Permutations of the Great Name

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Permutations of the Great Name

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This beloved Order of St. Uriel inspires my post the day officiating my first wedding. This couple to me and everyone who knows them, represents everything promising and inspiring within young people, whom Rabbi Lawrence Kushner would certainly call, "the seedling of the next generation." Their desire for this ceremony is as simple and profound as the sacred circle. May Ma move, bless, and elevate all young people and their relations entering the gate of marriage, gathering in this most wonderful mystery of the sacred circle!

Last Shabbat, Elder Sarah led a dynamic and very grounding worship of the Great Name YHVH as it is permuted with corresponding sound syllables in the four arms of the Light Wheel. The order for each permutation begins from the center and moves out. The instructions building such a wheel, with kavvanot, are in this landmark post of Tau Malachi:

In these instructions, we learn that the Light Wheel is orientated south, west, east, and north by olamot-universes respectively as

י : Atzilut of Divine Names and Partzufim,
ה : Beriyah of Archangels,
ו : Yetzirah of choirs of angels, and
ה : Asiyah of planetary intelligences,

which are respectivley also the expressions of the partzufim-divine personifications

י : Abba--the short-a sound as in words like father,
ה : Imma--the short-e sound as in words like wink,
ו : Ben--the short-o sound as in words like hope, and
ה : Nukva-Kallah--the short-u sound sound as in words like you.

When one explores the dynamism of the four permutations of each of the four letters of YHVH, new insights, inquiries, and experiences arise within of how non-linear, luminous, and near the Holy One is within and all around us: ש. I attempt below to show something of the kavvanot-intentions meditating on these permutations, inviting Elder Sarah or Tau Malachi to correct this diagram where needed or share from their experience of this meditation.





These colors make explicit for me how our teachings of gradations of reality aren't archaically stacked on top of each other, but rather are mixing, blending, and interdependent; the universes, the partzufim, as well as the elements fire, water, air, and earth, and the Orders of Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, as well as Uriel, are all within each other. The Way of the Weave of all of these is the center.

If it is appropriate to contemplate the Hebrew letter ש as the central Godstone, then a question arises regarding this weave as the intersection of these four permutating arms of the Great Name: What is the mystery of Shin manifesting Messiah as Lord Yeshua in union with Lady Mirya, that so weaves and interpenetrates all points of the sacred circle in our journey into Messiah?


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