Barakah Bet: House Blessing

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Barakah Bet: House Blessing

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Barakah Bet: House Blessing

If you are going to open yourself and be sensitive to the spirit world then it is important that you learn to blessed and ward the place where you live, knowing how to drive out the negative influences of shades and shadows, and how to keep them out; likewise, the wonderworker is often called upon when there are troublesome spirits in a place to go and remove them – so it is good to know how to bless a house, not only for yourself, but for the sake of the people.

It must be said that there are places where we should not live, and there are places that should not be blessed – having become so out of touch with the Spirit and the environment, in our modern unenlightened society and culture very often we go to live in places that are not good to live, and we put dwellings in places that are not good. To know and understand places that are good to live and places upon which blessings can rest we must listen to the Holy Spirit and learn to feel the movement of energies in the atmosphere and land – in the spaces around us.

Before you move to a place, pray about it and meditate on it – ask the Holy One if it is good for you; before you go to bless a place, pray about it and meditate on it – ask the Holy One if a blessing can rest on that place.

There are many different ways to bless a house and there are many different ways to deal with troublesome spirits – we must look to the Holy Spirit to know what to do. If there is any question that remains after some prayer and meditation, we can always create a Sacred Circle or go to the Light Wheel and inquire of the Holy Shekinah and Divine Powers.

Here we can share two sacred ceremonies of Barakah Bet so that you might know some of the ways to bless a house for yourself and for the people – if, however, you encounter powerful troublesome spirits and you find that you do not have the ability to remove them, then you might want to ask someone more experienced to help, you might want to go to a holy tzaddik, a wonderworker with the knowledge and gifts of an exorcist.

Smudging & Calling In the Powers

Use a prater rug as your altar and layout everything you will be using upon it – before you enter the house to be blessed, if you are doing a spiritual working for people, make sure to call upon the Holy Shekinah and the archangels of the Sacred Circle, and enter walking in the good company of the Holy Shekinah, the Divine Presence. (You will probably want to purify yourself before you go.)

You want to put your altar in the most central living space within the house – the living center, and that is where you want to begin the sacred ceremony.

You will want to take four sacred stones – four small stones that will be buried in the cardinal directions around the house, and a fifth sacred stone to be placed in the house, maybe a nice crystal; these must be gathered in a sacred manner and purified and blessed ahead of time so that they are ready to hold the blessing and charge from the ceremony. (Alternatively, others sacred objects could be used, for example, some fetish could be made for inside the house, some special talisman of blessing, and prayer sticks could be made to the Directions – many different talismans could be made and used.)

When everything is laid out, take up your holy staff or walking stick, or another sacred object, and walk through the entire house, and perhaps even the surrounding property, feeling the place and the spirits of the place, feeling the flow of energy in that place, and as you do listen and hear what the Mother Spirit shares with you about what needs to be done. If the Mother and Divine Powers ask you to do something different, then that is what you are to do – remember, whatever is asked of you by the Divine Powers, then that is what you are to do; likewise, if the Holy One, or Holy Spirit, does not incline you to do something, then it is not to be done.

Having done this, go to the sacred space you have created, light a candle or candles, and then perform a smudging ceremony – offer the smudge up to the Holy One, heaven and earth, and to the Four Directions, calling upon the corresponding Names of God and Divine Powers, and smudge yourself and anyone present, and smudge all of the things you will be using, then have the doors of the house opened and smudge the room you are in; the go into every room of the house big enough to walk into (including walk-in closets) and smudge them all, praying for the purification and clearing of the house of all negative influences, all shades and shadows. When all of the rooms of the house are cleansed in this way, go to the doors continuing smudging and praying, and send the energies being banished out of the house and close the doors behind them, praying that the Holy One, Shekinah and Divine Powers drive them out and keep them away.

Now return to the sacred space you created and make offerings to the Holy One and Divine Powers, and make offerings to the good and righteous spirits of the place – and ask for blessings upon this house and all who live in it and all who visit it; pray for life abundant and all good things, and for peace and love in the house, the Light Divine.

Invite and welcome the Holy Shekinah and all spirits of righteousness into the house.

*If a Wedding Feast is to be performed, it is performed at this time. (Performing a Wedding Feast in a place of perhaps the strongest blessing that can be perform in a place within our tradition – so it is often part of a house blessing.)

Then, take up what ever sacred objects you are called to take up and go and bless every room in the house – as you go, pray or chant, extending all manner of blessings, and giving praise and thanksgiving to the Holy One; perhaps you might take up the holy staff and a sacred feather or special crystal, or maybe your sacred rattle and another sacred object – all as Ma and the Powers inspire you.

When this is done, go and seal the blessing with the sign of the Holy Cross at each door, praying that all these blessings rest upon the house and those who dwell in it and those who visit it.

Then go, and offer up the four sacred stones to the Four Winds, the Four Holy Powers, and calling upon the Kerubim, ask for guardianship of the house and those who live in it, now and for all time.

These sacred stones are then taken to the four cardinal directions outside and buried with prayer – and then, in a ceremonial fashion the center stone is given to the person living in the house to be placed in a special spot in the living center.

When this is done, give praise and thanks to the Holy One, and to the Holy Shekinah, Divine Powers and righteous spirits of the place; and pray for blessings for all your relations, all beings. This completes the sacred ceremony.

*When we are working for people, often we will have them acquire the things need for the house blessing so that their energy is fully in it; but we will always get some gift for them to be given in the ceremony passing the blessing to them.

Remember to smudge everything you have used afterwards.

The Sacred Pentagram

Tend to a continuum or prayer and meditation as you are going to bless the house, and when you arrive, as you enter the house greet the person with peace, saying, “Shalom,” and say, “Peace be upon this house and all who dwell in it.”

Let the person show you their home and their property and as they do pay attention to the flow of energy and the spirits in the place, and listen to the Holy Spirit for any insight or instructions.

Then, go and get everything you will need and bring it into the house, and set up your prayer carpet with all prayer weapons upon it as a holy altar in the main room of the house. Alternatively, a portable table can be taken as an altar and either set on the holy carpet or the holy carpet being laid out in front of it.

(You will want four small crystals and one larger crystal as wards – sometimes people might want a small cross or crucifix blessed to be put above each entrance way to the home, sometimes even above every doorway in the house. If that is the case these may be blessed during the rite and put up immediately following.)

Let a candle be put in every room of the home, and let there be a central candle on the altar

Begin the sacred ceremony with prayer to El Elyon and the Supernal Shekinah, and then with holy oil anoint yourself, remembering the Sign of Initiation upon your brow and the Threefold Flame that burns in your heart of faith, hope and love, and anoint all who are present in the name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah and Kallah Messiah, affirming their faith in the Beloved.

Then light the candle on the altar, praying that Divine Light and Divine Blessing come into this house, and then go through the house lighting all of the candles in the same way.

When they are all lit, return to the altar and say, “Let this house be purified and consecrated to Adonai and let the Holy Shekinah of Yahweh come to dwell in it.” Then, take up the prayer dagger and perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram; and when this is done, go into every room of the house and trace a banishing pentagram, intoning "Yeshua" while tracing it and then intoning "Yahweh," banishing all shades and shadows from every room.

Once this is done in every room return to the altar – take up the cup with holy or blessed water in it and take a sacred feather (or else some hyssop or small cedar sprig) and begin sprinkling in all the directions in this room, saying, “Be purified with Living Waters of Miriam’s Well in the Great Name of Yahweh, Yeshua Messiah and Kallah Messiah, and Ruach Ha-Kodesh.” Then do the same throughout the entire house.

Now return to the altar and take up the prayer wand and trace a Sacred Hexagram over the altar while intoning “Ararita," and trace a Solar Sign within it, intoning “Ruach Ha-Shemesh” – praying that the Spiritual Sun shine from within this house and all who dwell in it; then trace an invoking Spirit-Space Pentagram over the altar, while intoning “Adonai Messiah,” praying that this Divine Light pervades and surrounds the house and all who dwell in it; then trace the Holy Cross with a Sacred Circle at the center, intoning “Abba, Imma, Yeshua Messiah and Ruach Ha-Kodesh” as you do, and pray that Supernal Grace and Supernal Blessing rest upon this house and all that dwell in it – that all who enter the house with a good heart might be blessed.

When this is done, chant the Shema.

Then, celebrate the Wedding Feast through the point where the bread and wine are consecrated and proclaimed the Holy Body and Blood of Messiah, the Human One of Light; then go into every room and repeat the Holy Signs that were traced over the altar, praying that the Divine Blessing rest upon every room and the entire house.

When this is done, return to the altar and bless the sacred crystals, invoking the archangels to bless them with their presence and power as guardians of the faithful and elect, the Sacred Circle; then let them be taken out and buried with prayer. (It can be good if holes for them are dug in advance.)

At this point, let every door or window to the outside be anointed with holy oil as a seal of the blessing and guardianship; then every passageway indoors.

Then let the center stone be passed to those living in the house, and with it all the blessings, and let the eating and drinking of the Holy Feast seal the sacred ceremony.

With praise and thanksgiving, and the extension of blessings to all beings the holy rite is complete – whatever remains of the bread and wine are to be offer on the property to the earth and all beings. This completes the sacred ceremony.

With these two examples you will know and understand Barakah Bet Ceremony.

*Sometimes a circumambulation in precession, banishing, then invoking, is called for; but many times it is not.

In cases where there are troublesome spirits a more forceful ceremony may be required – but before performing such a ceremony you must make sure that the unclean or dark spirit is linked to the house and not to a person living in it, as if it is linked to a person then an entirely different kind of ceremony is required, an actual exorcism.

*We do not suggest that solo practitioners go out performing exorcisms – that’s an art, in and of itself, and typically requires actual initiation and apprenticeship, and much experience and skill. Essentially, we should never take up a spiritual work that goes beyond our actual capacity and spiritual gifts, for it could cause more harm than good.

May we live with the constant companionship of the Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Bride; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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