The Practice of Give Away & Generosity

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The Practice of Give Away & Generosity

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Jul 20, 2007 5:42 pm

The Practice of Give Away & Generosity: The Generation of Energy

We know that when we gather power of medicine in a sacred manner we never take without giving – we always leave some offering behind, balancing what we take, what we receive. Likewise, if we visit a wonderworker seeking something from them, whether a speaking or a spiritual work, we always go bearing gifts, something they can use, or some support for their work – we seek to give something as much as to receive something. Among practitioners of wonderworking the practice of generosity is considered very important, as it is a way of attracting positive and luminous energy to oneself, but even more so it is a balance to all of the power or medicine we receive, and natural guardian against self-importance, pride, arrogance and selfishness which can so easily enter into play as we come into power – it is a practice of spiritual humility.

A good example of generosity is the practice of Give Away, such as when we have completed our matrix of prayer weapons and are going to fully take them up in the Continuum – we will give something to charity or to the poor, and we will give some gift to our tzaddik, a gift of something they need, and we will acquire some gifts to give to some of our spiritual friends and loved ones, we will do a Give Away.

Now an actual Give Away is well thought out and planned – we pray and contemplate about what is good to give each person, and if we do not happen to have it, we will acquire it. All of these gifts we will purify in one way of another, and we will pray over them and bless them, and at the appropriate time we will give them, giving them all in a short period of time around the event inspiring the Give Away. In giving we bless the wonderworking movement we are engaged in, and we extend blessings from our continuum of spiritual works to others, creating a distinct talismanic movement of the extension of light-power and blessings.

The practice of Give Away is reserved for more significant occasions or transitions in the Continuum, but as a general rule, wonderworkers practice gift giving all of the time, they practice generosity in life, for their spiritual work is for the people and they seek to facilitate the happiness of beings, the fulfillment of their inmost heart’s desire; as material things are manifestations of universal energy, it is all a play of Divine Energy in an exchange of sparks, and quite naturally it is a blessing when spirits and people think of you in a positive way, in the midst of happiness.

Indeed, it is all about the *generation of good energy*, which is the specialty of the wonderworker!

Essentially, Give Away and the practice of generosity are a talismanic generation of the Sacred Heart and an actual manifestation of love and compassion – if we find true joy in it we will find that it is a very powerful and theurgic practice, and that, truly, “it is in giving that we receive.”

Being received by the Risen Messiah may we be blessed and empower to give and to be of service; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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giving and recieving

#2 Postby Marion » Sun Sep 19, 2010 7:40 pm

As I was contemplating the practice of give away, the story of Lazarus came to mind where Jesus asks a young wealthy man (whom we know to be Lazarus) to give away everything he owns and he goes away weeping. It has been said that the reason for Lazarus's weeping was this was a ritual that a person would do before there death. So essentially, what Jesus is saying to him is "prepare to die."

The verse is this:

In the original post Malachi says that this ritual is reserved for significant occasions and transitions in continuum. We have all had times in our lives where we change drastically. Sometimes in a very short period of time. After one of these times we can look back and we really became a different person. Sometimes who we were before and who we are now have totally different priorities, hopes and dreams or sometimes they just become more refined. Either way it seems we shed the husks of darkness or Klippah nogah and become born again under new stars. My contemplation is now, is the practice of give away a practice for the preparation of a spiritual death and rebirth?

It also seems that there can be varying degrees of this practice. I have watched this with my own Tzaddik where sometimes there will be a give away where maybe one significant item is given to one individual. Or other times there will be things that are given to several individuals and at other times an entire collective of sacred books and items are given all at once, shedding a large portion of the body. I would also imagine that one could choose to give away most or all of there material possessions. Of course this is also a practice of non attachment non aversion and not identifying ourselves with things in this world. I had an experience once of literally giving away a truckload of stuff, and there was the experience where I had identified myself so much with these things that I felt as if I was giving away my very body! I then had to ask myself, when did I become this stuff? It was a very good practice.

This practice also brings the question, what is really important in this world? Yeshua is saying to Lazarus in this passage that what is really important is the kingdom of heaven. The only way material wealth is important is if it serves the Divine Kingdom. If it does not, it is useless.

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#3 Postby Phillip » Mon Sep 20, 2010 12:09 pm


I think this is also a contemplation of Nephesh.

I remember various stories of how spiritual companions ended up living in the house that another had lived in previously before coming to the circle. Very interesting!

In the teachings on the Nephesh, the Nephesh is also what we own and how we relate with what we own, the energy we are putting into these 'things'. When we give them away, we may very well be transferring important spiritual energy, engaging in an exchange of sparks.

Shedding what is not useful to us is also a process of allowing the Nephesh to be in a constant state of evolution. Without doing this, I think you are right on when you speak of these things becoming Klippot, husks or shells. They are no longer used by us, and therefore not useful, or if they are used, they are dragging us down, entrenching us in a past self that is no longer us, and it is time to move on.

So, I'm hearing in your teaching here, Marion, the teaching about the Nephesh Elokit, that in order for it to be attuned to the Ruach, it must be ever relevant, ever in relationship with this Ruach, in the present.

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#4 Postby Yonah » Tue Sep 21, 2010 6:44 pm

Greetings Sister & Brother!
This is a great contemplation. It is so easy for us to get caught in thinking material possesions are more important than they are.

I know my experience in the past and the experience of some people I know is that their posessions sometimes fill a need in the ego. This isn't to say owning things is bad. The issue is when the item or having the item is more important than our spiritual self worth. I have seen where having a nice car or having a beautiful home becomes like name, form, and personal history. Where these "things" become part of the self worth.

I think that giving things away is a great way of keeping perspective on importance. The person you are giving to is more important than the object. This is a great practice and extremely helpful.

I have to agree Phillip that this is about the Nafesh. When we crave "things" it is the bestial soul saying "I want", "I desire", "I deserve"... when we let go it is Nafesh Elokit saying "I love", "I give", "I am".

Shalom, Yonah
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