Prayer Sword

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Prayer Sword

#1 Postby Anna » Tue Oct 15, 2013 8:35 pm

Blessings of Grace and Peace!

Dear Tau,

In a recent communication you mentioned a prayer sword, different from the prayer sword and the sword of the Templar. In teachings we find that the prayer sword is "the power and dominion of the word of God in the spiritual world," and the Templar sword is "the power and dominion of the word of God in the alien realm, the material world." The latter "is of the earthly ministry and its defense," and the former "is of the heavenly ministry and its guardianship."

A third sword suggests perhaps a union of these powers in prayer, for we know that prayer is "the single weapon of the Messiah." Three swords brings to mind the three pillars on the Tree of Life, and also the three channel ways through which the serpent power ascends led by the power of God and not by our own effort.

What teachings might be shared about the prayer sword here?

Thank you!

Tau Malachi
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Re: Prayer Sword

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:38 am


Prayer sword is just another term for "prayer Sword," akin to term prayer weapons instead of "prayer weapons." It indicates the wonderworking art as practiced in the tradition as devotional and founded upon prayer and the power of God.

There are two swords used in the tradition, the prayer sword and Templar sword. While in some gospels Yeshua talks about a single sword, in Luke two swords are mentioned, along with two cups. I've written about the prayer sword, or prayer sword, and its consecration in this forum, and I've written about the Templar sword in the Order of St. Michael forum. I've also discussed what Luke has to say of two swords and two cups in that forum.

The prayer sword is typically smaller and lighter than a Templar sword because they are used in different ways in ceremony - while speaking a prolonged prayer it could be a chore to hold out a Templar sword, and likewise cumbersome for some gestures and tracing of symbols in the wonderworking art. The Templar, of course, is focusing on the way of the spiritual warrior, and guardianship of Anointed Community and the Grail, or lineage of Light Transmission; hence, their way with the sword and the reason for the larger sword.

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