Lost Souls

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Lost Souls

#1 Postby Anna » Sun Sep 16, 2018 5:34 am

Greetings in the Light and Hope of Messiah!

There are, of course, karmic circumstances in which no spiritual assistance can be given because spirits and souls may be unwilling or unable to receive it, and therefore they must experience the full play of cause and effect (karma) that they have set into motion and with which they are self-identified and so bound up in. As an example, in circumstances of suicide at the outset of the afterlife experience there is little, if anything, that can be done, for the mentality of self-murder is one unwilling to receive help, unwilling to reach out, unwilling to light and life, and therefore usually unwilling to receive any spiritual assistance in the afterlife states for some time, instead becoming bound up in the astral earth - becoming an “earth bound spirit,” or possibly falling into a hungry ghost realm or hell realm, experiencing a reality corresponding with the negativity they cling to and identify themselves with. In such a circumstance, though we would love to assist a soul to move on we cannot, for they are completely unwilling, and until they are willing to return to God, the True Light, and willing to life, there is nothing that can be done. Such circumstance, just as with souls bound up in great darkness, great evil, unwilling and unable to ascend or move on to their next incarnation, it is a vision of great sorrow and pains the heart to encounter.

From this teaching it seems there is little or nothing that can be done for a person after they have rejected all help and even life itself by committing suicide. Are there any practices that can be taken up, at least in general, if not specifically, for such lost souls? The above teaching states that, in the case of these souls, assistance will not be received at least for some time. I am hearing that this state of non-receptivity may shift and that perhaps these souls will open to spiritual assistance at some time in the future.

I appreciate any insights and suggestions that may be offered here.
With gratitude,

Tau Malachi
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Re: Lost Souls

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Sep 17, 2018 10:16 am

Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

When a person kills themselves the initial afterlife experiences is very unpleasant as the mentality at the time of their death is in a very negative, self-destructive state. Initial experiences in the afterlife are a terrible shock because, having sought to escape their pain, their sorrow and suffering in this way, what they have done only serves to increase and intensify it. Given the extremely negative mentality, and given this increase of suffering, at the outset such souls cannot receive the direct spiritual interventions that mystics and gnostics can offer, so we do not engage them. Those direct works of spiritual assistance could have something of an opposite effect, increasing the experience of suffering given the state of such souls in the afterlife.

We can, and do, however offer up general prayers, praying that the Holy One has mercy upon them and that they might be forgiven, as we do this for an individual whose situation has been brought to our attention, or an individual we have known, we will offer prayers for all souls that are caught up in this way, having killed themselves, praying for God’s mercy and forgiveness, and divine intervention, the intervention of heaven. We may even take up a general giving and receiving for such lost souls, for any who might be attracted and come, those in whom repentance is stirring. Indirectly these prayers, spiritual works, will be a blessing to the soul whose plight provoked them, and other spirits and souls may be blessed and redeemed in the process.

Yes, indeed, there is no such thing as eternal damnation, and therefore eventually souls will be stirred to repent, to return to God, the True Light, and they will desire life again, seeking to mend what has been done and find redemption. If and when we encounter such spirits or souls seeking redemption we do engage in direct spiritual actions for intervention, just as we would normally do for those who have died. In general, though, the intervention will be to guide the spirit and soul into a new incarnation within which their repentance, mending and redemption might be complete; generally we do not labor to uplift these souls into the heavens or the Supernal Abode because it is not time for them to ascend or be gathered in.

When a person has killed themselves, unless there is clear divine inspiration to do so sooner, we would usually wait one year before attempting direct spiritual intervention. Understand, nine months to a year is an experience of a much longer duration of time to souls in afterlife states, especially those in a severe afterlife experience. From our accounting of time, though, this is a range of ‘time’ in which most earthbound souls, and those bound up in the lower astral and such, become open and able to receive spiritual intercessions and interventions, wishing to repent and seek mending. Therefore, spirits, souls, that are very encumbered initially we will remember at the point of a year passing and see what might be done for them at that time.

Now, if a person were close to someone who killed themselves they might very well light prayer candles for them throughout the year, and hold them in their heart, and offer general prayers invoking God’s mercy and forgiveness, and their offering of prayer candles would be for all spirits and souls in this plight. In this way an initiate might gently labor in an indirect way, tending something of a continuum until the passing of a year. This, of course, assumes the initiate personally knew the individual and has an actual vital connection with that soul.

In closing I will share that we do engage in many prayers on behalf of the family and friends left behind, as this is a awful cause of suffering for them, a very hurtful way to lose someone you care about and love. Early on, this is the principle focus of our prayers and meditations, and there is a great need for it.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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