Requiem Prayer: "A Gnostic Mass for the Dead"

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Requiem Prayer: "A Gnostic Mass for the Dead"

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Jul 09, 2007 5:45 pm

Requiem Prayer: A Gnostic Mass for the Dead

An altar is set up as inspired and the bread and wine are laid out upon it – if this Gnostic Mass is being performed for a specific individual who has died, then the altar might include a shrine with a picture of the person, along with an item or two of theirs to form a sympathetic connection for the spiritual work to be done.

Any outward gestures or inward visualizations are performed as inspired in the process of the rite, or as known to initiates of the Order from private oral transmissions.

*This rite may be performed by an individual initiate or as a group working.

The Opening Prayer:

This Mass begins with the intoning of the Shema: Shem Israel, Yahweh Elohenu, Yahweh Achad – “Hear O Israel, the Lord your God, the Lord is One.” (The Name Yahweh is intentionally intoned in the Shema rather than the usual Name of Adonai in this rite.)

Behold, O you spirits of the living and spirits of the dead, the pure emanation of El Elyon, the Supreme – the Spiritual Sun brightly shinning in our midst;

Divine Light penetrating the Darkness, dispelling all shades and shadows,
The revelation of the True Light within dominion of klippot, shattering all husks of darkness, and uplifting all holy sparks in the Great Resurrection and Ascension;

Light upon Light, the cessation of all Darkness and Evil – the Risen Messiah;

The ascent of consciousness into union with God and Godhead,
The liberation of all souls in the Truth and Light –

We shall proclaim: Emmanuel – God is with us!

(23rd Psalm)

Prayer for Rest:

Eternal repose, give unto them, O Adonai,
And let perpetual Light shine on them.
A song of the Sacred Heart ascends to you, El Shaddai,
And the vow of the elect shall be fulfilled in New Jerusalem.

Hear our prayer in the true faith of Gnostic Being,
From You life flows forth, and to You life returns,
The Self-generating One, the Self-begotten One,
Self-existent, Self-conscious, Self-delight,
Ain Sof, the Infinite, the Eternal.

Prayer for Mercy:

Yahweh Elohim, Father-Mother, have mercy upon us.
Yeshua Messiah, Spiritual Sun, shine upon us,
Yahweh Elohim, Father-Mother, have mercy on us.

O you spirits of the living and dead, receive the Supernal Grace and Mercy of El Elyon!
(Intone or chant the Divine Name of El.)

Prayer for Deliverance:

IO Adonai, Spiritual Sun, Anointed One,
Lord of Glory and Grace,
Extend Your Divine Light to the faithful and elect,
And deliver the faithful and elect from the dominion of the demiurge and archons,
The jaws of the unmaker and spell of forgetfulness,
Deliver us from our aimless wandering in the dire straights of realities in-between,
And from the immeasurable sorrow and suffering of the shadow lands,
The plight of souls bound to the gilgulim;

Let not the unholy beast devour or the destroyer consume,
Let not the fire or ice of hell realms arise against them.
Nor let them loose their way or spiral down into the Great Abyss –
Empower them to cleave to the Truth and Light and not to fall into the deception of Falsehood and Darkness, the Illusion of Separation;

O Adonai Messiah, deliver the faithful and elect, and all beings, guide and protect those who cleave to You and Your Holy Shekinah!

We pray, now, that the Great Archangels manifest about the soul of the faithful and elect in the other world –
Metatron in the height and Sandalfon in the depth,
Rafael before then and Gavriel behind them,
Michael to their right and Uriel to their left,
A band of fifty holy angels surrounding them,
Holy Light shinning from within them and all around them;

In the Midst, may Your Glory and Grace be the secret center revealed as the Holy Star;
O Adonai Messiah, we pray for Your Light in Extension!

To you we pray, O Lord and Lady of Initiation, Our IO Adonai,
May Your blessings and grace pour out upon the elect,
May Your glory enshroud and pervade the consciousness of the faithful,
And so may the faithful and elect remember their unity in You, the Divine I Am.

O Spirit Sun, Shin-Tau,
Yeshua Messiah, Kallah Messiah,
Let Your Light flash forth as a Thunderbolt Illumination,
As a Holy Fire consuming fire, making all like unto Yourself,
Dispelling all negativity, darkness and evil,
Establishing the righteousness of the Spirit of Truth,
Severing all cords that bind and liberating the souls of the faithful and elect.

O Holy One, Bornless Spirit,
You Holy Ones and Righteous Ones,
Guide now the souls of the faithful and elect in ascension,
Lead them into Perfect Peace and Pure Joy,
And bring them into the luminous assembly of the Divine Order,
As you have guided and protected the faithful and elect in life,
So now in the hour of death help to liberate them from sorrow and suffering –

Take them into the Supernal Abode or into the Celestial Abodes, all as is ordained,
Or if not into the repose of the Pleroma or heavenly mansions, then lead them swiftly into an auspicious incarnation,
Guide and protect them in the Way, Truth and Light,
And tend evolution of their soul-being according to the Divine Will.

To You who have established the Light Transmission on earth,
And who have brought forth the Messianic revelation and embodiment of Supernal Light,
To You, O Hayyah Elohim, Divine Consciousness-Force,
We give all praise and salutations –
Blessed are You, El Elyon!

Receive the souls for whom we perform this holy rite into Yourself,
Let them pass from death to eternal life, according to Your promise;

We pray that they be taken up in Divine Rapture, the Great Resurrection and Ascension,
We pray for a new heaven and earth, above and below,
The Divine Life of New Jerusalem.

O you children of earth,
May you remember yourselves as children of the stars, children of Light,
And may you receive the divine fullness of the Light Transmission, even as you are received in the Risen Christ –

So may you awaken and know yourselves forever free in the Spirit and Truth!

Adonai is with you! Hallelu Yah! Amen.

Prayer of Holiness and Praise:

Kodesh, kodesh, kodesh Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot –
Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD God of Hosts,
Heaven and earth, and all worlds of the Entirety, are full of Your Glory,
Your Divine Presence and Power pervades all, above and below,
Your Divine Light streams forth as countless souls in Divine Becoming;

Hosanna in the highest, Truth Most High!
Blessed are they who come in the Name of Yahweh – Hallelu Yah!
(Intone Yahweh Elohim)

Prayer for Peace:

O Beloved Adonai,
Grant the faithful Your peace,
May they rest in perfect peace,
And abide in the delight of New Jerusalem,
Being raised up on the Day of Be-With-Us.
Shalom, shalom, shalom…amen.
(Intone Adonai Melekh)

Prayer for Divine Illumination:

May the Face of Yahweh shine upon the faithful and elect,
May the True Light illuminate them and perfect them,
The Spirit of Enoch and Spirit of Elijah, may they speak in them,
And may the Spirit of Messiah be revealed in them –
May they receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit;

Receiving and being received, may they know the Divine Light as the Light of their very own Divine Self, the Divine I Am;

So may they be blessed and empower to abide in Clear Light Union,
The union of the Mother and Daughter, the repose of the Son in the Father,
The attainment of the perfect Divine Gnosis of Messiah Melchizedek –

O Hayyah Yeshua, grant the faithful rest, and illuminate the elect,
Let Your Divine Light shine from within them and all around them forever and ever; amen.
(Intone IAO or Yeshua)

Prayer for Deliverance:

Deliver us, O Adonai Yeshua, from perpetual death and the second death on the Day of Reckoning; when you come forth in Your full glory and power, shattering the klippot of heaven and earth; when you come forth upon the world as a raging fore consuming and transforming; when fear and trembling lay hold of us before the display of Wrathful Emanation in the Apocalypse;

On the Day of Divine Wrath, when heavenly visions cease and unimaginable horror and disaster appears to smite, and the Great Darkness and Powers of the Pit arise in full force, we pray, let then Your Holy Spirit be with us, let your Supernal Mercy be upon us, that we shall not waver in faith nor give way to fear, but that we should be empowered to hold fast in our faith and gnosis – abiding in the Perfect Remembrance of Truth-Consciousness, and so remain undistracted, remembering the Divine I Am to be taken up in the Great Rapture.

On that Day of Wrath, when the Great Judgment moves in the world, and the world is consumed by a Holy Fire, grant is mercy, O Adonai, and grant us to rest in perfect peace, abiding in union with You; amen.

(91st Psalm)

Proclamation of Faith:

I abide in the awareness the Divine I Am, having faith in the Bornless Spirit,
One Divine Being-Consciousness-Force, the Holy One,
Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother,
The Generator of the heavens and earth, and all realms of sentient existence,
The Divine Mind, source and ground of all,
God, the True Light;

Having faith in the Spiritual Sun, the Messiah of God, who shines in the Darkness and dispels the Ignorance, and in the Spirit of the Holy Apostles and Prophets, the Holy and Righteous Ones, and having faith in the Divine Revelation of the Eternal Gospel they bring, the incarnation of the Divine, Supernal Realization embodied – the manifestation of Living Enlightenment upon the earth, as well as faith of that very Truth and Light as the nature of my Holy Soul;

So do I have faith in the involution of the Divine in Matter, and the development and evolution of the Divine Life on earth, the manifestation of a new heaven and new earth, and the emergence of Supramental Consciousness upon the earth, faith Messianic Consciousness as the true nature of my Soul and Self, and through this Divine Gnosis, faith in the resurrection and ascension of consciousness to Eternal Life;

Abiding in faith, I aspire and open myself to the Divine Light, and I surrender to the Light-presence and Light-power, and I invite the Divine Presence and Power to work with, in and through me to accomplish the Great Work;

I give all salutations to the Spirit and Truth and Light Divine!

Prayer of Reception:

O Soul of the Faithful, Soul of the Elect,
Joined to the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah and putting on the Perfect Light,
May you pass up in the ascension beyond the dominions of the archons into true Celestial Abodes;

May the Holy Maggidim of God Most High lead you up into the Realm of Perfect Joy,
And may the Holy Tzaddikim receive you and perfect your initiation,
May the harmony of the Celestial Spheres resound as their blessing upon you,
And may you be led to the Jeweled Gates of New Jerusalem to enter and abide in peace with St. Lazarus and Christian Rosencrutz as a true and faithful Gnostic of the Most High.

We pray you have eternal rest in the Spirit and Truth! Amen.

(110th Psalm)

Prayer for Mercy:

Yahweh Elohim, Father-Mother, have mercy on us,
Adonai Messiah, shine upon us,
Yahweh Elohim, Father-Mother, have mercy on us.

Wedding Feast:

An essential Wedding Feast (Holy Eucharist) is performed, sealing the movement of the rite, all as inspired in the power of the moment. (In this rite, specifically, you partake on behalf of the dead, as though by proxy.)

Prayer of Affirmation:

Glory be to the Supreme, transcendent,
And glory to the Divine Mother, transcendent and immanent,
And to the Divine incarnate, image of the Father and image the Mother –

O Light of Life, O Perfect Love – Merciful God, Compassionate God,
God of our salvation, our enlightenment and liberation,
We glorify You and worship You,
We praise You and bless Your Holy Name,
We adore You and give all thanks to You,
And we pray: Let You and Your Name be One among us!

O Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, Spiritual Sun and Holy Spirit,
Soul of every soul, Self of every self – Holy One,
We give all praise and thanks to You,
Living God, Bornless Spirit,
Now and forever may we know Your Presence and Power with us!

O Lord of the Eternal Shabbat, the Resurrection and Ascension,
Great Spirit of the Apostles and Prophets,
Gnostic Being, Supernal Self,
Soul of my soul, Self of my self…you are the Glory and Grace of the Infinite, Ain Sof;

May you hear our praise and receive our prayers, O Light of the Infinite, Holy Savior!

Of You Adonai Yeshua Messiah we shall bear witness – You are Divine Being, Divine Consciousness, Divine Force;

You are the Lord of Initiation, the Way, Truth and Light,
The Glory and Grace of the Supreme who comes in the Spirit of Holiness!
Hallelu Yah! Amen.

Prayer of Holiness and Praise:

Kodesh, kodesh, kodesh Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot –
Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD God of Hosts,
Heaven and earth, and all worlds of the Entirety, are full of Your Glory,
Your Divine Presence and Power pervades all, above and below,
You Divine Light streams forth as countless souls in the Divine Becoming;

Hosanna in the highest, Truth Most High!
Blessed are they who come in the Name of Yahweh – Hallelu Yah!
(Intone the Divine Name of Eheieh)

Closing Prayer of the Anointing:

O Messiah of God, Gnostic Revealer, who delivers us from the ignorance and aimless wandering in forgetfulness, let Your Perfect Thunder Intelligence awakened in us;

O Messiah of God, Gnostic Revealer, who delivers us from the ignorance and aimless wandering in forgetfulness, let Your Perfect Thunder Intelligence awaken in us;

O Messiah of God, Gnostic Revealer, who delivers us from the ignorance and aimless wandering in forgetfulness, let Your Perfect Thunder Intelligence awakened in us;

Bless and empower us to receive the Gnostic and Light Transmission in full; anoint us with Your Supernal Chrism!

Amen, Amen & Amen.

*This is a common Requiem Prayer used to extend positive energy, Light-power, to the dying and dead by initiates of the Order of St. Lazarus – it is a method of spiritual assistance to the dead good for the novice initiate, as well as more accomplished practitioners. Many initiates of the Order pray this prayer once a week as a form of general assistance to all who have died during that period – a pray for all beings in transition.

Blessings & shalom!
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Re: Requiem Prayer: "A Gnostic Mass for the Dead"

#2 Postby Martina » Sun Oct 09, 2016 5:32 am

Greetings in the Light of the Holy One!

This is such a beautiful Requiem Prayer, deeply expanding the heart and mind. I am planning to celebrate it on the Feast of the Blessed Dead. It seems like a remembrance of our inmost being for all who have died and are in the in-betweens. It seems like a guidance in the insecurity of the in-betweens. Is it possible for souls that have not been faithful in life to open to this prayer in their passing?

I am grateful for what more can be shared about the intention of this prayer!

Shabbat Shalom,

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Re: Requiem Prayer: "A Gnostic Mass for the Dead"

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Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

There are many ways through which we labor to bless and uplift the spirits of the dying and the dead, this is just an example of a general prayer cycle and ceremony for the dead, for aspirants wishing to pray for the dead who may not have deeper knowledge of the afterlife and the various ways we may render spiritual assistance to the dead, as well as for experienced initiates who feel the need for a more general prayer for the dying and dead. In the Feast of the Blessed Dead, and at times throughout the year when we are called to take up spiritual works for the dying and the dead however, most often we follow the same pattern as in the Rite of Sending Souls, reciting and guiding spirits, souls, through the stages of dying, and through the cycles of arising in the afterlife, laboring to uplift souls into the heavens, or the heaven of heavens, or guiding into full reintegration with the Light of the Supernal Crown, or if these movements are not possible, uplifting and guiding towards another more auspicious incarnation, one in which perhaps faith and love might dawn, and perhaps greater evolution and awakening of the soul. As we recite and guide in this great journey beyond, so we utter corresponding prayers and invocations to the Messiah and Holy One, and Great Partzufim, to the holy and enlightened ones (tzaddikim), and to heaven and the angels, invoking divine intervention and assistance for spirits, souls, in the time of their transition; joined with this, to the extent an initiate has knowledge of aliyat neshamah, mystical ascents of the soul or transference of consciousness, so they may merge with souls in their light body or glory body, engage aliyat neshamah and actively uplift spirits, souls, in that way.

As perhaps you might imagine, when such works of invisible spiritual assistance are taken up the prayers, invocations, and movement is somewhat different each time, all as the Holy Spirit inspires and guides us, and all as is needed and good for those spirits, souls, that desire to enter into the movement to help be uplifted or move on; hence, this play is in the Spirit and in the wisdom of skillful means, and what is actually done will depend upon what we see, hear and feel in the Spirit, and know in the Messiah, the Anointing.

Primordial meditation, giving and receiving and union with partzuf are often also part of the prayers, invocations, we offer on behalf of the dead in this process, whatever is needed for those spirits and souls that come to us and wish to join with us in the movement of the Spirit of God and angels.

Understand, spirits and souls are bound up in diverse karmic visions, karmic conditions and karmic continuums, and therefore how we render spiritual assistance and the extent to which we can help varies from one to another, all depending on spirits and souls desire to receive and desire to seek God and return to God. Thus we will seek to offer whatever spiritual assistance we can, to whatever extent that we can, laboring to uplift spirits and soul in return to God in any way and to whatever extent is possible. In this spiritual labor, though, it is the Messiah and Holy Spirit that accomplish it, and there is the great love and mercy and grace of God in it, so that very often there can be a radical blessing and uplifting of souls, even from within apparently dire spiritual circumstances.

We can, indeed, render spiritual assistance to souls that lost their way in life and did not have faith and devotion, and facilitate an ascent or progress; likewise, this may even be done with spirits and souls that fell into great darkness and evil, if only they are willing to open to the Holy Light and Spirit, and desire to return to God - hence if they will repent. In fact our spiritual labor is more for those who have become lost, and those who have fallen to the Other Side, than for faithful and righteous ones, for it is they who are in great need of spiritual assistance, divine intervention and intercession, very much so! As Adonai Yeshua teaches, it isn’t those who are healthy that need a healer or physician, but those who are ill and suffering, those who are not well. In a similar way it is those who are lost and fallen who are in the most need of a shepherd, a guide, in the Path of Return or the Great Ascension.

There are, of course, karmic circumstances in which no spiritual assistance can be given because spirits and souls may be unwilling or unable to receive it, and therefore they must experience the full play of cause and effect (karma) that they have set into motion and with which they are self-identified and so bound up in it. As an example, in circumstances of suicide at the outset of the afterlife experience there is little, if anything, that can be done, for the mentality of self-murder is one unwilling to receive help, unwilling to reach out, unwilling to light and life, and therefore usually unwilling to receive any spiritual assistance in the afterlife states for some time, instead becoming bound up in the astral earth - becoming an “earth bound spirit,” or possibly falling into a hungry ghost realm or hell realm, experiencing a reality corresponding with the negativity they cling to and identify themselves with. In such a circumstance, though we would love to assist a soul to move on we cannot, for they are completely unwilling, and until they are willing to return to God, the True Light, and willing to life, there is nothing that can be done. Such circumstance, just as with souls bound up in great darkness, great evil, unwilling and unable to ascend or move on to their next incarnation, it is a vision of great sorrow and pains the heart to encounter.

Thus, unfortunately, we are not able to be of assistance to all spirits and souls of the dead, but there are many that we can lead in return to God, or help lead into a more auspicious incarnation; regardless, it is our heart’s desire for the enlightenment and liberation of all, for the happiness and fulfillment of all, and therefore we pray for all spirits and souls, doing whatever we can to bless and uplift.

May many spirits and soul return to God, the True Light, this day and receive their salvation and rest in the Lord! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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