Light Cords: Exchange of Power

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Light Cords: Exchange of Power

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Light Cords: The Exchange of Power

Generally speaking, all Sophian initiates are well acquainted with the practice of Giving & Receiving – in it we envision the Spiritual Sun in our heart and we envision others in front of us, and using our radiant breath as a vehicle, we exchange energy with them, taking in negativity, shades and shadows, and transforming them in the Light of the Sun of God, and giving them positive energy, light-power in return; in this way we help liberate ourselves and others from negativity, actively extending spiritual and invisible assistance, and we generated the Sacred Heart.

In the Order of St. Uriel and Order of St. Raphael there is a practice that works along similar lines, using light cords extending from our subtle body to the subtle body of others, including apparently animate and inanimate objects, we enter into in an exchange of energy, an exchange of sparks.

Basically speaking, light cords can be extended from any interior star in the subtle body, just as rays of blessing may be extended from any of these psycho-spiritual centers; however the principle stars that we use for generating light cords are the belly or navel, the heart and the brow.

When we extend a light cord from the brow our intention is to commune with the intelligence of the being; when we extend a light cord from the heart our intention is a communion with the spirit or soul of a being; and when we extend a light cord from the belly it is a communion of power, and exchange of energy.

Essentially, we envision a cord of light extending from one of these points of our body, specifically the subtle body; the cord being hollow inside, much like a tube or shoot of bamboo, allowing a flow of energy or light-power through it – we envision that it connects at the other end to the subtle body of the being we are entering into an exchange with, and typically, before forming any connection in this way, we will ask for the blessing of the Divine Mother and we will ask for permission from the spirit or soul of the being, whether an apparently animate or inanimate object. Only with the blessings of the Mother and the permission of the spirit or soul of a being will we form such intimate energetic connections, and this is especially true of light cords formed between ourselves and other human beings – we respect and honor free will and self-determination, and we believe in *non-interference* where there is no desire to receive or desire for communion; we render direct help when asked, when desired, all according to the Divine Will.

In the wonderworking art the most common center that we extend light cords from is the belly – it is like a big pot of life and desire energy, a great reservoir of power; thus, from the belly we can give power and through the belly we can draw power – it is with the belly that we feel places and their energies, their spirits, and that we feel people and their spirits. When it is separate from the Heart Star the Navel Star is called the “belly of the Great Beast,” but when joined to the Heart Star and the three upper interior stars it is the center of Divine Power embodied – sacred and holy.

The distinction in the Navel Star is this: it is of the Great Beast if and when manifest as the *Desire to Receive for Self Alone*; but it is the center of the Divine Power when manifest as the *Desire To Receive for the sake of Giving*. Always, in truth, it is the very same Divine Energy, but the manifestation of this desire-energy is determined by our intention, and by the state of our mind, heart and life; walking in a sacred manner this is a center of Divine Power, and nothing but the Divine.

Before you begin to use light cords from the belly it is a good idea to learn how to feel energy with your belly – or shall I say, to recognize that you do feel energy with your belly, for everyone does feel energy with their belly, whether or not they are conscious of it. You see, the navel is the place that we are exchanging life-force with our environment and with others around us all of the time – life energy is going in and out of the belly all of the time; it is very much like the surrounding reality display is the womb and we have an umbilical cord to it in an exchange of life energy.

Opening the Navel Star or Belly

In various places that you find yourself, in nature, at work, at home – in all different kinds of places, focus on your belly, and with conscious intention become aware of the energy of that space, and the energy of what’s happening in it; feel it in your belly.

If with conscious intention you shift your breathing to your belly, as though you are breathing through your navel, this may help you feel through your belly.

Once you can consciously feel the energy of spaces in your belly, if you want to amplify the feelings or your want to scan something specific, envision light rays (not a light cord) going our of your belly, like feelers you extend into the environment.

Going out walking where you can pass through different environments or zones of energy can be very good when you are learning to open your belly – because you can practice feeling transitions or shifts in energy and vibration from one place to another; also, once you have some skill in this you will find that you can even do this while driving down the road!

This is not about thinking, but is all about sensation, feeling and intuition – becoming open and sensitive; the role of thought is secondary, it is interpretive.

When you have learned to feel spaces and objects in them with your belly, then practice extending this field of sensitivity – progressively extending it further and further; you will find that it can extend a very long ways, much further than you might imagine at the outset. In fact, in the case of a master of the art it can extend as far as the eye can see to the horizon, and even further still; and not only can it extend to things in the material dimension, but to thing in inner dimensions as well – it is truly amazing, and it all happens through conscious intention to be open and sensitive with the belly.

Now here is a great secret: Sight can be very deceptive, although we tend to rely on it so heavily in our unenlightened societies and cultures; but liberated from attachment and aversion, your belly is perfectly accurate and can perceive through all illusions and deceptions – there is good reason to trust your belly once you learn how to open it and feel with it. (In terms of learning to let go of attachment and aversion, the practice of Silent Witness and Primordial Meditation are key: besides, unless a person has the basic practices of the tradition in place they would not be initiated into any of the Holy Orders or encouraged to take up any of the more advanced practices – first things first, as the saying goes!)

As you become able to feel and intuit with your belly, you may want to go and create a Sacred Circle and call in the powers, then practice feeling the Four Directions and Four Winds – this is one of the best ways to learn about them; in a similar fashion you can practice feeling any of the angels of our Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother in the same way. In the Order of St. Uriel we often speak of putting spirits to the test – if you get good with your belly feeling you belly will perfectly discern between the spirits, knowing what is good for you and what is not.

Perhaps here it ought to be said that what is good for you and what is not does not means that something is necessarily wrong or evil in itself – maybe it is, but maybe its not; truly it’s all a question of what’s good for you and what’s not good for you, and no judgment needs to be involved in this.

As unseemly as this may sound to modern Western ears – relaxing and pouching out your belly some can help open the belly to feeling; sometimes patting it a bit can help too – learn to love your belly and it will treat you well (accept your body and you will find it an amazing vehicle of the Light-presence and Light-power; and an amazing instrument of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling and knowing in the Spirit).

When you are first learning to feel with the belly it is a good idea to consciously “close and seal” the belly afterward; likewise, it is a good idea to tend to self-purification frequently, letting go of any negative energies you might have picked up – if by chance you run across an extremely negative energy during an exercise with the belly be certain to banish or purify yourself immediately afterwards, and at the point of contact, with full force of conscious intention refuse any link or connection.

When you know your belly in this way and are able to feel through your belly, then you are ready for the practice of extending light cords from the belly – and there are many practices for this in the lineage.

If you learn how to actually extend a cord of light from your belly, then you will know how to do it from any of the interior stars, so we will focus on practices with the belly – following this post I’ll begin to record some of the practices below.

May we discover the “Pot of Joy” in us and learn how to share it; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Belly Light Cord Practices

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Belly Light Cord Practices:

The following are all good beginning practices.

The Umbilical Cord to Earth Mother

The Good Earth, quite literally, is your Holy Mother – she is the womb from which you are born, and in the physical being she is your all in all; you live and move and have your being in her – you are in her and she is in you. She is your life here and your power here – and she has plenty of power for everybody; it is good from time to time to reconnect with her and to let her purify and empower you.

If you want to purify yourself energetically, and you want to draw power from the Earth Mother, go out and smudge yourself and create a sacred circle, and honor Sky Father and Earth Mother, and all of the Divine Powers – and make offerings to all.

Then go and lay down with your belly to the Earth Mother in the middle of the Sacred Circle, with all of the powers gathered there; with your belly upon the Earth Mother send out a light cord as an umbilical cord into her, and envision that cord going down into the Fire Center of Earth Mother, her Great Deep.

Intone quietly Imma Eretz (Mother Earth): Yah-Ma-Ma-Ah Ah-Ray-Etz (This intonation is for the vibrational quality, not the actual Hebrew pronunciation.)

Make an offering of some life-energy to her through the cord – envision some light going down into her and pray for all your siblings, that they might be blessed. Then, as this life-energy strikes the Fire Center of Mother, envision Great Fire coming up through it; see this Holy Fire rush up into your body, kindling the Holy Fire in your belly, and see that Holy Fire blaze forth, filling your entire body, purifying you of all negativity, all shades and shadows, cleansing you completely.

Filled with this Holy Fire and becoming this Holy Fire, get up, still with the umbilical cord attaching you to Earth Mother – take up the rattle, and perhaps the holy staff, and envisioning the Sacred Circle as a Ring of Holy Fire, walk the Sacred Circle counter-sunwise, rattling and chanting: Imma Shekinah (Mother Holy Presence), Yah-Ma-Ma-Ah Sha-Ka-Yah-Na-Ah, and as you are doing this let it be a prayer of purifying and blessing all your relations, and let it be holy worship of the Divine Mother.

Now as you go round and round envision that the Holy Fire becomes radiant Divine Light flow up through the cord from a Secret Sun within Mother Earth, with this shift, stop in the East and stand, rattling and chanting: Yah-Yah-Ah-Ma.

Then, when it is time, walk the circle sunwise, and chant: Io Adonai, and with your hand and conscious intention sever the cord from you giving thanks to the Mother and continue your walk of the Sacred Circle honoring your Holy Virgin Mother.

If there is other spiritual work to be done in the Sacred Circle it is done; but if not, then you complete your walk and give praise and thanks, and you pray that this blessing pours forth upon all your relations. This completes the sacred ceremony.

Belly Cord with Standing Stone

Go and gather a stone in a sacred manner – one to erect as a standing stone; before offering it and placing it, hold it to your belly and extend a light cord into it – feel its power enter you and your power enter it, feel the connection run deep.

Then offer the stone and set the stone in place, baptize and anoint it, and make offerings – then take up a sacred dance, using rattle and chant, worshiping in the Presence of Yahweh and the Divine Powers, praying for yourself and all of the people.

Through the cord, as you do this, draw in the powers to your belly and become full of them for the people – and with power speak what is to come to pass, all as the Mother Spirit inspires you.

When all is accomplished give praise and thanks, and extend blessings, and envision the cord being withdrawn from the sacred stone – thank the stone spirit also for offering itself; this completes the sacred ceremony.

(See the rite of the Sacred Standing Stone elsewhere in this forum.)

*Apart from the rite of the Standing Stone you can practice this with stone people – it is a good place to begin.

Belly Cord with Sacred Tree

Go and find a tree that is friendly – never a lone standing tree in a desolate place, though, because they will have fierce spirits or a hungry ghost in them. When you find a sacred tree sit facing it, and extend a light cord to it from your belly; commune with the sacred tree in power, exchanging power with the tree and drawing its great strength into your belly – as you do this envision energy roots go down into the earth and energy rays go up like branches, and with the sacred tree power reach into Earth Mother and reach up to Sky Father, and draw power from the Holy One as the sacred tree. When you are done, envision the cord withdrawing and give praise and thanks to the Holy One, and thank the tree – and pray all your relations are blessed. This is the prayer-meditation.

*This can be a very good practice for healing and empowerment in life; also grounding and centering.

Pot of Fire Cord (Belly Giving & Receiving)

If you know of someone experiencing a lot of vital turmoil, with emotion or desire, or you know of someone who is sick from it – you can do giving and receiving with the belly and light cord, using the Pot of Fire. (It is especially powerful for vital conflict or stuckness – sometimes more so than the typical form of giving and receiving.)

Sit in holy meditation – and envision your subtle body as a hollow body of translucent light, with the Spiritual sun in the Heart; in you belly envision a Pot of Fire, blazing fire – breath, and with inhalation envision the inner wind kindling this fire into a greater and greater blaze, with greater and greater inner heat, and when you exhale, envision that you can breathe out fire, rather like a great dragon. (A skilled practitioner may even send their Body of Light to where the person is, passing through the astral dimension.)

Now, take up the energy chant: Ka-Ah-Yah-Da-Na-Sa-Yah-Yo (prolong on “Yo”), and as you do envision the person in front of you that you wish to pray for in much the same way as giving and receiving; and envision a light cord connecting your belly to their belly. As you are chanting, let the breath shift to the belly, inhalation drawing in shades and shadows through the light cord to the Pot of Fire (like a vacuum hose), transforming them, and on exhalation a breathing of this Holy Fire into the person, purifying them of all impurities, all shades and shadows. As this happens, the Pot of Fire in them blazes forth, just as it does in you in you.

Then intone: Ka-Ah-La-La-Ah Ma-Si-Yah, and envision the Holy Fire magically transforming into brilliant Divine Light, and hold the conscious intention of their reintegration into the Light Continuum. (The cord is with drawn at this point.)

As you come to the fruition of the chant, envision that they and you disappear in a blaze of Divine Glory – intone: Ah.

Completing the movement, intone: Ah-Da-Na-Yah Ma-Si-Yah, praying for this blessing to pour out upon all of your relations, and as you do this focus upon your Brow Star.

Then give thanks and praise to the Holy One, and to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah. This completes the prayer-meditation.

(Alternatively, the light cord could be attached to any interior star for a special purification, all as the Spirit guides us to do.)

This practice is associated with the Red Maiden in the Order of St. Mary Magdalene, and it is often used for healing in the Order of St. Raphael.

These practices are a good star with the use of light cords.

Blessing & shalom!
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Belly Opening Practices

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Belly Opening Practices

Belly Breath

If you want to open your belly one way is to use the belly breath – one of the “dragon’s breath” methods; stand in a relaxed but firm way, feet about shoulder width apart, knees very slightly bent, your back straight, arms down at your side, but with them extending like you are holding something up at belly level, palms up, but finders relaxed. As you breathe, extend your belly as though your belly is breathing, as though it gathers the breath – this will naturally place the radiant energy within and behind breath into your belly.

When you get used to doing this, then envision a Holy Fire in the belly that is kindled by this breath, as you inhale the fire blazes, and as you exhale, envision the fire rushing straight up your spine out the top of your head – as you breathe in this way the fire blazes more and more, and the fire shoots upward with greater force, reach further above your head in ascent. If you use this exercise always seal it with a focus upon the sphere of white brilliance in the center of your head and the intonation of Yeshua Messiah into that center; either that, or with a brief meditation on the Spiritual Sun within the heart and the intonation of Adonai Messiah in the heart center – this will serve to balance your energy.

With the same breath you may also sit with your hands over your navel – envision your hands as light pouring forth light into this center, and envision light coming out of this center into your hands; light upon light, there at your belly. When you feel full of light-power in your belly remove your hands and feel with your belly – also, perhaps, share some of this light-power, sending it or offering it with conscious intention. (You can touch and bless people in this way.)

Power Hand

You have a natural giving hand and receiving hand – if you are right handed, that’s your giving hand, if you are left handed, then that’s your giving hand, the other is your receiving hand; your giving hand is called the “Power Hand” (Yod).

Clap your hands together and rub them together briskly, with the conscious intention of opening the stars or centers in your hands. Once you have done this, hold out your receptive hand, palm facing up, and take your power hand and make a clockwise circular motion with it around your navel (as though the navel were the clock), and seek to fee the energy of your hand with your belly – do not actually rub or touch your belly with your hand, but do this motion about a half inch to an inch away. When you can feel the energy building up, see if you can move your hand further away from your belly and still feel it, and then raise your power hand as though you were going to wave at somebody – sending out energy from your hand and belly in blessing, and feeling with your belly. (In this you know a secret of tzaddikim waving to you!)

These are a few exercises that can help you feel with your belly and help you to prepare to extend light cords from your belly.

May we be a cause of joy, the fulfillment of inmost heart’s desires; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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