Rainbow Body Healing & Blessing Ceremony

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Rainbow Body Healing & Blessing Ceremony

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Rainbow Body Tikkune & Blessing Ceremony

The wonderworker, the magician and shaman, is a healer of body and soul – this is well reflected by the term often used for these holy women and holy men in Native American spirituality, “medicine woman” or “medicine man.” Likewise, it is reflected in the spiritual work of Adonai Yeshua and the original apostles and the wonders they performed, the majority of which we exorcisms and healings – healings of souls and bodies.

Perhaps the most radical healings are those of the resurrections Adonai Yeshua performs – the restoration of the soul to the body, a feat also accounted to Elijah and Elisha in the Old Testament.

Quite clearly, the great bringers of vision have been *medicine people* – healers of the people in body and soul, understanding how to bring about the tikkune-healing of their own soul-body, and through the tikkune of their own soul-body, the tikkune of the Soul of the World, the tikkune of the World of Angels or Powers, and tikkune of the World of Holy Sefirot.

Once upon a time it was much easier for a wonderworker to bring a vision to the people and to bring about more radical healing – there was a fullness of faith and true devotion among many peoples, and there was belief in wonders such as healing and resurrection. Today, even among the faithful, there are typically shadows of doubt and disbelief, and some of the most intelligent people draw to spirituality and the mystical journey, though having some faith, speak of the tales of wonders and healings and such as “mythical stories,” not actual events – among these are even some “spiritual teachers” in modern spirituality and modern gnosticism, so even among well meaning spiritual teachers there are great shadows of doubt and disbelief.

Where belief is strong in these times is often within the darkness of fundamentalist religions – but that belief is a “faith” that goes to anger and hatred, and to destruction, and is not of the Divine Light, but rather it goes to the Other Side, as the Holy Kabbalah calls it, the “Dark Side.”

This is all a sign of the times – we are living in very difficult and challenging times, and although the matrix of faith in human beings has been shattered and continues to be assaulted, perhaps more than ever before there is a need for wonderworking, and most especially in the form of *spiritual healing*; there is a great need for tikkune-healing at this time.

We have a great need for bringers of vision (navi) – true prophets or apostles, a great need for light-bearers, healers and peacemakers; and we have a great need for all who have some faith to take up the wisdom of the wonderworkers and to labor for the tikkune-healing of the people and the world – there is a need for the restoration of faith in the people and the restoration of the soul to the bodies of the people, the drawing out of the good and the light that is in the people, the embodiment of the Divine Presence and Power.

The Divine Mother does not make all of us bringers of vision for the people – but we are all bringers of vision in our own lives; maybe the Divine Mother does not make us all wonderworkers – but we all have sacred powers. We need bringers of vision or wonderworkers (tzaddikim) and people who have some faith to take up this spiritual labor of tikkune-healing together, with spiritual self-worth and spiritual humility, all in the Mystical Body of the Human One of Light, the Risen Messiah.

The bringers of vision for the people have big dreams and visions, and in them they see prayers and meditations that are to be done, and sacred dances and ceremonies that are to be done – and they enact them; if they have to they will enact them alone, with the help of the Holy Shekinah and Divine Powers, but they are given these sacred movements for the people and the Mother gives these sacred movements to them so that they can share them with the people and enact them with their people for the sake all peoples – a movement of the Sacred Circle or Spiritual Body.

This is another way of saying that spiritual adepts and masters fashion spiritual practices from their experience of self-realization, practices which are, themselves, expressions of the experience of self-realization; and likewise, this is a way of speaking about a true “spiritual church,” or a *Gnostic Church* – a spiritual movement among people who have faith and who have a vision (gnosis).

This is exactly how the prayers, meditations and sacred ceremonies of the Sophian Gnostic tradition have come into being – they are seen in big dreams and visions, and they are fashioned as vehicles of higher consciousness or self-realization in Christ, the Human One of Light. They are powerful because they come by way of the Mother’s Power, the Mother Spirit, and through the experience of higher consciousness, specifically, the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness, Messianic Consciousness.

All of them enact a great vision of the Human One of Light – the vision of a Divine and Supernal Humanity coming into being; and they are all for the tikkune-healing of the people, in the body and beyond the body, in the body and in the soul – as the tikkune-healing of the Human One is the tikkune-healing of the world, they are for the tikkune of all peoples, all beings, and the whole world.

This gives insight into the deeper meaning of “Wearing the Body of Vision” – because when we take up the Continuum, when we take up these prayers, meditations and sacred ceremonies, we are literally putting on a Body of Vision and enacting it, living it, and we are not putting on this Body of Vision for ourselves alone, but we are putting it on for all our relations, for the entire world; it is an active spiritual work for the Great Transformation, the Great Resurrection and Ascension of this Good Earth. We do this not for ourselves alone, not for our own personal salvation or enlightenment, but rather we do it for the salvation or enlightenment of all our relations, all sentient beings – all in the Body of the Human One of Light, the Holy Body of Supernal Light.

If you look into the names of the “Holy Orders” in the tradition you will see that they all speak of different aspects of this spiritual work and the Body of Vision – for example, the Order of St. Uriel literally means the “Order of the Light of God”; hence, the *Order of Supernal Light*. So this Holy Order is a labor to ground or earth the Supernal Light, the Supernal Force, a labor to bring the Supernal Light fully into the material body and material world, this Good Earth; the Supernal Light holds the power to transform everything into the image and likeness of itself, even the power to transform the substance of matter, as we see in the Risen Messiah. This, of course, is the ultimate possible tikkune-healing in body and soul.

There is a great need for tikkune-healing in these times, for these are very dark times, very challenging times – that’s not to say that these times should be any other way, but rather it is to speak of the need of these times, and to speak about why we are here, now, at this time; the faithful and elect, elder siblings, are among the people and in this world at this time to meet this great need – to labor for the Great Tikkune-Healing, the Great Transformation.

That’s why this Body of Vision called the “Sophian Gnostic tradition” is being openly and freely shared right now – because there is a great need. The more people of faith enact this Body of Vision, the greater the Light-presence and Light-power of Supernal Realization will be made manifest among the people and in this world – the more people enact it, the greater the Supernal Shekinah, the Divine Presence and Power, will be embodied and made manifest in our generation and future generations.

Acting together, we are the Holy Body, the Holy Matrix, through which the Divine Light is embodied and made manifest; the fuller the body, the fuller the Glory and Power of the Light-presence.

There are many powerful meditations and sacred ceremonies being shared, and we need to use them with reverence – with honor and respect; we want to honor and respect ourselves, all our relations, the Divine and this Good Earth, and we want to honor and respect the Body of Vision, as our own body and the earth, knowing it is sacred and holy. We want to walk in beauty and holiness, and be a holy people for all peoples – a sign of spiritual hope in good times and bad times.

The Rainbow Body Healing and Blessing Ceremony is said to have been begun by Tau Miriam – it was something she “saw” during her experience of breakthrough into the Supernal Consciousness; in my own experience many years ago the vision evolved and another version of the sacred ceremony emerged, having its foundation in the wisdom treasure she had received and given to us.

This sacred ceremony is given to be used in Light Wheel gatherings, but it can be adapted to be use in the Circle Cross or any form of the Sacred Circle; it is given to be taken up by groups of people, by Gnostic Circles, but it can be adapted to be performed by solo practitioners acting as individuals within the Holy Body or Matrix of Initiates – those called and ordained to this healing work by the Holy Spirit, the Mother Spirit.

It is among the sacred ceremonies through which you can seek the tikkune-healing of yourself, and the tikkune-healing of the people on all levels: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. First, however, before you aspire to lead others in this sacred ceremony, or others ceremonies like it, you must go through it and experience it yourself, and you must become intimately acquainted with it – the same is true of the Light Wheel, if one is to be used, you must know the Way of the Light Wheel.

To receive others, first we must be received (mekubal), and before we can give, we must receive – otherwise we can receive no one and we do not have in order to give.

This sacred ceremony moves incredible amounts of Divine Energy, Divine Power, and we want to gain some experience and skill moving with greater amounts of Divine Energy before we facilitate and guide others in the movement – then, truly, we will be ready and empowered to be of help or be of benefit to others.

Remember, it is the tikkune-healing of your soul that is the tikkune-healing of the soul of the world, and so also the tikkune-healing of the World of Angels or Powers and the World of Holy Sefirot; thus, as you heal yourself you heal the world, for *you are the world and the world is you*.

It is good to perform this sacred ceremony around a Light Wheel, but as has been said, it can be performed in any form of the Sacred Circle, and, in truth, it could be performed almost anywhere; likewise, it is best to perform this sacred ceremony outside, in the great outdoors, but it could be performed indoors if it is necessary.

The Sacred Ceremony

This is a wonderful sacred ceremony to be performed on the Holy Shabbat, for Adonai Yeshua healed on the Shabbat, and the Risen Messiah appeared in the Day of our Holy Shabbat; but it can be performed on any day of the week. It can be especially powerful when performed near or on the day of the Full Moon, but it can be performed during any point in the Lunar Cycle.

*Tau Miriam taught women initiates that because of all the tikkune-healing needed for women surrounding their moon cycle, and the feminine energy in general, that it could be very good and powerful for women to gather during their cycle and perform this sacred ceremony for themselves and for the people; she taught that the movements in a woman’s physical body and subtle body have a special alignment that corresponds to the movement of this healing work during that time.

When a wonderworker is going to guide people through this sacred ceremony she or he will teach it to them before hand so that they are familiar with it and can prepare themselves for it. The wonderworker will take up a continuum of prayer, meditation and spiritual work beginning seven days before the sacred ceremony, seeking to help the people enter into the ceremony in righteousness, in a sacred manner, and those who are called to the ceremony will take up a continuum of prayer and meditation for seven days as well, focusing on self-purification and making offerings, seeking to become completely open and sensitive. Thus, all seek to walk in a sacred manner entering into this holy rite, and truly, the continuum of this sacred ceremony begins seven days before it is to be performed. Essentially, everybody is going to bring their light-power, their power to this sacred ceremony so that they can perform the healing work for themselves and for the people.

The wonderworker will pick the time of day this sacred ceremony will take place, whether near dawn, noon or sunset, according to what the Divine Mother shows them in dream and vision, and they will determine the Direction through which everybody enters into the Light Wheel, whether from the East, South or West, respectively. (The Northern Gate is not used to enter for this sacred ceremony.)

When the people are gathered around the Light Wheel for the sacred ceremony, the holy woman or holy man will take a crystal consecrated to works of tikkune-healing, and smudging themselves and the crystal, they will enter by the chosen Direction, riding the corresponding Wind, and they will walk the Sacred Circle three times, spiraling into the Sacred Center, and they will offer up the sacred crystal to the Holy One and Powers, then place it by the Sacred Stone of Ha-Shem. (A crystal that has lots of rainbows in it is good for this purpose, or else one that is completely flawless of a good size.)

Then, they will make offerings to the Holy One and all the Divine Powers, and they will open all of the Gates of Light in one way or another; when they have done this, they will walk the line from the center to the Gate through which they entered, going out to the people, and they will perform a smudging ceremony with the people around the Light Wheel, with prayers that all shades and shadows be driven out of the people and the land, prayers for the healing of all illness and dis-ease, and prayers for the illumination and uplifting of all living spirits and souls. (The Gate Key each person is carrying is also smudged.)

When the smudging or purification ceremony is complete, the wonderworker will take up their holy staff and they will lead the people through the Gate into the Light Wheel – they will lead the people around the Light Wheel seven times; everybody will keep an even and respectful space between one another as they walk the Sacred Circle, and when the shaman completes the seventh round, she or he will walk the line from the Gate to the Sacred Center. (When the shaman goes to the Sacred Center everyone stops where they are and that is their place for the sacred ceremony.)

*Sometimes during this walking a flute or other music might be played by a helper outside the Light Wheel; during the walk the wonderworker may speak prayers, take up a sacred chant or song, and may ask the people to do so as well – often they will use a sacred rattle during this time, but not always, as they may chose to use no rattle, but rather another prayer weapon. (These invocations are of the Divine Light and the power of the Rainbow Body of the Risen Messiah – the radiant display of the Shekinah of Messiah.)

Standing in the Sacred Center the wonderworker will take up the healing crystal and will bring it to their heart center and they will envision the Spiritual Sun within their heart, and they will envision their Body of Light formed of translucent light, hollow inside, the Spiritual Sun shining in this infinite inner space, and all around the Spiritual Sun they will envision Rainbow Light Glory – they will take a few deep breaths, and intone: Yo-Ho-Sho-Vo-Ho; then, Ye-He-She-Ve-He (long “e” sound); and then Ya-Ha-Sha-Va-Ha. (Everyone will intone this with them – if everyone knows the Body of Vision, they will also envision the same; or, if not, the wonderworker may guide them in the visualization after it is established in her or himself.)

*The Rainbow Light is the full spectrum of our soul’s energy and the Divine Power – it includes dark radiance, white brilliance, and the entire spectrum of light and color.

Then, the healing crystal is returned to its place on the earth, as the shaman does this, their breath will become Rainbow Light and they will exhale with the conscious intention of the Rainbow Light entering into the crystal; everyone in the circle will also envision their breath as streams of Rainbow Light going into the crystal in the Sacred Center.

The wonderworker will then sit before the crystal, and everyone will sit facing inward towards the Sacred Center, and the sacred chant will be intoned: Yah-Ma-Ma-Yah; as this is intoned, the shaman will envision the generation of great Rainbow Glory within their Body of Light, and when the intonation is complete and there is full generation of the Rainbow Glory, they will tilt their head up and envision their exhalation becoming Rainbow Light ascending upward from the Sacred Center – and so everyone will envision this, their own breathing out of Rainbow Light, and the Rainbow Light of all will be envisioned arching to the North and passing down into the Great Light Center of Earth Mother, that secret center of White Brilliance in her, and passing up through the seven earths, the layers of the earth, to arise through the crystal and the shamans Light Body, and to arise through everyone’s Light Body in circle.

The wonderworker will then repeatedly chant: Tay-Gay-Bay-Day-Ray-Pay-Kay (Kay being drawn out into an “ee” sound). As this is chanted they may use their rattle further energizing the sacred chant (or may hold another prayer weapon or sacred object), and while they are chanting they will envision the crystal and their Body of Light becoming a great fountain of Rainbow Glory, even more brilliant than before, and all of the people will envision this also happening with themselves, the healing crystal and the wonderworker – and all will envision this Holy Light meeting above the Sacred Center of the Light Wheel, and they will envision the Rainbow Light arching to the South and upward to pass through Brother Sun, as through the Light Center of Earth Mother.

Then, all will envision this Rainbow Light pouring down from Brother Sun with even greater brilliance than before upon the Light Wheel and the chant Ka-Ah-La-La-Ah Ma-Sa-Yah is taken up by all, as a prayer for the outpouring of this Healing Power upon all our relations and the whole earth.

With their exhalation, all pass this Divine Light through their left shoulder to the person on their left, and with their inhalation they receive it through their right shoulder from the person on their right – this becomes a prayer for the tikkune-healing of all peoples; then, after a cycle of a number of breaths, the Divine Light is passed in the same way, but the circulation is reversed going in the opposite direction – this becomes a prayer for the divine illumination of all peoples. (The shaman will indicate this transition in circulation to the people gathered.) As this is being done, the wonderworker and everybody is envisioning Rainbow Light raying out into the land and the world more and more from the Light Wheel – it is as though the Light Wheel is a great Rainbow Light Generator manifest upon the earth, its Divine Light reaching out and touching all beings, spreading out through sky and earth and deep – healing, blessing and illuminating all, transforming all.

Now, with the intonation of Ah, everyone envisions Rainbow Light going out in spherical waves into all directions of endless space – into all realms, worlds and universes of the Great Matrix, and with the final intonement of Ah, all envision merging completely with this Rainbow Glory and vanishing into the emptiness of the Clear Light of Grandmother Primordial Space (Wisdom).

Then, the wonderworker and everyone will return to their body and this Good Earth, and with a song or chant the wonderworker will arise and take the healing crystal to the person nearest to the Gate of Entrance; and they will return to the Sacred Center, leaving that person to commune and work with the healing crystal for the people as inspired – then, that person will take it to the next person sunwise from them (to their left), and so on until it passes around the Sacred Circle completely. The person who is last will bring it to the shaman and present it to them in a sacred fashion, then return to their place.

The shaman will place healing crystal on the earth again, and will make offerings, and they may take up the rattle to pray or sing or chant for the people, and they may ask all who are present to join with them (they might take up another sacred object instead of the rattle); then praise and thanksgiving will be offered up to El Elyon and the Supernal Shekinah, and to all of the Divine Powers – and a word of sealing the Gates of Light will be spoken.

The wonderworker will then walk the line to the North Gate and exist by the North Gate as a sign of grounding the Divine Light into the people and the earth, and they will set down the healing crystal outside of the Light Wheel in the Northern Direction. Walking sunwise everyone will follow them out the North Gate and all will gather round the healing crystal – there, together, everyone will center and ground, releasing all residual energy into the healing crystal; when this is done, in prayerful silence each will walk away.

The holy woman or holy man, along with any helpers that might be present, will gather up the sacred objects and will purify and cleanse them in an appropriate manner.

*Having used a Gate Key in this holy rite it should also be purified and cleansed appropriately following the spiritual work.

When this is done, there may be a gathering of the people to share their experiences, and afterwards there may be a celebration or party, especially when the ceremony is done later in the day.

*When this ceremony is done at dawn or early in the day, usually the participants will go out for prayer, meditation and spiritual work on behalf of the people afterwards, then gather together later in the day to talk about their experiences and to celebrate the Life Divine.

This completes the Rainbow Body Healing and Blessing Ceremony.

*In this sacred ceremony everybody usually dresses up in full sacred clothing, with full ornamentation, and as said all bring a Gate Key – also all bring an offering for the Light Wheel and the guardian of the Wheel, and they make their offerings before the sacred ceremony in a respectful fashion.

This is a very powerful sacred ceremony in the Light Wheel and many wonders and healings have happened through it – Divine Grace flows with, in and through it; Divine Grace moves with, in and through us when we enact it.

There are other sacred chants that are used sometimes, but the ones given here are the most common basic chants – chants *good for everybody*.

With this, as well as other healing and blessing ceremonies, we seek to bring about our own tikkune-healing and the tikkune-healing of all our relations and this Good Earth; hence, we enact the Body of Vision for the people and for the glorification of Ha-Shem.

There are many oral teachings that can be given on this sacred ceremony, but usually we must experience it before they are shared with us – so what is shared here should be enough to get you started if you are ready to take up this practice, and have the call and blessing of the Mother to do so.

May all experience the Divine Rapture of Rainbow Body Attainment – all in the Human One of Light; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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