Water Gazing

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Water Gazing

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Water Gazing

If we wish to see and hear in the Spirit first and foremost we must purify ourselves, for our own consciousness is the mirror of prophecy, whether hazy or clear; and having purified ourselves, we must consecrate ourselves, offering ourselves to God as a vehicle of the Divine Presence and Power, cleaving with mind, heart and life to the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah – in so doing we create the conditions for the Holy Spirit to move with, in and through us, and, perchance, to grant us the gift of sight into the World of the Holy Spirit.

In any practice of seeing and hearing in the Spirit, however, we must be free from vital demand, free from all grasping, all attachments and aversions; we must learn to abide in the presence of awareness, open and sensitive, waiting upon the Spirit of Yahweh, and whether luminous vision comes and the Spirit speaks or not, just the same it is good, and we rejoice in the presence of El Elyon, the Holy Shekinah.

Now water bears the power of purification, and we may say purification is everything; for this reason Yohanan the Baptizer, the opener of the way, came teaching confession and repentance of sin or negative karma, enacting the rite of baptism or water ceremony for purification with the people of God – purifying the people of God he prepared them to receive the Messiah and the radiant holy breath of the Messiah, the Holy Spirit. In the waters of the Sacred Jordan Yohanan and Yeshua met, and going down into the living waters, coming up out of them, the Supernal Chrism came upon Yeshua, the Spirit of the Messiah, the Holy Spirit, descending upon him, and so through the living waters the Spirit and Soul of the Messiah, the Human One of Light, entered; purified, Adonai Yeshua was consecrated and sanctified with Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God.

Ruach Elohim moves upon the surface of the waters, as in the beginning of creation when she flew over the primordial deep, the Living Word and Wisdom of Yahweh Elohim speaking all of creation into being through her; she the radiant holy breath through which Wisdom is expressed as Word to be seen and heard, known and understood. Thus, going down into the waters and rising up in the Great Natural Perfection of Messiah Melchizedek, we receive Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Holy Spirit, and in due season she imparts the Supernal Chrism to us, all as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme.

Yeshua Messiah has taught us, saying, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above,” and also, “Very truly, I tell you, no one can enter into the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit” (John 3:3 & 5).

Yohanan taught self-purification through confession and repentance, and the rite of baptism for the remission of sin or negative karma, and through Yeshua the baptism of the Holy Spirit was brought into the world, the consecration of the people to El Elyon and their sanctification through the Supernal Chrism.

We know this in our own experience, for having faith in Yeshua Messiah and seeking gnosis of the Hayyah Yeshua, cleaving to the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, we have gone down into the waters, and being raised up in him we have received Ruach Ha-Kodesh, and so we see and hear and know in Ruach Imma, the Mother Spirit, through whom we are reborn in Yahweh Elohim, Eheieh.

There is power in the waters of baptism, for gazing down into the waters after rising up, we have gazed and beheld the glory of Yahweh Elohim reflected in the waters, and beholding the reflection of the glory of Yahweh Elohim in the waters below, we have gazed up into the sky and the heavens to behold the glory of Yahweh Elohim directly; gazing where sky and earth meet, entering into the glory, we have beheld the True Light, Eheieh, the Divine I Am, Supernal.

This is the birth of a bringer of vision for the people; the coming into being of a true wonderworker – for having been chosen by the Lord through the gift of the Holy Spirit and reception of the Supernal Chrism, the Supernal Shekinah has come to rest upon them. Every time this Supernal Advent transpires it is as though for the first time, and it is one and the same Light-presence and Light-power, so that the living presence and power of all who have experienced the Supernal Advent in the past, are experiencing the Supernal Advent in the present, or who shall experience the Supernal Advent in the future, is in that Dwelling Place (Makom). When this Supernal Advent took place with Adonai Yeshua, Yohanan looked and saw the Holy Spirit descend upon him as a Dove of White Brilliance, and so with the Supernal Advent of apostles after him witnesses have testified to a Supernal Light that radiates from the body of an apostle in broad daylight, as though the Spiritual Sun embodied, Shin-Tau.

Yohanan the Baptizer taught the people the way of confession and repentance of sin or negative karma, and the rite of baptism for the repentance of sin – having a vision for the people he lived it and enacted it with them; yet those who drew close and became his disciples he taught something more – he taught them how to gaze into the waters to behold the Divine Vision, and how to listen to the living waters to hear the Voice of El Shaddai.

If you desire to see and hear in the World of the Holy Spirit seek to receive the Threefold Rite of Initiation – baptism, chrism and wedding feast, and enacting the rite of redemption (laboring in the Spirit for the people), abide in the bridal chamber; receiving the Threefold Rite, at the place of the sign of chrism, focus your attention, and in the center of the head envision the Sun of White Brilliance, and intone into it the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah – this is preparation for all gazing in the Spirit, for receiving the Holy Chrism it is the opening of sight into the World of the Holy Spirit.

Here we shall say, when you have been well received in this way, and you have received the actual Light Transmission, purified of the vision of ignorance and consecrated by the vision of experience, you can gaze with pure vision through Divine Grace, no longer falling into the deception of unclean and evil spirits, the dominion of the klippot.

To one who is received and who has received – mekubal, the waters are sacred and holy, and gazing upon them and into them there is life in the Spirit: seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, feeling, and knowing in the Spirit; they are among the *living ones*, having knowledge and understanding of Hayyah Yeshua and Hayyah Elohim.

Kindle the holy fire of divine passion until it utterly consumes you, and then going down into the living waters and rising up gaze into the sparkling light on the surface of the waters – see the fire in the water and let your soul’s thirst be quenched.

Alternatively, gaze into the depths of the waters – look and see.

When you have seen, cast your gaze to that place where sky and earth meet, resting your mind in the gap, knowing and seeing Yahweh.

When the vision of the upper firmament arises do not say “water, water,” but abide in spacious radiant awareness without attachment or aversion to anything that appears – listen and hear.

This is a teaching given in the name of the great vision bringer Yohanan the Baptizer – of this teaching nothing more may be spoken save over living waters mouth-to-ear, in secret, to one who is a true Gnostic of God.

The Parting of the Waters

The 72 Names of God were given in the Holy Torah in Exodus, speaking of the parting of the waters – every time the waters were parted in the Old Testament it was by the power of these Holy Names, and so also when the waters of the Sacred Jordan parted at the place Yohanan and Yeshua stood in them; but the full power of these Holy Names was not manifest until the veil of the holy temple was rent asunder and the Risen Messiah appeared, for their full power is in the Solar Body of the Resurrection, the Spiritual Sun of God.

The wonderworker in the tradition who has knowledge of the 72 Names of God will write them upon a scroll, and going out to living waters, with holy staff in hand, they will pray and meditate in the presence of Ha-Shem, calling upon Ha-Shem and inviting and making welcome the Holy Shekinah.

Then they will make a confession, and repent of their sins in the presence of Ha-Shem, and enact a water ceremony, purifying themselves before the presence of Ha-Shem; then, with holy staff in hand, standing by the waters, they will chant the 72 Names of God in remembrance of the Risen Savior, the Human One of Light, and the Supernal Powers of the Twelve Saviors – following the chant of each set of Six Holy Names, they will strike the waters with their holy staff, setting the power of the Name upon the waters.

*These Names correspond to configurations of the Six Sefirot of Zer Anpin associated with the twelve powers of the twelve saviors, each name corresponding to a Sefirah from Hesed to Yesod in their order.

When the waters part, gathering their consciousness into the brow, they will gaze to look and see.

In fruition they will give praise and thanks to the Holy One, and worship in the presence of Ha-Shem, and they will pray and make offerings for the people, seeking the blessing of our Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother and all of the Divine Powers upon the people – prayers for the Great Exodus, the Great Liberation.

*This sacred and holy ceremony is often the climax of a spiritual retreat in vision quest for the people, so that going out in this way the wonderworker has kept a vigil for the people of prayer and fasting, and deep meditation.

Primordial Meditation with Waters

Go out to a place of living waters and pray and meditate.

Call upon Ha-Shem and seek the blessing of the Holy Shekinah and Divine Powers – chant the Divine Names of the Holy Tree; then, as with the Divine Names, merge your mind with the sound-vibration of the living waters – within the sound-vibration of the living waters is a hashmal (speaking silence), rest your mind in it, and listen and hear the still small voice of Yahweh.

Alternatively, beginning in the same way, rest your mind upon the waters as the object of meditation – gazing in this way, look and see.

Gazing into the Realms

You can gaze using a crystal sphere or dark mirror, but you can also gaze using a bowl or basin of water.

Gather water into a pitcher or vase in a sacred manner, with prayer and offerings.

Let the pitcher or vase of water be set by the bowl or basin in the center of your prayer carpet or sacred blanket, with your prayer weapons set around it.

Begin with an appropriate banishing or purification ceremony, cleansing the sacred space of all unclean and evil spirits – all shades and shadows. (The sacred dagger is used for this.)

Then, offer up lights and incense, and any other offerings the Divine Powers might call you to make – and call upon Ha-Shem, the Holy Shekinah and Divine Powers, and worship in the presence of Ha-Shem; worshipping, speak your wonderworking intention, speaking the realm into which you wish to look and see in the presence of Ha-Shem.

Then bless the water in Blessed Name and pray that the power of the Spirit might be in it, and then pour the water into the bowl or basin, remembering your reception in the waters of baptism, and the holy chrism and wedding feast that you received when you arose with the Spirit of the Messiah.

When this is done, invoke and open the corresponding gate into which you seek to look and see, tracing the corresponding sacred symbols over the bowl or basin of water, envisioning them as radiant light that pours down into the water, imbuing it with the spiritual energy of the realm into which you will gaze. (The sacred wand is used for this.)

*The Divine Names and sacred symbols for the invocation of the elemental and celestial gates are given in the Greater Rituals of the Pentagram and Hexagram provided elsewhere in this forum.

Then, set your awareness upon your breath, focusing on the exhalation, and pass your hand over the bowl or basin of water, breathing the radiant holy breath upon the water – ride the breath into the gap at the end of the exhalation, while gazing into the water, and look and see.

When you have gazed in this way, invite and make welcome all luminous and righteous spirits and celebrate a wedding feast, blessing all spirits and all your relations; just before partaking of the wedding feast, once the bread and wine are consecrated, if there is something you would ask of the spirits, speak it to them. Then partake on behalf of all, praying that all are uplifted in the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah.

Then, give praise and thanks giving to the Supreme and the Shekinah of the Supreme, and perform the corresponding banishing of the gate.

When the gate is closed and sealed, then bid all spirits bound up in the movement to depart in peace, giving thanks to all and blessing all, and then perform a complete banishing, closing and sealing the sacred ceremony.

*The water should be offered into the earth in a sacred manner after the ceremony.

(Alternatively, the intelligence or spirit of a gate or sphere may be invoked into a sacred crystal, and the crystal may be set into the bowl or basin of water – gazing into the water, you gaze into the crystal. This may help strengthen your kavvanah and help draw in a stronger presence and power of the spiritual energy evoked – if and when a crystal is used it must be thoroughly purified and cleansed afterwards, then bathed in moon light and sun light before being used in this way again.)

This ceremony is most often performed within a Sacred Circle, but sometimes it is performed without a sacred circle.

Chanting to See

Go out, and take appropriate offerings, a sacred feather and rosary with you.

*If you want sight into something being concealed, use an owl feather; if you seek a vision for a new direction, use a hawk feather; if a vision for tikkune-healing, use a vulture feather; if insight into the World of the Holy Spirit or knowledge of Supernal Shekinah, use an eagle feather – use a corresponding sacred feather to the insight or vision you seek.

Go to the waters, and call upon Ha-Shem, the Holy Shekinah and Divine Powers, and worship and make offerings, and pray for insight or divine vision, speaking in the presence of Ha-Shem what you are asking or seeking.

Now, chant the Divine Names corresponding to your intention – each Divine Name chant for one full round of the rosary, counting the chant with the beads and placing the spiritual energy of the chants into the rosary; as you chant, hold your intention in mind and direct your prayers in ascent with the sacred feather – when your chants are complete, put the rosary around your neck, and gaze into the waters, listening and hearing, looking and seeing.

When you are done, give praise and thanks to Ha-Shem, and pray that all beings are blessed, all uplifted in the Great Resurrection and Ascension.

*If you are asked by the Divine Powers to do something, remember to do it.

Afterwards, purify and cleanse the rosary and feather in an appropriate way so that they are ready for their next use in spiritual work.

These are several ways of water gazing and are practices of both the Order of St. Uriel and Order of St. Gabriel.

May we be blessed to look and see, and listen and hear, in the World of the Holy Spirit; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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