Ceremony Honoring Our Earthly Mother

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Ceremony Honoring Our Earthly Mother

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Aug 08, 2007 3:02 pm

Earth Mother Honoring Ceremony

If you wish to walk in a sacred manner and walk in the presence of Ha-Shem you need to honor your Earth Mother – attending to this Good Earth and paying attention to the needs of your neighbors, all your relations, and the environment; our body and the earth is the living temple in which the Divine Presence and Divine Power dwells – thus honoring Earth Mother is true worship of the Supreme while we are walking here.

There are countless ways we can actively honor Earth Mother each and every day, but the following is an example of a sacred ceremony honoring her.

The Sacred Ceremony

Everyone who will be participating in this sacred ceremony can make a special prayer stick ahead of time and bring it with them – a prayer of honoring our Earthly Mother, and a prayer for the right relationship of all peoples with our Earthly Mother; specifically, prayers of tikkune of improper relating with Earth Mother and being out of touch with her.

Then, go out to some place where there is a lot of trash, and take a lot of trash bags with you; in that place perform a smudging ceremony, and pray for all your relations and this Good Earth, and tell Father Sky and Earth Mother of your intention to honor her, consecrating what you intend to do – and then let everyone go and pick up all of the trash, cleaning up the chosen area.

When you are doing this do not fall into self-righteousness or negativity about people – rather do this in joy and with tikkune-healing prayers for all people, opening your heart to the pain and suffering reflected in actions dishonoring and disrespecting our Earthly Mother; pray for the restoration of Spirit-connectedness and the restoration of souls to the Divine Light, and do what you are doing with a good heart and good intention. Remember, this is tikkune-healing that you need, as much as anybody else – that you are among the people you are praying for, that you are the world and the world is you!

*In the midst of this sacred ceremony you might wish to watch for signs from the Great Spirit and visitations by angels of our Earthly Mother, and you might want to listen and hear in the Mother Spirit – in the midst of good works very often we experience communion with the Divine Mother and divine spirits.

After all the trash is picked up, then let there be prayers offering this up to the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, and the Divine Powers, and special prayers honoring the Earth Mother – and let the prayer sticks be set in this place, all in a little group out of the way; when this is done, perform Giving & Receiving for all peoples. (For this purpose, the prayer sticks should be completely natural – carved with designs, then purified and consecrated, and anointed with holy oil, and nothing more.)

Give praise and thanks for the opportunity to serve – for life abundant, and offer up all of the merit generated to all your relations. This completes the sacred ceremony.

*This can be done in rural and urban settings just the same.

(Along a similar line, anytime we go an create Sacred Circle or perform sacred ceremony in the great outdoors, typically we take a trash bag in case there is something that needs to be removed from the land – this is a practical offering to the spirit of the place and honoring of the Divine Spirit.)

This, truly, is a good and holy ceremony, and it is an excellent method of making an offering and generating merit or positive energy – if we are going to practice a wonderworking art the play of good works is very important, cultivating the right view and attitude, and generating merit.

Although, perhaps, when we speak of simple things like this some might believe we are joking or unserious, or think that they are “little nothings,” they could not be further from the truth – these simple things are very powerful and might be called *mundane or ordinary wonderworking*; they are active love and compassion, which is the motivation for our wonderworking art in the Christian stream, or within any authentic wisdom tradition.

May we walk on this Good Earth actively honoring and respecting all our relations, all in the Spirit of Truth; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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