The Sacred Pentagram: Sign of the Human One

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The Sacred Pentagram: Sign of the Human One

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The Pentagram: The Sign of the Human One of Light

There has been much misinformation regarding the symbol of the pentagram or five pointed star on account of Hollywood, so much so that many people interpret the pentagram as a symbol of “evil” or “Satanism.” In truth, however, it is a very ancient sacred symbol that can be found in many wisdom traditions, but much like the swastika that was profaned by Adolph Hitler and the Nazis, it is often sorely misunderstood; essentially, it is the symbol of the Human One of Light, or an enlightened human being – hence, a symbol of Christ, the Divine and Supernal Humanity.

Some people will suggest that an upright pentagram with a single point upwards is “good” and a upside down pentagram with two points up is “evil” – and there are many people in modern paganism and occultism who use the pentagram in this way, ascribing to it these dualistic meanings; however, in ancient times this association was not necessarily given to the pentagram, and in our own mystical and symbolic language it does not exactly bear such opposing meanings. Rather, the “inverse pentagram” represents the influx of Divine Light and the Supernal Chrism from above, as at the baptism of Adonai Yeshua when the Dove of the Holy Spirit descended upon him, and at the Pentecost, when the Holy Tongues of Fire descended upon the disciples – but as something needing to be integrated, it also represents the principle of judgment and the wrathful face of the Holy Shekinah, as we see with Adonai Yeshua in the temptation immediately following the advent of the Spirit of Messiah at the baptism. Contrasting and complementing this meaning of the inverse pentagram, the “upright pentagram” represents the Divine Presence and Power integrated – the reintegration of the soul to the Light Continuum, and the Light-presence (Christ) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) embodied; the fruition of the Great Vision of Melchizedek.

Thus, like the Sacred Hexagram (or Star of David) and the Cross, the Pentagram is a sacred and holy symbol to us and is used in prayer, meditation and ritual within our tradition.

The five points of the pentagram correspond to the five elements and to the five letters in the Blessed Name of Yeshua, and the Holy Name of Yeshua is typically intoned when we trace pentagrams, whether traced in the air or upon the earth. In our lineage, taking the image of the upright pentagram in front of you, the upper point corresponds to the letter Shin and the element of Spirit-Space, the upper right point corresponds to Vau and the element of Air, and the lower right point to the letter Yod and element of Fire; the upper left point corresponds to the first letter He and element of Water, and the lower left point to the final letter He and element of Earth. Thus, the “masculine elements” are on the right and the “feminine elements” are on the left, and Spirit-Space is in the middle in much the same way as we see on the Tree of Life with the three Holy Pillars.

If we are using the Sacred Pentagram to work with the Four Winds or Elemental Forces, to invoke we simply trace the pentagram sunwise from the point corresponding to the attribute we are invoking, or if banishing, then counter-sunwise, and as said when we are tracing the pentagram, usually the Blessed Name of Yeshua is intoned, for that is the Divine Power of the Sacred Pentagram, the embodiment of the Messiah, the Anointed of God.

There are two sacred rituals within the Art of the Temple of King Solomon that employ the Sacred Pentagram, they have come to be called the “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram” and “Greater Ritual of the Pentagram.” Various versions of these two sacred rituals are shared by many different esoteric orders of the Western Mystery Tradition, and though often dogmatic assertions are given as to their origin, the assumption is that they originate with a specific esoteric order generated in the late nineteenth century. In fact these sacred rituals predate those organizations, their actual origin being shrouded in mystery, as is common of things developed by secret societies.

In our own lineage, these sacred rituals, along with two associated with the Sacred Hexagram, have been developed and refined as both mystical prayers and meditations, and as ceremonies for divine theurgy or wonderworking – with them we learn to generate a Great Palace of Light for the sake of rapturous union and the manifestation of the Light Realm on earth, and with them we learn to move and direct Elemental and Celestial Forces.

The first sacred ritual of these four that is typically taught to a novice is the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram – essentially it serves as a method of purification, whether of oneself or a space around oneself, and it serves as a method for creating a Sacred Circle and invoking the Four Winds in the form of the Archangels. Basically, it serves the same purpose as a smudging ceremony – it is another way to banish or purify oneself and one’s environment of negative spiritual forces and to create sacred space. As it turns out, when the full art of the intonement of Divine Names, breathing and envisioning used in this ritual is known and understood, it becomes a very powerful sacred ceremony that invokes the Divine Presence and Power, and leaves no shade or shadow.

When we are banishing usually we use the *prayer dagger* – though when necessary we will take up the prayer sword; thus, typically, we use the dagger in this sacred ritual – but we may also use our hand with no prayer weapon in it, or we may use a holy feather, likewise, sometimes we may also use the holy staff.

This is the first ritual given to novices not only because it is simple and straightforward, but because it is a swift and effective means of creating Sacred Circle and for spiritual and psychic self-defense. You see, when we begin to awaken the Divine Power in us, the Light-presence and Light-power, quite naturally we will attract the attention of all manner of spiritual forces, including admixed and dark forces, shades and shadows; it is rather like moths attracted by a flame or light in the midst of the night, for in this world, and in the present darkness that tends to dominate it, that is exactly what we are as we awaken our Soul of Light and generate the Body of Light. Thus, from the very outset it is good for the practitioner in the Way of Power to have a method to banish negativity and darkness, a method of spiritual self-defense; indeed, for a wonderworker is a spiritual warrior for the people, as much as a light-bearer and healer: hence the very term “prayer weapons.”

However, it is not just a matter of spiritual and psychic self-defense, but it is a matter of becoming conscious of one’s own energy and the energy dimension around oneself in one’s environment – likewise, as much as banishing negative and dark forces, it is an invocation of the Divine Light, one that is rather like a lightning bolt, very swift and very effective when rightly performed, as an initiate skilled with this sacred ritual could easily demonstrate.

(You would find the force of this ritual as taught and performed by initiates in the Order quite distinct from what might be experienced elsewhere – amazingly so.)

The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

1. Face the East and perform the Kabbalistic Cross
2. Envision you arise in Body of Light as Lord Yeshua or Lady Mirya, and assume the attitude of the spiritual warrior or exorcist.
3. Trace the banishing pentagram of Spirit-Space while intoning the Blessed Name, envisioning the Sacred Star as either electric blue or flaming brilliance; then, intone the Name of Yahweh thrusting the dagger through the pentagram envisioned before you and sending the pentagram into the infinite space of the East, banishing all shades or shadows in the East.
4. With arm outstretched tracing the Sacred Circle in the air, go to the South and trace the sacred pentagram in the same way; then intone the Name of Adonai, and send the pentagram into the South just the same.
5. With arm outstretched tracing the Sacred Circle in the air, go to the West and again trace the sacred pentagram; then intone Eheieh and send the pentagram into the West.
6. With arm outstretched tracing the Sacred Circle in the air, go to the North and trace the pentagram as before; then intone AGLA and send the pentagram into the North.
7. With arm outstretched return to the East, completing the Sacred Circle and as you go intone Atoh Givor Leolam Adonai, and arriving in the East proclaim: “You are heroic for the world, O Lord!” (Envision a Circle of Holy Fire and Light on the ground around you and four Great Flaming Pentagrams in the quarters of the Sacred Circle.)
8. Go to the center of the Sacred Circle (or else remain in the East) and assume the position of a pentagram with your body, arms outstretched and feet set apart, and envision a Flaming Pentagram surrounding your body and the Spiritual Sun shining in your heart, and intone: “To the East, Raphael; to the West, Gavriel; to the South, Michael; to the North, Uriel – for about me flames the Pentagram and within me shines the Six-rayed Star.”
9. Perform the Kabbalistic Cross – this completes the sacred ritual.

If we wish to move more light-power in this ritual we can envision the Hebrew letters of the Divine Names we intone vertically within the center of the pentagram; likewise, when we call upon the archangels we envision them magically appearing, either as emanations from our Body of Light or appearing of their own apart from us. (The archangels can be envision as pillars of colored light corresponding to their direction, or they may be envisioned in anthropomorphic form or kerubic form, with corresponding faces from Ezekiel’s vision – all as you are inclined.)

Once the ritual is complete we can pray and commune in the Divine Presence and Power, and also we can ask the archangels to extend blessings and grace, and we may ask them to accomplish wonders, praying for ourselves and for all beings.

Often, larger sacred ceremonies are begun with this ritual and concluded with this ritual – this sacred ritual forming the opening and closing of the Sacred Circle.

When all Four Base Rituals are performed together, generating the Palace of Light or Sanctuary of Light, this ritual generates the Foundation of the Palace, the Sacred Circle, the Greater Rituals generate the Chambers, open the Gates and invoke the Divine Powers, and the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram celebrates the union of heaven and earth.

If the Four Base Rituals are performed on a regular basis with kavvanah and devekut, along with regular prayer and meditation, they generate significant light-power and give strength to the Body of Light, and you will find that spiritual beings-forces will naturally move in harmony with you and that you experience a flow of auspicious circumstance in life – it can be truly amazing to witness and experience.

Every day a wonderworker will purify themselves and their environment, whether through a banishing ritual such as this, or smudging ceremony, or by some other means; likewise, they will do so before prayer and meditation, or other spiritual work, and often they will also do so following spiritual work – in fact, they will do so upon rising in the morning and before lying down to sleep at night, just as upon rising and before going to bed they will wash their face and hands with theurgic intention, as well as before and after spiritual work for people. As it is written, “Who shall ascend the hill of Yahweh, and who shall stand in the Holy Place? Those who have clean hands and pure hearts, who do not lift up their souls to what is false, and do not swear deceitfully” (Psalm 24).

The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram

When the Sacred Circle has been generated with the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram is a way to call in the Four Winds or to open the Gates of the Elements – hence the *invocation of the elemental forces*. Generally, speaking, initiates do not take up the Greater Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram until they are well established in the Lesser Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram, and have developed a strong continuum of spiritual living and spiritual practice; the same is true of other advanced practices, such as creating the Sacred Hexagram and spirit-journeys, for example, only a tyro or dabbler will leap into them before the basics are in place, as before a deep acquaintance with the Sacred Circle and other practices, in truth, creating the Sacred Hexagram and going out on a spirit-journey with Divine Power is not possible – before taking up any advanced practice a proper spiritual continuum must be developed and in place, so that it is from a good foundation that we progress in our spiritual labor, at least if actual self-realization is our aim and intention.

Essentially, when we take up advanced wonderworking practices we are invoking greater influxes of the Divine Powers and spiritual forces – so, naturally, it is a very good idea to be certain that the vessel or vehicle into which they will pour and through which they will move is ready to receive greater influxes of energy, greater influxes of power. If we do not tend to the basics first, quite simply we may be in for a very unpleasant surprise, and we would have reason to question our motivation or intentions. Typically, before progressing into advanced practices we always take much time in prayer and meditation about it, seeking the guidance of the Divine Mother and Holy Spirit – we ask the Mother, and likewise, we will often ask our holy tzaddik and may even request a blessing or empowerment from them for the most auspicious beginning.

*Independent practitioners, honorary initiates of the Order, need to remember that the wonderworking art is traditionally studied and practiced under the direct supervision of an experienced guide, so in independent practice when one does not have access to an actual wonderworker to serve as a guide it is good to take one’s time and not rush ahead before it is time – I cannot give this warning strongly enough with regards to the Way or Power or Wonderworking.

That said, when it is time, the Greater Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram are wonderful mystical ceremonies, calling upon Elemental and Celestial Forces, drawing those cosmic and spiritual forces into the service of the Continuum of Light Transmission.

The Sacred Ritual

1. Perform the Kabbalistic Cross and assume the Image of the Partzuf in Body of Light, taking on the attitude of the holy priest-king or priestess-queen.
2. In the East trace a Spirit-Space Pentagram while intoning IO Adonai; then place your hand in the center of the pentagram and intone Eheieh – when you have done this, give the elemental gesture of the Air, or a gesture as inspired by the Holy Spirit.
3. Now trace the Air Pentagram while intoning the Yeheshuah; then in the center of the pentagram trace the sign of Aquarius, while intoning Ruach Ha-Ruach; and then open the Gate with the intonation of Yahweh, and give the LVX signs with your arms – L left arm extended out to your side with right arm up above your head, V both arms up, and X arms across your chest.
4. As the Spiritual Sun move sunwise to the South, walking in beauty and holiness, and in the South trace the Spirit-Space Pentagram as before, and placing your hand in its center, intone Eheieh; then give the elemental gesture of Fire, or a gesture as inspired by the Holy Spirit;
5. Now trace the Fire Pentagram, while intoning the Yeheshuah; then trace the sign of Leo in it while intoning Ruach Ha-Asch; then open the Gate with the intonation of Elohim and give the LVX signs.
6. As the Spiritual Sun go to the West and trace the Spirit-Space Pentagram as before, but when you place your hand in the center intone AGLA; then give the elemental gesture of Water, or a gesture as inspired by the Holy Spirit.
7. Now trace the Water Pentagram while vibrating Yehovashah; then trace the sign of Scorpio in the center of the pentagram while intoning Ruach Ha-Maim; and then open the Gate with the intonation of El and give the LVX signs.
8. As the Spiritual Sun go to the North and trace the Spirit-Space Pentagram as before, and then placing your hand in the center of it intone AGLA; then give the elemental gesture of Earth, or a gesture as inspired by the Holy Spirit.
9. Now trace the Earth Pentagram while intoning Yehovashah; then trace the sign of Taurus in the center of it while intoning Ruach Ha-Eretz; and then open the Gate with the intonation of Adonai, and give the LVX signs.
10. As the Spiritual Sun shining in the world go again into the East and as inspired invoke the influx of the Divine Light, the Light of the True Cross, and invite and welcome the Holy Shekinah of Messiah; seal this movement with a blessing upon all beings and the Kabbalistic Cross (If you have invoked with mystical intention, this completes the rite; but if you have invoked with theurgic intention, to engage in wonderworking, then you would perform the working you intend and when you are done you would perform a complete banishing and closing of the Gates – invoking and banishing is the same, but invoking the pentagrams are traced sunwise, clockwise, and banishing counter-sunwise, counter-clockwise. The ritual may be performed to invoke or to banish, banishing representing a purification of the elements, invoking a calling upon their divine powers.)

*The wand and cup are typically used for this sacred ritual, though sometimes we will use the corresponding prayer weapon for the invocation of each direction, or sometimes we will use the holy staff.

This is the basic form of the ritual, though it can be greatly expanded upon – for in each direction we can invoke the entire “hierarchy” of spiritual beings-forces corresponding to that direction, as outlined in the post on “The Sacred Circle and Four Winds”; likewise, instead of performing the whole ceremony, we could very well invoke only a single Gate or Elemental Force for a specific theurgic working, the Greater Rituals providing us with a way to invoke specific Elemental and Celestial Forces when we have need to do so. Generally speaking, once initiates are familiar with the basic form of the Four Base Rituals they are very creative in their adaptation and modification of them for the sake of various movements of wonderworking – they form something of a template off of which the initiate works as inspired by the Holy Spirit.

At first these ceremonies are performed outwardly with the physical, but with some experience and spiritual development adepts also learn to perform them in the inner dimensions, projecting the Body of Light and enacting the sacred ritual – in so doing they can generate the full force of the Divine Presence and Power in other locations at a distance, increasing their capacity to lend invisible and spiritual assistance.

It should be said that in our tradition we do not perform wonderworking movements or theurgic rituals for the sake of our own self-interests or selfish ambitions; we can acquire everything we need for ourselves through prayer and meditation, requesting of the Divine Mother all that we need for life abundant and the Great Work – rather, in our tradition we enact wonderworking for others, for the sake of the people, for all our relations, all beings. Essentially, it is how we extend invisible and spiritual assistance to others – most often in secret, and typically when our help has been invoked, or when the Mother Spirit inspires us.

As you become acquainted with the Elemental Powers and Four Winds you will come to understand the wonderworking movements for which they might be called upon.

May we gather the Winds into the Sacred Heart and uplift all holy sparks in the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#2 Postby Jeff » Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:44 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi,

Thank you for this posting. I do have a couple of questions regarding the tracing of the pentagrams...If I am correct in my assumption the tracing of the Spirit-Space Pentagram would begin at the left hand point moving to the lower right point? Is this correct? Would both the active and passive spirit pentagrams be used?
Regarding the inverted Pentagram, when would this be used in the Tradition? Like most I have always been taught that it was a negative even though to me I never really felt that it was.
It is exciting to see a different version of the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram then the "standard" Enochian version. If I recall correctly from reading 'Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ' you mentioned that the Enochian system is of a klippothic influence. Would is be possible to eloborate more on this?

Blessings and Shalom,

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Sacred Pentagram

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Salutations in the Light of the Messiah!

In our tradition we do not have “passive” and “active” spirit pentagrams, only invoking and banishing – invoking is a sunwise or clockwise tracing and banishing is moonwise or counter-clockwise. The spirit pentagram is traced from the spirit point, the top point, in this way to either invoke or banish.

The attributes of the elemental powers and letters of the Great Name follow the order of letters in the Great Name in our tradition, so that invoking spirit-space element the Great Name is invoked in the tracing of the pentagram. This also naturally places the masculine elements on the right and the feminine elements on the left and reflects the Pillars of Mercy and Severity, respectively, just as the figure of the pentagram is found in the Tree of Life.

*This attribute also generates natural permutations of the Great Name of Yahweh and Blessed Name of Yeshua.

Essentially, tracing pentagrams in this way creates consistent symbolic intent to the subconscious, with no contradicting use of the symbols – the masters of the tradition would say that a ritual in which some pentagrams are traced with dual meaning represents a blind that went unrecognized that was integrated into the teachings and practices of some occult lodges, a veil placed to obstruct the flow of energy if non-initiates where to attempt to use it in former times when secrecy was such an issue.

Yes, indeed, the “inverse” pentagram is used in some of our wrathful partzuf and palace practices – that sorcerers or black magicians might take that symbol and use it with ill-will or evil intention does not mean that the symbol itself or the spiritual forces it represents are evil, but rather it reflects an egoistic misuse of knowledge and power indicative of sorcerers. The truth is that the very same thing happens with the standard pentagram and other sacred and holy symbols as well throughout much of popular occultism – the focus of “ceremonial magick” all too often is completely egoistic, hence it is sorcery or black magic.

In terms of sorcery – the seeking of power on an egoistic level, that is not always evil, but often it leads to evil, generates evil, and is a movement in the opposite direction to the enlightenment and liberation of the mind or soul-stream.

The “inverse” pentagram represents a radical and fierce influx of power or energy, and in the tradition its associated with the wrathful emanation of the Winds or Archangels; wrathful practices are used for the transformation, subjugation and destruction of fierce admixed spiritual forces, as well as dark and hostile forces. Essentially, when a person is plagued with very powerful klippot, shades and shadows, or negativity, wrathful practices may be given to them to “bring the evil inclination (yetzer ahara) into the service of the good inclination (yetzer tov).”

In this regard we may cite a teaching associated with the baptism and temptation of Adonai Yeshua – one teaching says that the descent of the dove and the Spirit driving the Master out into the wilderness corresponds with the inverse pentagram, while the Master returning from the wilderness and proclaiming the good news corresponds to the “upright” pentagram. At times, during certain spiritual empowerments these two forms of the sacred pentagram may be used in this way – an invocation of the influx of great spiritual force and the invocation of the integration of that living presence and power.

Given this association, we may also say that the inverse pentagram may represent an introspective or inward directing of power, and the upright pentagram the outward directing of power; hence, the receiving and giving of power or energy.

The demonizing of sacred and holy symbols is truly a shame – it is sheer ignorance; even more so when it occurs by “experts” in esotericism; but then so is the misappropriation of sacred names, like that of Enoch, the Initiate.

Now, as for so-called “Enochian Magick,” I do not know that I wish to speak of this much, as it isn’t an energy I wish to invoke here – it has nothing to do with our tradition. However, if one studies the records of the original reception and generation of this system of magic, with no intention to justify it, one finds the two gentleman plagued with deceiving spirits, and events surrounding the reception of the system clearly occur in a state of impurity and foster egotism. All the signs of unclean and evils spirits – klippotic forces, are present, as anyone trained in prophetic and wonderworking practices of authentic wisdom traditions would swiftly recognize. At best, it comes from Klippah Nogah, the false light; at worst it comes from the Other Side, the dominion of the klippot, impure emanations or husks of darkness. Attracting such things and cleaving to such things can only occur in a state of impurity; to then suggest that angels of God, the True Light, come and speak simply reflects ignorance of the play of spiritual forces and how the art of the seer and divine theurgy works.

In this regard, we would be wise to consider the spiritual forces drawn into occult lodges using this system of “magick,” and others like it, and look and see the tendency towards the inflation of the ego – the very strong egotism that tends to prevail among the initiates. If “spiritual adepts” who are sisters and brothers in the Spirit, the Divine Light, end up in psychic or magical conflicts – battling one another, they certainly do not resemble any of the true and great adepts and masters of any of the authentic wisdom traditions that I know about, and this is not something that can be overlooked. If that is the case, then what is being taught isn’t a path of faith, hope and love, or a path to enlightenment, and apparently isn’t bringing in the energy of the Great Spirit, or the Holy Light of God, but rather some other energy or power – an energy or power of the ignorance.

In all authentic streams of Light Transmission around the world, the very essence of the path is the generation of *love and compassion*, and where there is wonderworking or magic, it is for the sake of service to the people and the glorification of the Truth or God; the true Great Work is a labor for the harvest of souls, a labor to relieve the suffering of beings, to uplift souls and to facilitate the enlightenment and liberation of souls. If and when spirits are from the Divine Light, this is what they will inspire, encourage, and actively help us to accomplish; if and when spirits do not, then we know they are either from the demiurge, the ignorance, or from the shadow of the demiurge, the “evil one.”

The tendency to justify bad fruits in certain aspects of occultism reflects the play of our own egoistic desire for power – we want power for our own selfish ambitions, our own egoistic desires, so we will justify bad fruits; of course, it does not make it any less poisonous. Adonai Yeshua teaches us regarding this very clearly – he says that we should discern or judge a tree by its fruits, for a good tree does not produce bad or poisonous fruits.

All this said, the only time I’ve ever heard of something intriguing surrounding a practice of “Enochian Magick” was with one practitioner who was trained in Vajrayana who took the view of subjugating the “Enochian spirits”; however, whether or not this was a sophisticated justification in the seeking of power for the ego or a true heart’s desire to enlighten and liberate the spirits I cannot say – it was an interesting view though, and quite noble if true.

This view does reflect something of the Sophian view, or the view of the Christian Kabbalah in the practice of divine theurgy or wonderworking – in our tradition our relationship and interaction with spirits, as with all of our relations, is reciprocal, and our intention is not just to use the powers of the spirits, but rather to bring the spirits into the service of the kingdom of heaven and Light Continuum, and to facilitate their enlightenment and liberation. In this regard, as with Adonai Yeshua, we have an earthly and heavenly ministry or labor.

A great adept or master who has a very powerful realization may very well be able to pacify, enrich, subjugate or destroy admixed and dark forces; as for the rest of us, however, during much of our journey, it is wise for us to pay attention to good company, visible and invisible, and to pay attention to our own energy, and to discern between good and evil, and the admixed.

It is like with wrathful practices, they are not practices for the novice or the beginner, but rather they are for an experienced and skilled practitioner with a strong ground realization in place; hence this is why you do not see many wrathful practices taught openly in our forums.

May the Light of the Sacred Tau, the True Cross, shines within all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety, and may all living spirits and souls be drawn up in the Great Resurrection and Ascension, Hayyah Yeshua; amen.

Blessings & Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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#4 Postby Jeff » Thu Sep 04, 2008 11:39 am


Once again thank you for your very informative and inspiring reply.
I have always had a bit of confusion with the use of active and passive pentagrams and the whole unbalanced approach of the "standard" LBRP. When asking about the issue no real answer was given regarding the use and is just so and that's that. What you have said regarding the use of the Pentagram really makes sense to me and has cleared up a lot of my questions regarding it. It seems like the blind you mentioned has never really been removed. When comparing the two, the "standard" form leaves one invoking Earth instead of banishing like it is allegedly designed to do. I found that very interesting given the state of modern occultism and the ego inflation it gives rise to. If one is constantly invoking Earth into ones self how can you really rise above it? Something that stood out in my mind.

The explanations on the inverse pentagram that I have heard is that it is a rebellion and turning away from Spirit. I have never really felt that. I agree with what you mentioned regarding the use of the wrathful Pentagram if it is safe to call it that. And yes I have heard of the use of the upright Pentagram, Divine names and other Holy symbols being used for nefarious reasons which is truely sad on so many levels.

Out of respect I will not bring futher attention to the Enochian system but again thank you for your explanation and I can see where you are comming from and have felt very similiar regarding this system. Like an infant playing with fire...

"Adonai Yeshua teaches us regarding this very clearly – he says that we should discern or judge a tree by its fruits, for a good tree does not produce bad or poisonous fruits."- This is something that I have been contemplating and meditating on for some time now. The Judging of the Tree and its fruits. Apart of me feels it may not be the system that is flawed but the people using the system, but in context to the statment given by Adonai Yeshua, if the tree is bearing bad fruit...hmm...a perplexing question that has had me scratching my head and searching my own soul regarding the system I am currently involved in.

This has given me something to really think about even more than I have been already. I feel like I am at crossroads but i'm blind and my GPS is broken...ha! Some humor always helps.

Blessings and Shalom,

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