Shekinah Circle: Peaceful, Blissful & Wrathful

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Shekinah Circle: Peaceful, Blissful & Wrathful

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Shekinah Circle: Peaceful, Blissful and Wrathful Palace

If you look and see, Sky Father is the Sacred Circle and Earth Mother is the Secret Center – this is the Union of Abba Shamaim and Imma Eretz; yet, below, the Messiah is the Secret Center and the Shekinah of Messiah is the Sacred Circle – the one who bears the presence and power of Messiah arises from the womb of Earth Mother and receives the anointing of Supernal Light from Sky Father, the Supernal Shekinah being made manifest below. Praise the Holy One and Shekinah!

There is Imma Shekinah above, the Holy Mother, and there is Nukva Shekinah below, the Holy Daughter; Imma Shekinah is Abba in the form of the Holy Dove, the Divine Presence and Power of Supernal Chrism, and Nukva Shekinah is Earth Mother and her Holy Child anointed – in the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah, the Holy Daughter is uplifted and enthroned in the Divine Mother, and she becomes Kallah Shekinah, the Holy Bride, Shekinah of Messiah, and so the people and the land are blessed and uplifted, for the Pleroma of Light is made manifest. Hallelu Yah!

When the Messiah appears, the Holy Mother and Child are the Secret Center and the Holy Bride is the Sacred Circle – Holy Tzaddik and Shekinah Consort; this is the Shekinah Circle, Imma Shekinah as the Center and Kallah Shekinah as the Circle, the Mother and Bride inseparable from one another, the Divine Presence and Power of the Messiah, the Blessed Name. Praise Adonai Yeshua Messiah!

This Sacred Circle can appear as a peaceful, wrathful or blissful Palace of Light – when the wonderworker, the wonderworker, seeks to pacify and enrich spiritual forces it is emanated in peaceful form; when they seek to subjugate and destroy it is emanated in wrathful form; but when they seek to uplift and redeem it is emanated in blissful form, all according to the dance of the Shekinah of Messiah and what is happening among the people and in the land, all according to the Ratzon of Elyon, the Most High.

The Peaceful Palace of Light is the Holy Shekinah emanating as the White Maiden and her Jeweled Maidens; the Wrathful Palace of Light is the Holy Shekinah emanating as the Black Maiden (Lilatu) and her Fierce Maidens; the Blissful Palace of Light is Red Maiden in Union with the Messiah, with four Joy Emanations surrounding them in the Four directions, the White Maiden dancing above and her four Jeweled Maidens in the cross-quarters – these are the three of the forms of the Body of Vision the Shekinah Circle may assume.

The Body of Vision

Peaceful Palace: The White Maiden appears in the sky above the Center of the Circle, she is dancing on a red rose throne supported by an ofan (wheel angel) filled with eyes, holding a cup and dagger, wearing only jeweled ornaments (bracelets, anklets, necklace and belt) and a jeweled crown; she is radiant with rainbow glory, rainbow aura, and surrounding her rainbow glory is an aura of flaming fire.

Her four Jeweled Maidens appear dancing in the sky in the Four Directions – all having her appearance as though her twins; they dance on white rose thrones supported by ofanim, and they bear cups and daggers, and are ornamented the same as her, but they are golden, red, blue and green, respectively, corresponding to their directions, their auras being the complimentary colors of purple, green, orange and red, surrounded by an aura of flaming fire like hers. Their rose thrones are lower than hers, so that the tops of their heads are at the level of the ofan supporting her throne – she exalted as the Holy Mother of Maidens, Mother of Shekinah Consorts.

The Wrathful Palace: Lilith appears as in the “Union with Sophia Nigrans” practice, but with completely fierce countenance with flashing fangs; she dances on a fire rose throne supported by an ofan from which flashing fire goes forth and her aura is dark radiance enshrouded by an aura a flames; she bears a spear and sword, and is ornamented with bone jewels – her maiden emanations to the four directions look exactly like her, though at times they become a great dragon, a maid, a mother and a crone.

In the four cross-quarters of her Palace are four winged serpents or dragons –wrathful serafim), with flashing fire coming forth from their eyes and fiery breath like shooting venom.

Blissful Palace: The Red Maiden appears as in the “Union with Red Maiden Continuum” – and she is in blissful union with the Risen Messiah; they are on a rainbow rose throne supported by an ofan of while brilliance with a thousand eyes, he standing, she enwrapping him in her embrace – she with cup and dagger in hand, and he with rod and scroll, their aura diamond-like light enshrouded with flaming fire.

Above them is the White Maiden and in the four cross-quarters are her Jeweled Maidens – four blissful emanations appear in the Four Directions, the Lord in union with four Jeweled Maidens, the Holy Maiden with the Lord in the south being a White Maiden.

*The Wrathful Palace is only performed at night, the ideal time being the new moon, but the Peaceful and Blissful Palaces can be performed any time – though the Blissful Palace is especially auspicious on full moon.

Generation of the Sacred Circle

A Sacred Circle of Five Stones is created for this ceremony, all gathered in an appropriate manner, baptized, anointed and set into place; the prayer carpet or sacred blanket is placed west of the center stone, with all offerings and sacred objects on it, including all basic prayer weapons.

*When the Body of Vision is a peaceful, an eagle feather is ideal for invocation, when wrathful, an owl or raven feather, and when blissful, a vulture or peacock feather; but various sacred feathers could be used, the eagle standing in for all.

**Four holy daggers are used for this rite – often “thunder nails” from Vajrayana tradition, along with a special cup or bowl. The daggers are place on the corners of the carpet or blanket, and the cup or bowl near the center by a light or lamp.

The outset of the sacred ceremony, whether peaceful, wrathful or blissful is basically the same, though the wonderworker will carry the Divine Presence with a tone corresponding to the nature of the spiritual work being performed, gentle, severe, or joyful as they enter into the rite.

With their holy dagger (not one of the four) and a feather fan in hand the wonderworker will walk or dance the sacred circle moonwise, banishing all shades and shadows, calling upon Ha-Shem and the Holy Shekinah, and the Great Guardians of the Sacred Circle; and so they will pray for the liberation of the people and the land from all darkness, and the generation of sacred space, holy ground.

Then, taking up a sacred feather and their holy staff, they will walk or dance the sacred circle sunwise, invoking the Divine Presence and Divine Powers, calling upon Ha-Shem and the Shekinah, and the Power of the Four Winds – and when the Holy Powers are called, they will honor Sky Father and Earth Mother, and the Divine Powers, giving praise and thanks, and making offerings, all as is due and inspired by the Mother Spirit.

Having made initial offerings, the Sacred Circle being generated and opened in this way, they will proclaim the intention of the sacred ceremony – naming the Holy Palace of Shekinah that is to be manifest and the intention for which the Shekinah Circle is being generated; this is the creation and generation of the Sacred Circle for the holy rite.

Ceremony of the Peaceful Palace

When the Sacred Circle is generated the wonderworker will invoke with prayer, intoning the Blessed Name and calling upon the Shekinah of Messiah, Imma Shekinah and Kallah Shekinah in union, and they will speak mysteries of the Holy Shekinah, and give praise and thanks to the Holy Shekinah – especially focusing upon the Virgin Mother and the Tower of the Flock. This may be done in many ways, but usually it will be done with music, song and dance – if nothing else, with a rattle or drum, dancing and calling out.

*When the wonderworker gathers companions into this sacred ceremony, altogether everyone will invoke, praise and worship in jubilation, remembering and calling upon the Holy Shekinah, the Mother and the Bride.

In the fruition of this, the wonderworker will take up the sacred feather and holy staff, and circling the feather above their head, they will intone the Divine Name Yahweh, and drawing it down in a gesture towards the earth they will intone the Divine Name Elohim; they will do this three times, and then holding the sacred feather to their brow they will intone the Divine Name, Adonai.

If the wonderworker is a holy woman she will envision herself arising as Lady Mirya, and if a holy man, then as Lord Yeshua – putting on this Body of Light.

*If others are present, so it is with all.

Then, as though a burst of light goes out from their heart in adoration, the wonderworker will envision the Peaceful Palace of the White Maiden instantly magically appear in the space above the Sacred Circle; and going to the holy of holies (carpet or blanket) they will take up their holy dagger (not one of the four) and the special cup or bowl, and they will walk or dance these around the Sacred Circle sunwise, invoking the blessings of the White Maiden with her sacred chant:

Yah-Ha, Yah-Ha, Yah-Ma-Ma-Yah Sha-Ka-Yah-Na-Ma-Ah-Ha, Yo-Ho-Vo-Ho, Ah-Ma

As this is done, blessings are envisioned as flowing from the Mother of Maidens in the form of light streams flooding the sacred circle, though especially concentrated on the wonderworker and all who are in the sacred ceremony.

The wonderworker spirals into the Sacred Center, and gathers light-power into the cup or bowl – when they reach the Center they bring the holy dagger and bowl into union, and they ground or earth the divine energy, placing the cup or bowl by the Center Stone.

Then, putting down their holy dagger, they take up their sacred cup (not the special one) and one of the four daggers, and they walk or dance these around the Sacred Circle sunwise, going to the South, and as they do this they take up the sacred chant of the Red Maiden for this holy rite:

Yah-Ha, Yah-Ha, Ah-Sha Sha-Ka-Yah-Na-Ma-Ah-Ha, Yo-Ho-VoHo, Yah-Ma

As this is done, blessings are envisioned flowing from the Red Maiden, as from the White Maiden, with special blessings being gathered into the holy cup – to ground or earthed the divine energy, the dagger is thrust into the earth by the Eastern Stone

The same is done with the three remaining daggers, they are walked or dances around the Sacred Circle, the corresponding chant is taken up, blessings are envisioned, and the divine energy is earthed by thrusting the dagger into the ground; following the Red Maiden in the South, is the blessings of the Blue Maiden in the West, the Golden Maiden in the East and the Green Maiden in the North are invoked in the same way – the pattern of the Tetragrammaton in the Sacred Circle.

Their chants are as follows:

Blue Maiden: Yah-Ha, Yah-Ha, Ma-Yah-Ma Sha-Ha-Yah-Na-Ah-Ha, Yo-Ho-Vo-Ho, Ha-Ma

Golden Maiden: Yah-Ha, Yah-Ha, Ra-Va-Cha Sha-Ka-Yah-Na-Ah-Ha, Yo-Ho-Vo-Ho, Va-Ma

Green Maiden: Yah-Ha, Yah-Ha, Ah-Ra-Tza Sha-Ka-Yah-Na-Ah-Ha, Yo-Ho-Vo-Ho, Ho-Ma

When the blessings have been invoked and grounded in this way, then at each sacred stone offerings are made on behalf of the people and the land, and there is worship in the presence of the Shekinah of Messiah, the Holy Mother and Bride.

In the fruition of the offerings given a special libation is poured into the sacred cup or bowl by the Center Stone, and then an offering of this libation is made at all five Sacred Stones – then the cup or bowl is filled again and all are invited to drink. (Drinking this a person receives the blessings or divine energies of the Holy Maidens or Shekinah Consorts.)

With the sacred feather and holy staff in hand, special prayers will be prayed by the wonderworker for the people and the land, or special songs will be sung; and then, taking each prayer weapon in turn to its corresponding place in the Sacred Circle, special prayer-invocations of blessings will be spoken to each Shekinah Emanation for the people and the land.

*When all of this is accomplish, a Holy Wedding Feast may be performed – all in the Mother and Bride.

In fruition, with wand and cup the wonderworker will walk or dance the Sacred Circle sending out blessings and light to the people and the land, praying that all might be gathered into the Pure Light Realm of the Holy Shekinah, the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah.

Then, with thanksgiving, the daggers are gathered in by reverse order, and then the bowl – all being walked or danced moonwise and returned to the holy of holies.

When this is done, thanks are given to all spirits that have come and given their help, and all are blessed and bid to depart in peace – and a smudging or banishing is performed as at the beginning, praying for the merit generated to be a blessing upon all beings. This completes the sacred ceremony.

In place of these sacred chants other invocations or songs may be uses as inspired. Also, rather than a single person performing the five invocations, five different initiates could do so, each identifying with the corresponding Maiden. This reflects an especially powerful manifestation of this sacred ceremony in which five women initiates of the Order of St. Mary Magdalene will seek to embody the Five Shekinah Consorts in Sacred Circle, interacting with the people gathered, and receiving their offerings. This form of the sacred ceremony assumes, of course, actual knowledge and understanding of embodying a holy emanation in the play of the continuum, requiring experience and skill.

Ceremony of the Blissful Palace

*Although there is a variation of this sacred ceremony that could be performed by a solo wonderworker, generally speaking, this is a ceremony of tzaddik and shekinah consort, or logos and sophia consorts, and would be performed by a male and female wonderworker acting together – the following representing an example of how it might be performed.

Having generated the Sacred Circle together, she performing the smudging or banishing ceremony, he calling upon Sky Father and she calling upon Earth Mother, he invoking the Powers of East and South, and she West and North; he and she making the corresponding offerings as well – the logos consort and sophia consort sit in the holy of holies, as in the bridal chamber, facing one another and gazing eye to eye, smiling upon each other in remembrance of the original blessing of the masculine and feminine joined together as the Human One in a single Body of Light, the image of the Divine I Am.

He will arise in Body of Light as Yeshua Messiah and she will arise in Body of Light as Kallah Messiah, putting on the image of Our Lord and Our Lady.

As they gaze they will take up the exchange of radiant holy breath, envisioning the Spiritual Sun in the heart and breathing light into one another, generating light upon light, joy upon joy in the fullness of spiritual love and compassion, and as they breathe, their right hands will be placed upon the heart center of the other, their left hands being in their own laps palm facing up, and as the light-power is generated the Great Angel of our Io Adonai will be envisioned in the center of the Sacred Circle, feet upon the ground, wings raised, gazing down upon them.

Then they will talk up the sacred chant:

Yeshua Messiah, Kallah Messiah, Io Adonai

*If companions are gathered with them, they too will take up this sacred chant, men envisioning themselves as Yeshua Messiah and women envisioning themselves as Kallah Messiah – groom and bride, Logos and Sophia, one Christos.

As they chant they will envision rays of light streaming our of the heart of the Great Angel and magically appearing as the Palace of Light as described, but above the entire array will be the image of the Virgin Mother full or grace and glory.

*As this happens the holy angel gazes upward in adoration.

Then, he and she will arise – he taking up the special cup or bowl, and she the holy dagger (not one of the four), and they will walk or dance these around the sacred circle, she moonwise and he sunwise, drawing in the blessings as they chant:

Abba-Imma, Yah-Ha-Sha-Va-Ha, Sha-Ka-Ya-Na-Ah-Ha, Ah-Ha-Yah-Ha

As this is done streams of blissful rainbow light will fill the Sacred Circle, concentrated upon those gathered in Circle, and in fruition the holy dagger and the cup or bowl will be ceremonially joined over the Center Stone and the cup or bowl set into place, earthing or grounding the blessings of Divine Joy.

Then she will take up one of the four daggers and he the holy cup (not the special cup or bowl), and they will walk or dance them around the Sacred Circle as before, and going to the South, as they do this they will take up the chant:

Abba-Imma, Yah-Ha-Sha-Va-Ha, Sha-Ka-Na-Ah-Ha, Yah-Ha-Va-Ha

As this is done streams of joyful light blessings will be envisioned coming from the image of Union in the South – light the color of the Holy Shekinah Consort or Maiden; and in fruition the holy dagger and cup will be drawn into union, and the dagger thrust into the earth, grounding the blissful energy.

The same will be done with the three remaining daggers, West, East and North

The following are the corresponding chants:

West: Abba-Imma, Yi-Hi-Shi-Vi-Hi, Shi-Ki-Ni-Ai-Hi, Yi-Hi-Vi-Hi

East: Abba-Imma, Yo-Ho-Sho-Vo-Ho, Sho-Ko-No-Ao-Ho, Yo-Ho-Vo-Ho

North: Abba-Imma, Yu-Hu-Shu-Vu-Hu, Shu-Ku-Nu-Au-Hu, Yu-Hu-Vu-Hu

When this is done he and she once again will abide seated in the holy of holies as in the bridal chamber, and once again they will entertain the exchange of gaze and breath – he as the Son of Father Sky and she as the Daughter of Mother Earth, holding the conscious intention of uplifting all in Divine Rapture. As they do this they will hold hands, and in fruition they will take up the sacred chant:

Abba-Imma, Yeshua Messiah, Kallah Messiah, Io Adonai

*All who are present with them will also take up the sacred chants that occur throughout the ceremony.

Together they will arise and make offerings at the Sacred Stones in the corresponding order, Center, South, West, East and North; then he will take up a sacred feather and the holy staff, and she will take up a sacred feather and sacred rattle, and they will walk or dance them in the Sacred Circle, he sunwise and she moonwise, worshipping in the Divine Presence of the Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, and the Bridegroom and Holy Bride – and as they worship they will invoke blessings upon the people and the land.

Each time they are passing one another as the go around and around the Sacred Circle they will dance with one another for a moment and interact in a ceremonial way, as though in a play of courtship drawing out the divine energy of Pure Delight in the play of the Divine Masculine and Feminine; and as they are dancing, worshipping and invoking, all will worship and invoke with them, as though guests at the Wedding Feast – all in joy and laughter, the Delight of Eternal Life in the Resurrection and Ascension, all as in the Original Blessing in the Pleroma of Light.

*In place of the staff and rattle, the dorje scepter and bell may be used.

At the fruition of this cycle of jubilation, they will put down these sacred objects and he will take on the special bowl or cup in the Center and she will take up the holy wand – and they will ceremonially join the cup or bowl and wand, and a special libation will be poured into the cup or bowl and be offered. Once offerings of the libation are made at the five Sacred Stones, then the bowl will be filled again, and he and she will drink on behalf of all beings – if others are present it will be filled again and offered to them.

Then again, he and she will sit together in the holy of holies, and exchange gaze and radiant holy breath – and they will take up the chant of the Divine Names from Keter to Malkut following the Path of the Lightening Bolt.

Reaching Adonai, they will exchange a holy kiss and she will arise, and with holy oil she will anoint his brow, left foot, right hand, left hand, right foot and top of his head, and then she will take up the holy sword of truth and hold it before him – he will arise and kneel on one knee, and she will bring it down, touching the top of his head, his right shoulder, his left shoulder, and then touch his heart center.

She will bless him in the Name of El Elyon, and as he arises he will intone the Kabbalistic Cross, and they will worship El Elyon, taking up the sacred chant:

Kodesh, Kodesh, Kodesh, Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot

He will bring out the bread and wine, and consecrate it, and they will celebrate the Holy Wedding Feast, inviting all spirits and souls to partake.

*Anything that remains of the bread and wine will be offered to the earth as to all beings.

When this is accomplished, he will take up the holy staff and she will take up the sacred feather – he will stand, abiding in repose in the Center, and She will dance the Sacred Circle sunwise, being in motion, and they will extend blessings and the light of joy to the people and the land, praying for their prosperity, success, health and happiness, and yet more, praying for their redemption in the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah; as they do this they will envision the entire Palace of Light dissolve and pour out upon the world.

Then, they will gather in the daggers and cup or bowl, blessing all spirits and bidding them to depart in peace – he removing the daggers and she the cup or bowl; and as in the beginning, she will smudge or banish the Sacred Circle. This completes the sacred ceremony.

*If the two initiates performing this rite are committed partners, or husband and wife, later in private they may enact mysteries of the arayot as known in the tradition to further ground the blessings invoked by this holy rite and extend light to the people and the land.

**This is one of the sacred ceremonies that might be performed when a couple is seeking to draw in a soul of a lofty grade by way of the mysteries of the arayot.

Ceremony of the Wrathful Palace

*This is a sacred ceremony performed for the invocation of wrathful oath-bound guardians of the Continuum to purify the subtle environment of the people and land from shades and shadows, subjugating and destroying klippot – husks of darkness; as St Paul teaches, our battle is not with blood and flesh, but is with klippotic forces, cosmic and spiritual forces of admixture and darkness. Thus, at no time is a wrathful meditation or ceremony directed towards any incarnate person, but rather they are directed towards spiritual beings-forces of klippot that hold people in bondage.

(In this version of Shekinah Circle a special sword is used in place of the special cup or bowl, one that can be thrust into the earth.)

Having generated the Sacred Circle the wonderworker will shift into a fierce countenance and display, as though arising as a prophet speaking according to the Holy Shekinah manifest in Gevurah-Judgment; the wonderworker will arise as the Son or Daughter of the Black Madonna, Kali Imma.

They will take up the prayer sword (not the special sword) and they will call upon the Name of Elohim Givor and upon Shaddai, and they will invoke the Great Guardian, the Kerub of the Sword, and so envisioning, they will cast the Circle of Fire around the outer space of the Sacred Circle – and in doing this they will proclaim the cause for which the ceremony is performed, citing the specific klippot to be subjugated and shattered.

As they speak the cause of the rite – the “judgment,” they will call upon the Great Guardians of the Directions to send forth their wrathful emanations, binding and banishing archonic and demonic forces, shattering the dominion of the klippot.

*The prayer sword is laid out unsheathed for the duration of the sacred ceremony.

Then the wonderworker will take up the sacred feather and a rattle, and they will cry out with sounds as those of Lilatu and fiercely dance the Sacred Circle sunwise, taking up the sacred chant:

Ka-Ha-La-Yah Yah-Ma-Ma-Yah, Sha-Ka-Yo-Na-Ah-Ha, Yo-Ma

In the height above the Sacred Circle they will envision the image of the Black Madonna and Child prayer appearing;

Then they will dance the Sacred Circle Moonwise, taking up the chant of Lilith:

Allah Lala Lola Lalil Lalu Lilatu

In the space above the Center of the Circle, just below the Mother and Child, they will envision Lilith magically appearing, and with her the Dark Maidens and Great Dragons (wrathful serafim) in their places.

When this is done they will go and get their holy staff, which will act as a spear throughout the rite, along with one of the daggers, and they will fiercely dance this in the Circle moonwise, crying out as they take them up and chanting:

AH-Yah, Kali Yah-Ma-Ma-Yah, Lilatu, Ai-Sha

At the climax of this dance and chant, with the intention of the purification of the body of the people and the land, the element of earth, the dagger will be thrust into the earth by the North Stone, as though to pin a demon to the earth.

The same will then be done with the remaining three daggers, using the same chant – going to the East, West and South, and praying for the purification of the mind, emotions and will of the people and the land, respectively.

Then the wonderworker will take up the special sword with their holy staff and dance these in the Sacred Circle, with the chant:

Yah, Ha-Ha-Ha, Kali Imma, Lilit Ah-Ma

As they do this, they will envision the environment surrounding the Wrathful Palace as filled with armies of archonic and demonic forces, and they will envision the Partzufim of the Wrathful Palace sent into full motion, subjugating and destroying klippotic forces. The emanations of Lilith in the Four Direction will emanate countless emanations of themselves going out into the throngs of unclean and evil spirits, binding and banishing them; the wrathful serafim shoot forth flashing fire from their eyes and spew forth flaming breath from their mouths; the speak of Lilith shoots forth lightening and her sword flames of fire, and striking with spear and with sword, she also shatters with her voice and laughter, and she devours – all in a great frenzy of ferocity.

The wonderworker in the Sacred Circle becomes as an emanation of Lilith, and in their fierce dance they too envision themselves as Lilatu subjugating and destroying dark and hostile forces, guarding the Light Continuum, and the people and the land – liberating sparks.

(In this process, the chant may be taken over by other vocalizations and intonements, all as inspired by the Mother Spirit, all as is needed to subjugate and shatter klippot.)

*In the case of an adept of the tradition who has knowledge and understanding of the Great Wrathful Palace, the names of the twenty-two wrathful guardians may be invoked, or those corresponding to the specific klippotic forces for which the sacred ceremony is being performed; likewise, the Lord of the Wrathful Palace might also be invoked.

In fruition of this cycle, the sword is thrust into the earth – and with this gesture all archonic and demonic forces are subjugated and shattered, all shades and shadows being driven out from the people and the land.

Then there is worship of Kali Imma and her Holy Child, and appropriate offerings are made, with thanksgiving to the wrathful guardians – usually some meat substance, such as beef jerky, and some hard alcohol that is offered by being sprayed from the mouth.

When the offerings are made, the entire Palace is envisioned as dissolving into dark radiance that pours into the brow of Mother and Child; then prayers for the blessings of the people are spoken, calling to the Holy Mother for blessings, boons and healing, and calling to the Holy Child for illumination.

Then a Wedding Feast is performed, focusing upon the Passion and Crucifixion – the forgiveness of sin and end of the dominion of the demiurge and klippot; just after the bread and wine are consecrate, the wonderworker oath-binds those klippotic forces that were subjugated by the rite, speaking on oath for them to guard the Continuum of Light Transmission, and to serve the Divine Will and Divine Kingdom, and to defend the faithful and elect – all in the Blessed Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah. Then, with all spirits who desire to receive, these are invited to partake of the Wedding Feast, and the wonderworker partakes on behalf of all beings.

When this is accomplished, the Mother and Child dissolve, becoming White Brilliance – diamond-like light sparkling with the colors of the rainbow, and this pours down into the top of the wonderworkers head, filling them and transforming them into Diamond Being, as a Child of the Divine Mother.

They go and remove all the daggers and the sword, blessing all righteous spirits and uplifting sparks, and bidding all peace; and in conclusion they banish by an appropriate means, sheath the prayer sword and bid the Great Guardians to stand down, and they pray that all merit generated by the rite go forth as a blessing upon all their relations, all beings .This completes the sacred ceremony.

*In order to perform any wrathful meditation or ceremony effectively, an initiate must have a clear recognition of the empty nature and be able to enter and abide in the awareness of emptiness – spacious radiant awareness. In other words, they are not rituals that should be taken up by a novice, but only by experienced initiates who know and understand their true context.

These sacred ceremonies are taught within the Order of St. Uriel, as well as in the Order of St. Mary Magdalene; in the Order of St. Mary Magdalene there are also Union Meditations taught with these Palaces.

The Peaceful Palace corresponds to the spacious and energetic quality of the elemental forces of consciousness in their innate purity – hence, pacifying and enriching; the Blissful Palace corresponds to the union of awareness and desire-energy in the elements of consciousness – hence, uplifting and redeeming; and the Wrathful Palace corresponds to the purification of the elements of consciousness manifest in impurity – hence, the subjugation and destruction of klippot, impure emanations.

There are many other Shekinah Circle ceremonies in the tradition, but these are a few initial examples.

Invoking the Holy Shekinah, may the people and land be blessed – may all be gathered into the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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Shekinah Circle: The Woman of Light (or Virgin or Light)

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Shekinah Circle: Woman of Light

The figure of the Woman of Light and teachings surrounding her are well known in our tradition – this image of Shekinah Imma, the Supernal Mother, which so deeply inspired Tau Miriam, a woman master in our lineage who embodied Supernal Realization. The following sacred ceremony of a Shekinah Circle is founded upon her teachings and work with the Virgin of Light.

The Sacred Ceremony

When the wonderworker, the shaman and magician, seeks to invoke an influx of Supernal Light for the people, and seeks to invoke guardianship of the light-power in the people, she or he will gather companions and invoke the Virgin of Light and Archangel Michael.

*It can be especially powerful is there are twelve companions with a tzaddik or wonderworker enacting this Body of Vision.

They will gather stones in a sacred manner to build a holy altar, and around the holy altar they will place a sacred circle of twelve stones – before the altar they will lay out their magical rug or sacred blanket, placing their sacred items upon it, and the altar will be for offerings of lights and incense, food and libations, flowers and all that might seem good to offer up in the presence of the Holy Mother.

When the altar is built and the circle is created, the wonderworker will purify and anoint the holy altar and stones of the sacred circle – sprinkling them with holy water and anointing them with holy oil. Then they will take a mixture of sacred herbs, including some salt, tobacco, sage and dried rose petals, and they will sprinkle this upon the altar and all over the ground of the circle with song or chant so that this ground might be holy.

Then they will perform a smudging ceremony, smudging her or himself, the altar and circle, and the people – as they do this they will call upon Sky Father, Earth Mother and the Divine Powers of the Sacred Circle, and when the smudging ceremony is done they will make appropriate offerings to the Powers, bringing the Powers into the Sacred Circle.

With the circle called to life and charged in this way, then the Virgin of Light will be invoked – she will be envisioned magically appearing above the sacred circle, she who is clothed with the sun, standing on the moon, with a crown of twelve holy stars and the wings of the great eagle; as she is invoked and envisioned, the wonderworker will bear their holy staff and an eagle feather – they will lead their companions in prayers and invocations of the Holy Mother and Child, and then, having their companions take up the sacred chant of the Woman of Light, they will take up another invocation playing upon the various sounds within the chant, chanting or singing as inspired by the Mother Spirit.

(Basic chant of the Woman of Light: Ha Isha Ha-Elyona, Imma Israel)

As this chant is taken up, all will envision the image of the Virgin of Light growing brighter and brighter, and they will envision light streaming down upon the altar and the stones of the sacred circle, and as well as upon themselves – all opening to the influx of Divine Light. The wonderworker will generate a Body of Light and ascend into the heart-womb of the Holy Mother, and running and returning, they shall become as her Holy Child, whether the Son or the Daughter, among the people in circle, and they will interact with the people as this light-presence and power embodied.

*In the midst if this self-generation, typically, there is a libation offered and drank – something consecrated as the Light of the Holy Mother Sun.

This opens the way for offerings, praise and thanksgiving, and all manner of worship as inspired by the Mother Spirit, rejoicing in the presence of the Virgin of Light and her Child of Light – the joy of her having given birth; this may include the use of various musical instruments, song and dance, for the worship of the Virgin of Light is in jubilation and rapturous ecstasy, as in the celebration of the Risen Messiah and the delight of our eternal freedom.

*All manner of offerings are made upon the altar by the wonderworker and their companions, with all manner of prayers for the extension of the Divine Light to the people and the land, uplifting the people and the land in prayer to the Supernal Mother.

In the fruition of worship, when all offerings have been made, and all prayers-invocations spoken, then a sacred chant will be taken up:

Yo-Ho-Vo-Ho Ah-Lo-Ha-Yo-Ma

When this is done, all will envision streams of light, akin to a spiritual nuclear fire, pouring out of the Divine Body of the Holy Mother descending through the top of their heads – light completely transforming them into her image and likeness, the image and likeness of the Human One of Light, and they will envision streams of light going out into all directions of the world and endless space, transforming the people and the land, and the whole of the Entirety, into the image and likeness of the Pleroma of Light.

Then, with magical sword in one hand, and with a hawk feather in the other, Archangel Michael is invoked as the guardian of the faithful and elect, and invocations of binding archonic and demonic forces away from the faithful and elect are spoken – as this transpires, the wonderworker will emanate the Light-presence and Light-power of Archangel Michael from within their own Body of Light as the Holy Child of the Divine Mother, and from Archangel Michael they will envision countless emanations going out into all directions.

When Archangel Michael is set into motion, the wonderworker will draw the Serpent Power up into their Crown Star, and with conscious intention they will expand their Body of Light, as the Holy Child, to encompass their companions, merging their Body of Light with their companion’s subtle bodies, and they will open the interior stars in descent from Crown Star to Root Star, with an initiation of an opening of consciousness and the experience of influx with their friends; then everyone will envision their Body of Light expand to encompass all of the people, and the Divine Names of the Middle Pillar will be chanted as a blessing upon the people and the land.

In fruition, all are as the Holy Child of the Divine Mother, she having given birth – thus a Wedding Feast of the Divine I Am is celebrated; at the consecration of the bread and wine, the entire Body of Vision is envisioned as dissolving and pouring into all who are present, and into the earth through the holy altar and sacred circle – partaking of the Wedding Feast this influx of the Mother’s Force is sealed in the people and the land.

All who are present are asked to go out of the sacred circle as the Mother’s Child of Light – to go out as Light-bearers, Healers and Peacemakers among the people, to go as the Mother’s blessing and to extend her Divine Illumination; the close of the ceremony is the initiates going out of the circle theurgical extending blessings and light to all beings, and with prayers for the Great Exodus.

There is no need for a banishing following this holy rite – all is accomplished as the Divine Mother intends.

*Afterward a communal meal and celebration may occur.

Sometimes the companions attending this ceremony will make power bundles, fetishes or other talismans that will be placed around the altar to be given to people as a special blessing or empowerment following the rite; also, sometimes a Templar will be called upon for the invocation of Archangel Michael.

This is the most basic version of the Shekinah Circle with the Woman of Light or Virgin of Light – as one might suspect, there are several other versions of this sacred ceremony; for example, in one version, the Shekinah Circle of the White Maiden and her four Jeweled Maidens is joined to this sacred ceremony – though the invocation of St. Michael is still performed as and integral part of the rite.

May this sacred ceremony be a blessing upon all beings, and when performed may the merit generated go to all beings – may all be uplifted in the Risen Savior; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Shekinah Circle: Maiden, Mother & Crone

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Shekinah Circle: Maiden, Mother and Crone

The Maiden gave birth to the Messiah, and she became the Holy Mother; the Crone gave birth to the Maggid and she remained the Crone; when the Messiah came into being his Holy Bride assumed the place of the Maiden – thus surrounding Melekh Messiah there was the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone.

We see this at Golgotha, for according to Gnostic masters, though she who embodied the Crone, St. Elizabeth, had died, there at the Place of Crossing was the Magdalene, Mother Miriam and Martha, St. Martha embodying the Crone in the fruition of the Holy Gospel.

This is the fullness of the Holy Shekinah, the Divine Feminine – the dynamism of pure energy in her youth, and spaciousness and power of the holy matrix in her maturation, and perfect primordial wisdom in her fruition; she the Continuum of Endless Change or Transformation, the Manifestation of All – Nukva Shekinah, Imma Shekinah and Imma Atik Yomin.

The Holy Shekinah is Bright, the radiant display of Mercy, and the Holy Shekinah is Dark, the radiant display of Judgment – there is Or Imma and Kali Imma, and so the three faces of the Holy Shekinah appear in Bright and Dark forms, the fullness of the Shekinah of the Supreme manifesting within the Entirety, all in a great and holy mystery.

The revelation of the Holy Shekinah is without end, and it has no beginning; her teachings go on and on, and when her teachings are given, it is she who gives them. The thought of her is good, and contemplation of her yields good fruits, but the feeling of her and experience of her is far better, and it is through the experiential level that she gives instruction and true insight, the full Divine Gnosis of herself – if you want to know her, then ask her to reveal herself in all of her forms, and letting go of self-grasping, attachment and aversion, entertain her Sacred Dance. If you invoke her and you cleave to her, she will become yours and you will be hers, and in her you will have Habad, Divine Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom – she will give birth to you in the Risen Messiah, the race of the Great Seth. Hallelu Imma Elyon! Praise God, the Great Mother, the All-In-All!

The Shekinah of Maiden, Mother & Crone

When a holy tzaddik wishes to commune in the fullness of the Holy Shekinah, seeking blessings and boons for the people, or they wish to bring companions into a most intimate knowledge and relationship with the Holy Shekinah, they will call for a continuum of self-purification and invocation of the Divine Mother in her various forms, calling for the worship of Ha-Shem in Imma Gadol (the Great Mother).

Various rites of worship of the Divine Mother will be performed before the time of her great convocation, generating auspicious circumstances and positive merit, all as the Mother Spirit inspires the holy tzaddik – there may even be a water ceremony and fire offering with their companions in preparation.

*In preparation for this sacred ceremony all manner of good offerings will be gathered, and all manner of special talismans to extend her blessings will be made – the sacred ceremony will be elaborate and lavish in honor of she who is Life Abundant, the All-In-All.

When a continuum of preparation has been kept and the time has come for the great convocation of the Imma Gadol, the tzaddik and their companions will go out into the wilderness and gather sacred stones, and they will form a Sacred Hexagram or Star of David within a larger Sacred Circle surrounding it; the Sacred Hexagram will be oriented south-north, and the points of the Holy Star will not touch the Circle, but rather the Circle will be large enough for movement of individuals in worship without entering the Holy Star. At each of the six points of the Star a larger stone will be placed upright, as well as at the point of the Four Direction of the Sacred Circle.

When the Star and Circle are formed, all of the stones will be purified and consecrated in the traditional way; if a fire offering was performed, the holy ashes may be used to trace the Star and Circle before the stones are set into place, representing the offerings that have been made and making the ground holy to the Shekinah.

The prayer rug or sacred blanket will be place in the center of the Holy Star, with sacred objects and offerings on it; and in the center will be a great crystal dedicated to the Divine Mother and her Holy Light – the offerings of the companions will be arrayed around the circle in the cross-quarters, in between the Four directions.

When all is arranged, and all are ready, let there be a great outcry and tumult of noise, banishing all unclean and evil spirits, and as this is done the tzaddik will perform a smudging ceremony; in the invocations with smudging the tzaddik will called upon the Father in the form of the Holy Dove, the Queen of Heaven, and upon Earth Mother, and they will call upon the Divine Powers of heaven and earth in the Divine Mother. As each initiate is smudged they will be set into motion in jubilation, with music, chant, song and dance, and with praise and thanksgiving – all in the Sacred Circle, but outside of the Holy Star.

Once all are smudge the tzaddik will begin the invocations of the Bright Faces of the Holy Shekinah – the Maid at the southern point, then the Mother and then the Crone at the other two points of this great triangle, moonwise; the Magdalene, the Virgin Mother and St. Elizabeth being envisioned magically appearing in Body of Glory.

Maiden Chant: Kallah Messiah (Ka-Ah-La-La-Ah Ma-Sea-Yah)

Mother Chant: Imma Ha-Messiah (Yah-Ma-Ma-Yah Ha-Ma-Sa-Yah)

Crone Chant: Imma Atik Yomin (Yah-Ma-Ma-Yah At-Yah-Ka Yo-Ma-Yah-Na)

With these sacred chants and inspirations of the Mother Spirit the holy tzaddik will invoke the emanations of the Maiden, Mother and Crone of Or Imma.

When this is accomplished, then the holy tzaddik will invoke the Dark Faces of the Holy Shekinah in the same way – the Maiden at the southern point, then the Mother and Hag at the other two points, moonwise; Lilatu, Na’amah and Iggaret will be envisioned magically appearing.

Lilith Chant: La-Yah-La-Too

Na’amah Chant: Na-Ah-Ma-Ah

Iggaret Chant: EE-Ga-Ga-Ra-Ta

*The traditional chants known to initiates may be used in place of these.

These chants are typically intoned in a somewhat discordant and chaotic way – wildly, coupled with inspirations of the Mother Spirit, in this way the tzaddik will invoke the emanations of the Maiden, Mother and Crone of Kali Imma.

*During all of these invocations, all the while, there is the movement and jubilation of worship among all who are present, but only the tzaddik moves within the Holy Star – all others remain outside of it in the Sacred Circle.

Libations will then be consecrated poured out upon the key sacred stones of the Holy Shekinah Emanations in the same order as the invocations, and then also upon the four guardian stones of the Sacred Circle; then special libations will be offered to all initiates as the Light and Fire of the Great Mother, and partaking of this libation it will be done on behalf of all beings.

*Along with this libation something sweet may also be offered, and when the libation and sweet is partaken of the tzaddik will say to each companion: “She is yours and you are hers – you abide in her.”

Then, dancing around the holy ground in the Center of the Star the tzaddik will generate the Body of Light and gather the strength of all the Shekinah Emanations into it, dancing in an out of the triangles forming the points of the Star – weaving in this way they will pray and giving thanks, and they will becoming as the emanation of the Shekinah in her fullness; as the Shekinah Emanation, the tzaddik will then go out and anoint the assembly, speaking in the Holy Spirit according to Divine Revelation, Pure Utterance.

When all are anointed with her Supernal Grace, then the tzaddik will begin to invite their companions to enter into the Holy Star and dance some weave, gathering power from each Holy Emanation and worshipping in the Interior Presence – all manner of prayers of praise and invocation will be spoken, and all manner of offerings given, and there will be prayers for the blessing of each Holy Emanation upon the people and the land, and prayers for the fullness of the Holy Shekinah among them. In this process, typically, blessings will be carried out to the Four Directions and extended to the people and the land, to all beings.

*In such sacred ceremonies very often the entire assembly of initiates is taken up in the Holy Spirit and various inspired movements occur in the play of Gnostic worship; the Holy Shekinah will often rest fully upon her children, as though to emanating as them.

When all is said and done in worship of the Mother, a Holy Wedding Feast of the Divine Mother is performed to complete and seal the Sacred Ceremony.

There is no banishing following this Sacred Ceremony, but a communal meal and more causal celebration may continue in worship of God the Mother.

This is the most basic outline of the essential Shekinah Circle of the Maiden, Mother and Crone, Bright and Dark; it extends many boons and blessings when performed, and many wonders often transpire through it.

*Quite naturally, in the midst of such a rite the sacred ceremony can transform radically, all as the Mother Spirit inspires in her worship; likewise, whatever the Divine Mother might ask of those who entertain her worship, it should be done as she has directed in good faith.

May we be blessed to dance the sacred circle of life in the company of the Shekinah of Messiah; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Ritual of the Peaceful Palace.

#4 Postby Ingrid » Mon Feb 07, 2011 1:05 pm

I've planned to perform the ritual of the peaceful palace this evening, and I have a few questions before I begin. First of all, by "moonwise" do you mean counterclockwise? Also, you recommend baptizing and anointing the sacred stones. How is this done? Thank you for your time.

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Some answers

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Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

Yes, moonwise is counterclockwise, sunwise clockwise.

We use holy water and holy oil to baptize and anoint the stones, just as with other sacred object - hence, we purify with water, consecrate with oil, and this is accomplished through our sacred intention and prayer-invocation.

Whatever we do in the fullness of faith and with a good heart will be done as intended and spoken, so as you do this, pray, invoke, from your heart and all will go well.

May the Holy Shekinah and her good company be with you. Amen.

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