Wedding Feast in the Light Wheel: The Round Dance

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Wedding Feast in the Light Wheel: The Round Dance

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Wedding Feast in the Light Wheel

Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite, arising from Ain, No-thingness, is the Body of the Primordial Messiah; all that arises and appears from Ain, the Pleroma and Entirety – the whole universe, is the Body of the Cosmic Messiah; this Divine Light in you is the Messiah, and you are the Body of the Indwelling Messiah – the Primordial, Cosmic and Indwelling Messiah is one and the same Light-presence and Light-power, the light and life of all. Thus, all is the Body of the Messiah, and passing into death by way of the Holy Cross and being raised up by Supernal Grace, all is uplifted in the Great Resurrection and Ascension – the Risen Messiah; all, throughout all time (the aeons), is reintegrated and restored to the Light Continuum (Yahweh). This is the Holy Remembrance of the Wedding Feast and it is the power of Or Ofan Ha-Kodesh, the Light Wheel of Holiness – the Body of the Human One of Light, the Anointed of God.

The Sacred Ceremony

Everyone who will participate in the ceremony is asked ahead of time to consider what Direction they will choose to enter into the Light Wheel, and so all pray and meditate, seeking their Direction; this will correspond with the Direction they feel is most strongly influencing them at present in their life, and corresponds to a prayer they will bring to the Sacred Circle for themselves and for all people sharing the same need.

At the outset of the sacred ceremony everyone finds a place around the Light Wheel, evenly spacing themselves around the Wheel, but leaving enough room for the leader or holy tzaddik to pass between them and the outer rim of the Light Wheel.

When the people are gathered at the Light Wheel for the celebration of the Wedding Feast, the leader or holy tzaddik speaks of this great and holy mystery, and this becomes the contemplation opening the sacred ceremony.

*Everything that will be need for the sacred ceremony is put in the inner circle on a sacred rug or blanket that serves as the altar before the ceremony is begun – the altar is oriented to the East. Likewise, sacred rugs or blankets are laid out in the Quarters of the Light Wheel for the people to sit on.

With the invocation of this holy contemplation the people are asked to remember and envision the Spiritual Sun in the hearts and the Divine I Am as their holy crown, and to remember their innate connection to the Divine and to all that lives within their breath; then a smudging ceremony is performed, honoring our Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, the Spiritual Sun and Holy Spirit, and the Divine Powers of the Four Directions, and there is a special honoring of the Bright Morning Star, the Star of the East, as the Opener of the Way and Light-bearer. This honoring of the Divine Powers is done outside of the East Gate, and then the leader or tzaddik smudges themselves and the people, going around the Holy Wheel sunwise.

When this is done, the leader or tzaddik speaks an anointing prayer-invocation, and anoints themselves, and then anoints the people, calling them to remember their anointing with the Supernal Chrism, the Light of Shin-Tau (Seth, a mystical name of the Messiah). Again, the leader or tzaddik passes around the Holy Wheel sunwise as she or he does this.

Then, returning to the East Gate, they receive their holy staff from the bearer of the staff, and also receive their sacred rattle, and they enter into the Light Wheel through the Eastern Direction, becoming the Opener of the Way, and as they walk the line of the Holy Cross to the Inner Circle they speak the mystery of the Four Directions, saying, “East is the place of the Bright Morning Star and the Divine Incarnation; South is the place of the Resurrection and Ascension, and the outpouring of the Pentecostal Fire; West is the place of the Second Coming and the Apocalypse; North is the place of New Jerusalem, the Bridal Chamber – heaven and earth are united in the Bridal Chamber, all uplifted into the Pleroma of Light! Let the people say, ‘Amen.’”

*All respond with “amen.”

Entering into the Inner Circle the leader or tzaddik goes to stand over the Divine Stone facing East, and they chant the Shema.

Then, they invoke the Name of God, chanting the Divine Names of the Middle Pillar, then the union of the Pillar of Mercy with the Pillar of Severity – and then Ararita and AGLA; and they give praise to El Elyon and bless the Holy Name, praying that blessings pour forth from the Supernal Shekinah upon the people and the land, praying that the Holy One and the Name of the Holy One are brought into union on the face of this Good Earth.

When this is done, the leader or tzaddik will proclaim, “Let the Wheel of Light be set in motion – and let us remember the union of Being and Becoming; I Am the Light of the world, the All-In-All, in this holy song sisters and brothers respond with ‘Amen.’”

*When this is said the people will begin to walk or dance sunwise around the Holy Wheel and the leader or holy tzaddik will begin to proclaim I Am statements, inferring mysteries of the Human One of Light, and after every statement the people will proclaim “Amen.” All of these statements are inspired by the Holy Spirit in the power of the moment; alternatively however, the sacred Gnostic text from the Round Dance of the Cross may be used. As these proclamations are spoken or sung the sacred rattle is used; alternatively a drum could be used, or another simple musical instruments. (If there are musicians in a circle, they might be asked to play at a sacred ceremony like this.)

At the fruition of this, the leader or tzaddik will call the people to remember their prayers and the Direction through which the Holy Spirit has called them to enter into Sacred Circle, and she or he will invite them to the Wedding Feast, inviting them to enter and abide in the Holy Wheel of Light, the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah.

*Everyone will continue around the Sacred Circle until they come to the Gate through which they are called to enter – and they will enter through that Holy Gate of Light and pass sunwise around the inside of the Outer Circle, walking the Sacred Circle once until they come to the corresponding Quarter, and there they will take their seat.

Then, when all have entered and are seated, the leader or holy tzaddik will invoke and honor all of the Powers, opening all of the Gates, and they will make offerings on behalf of the people, those present and those not present, visible and invisible.

*The order of invocation of the Powers is South, West, East and North, following the descent of the Supernal Light into the world.

They will offer to the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother first, and then to the Four Directions; then they will offer to the Spiritual Sun and Holy Spirit in the Sacred Center, and then to the Powers of the Celestial Spheres, and then they will make offerings to the Powers of the Dimensions, represented by the sacred stones of the Holy Cross, and to the Powers of the Eighth Heaven, represented by the sacred stones of the Outer Circle.

When all of the Gates are opened and all of the Powers are gathered, then they will invite and welcome the Holy Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Bride.

Then, when the Holy Bride is received, they will speak the great mystery of the bread and wine – the holy mystery of Messiah Melchizedek; and they will consecrate the bread and wine, and offer up the bread and wine.

The leader or tzaddik will then inquire of each person why they felt called to enter by the Direction they have entered, and they will ask them to speak their prayer for themselves and for the people; once this is begun, merely by catching the gaze of a person the leader or tzaddik will invoke their sharing.

*During this the leader or holy tzaddik will pick up a sacred feather, or other similar sacred object, and as each person concludes their speaking they will point it at the person and make a gesture of uplifting, as though sending the prayer-invocation in ascent to El Elyon, the Divine Most High.

When everyone has spoken their sacred intention and prayer, the leader or holy tzaddik will pray or speak as inspired by the Holy Spirit in the power of the moment – this often becomes a time of special teaching, blessing or prophecy; in the fruition they will speak of all prayers, all inmost heart’s desires, fulfilled in the Light Wheel, in the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah, and they will call upon the Holy Remembrance of the Divine I Shall Be in the people.

Then, partaking of the Wedding Feast on behalf of all relations, all prayers become sealed and fulfilled in this way.

When this is accomplished, all are asked to arise and to worship in the Divine Presence and Power, giving praise and thanks to the Divine and the Powers, and then all are asked to turn outward, away from the Sacred Center, to extend the Divine Light and Blessings to the people and the Land.

Then the leader or holy tzaddik blesses the people as light-bearers, healers and peacemakers, bidding them to walk in beauty and holiness as a sign of spiritual hope before the people in good times and bad times, and sending them from the Sacred Circle, saying “Go, and take this Holy Light with you for the people and this Good Earth – go in peace, shalom.”

*The people respond, saying, “Shalom.”

All depart by the Gate they entered, the leader or tzaddik entering first and departing last – crossing the threshold of the East Gate the leader or holy tzaddik says, “I Am Alef and Tau, the beginning and the end, the first and the last – amen.” All of the people respond with “amen.”

*Before departing, the leader or holy tzaddik will salute and seal the Gates.

Then the leader or tzaddik proclaims, “As it is spoken, so is it done,” and all of the people will respond saying, “So is it done, amen.”

Whatever remains of the bread and wine is offered to Earth Mother for all our relations – this completes the sacred ceremony.

*All sacred objects used in the ceremony will be cleansed when the people have left.

As with virtually all sacred ceremonies given for the Holy Light Wheel, this ceremony may be adapted to a Circle Cross or other forms of the Sacred Circle; likewise, if it is not possible to perform it in the great outdoors, then it could be adapted to the indoors – but in one way or another a clear representation of the Sacred Circle is to be present, otherwise another form of Wedding Feast can be performed.

This can be a very powerful and ceremonial form of the Wedding Feast – working in the Light Wheel we follow the instructions of the Mother Spirit and Divine Powers, and at times the Holy Spirit may move with the holy tzaddik and people, and the spiritual works in the Light Wheel may change.

A good example of this was when Mother Sarah was leading a Light Wheel Wedding Feast and in her speaking she said, “We must change directions for the people.” When she said this we all felt the call to different Directions, and with that feeling new prayers and invocations also came – so we all changed directions and began speaking these prayers and invocations, and it became a very charismatic movement and somewhat prophetic, as though the Shekinah and Divine Powers took us up to pray and worship. When we departed, we all knew to depart by the new direction, and so we did. As the following week passed and we came to Shabbat discourse, we all had some amazing stories to tell of dreams and visions, and wonders we had witness, all of which we knew flowed from that sacred ceremony. So, at times, this sacred ceremony can become very fluid and dynamic when the Holy Spirit begins to move with, in and through it.

Along with the ceremonial quality of this holy rite, it is also know for facilitating deep insights into oneself and into the mysteries, and often very profound spiritual and mystical experiences transpire through it – truly, it can prove quite amazing!

It is very common for ceremonies of the Wedding Feast to be performed in a Light Wheel when one is created and generated – there are many other forms the Wedding Feast can assume in a Light Wheel, this representing one example.

If we learn how to dream luminous dreams and how to see in the World of the Holy Spirit we can be given many sacred ceremonies, including different versions of the Wedding Feasts; when something is shown to us, then we perform it with our people as the Mother Spirit guides us to do. In this way we act as vehicles and conscious agents of her Divine Grace.

In closing we can share a powerful open secret regarding prayers for the people, for all our relations: Whenever we have a need it forms a powerful vital link, which means that when we pray for that need our prayers will be more powerful for the fulfillment of that need among the people – our needs become like a call to pray for those very same needs shared by others. In other words, our own needs will reveal special prayers the Divine Mother calls us to pray for the people; seeing what we need and desire, we know the needs and desires of others, and we know what is good to give and offer up.

May we be empowered to pray and work wonders for the people and for the glorification of the Holy One; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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