,
“Why turn away from me, why send me away,
“Why are You hiding from me?”

So it was, the soul, the spirit, the light within,
remembered, and was uncompromising,
unwilling to turn aside or break covenant,
seeing and not seeing,
until the veils fell,
the deceptions passing away,
along with me.

Emerging, merging, in an intimate embrace,
face to face from back to back,
such that it cannot be spoken,
and it is not given to speak,
who shall speak of the holy of holies,
the mysteries of the bridal chamber?

God alone reveals the secret of secrets,
it’s not given for lover to repeat ‘pillow talk.’
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