A calling of sorts or the natural inclination in all people?

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A calling of sorts or the natural inclination in all people?

#1 Postby iakkos » Thu Jan 15, 2009 11:34 am

I think it is very interesting as I read through this forum to note how familiar much of this seems to me at an intuitive level.

When I was young I collected various small stones, crystals, shells and small objects that seemed to hold some type of power or significance. I kept these objects in a small bag on which I drew various symbols that look startlingly like magical seals. I kept this bag around my neck.

I collected a "magical staff" that called to me while wandering by the river.

I carried it with me walking through the desert, drawing circles and symbols in the sand with it, singing strange words into the sky.

I talked to fire and felt that I could make it dance, moving in particular directions, hearing it talk back to me, seeing images in the flames.

Different natural objects had spirits, like trees and rocks.

I could intuit the future to a fine degree such that friends would ask me before embarking on crazy misadventures.

I could touch peoples injuries while concentrating and make the pain go away.

Of course in retrospect this is all very shamanistic, but I was raised in a mormon family and had no knowledge of such things.

I wonder if all of us naturally have a sense of these things when we are young, a sense of our connection to elemental forces and the power of various objects and symbols.

Maybe, like me, we just lose touch as we get older and are indoctrinated and become more cut off from the open experience of nature.

Or perhaps I have some natural calling for this type of work.

Likely it's a mixture of the two. I hope that I can get my relationship back after becoming so disempowered and alienated from these forces over the years.
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Innate Knowledge

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:22 pm

Salutations in the Light of the Messiah, the Spiritual Sun!

Yes, indeed, ways of worship and wonderworking of a more “shamanic” nature are innate to us as children – there is an innate awareness in our soul of the truly mystical and magical nature of reality, the spiritual depths of reality and the world in our experience; the view and practice of the wonderworking art shared here reflects an experience of reality as it is, neither conjured nor contrived, but just as we experience it from our youth.

When we teach our spiritual companions and friends this way of worship and wonderworking, rather than an instruction is something new, in truth, we are reminding them of an innate knowledge and understanding in their energetic being or soul, their true and natural being – it is an invocation of remembrance of things perhaps forgotten.

Everyone has some capacity for this way of worship and wonderworking – as it would be said on the Good Red Road, or Native American spirituality, everyone carries “medicine”; medicine power or wonderworking power is not isolate to the seer or wonderworker, or to the shaman of the tribe. Yet, not everyone is called to be a vision-bringer and wonderworker, or born a shaman – a true seer and wonderworker is called to their spiritual work, receiving the spiritual gifts of the seer and wonderworker from the Spirit and Powers, and they have special gifts of healing and speaking with the spirits, and of seeing in dreamtime and visions for the people; more than a call though, it is as though a person who becomes a shaman was born to be a shaman, and rather than being taught to be a shaman, through an apprenticeship a person born a shaman is taught how to draw upon the knowledge and power they have, and how to make the best use of their spiritual gifts.

Essentially, everyone can engage in this way of worship or communion, and everyone can take up something of this play of wonderworking – it is for everybody who desires to take it up; it is just that in the case of a seer and wonderworker, or a shaman, they have a special talent for it – no different than the many other special talents people might possess. In the case of those who have the talent, all of this comes very easy to them and they appear to have an intuitive knowledge of it already.

Of course, in the process of initiation and empowerment, and coming into being, it is not always so easy – there are ordeals of initiation and dark nights of the soul that we must pass through, and the play of the spirits is very sacred, mysterious, magical, unpredictable and even dangerous, and the call of a seer and wonderworking in our society and culture is no easy thing, for there is no place for prophets and shamans in our society and culture. Thus, while much may come very easily, the journey of the seer and wonderworker is not necessarily so easy – walking between worlds in these dark times is not so easy, but it is an immeasurable delight for those called to it, whatever suffering or persecution might come because of it.

The innate knowledge and understanding of a child, indeed – in this way of worship and wonderworking we do become as little children; that is exactly our experience – a play in the Mother’s lap, walking among the stars and the spirits as a child of our Mother, playing with the knowledge and power she has given us.

It is a spirituality of deep communion and enjoyment – a spirituality innate to this world, and yet transcendent of this world; it is the spirituality of a light transmission passing through this world, but one that has passed through countless world-systems, countless star-systems, before emerging here in this world.

In the experience of a spirituality of direct communion, direct spiritual and mystical experience, much of religion can only seem like ignorance; hence, that is why Gnostics speak of the god of religion as the “demiurge,” for all of the dogmatic creeds and doctrines of religion tend to distort, hinder and obstruct this knowing and understanding of the soul, and place unnecessary obstacles between us and the Great Spirit.

Nevertheless, the Holy Spirit leads many of us astray, calling us out of old age religion into a direct spiritual communion – Hallelu Yah, praise the Great Spirit!

If you wish to remember, if you are willing to be open and sensitive to the Spirit, you will remember, and the Spirit and Powers will lead you in the Way; that is the promise of the Gospel of Truth, the Spirit of Truth.

Thanks be to El Elyon, the Supreme! Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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