Wisdom of the Navi in the Beatitudes

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Wisdom of the Navi in the Beatitudes

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Prophetic Wisdom of the Beatitudes
(An Oral Transmission of Introduction)

When a novice is received into our Holy Order, first they are given a couple of basic practices – perfect communion and contemplative meditation of the scriptures; and then, after a while, a holy tzaddik of the tradition may engage of speaking or discourse of introduction, usually based upon the Beatitudes; depending upon the aspirant this speaking may remain in the simple teachings, as the one given here, or it may venture into deep and esoteric mysteries – whatever the gradation of the speaking, however, it is an oral transmission of introduction, and an empowerment, as there is a distinct transmission of spiritual energy within and behind the words.

*Relatively few initiates are formally received into the Order of St. Gabriel, but nevertheless many initiates gain great benefit from its teachings and practices – thus this oral transmission of introduction is recorded to extent a blessing to all who might desire to receive it.

**In most teachings of this Order the language and terms used are deeply symbolic and carry layers of meaning beyond their superficial implications – thus much more is being shared than appears on the surface.

The Discourse of Introduction:

The Baal Shem (Master of the Name) opened the discourse to novice aspirants of our Holy Order, and taught them saying, “The Way of the Navi was taught by the Holy Master in the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount – if you wish to know our way, listen and hear, then go and reflect, and contemplate and meditate upon the teachings that are given, and you will know and understand our way as taught by the Perfect Tzaddik, the Messiah of El Elyon.”

Then the Holy Apostle and Baal Shem quoted the passage:

When Yeshua saw the crowds, he went up the mountain and sat down; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying… (Matthew 5:1-2)

He said, “The surface consciousness is if filled with crowds of thoughts and emotions – some are luminous and good, and accord with the Christ Presence and Holy Spirit, but others are impurities in consciousness, they are admixed, and even dark and hostile; in the midst of the crowds of thoughts and emotions on the surface, you cannot discern between what is good and true, and what is evil and false, and you cannot hear the Spirit of God (El) that speaks in your heart – in the surface consciousness there is only confusion and ignorance. Thus, if you seek clarity and the illumination of the Spirit of God, you must go within and ascend in consciousness; you must abide in the sanctuary of your heart – the love of Christ, and draw your consciousness up to the brow or the crown. When you uplift your consciousness in this way, what is luminous and good will remain with you, but what is impure, all shades and shadows in consciousness, will naturally and spontaneously pass away.

“If and when you go within and seek to rise up, but you find that you cannot arise, and find that shades and shadows remain, abide in the sanctuary of the heart, cleaving in faith to Yeshua Messiah and the Holy Bride, and be the silent witness in the Shekinah; as you abide in this way, hold the conscious intention to receive an influx of Divine Light from above, and wait upon the Spirit of Yahweh. If after the passing of some time, still there is no ascent, then take up prayers of confession and repentance for yourself, as well as for the people and the land – uplift all into the Divine Light, reintegrate all with the Light Continuum (Yahweh).

“If and when with prayers of confession you find that you are not able to purify yourself – then, not only for yourself, but for the people, you must take up a continuum of purification, with prayer, fasting and bathing; and it may be that you need to enact a spiritual retreat, or even go out on a vision quest seeking the way to dispel the obstructing klippot (husks of impurity and darkness).

“If then the obstruction of your soul’s ascent remains it may be that you have come to a time of temptation or dark night of the soul and must abide in your faith until due season; if this is the case, it is wise to practice the visitation of tzaddikim and to seek out the counsel of your holy tzaddik, and to attend to the refinement of your life in the Messiah and Gospel, striving all the more to live and abide in the Light of the Messiah, living by your faith – for to live by faith is accounted as righteousness (tzedekah), and it is the generation of merit, good fortune and long life, as we see with Abraham and Sarah who met with Holy Melchizedek.

“The opening to the Sermon on the Mount alludes to another practice among us – receiving the influx of Divine Light from above and awakening the Serpent Power, the Serpent Power is directed inward and upward – Godward, through all three channel-ways, and it is brought into repose in the brow star and into cessation at the crown star. In this ascent the interior stars are as though strung upon this Fiery Intelligence like jeweled prayer beads, completely open and in harmony with the Christ Presence; and it is the generation of the Body of Light, the holy body of your angel.

“Adonai Yeshua teaches us, saying, ‘When your eye is single your whole body will be filled with light’; this is the repose of the Serpent Power at the brow which generates the Body of Transfiguration. When Adonai teaches us, saying, ‘Take up your cross and follow me,’ and we know what this means – this is the image of the Christ-bearer suspended upon the Holy Cross on the Golgotha, the Mount of the Skull, the Place of the Crossing. This is the cessation of the Serpent Power in the crown star, which is the generation of the Solar Body of the Resurrection – the Body of Glory and Body of Emanation arising from the Body of Truth (Amet Ha-Ain);

“Now the repose in the brow was the peak of the prophets of under the old covenant, but the cessation in the crown is the peak of the prophets under the new covenant – this cessation invoking the Supernal Influx and dawn of Messianic Consciousness; this is the power of the Gnostic Apostolic Succession, and so it is written, ‘The head of prophecy was cut off with the head of Yohanan the Baptist’ – the head of the Perfect Thunder Intelligence, direct utterance, being set in place of prophecy; hence, the One Anointed with the Supernal Light of El Elyon who speaks in the Holy Name of Eheieh, the revelation of which is the appearance of Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah. This is the Holy One who is called the “Headless One,” Divine and Supramental Being, and who is also called the Bornless One – “…without father, without mother, without genealogy, having neither beginning of days nor end of life,” the high priest of the Order of Melchizedek; and so are all who are of this holy priesthood, ordained by El Elyon through Supernal Chrism, the Supernal Grace of Hayyah Yeshua.

“If you wish to uplift and redeem the Serpent in you then you must surrender yourself completely to Divine Grace, the Mother’s Force, for it is through Divine Grace alone that the Serpent is redeemed and all is accomplished, and surrendered, you must live like the holy angels of God (El, Elohim), having desire only for God and the worship of God, or else, you must be perfect in the Way of Transformation so that in all only God is known; the cessation of the Serpent is the cessation of all thought and desire, the dissolution of Clear Light Union – the Serpent is awakened to this end, and in this fruition the Serpent becomes the Lamb of God, having seven eyes and seven horns seated on a Book of Seven Seals.

“When you are accomplished in the first practice, and the labor of preparation is accomplished, then there is another holy practice among us you may take up – abide within and envision the clear crystal body of light, with channel-ways and stars like light seeds; and above your head envision the sphere of diamond-like light, sparkling with hues of rainbow glory.

“Intone Yah-Ha-Va, Yi-Hi-Vi, Yo-Vo-Ho, Yu-Hu-Vu, Ya-YaHa-YaHaVa-YaHaVaHa until there is an influx of the Divine Light from above; this flashes forth swiftly like lightening, and all of the interior stars shine with this Holy Light, white brilliance with an electric blue hue; when this strikes the Coiled Serpent, the Serpent is set into motion – as the Serpent is set into motion the great sphere is diamond-like light magically transforms into the Partzuf of Hayyah Yeshua the Risen Messiah; do not let the Serpent Power move downward and outward, but love the Messiah of El and with conscious intention direct the Serpent inward and upward, and in its ascent, do not lead the Serpent turn aside, but through the grace of the Risen Messiah let it be offered up in holy sacrifice before El Elyon.

“Cleave in ascent, unify each interior star to its corresponding Holy Sefirah, from the root joined to Malkut to the crown joined to Hesed; with the intonement of the Names of God bring your soul into unification (Yichud).


Ah-La Sha-Da-Ah-Yah

Al-La-Ha-Ya-Ma Tza-Va-O-Ta

Yah-Ha-Va-Ha Tza-Va-O-Ta




“When the Serpent is uplifted to the crown, with the intonement of the Holy Name of Yahweh Elohim let it ascend through the Human One to the Holy Crown of the Human One; and with the intonement of Eheieh merge with the Human One; and with the intonement of Ah, as the Human One, go into Clear Light Union – the holy utterance that comes will be more than prophecy.

“When all is said and done according to the Living Word, worship in the presence of El Elyon and let the Light of the True Cross (Shin-Tau) ray out to the people and the land; be sealed in Adonai Messiah as on the Day of God, El-Elohim. Amen.

“Through this practice many have been blessed with Supernal Habad.

“Adonai said, ‘Blessed and the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven’ – be, therefore, poor in spirit, desiring nothing of this world, this alien realm, save for the fulfillment of needs for the harvest of souls, and making yourself as nothing before the presence of Ha-Shem; become as the holy merkavah, with Adonai as the rider and the Spirit of Yahweh as that which moves you, abiding always in the company of the Shekinah of Messiah – holy communion, ascending and descending for the sake of the people and for the sake of the Lord God (Yahweh Elohim), all through the grace of Hayyah Yeshua.

“Offer yourself up daily, in morning prayer, to God the True Light, and offer yourself to no other but the Holy One of Being, and in offering yourself be purified and sanctified, blessed and anointed in service to El Elyon as a holy priest and prophet of Elyon, a holy apostle of the True Light; abide in the Sanctuary of Bet El, becoming as the Holy Sanctuary to all living spirits and souls – walk in heaven on earth, walk with Ha-Shem and the Holy Shekinah.

“In the afternoon, offer yourself up in prayer, and arise with the maggid of the Shekinah bearing the Rod of Iron shattering the dominion of the klippot; and in the evening offer yourself up in prayer with confession and repentance for yourself and the people, drawing out all blessings of the mercy and compassion of Ha-Shem. Indeed, know that you are in the world to pray and to live as the Human One, the Speaking One, and for no other reason than to worship God in spirit and truth, and to serve God all the days of your life; in this, always, you will abide in the company of the holy tzaddikim and maggidim, the company of the Holy Shekinah – if Ruach Ha-Elohim has called you out from among the people to the Way of the Navi, then there is no other way for you to live, for such is your call in the Holy Spirit.

“Adonai has said, ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted’ – if you know the Pleroma of Light revealed in Hayyah Yeshua, and you know the plight of souls bound up in the Entirety, and you gaze upon the world and the darkness that holds dominion, what you shall behold is a vision of sorrow, a vision of suffering; seeing, let your heart break, and mourn and lament for the people before Ha-Shem, and pray to Yahweh, our Savior, for mercy on behalf of the people – for as our Lord and Savior prayed, “Forgive them Abba, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Despise the demiurge and archons, and their great shadows, the demons; but love the people and love God – the true prayer of mourning is the prayer hastening the Day of God, El-Elohim, the prayer invoking the Holy Apocalypse; for in the fruition of the Apocalypse the Age of the Comforter is ushered in, the Lamb of God and New Jerusalem joined in the Bridal Chamber. Inquire of the Holy Spirit, and beholding the vision of Adonai in the Judgment, seek the illumination of the Holy Spirit to know and understand what this means – then the rider of the holy merkavah will speak the secret mystery to you, all as ordained in El Elyon, the Supreme.

“If and when you know and understand the world, and the power that holds dominion in the world, you will not fall to temptation, for you will desire nothing in this world, save for the salvation of souls, the redemption of souls, and the glorification of the Great Name of God in the End-Of-Days.

“Adonai said, ‘Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth’ – be humble and gentle in heart, for Ruach Ha-Kodesh comes to rest only upon the humble, the gentle; the proud and the arrogant are not of God, the True Light, but are children of the demiurge, children of the Other Side, having no fear of Yahweh and no love of Yahweh – they run to their destruction. Do not give way to the violent inclination, the bestial inclination, the evil inclination, but cultivate the good inclination – loving kindness, charity.

“Now it must be said that humility comes from the fear of Yahweh – and truly, those who see and know the presence of Yahweh will have experienced fear and trembling, and the fear of Yahweh will be in them; if anyone says that they love Yahweh, but they do not fear Yahweh, they do not know Yahweh so as to love Yahweh, for there is no love of Yahweh apart from the fear of Yahweh – such “love” apart from fear is a vain sentiment or concept in the mind, and does not lead to devekut.

“We know this in our own experience, for even to enter into the experience of an archangel in vision will cause fear and trembling, if, in fact, it is an archangel of the Holy One that appears, and the vision is something more than an idle fantasy in the mind. If this is true of an archangel, the power of a Sefirah in Beriyah, then how much more so is it true of the direct presence and power of El Shaddai, God Almighty?

“It is written, ‘The fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom,’ and the masters of the tradition have said, ‘Seeing Yahweh is fear of Yahweh – overwhelming holy awe,’ and all true prophets have had the fear of Yahweh, which brought them into the love of Yahweh, and all true prophets have taught the fear of Yahweh; of the Messiah it is written by the prophet Isaiah, ‘His delight is the fear of Yahweh,’ for the Spirit of Knowledge (Da’at) and Fear of Yahweh rests upon him. The nature of such fear, such holy awe, is humility; for the presence of Yahweh humbles, and by humility we recognize those who know and love Yahweh.

“It is written, ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and the fullness thereof,’ and it is this fullness of the earth which is the Lord’s that the meek inherit; yet more, it is the vision of the earth from beginning to end as Adam of Atzilut beheld in the Holy Light of the First Day, that Primordial Light of which it is said, ‘It is stored up for the righteous,’ that Supernal Light which is the Light of the Messiah.

“Here we shall speak an open secret – what is beheld in this Holy Light, the Clear Light, is the Great Vision of Melchizedek, the arising of the primordial elements in their purity, which gives rise to the Body of Pure Emanation, this Holy Body of the Messiah being the Good Earth of our inheritance in the Great Resurrection and Ascension.

“Adonai has said, ‘Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled’ – be hungry and thirsty for the Holy Gospel, and yet more to live by the Holy Gospel; be hungry and thirsty for true food and true drink – the word of Yahweh, which is the Body and Blood of the Messiah. One who hungers and thirsts desires nothing more than to satisfy their hunger and quench their thirst – and where there is a powerful hunger and thirst, there is the thought and desire for nothing else; so it is with those who hunger and thirst for righteousness – justice, they desire nothing but the Spirit of Truth and the manifestation of the Spirit of Truth – life in the Spirit.

“Let the Holy Torah and Gospel, the word of God (Elohim), be your constant delight, contemplating and meditating upon it in your heart day and night; if you are willing and able, arise with the holy ones at midnight to study and contemplate the Holy Torah and Gospel, for those who arise at midnight to study and contemplate the Torah and Gospel enter into the direct presence of Ha-Shem and abide in the World-To-Come, while as yet in this world – theirs is true hunger and thirst for righteousness.

“Here, again, we may speak an open secret, for the perfection of this is accomplished in Dream Union; but even in the lowest grade of arising from your bed in this world, in this body of blood and flesh, the blessing of the communion in the presence of God rests upon the zealous ones, the faithful who aspire with their whole being and life to stand in the Great Luminous Assembly on the Day of Be-with-Us.

“If you wish to know what hunger and thirst means as Adonai speaks of it: It is the burning passion of yearning for knowledge of God and conscious union with God with your whole being; the love of Yahweh, as we are called to love Yahweh – a passion so intense that it burns you utterly away so that there is nothing left but the Beloved - Yahweh; this is the holy passion of all true prophets, all true lovers of God – as Adonai says, ‘I would that you be hot or cold.’

“If you have hunger and thirst for righteousness in this way, you will be filled with the Spirit of Yahweh and attain Supernal Habad; of the Supernal Habad we shall say, it is far better than prophecy – it is the Perfect Thunder Intelligence, Divine Illumination.

“Adonai has said, ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy’ – in humility, in gentleness of heart, you must forgive all, even when there is no invocation of mercy, no invocation of forgiveness; for to abide in the Sanctuary of Grace and the forgiveness of sin, you must forgive others their transgressions and debts – there is no other way to live.

“Now, if indeed you are called by the Holy Spirit as a brother or sister in the assembly of the navi, or as a holy one of the Sanctuary of Bet El; then the power shall be given to you to release and retain sin, and in your ministry to the mixed multitude and the children of God, at times you will be called to give musar – but you must know this: If you retain sin, then with the Messiah you are willing to take the burden upon yourself, as holy tzaddikim do; and if you are to deliver musar (rebuke), you must know that you ought first deliver it to yourself, and confess and repent of your own errors, as is the way of the holy tzaddikim when they deliver musar.

“In the Spirit of Adonai I will say to you, my sons and daughters, do not be swift to judgment, but seek the mercy of God for the people, and in the movements of judgment, seek the mitigation of judgment with mercy – seek the manifestation of compassion, the Sacred Heart of the Messiah; if and when there is any judgment to be rendered, let it be the Holy Spirit that judges, and the maggid of the Holy Shekinah that executes the judgment – as for you, always plead the cause of mercy and be as an advocate of the people before Ha-Shem, stand as a holy guardian angel and not an accusing angel, or and angel of the Other Side.

“Learn from the lesson of Elisha in his immaturity – having received the Mantle of Elijah, the power of the Baal Shem, when teased by little children he became angry, and he went to the Side of Judgment; by the power that was in him a she-bear came and killed the innocent, and he repented of his error all of his life, for he did not know and understand at that time the power of Ha-Shem that had come upon him, and going swiftly to the Side of Judgment he made a grievous error.

“Learn also from the lesson of Elijah and be convicted by it – when he defeated the priests of Baal by the power of Ha-Shem, he had them all taken into a nearby valley and beheaded them, and so he invoked judgment on the assembly of prophets and it was destroyed; but also, when the soul of Elijah was incarnate as Yohanan the Baptist this karmic debt came due, and his incarnate was ended by beheading – be admonished and warned, therefore, and be slow to anger and slow to judgment, avoiding anger and judgment altogether, save for the righteous anger and judgment of the maggid of the Holy Shekinah.

“In this, remember, when Abraham went out to battle with the Kings of Edom – the dominion of the klippot, he did not do battle or fight, but the maggid of the Holy Shekinah went before him, and she did battle – and so he and Sarah beheld the Vision of Melchizedek and were blessed by Melchizedek, receiving the bread and grail wine God’s anointed.

“Now with regard to the release and retention of sin – know that sin is retained for the sake of mercy, swift liberation; and so it is with the destruction of a klippah that cannot be subjugated, but by their shattering the holy spark bound up in them is drawn out and uplifted.

“According to the Holy Gospel – all who asks for forgiveness are to receive forgiveness, and with forgiveness they are to be blessed and uplifted; if and when a person does not ask for forgiveness, nevertheless forgive them, bless them and uplifted them in Adonai – but having no desire to receive forgiveness, their sin is retained until they confess and repent, seeking their reintegration with the Light Continuum (Yahweh).

“According to the Pistis Sophia – if a brother or sister errors and invokes forgiveness, even many times in the same day, and that every day of the week, and they seek to continue to learn the deep mysteries, then so many times you must forgive and blessed them, and continue to teach and initiate them into the mysteries; but the one who is unrepentant, and does not invoke forgiveness, that one may be sent out of the assembly until such time as they are ripe and mature, and seek their reintegration with the Continuum of Light Transmission with an open heart – withhold from no one who asks of you, and even to those who do not ask, give graciously and labor for them in the Spirit, praying always for the welfare and well-being of all, the fulfillment of all in the Risen Messiah.

“Adonai said, ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God’ – we have said, beholding the plight of souls bound to the dominion of the demiurge, beholding the vision of great sorrow and suffering, let your heart break; but in the Spirit of Adonai I tell you brothers and sisters, in truth, it is not your heart that breaks, but it is Klippah Nogah encrusting your heart that shatters; the right circumcision of the heart is this – it is your love of one another, the love of all in God, knowing the holy spark of God’s Light, the Light of the Messiah, in all.

“We know the true nature of this world – that it is a corpse and its end is the grave or the fire, and we know that darkness and klippotic forces rule this world; there is a great conflict of spiritual forces within and behind this world, and their battleground is within the minds, hearts of human beings, within the souls of beings – but when your heart is circumcised and is pure, and all inner archons and demons are banished from within you, Yaldabaot and his archons, and Satan and his minions, cannot drawn near to you so as to link with you, but rather, only the spirits of righteousness and angels of God can drawn near and link with you.

“Truly I tell you, in the Spirit of Adonai, the darkness that rules the world, and all of the shades and shadows – all of the evil, is none of our concern; but rather, receiving the Presence of the Messiah and the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of heaven is within and all around us, and we wear the Body of Vision – our concern is calling upon Ha-Shem for the sake of the people and God, and invoking the fullness of the Shekinah of Messiah, and calling upon the Divine Powers for the salvation of the people and the glorification of God. We do not focus upon the Great Darkness stalking in the world, but our holy kavvanah is the Messiah in El, the True Light – this is the kavvanah of the pure in heart, and by it they see the Divine Light in all so as to draw out that Holy Light from within all.

“Listen and hear, and understand this very well, for many would-be navim have become tricked into a focus upon the darkness and evil in the world, and all of the sorrow and suffering, and have themselves fallen into a pit of darkness because of their weakness in faith and lack of understanding – many have lost faith and hope in this way, and fallen into discouragement and sadness, and then they have been led into hatred and judgment, as though “righteous” in their indignation; and so many have gone over to the Other Side, the Dark Side, and falsely thinking that they served God, the True Light, they have committed great evil and led many astray with them.

“Remember, in the Spirit-Vision you will see many things – you will know very well the play of cosmic and spiritual forces, but be sober and do not be distracted, walk with Ha-Shem and the Shekinah, walk in beauty and holiness, and be a sign of spiritual hope for the people in good times and bad times – sojourn in this world as a Light-Bearer, Healer and Peacemaker, and bring the Visions of Ha-Shem to the people.

“Adonai said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the children of God’ – abide in the peace and joy of the Risen Messiah, and entertain the dance of Kallah Messiah; though in motion, abide in the repose of the Messiah in El Elyon, and even in the midst of a great storm, be at rest, be at peace, trusting in the Spirit of Yahweh and your salvation – then, wherever you go, you shall bring peace to those who seek peace, all as ordained by El Elyon, the Supreme.

“There is no peace in the surface consciousness, and there is no peace as you are in yourself - but there is peace within the sanctuary of the heart and in the holy crown, the Divine I Am, and there is peace as you are in God; it is the peace and joy of the Messiah, the King of Righteousness, King of Peace – therefore, go within and live within, cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah with all your heart and soul, and all your mind and strength, and so you shall abide in the Sanctuary of Grace.

“Now, when you abide in the Sanctuary of Grace, as a member of the Mystical Body of the Messiah, you are an emanation of the Holy Sanctuary to others, a Christ-bearer to others, to all beings; this is what it means to be a peacemaker, and it is why the peacemaker is called the son or daughter of God as Yeshua Messiah is called the Son of God.

“There is much to be said of this, for it is the fruition of the Way of the Navim, passing through the grades of holiness of the Hasid, Tzaddik and Maggid into the perfection of the Messiah, the Anointed of God, but what is to be said is a mind to mind and heart to heart transmission communicated by the power of the Holy Spirit – when you are a full initiate of our Holy Order and become adept, then with the Passing of the Holy Mantle to you, the greater mysteries of the peacemaker will be spoken to you.

“At this time we can only say that the wisdom of the peacemaker is in the Yichudim – specifically, it is in the tikkunim of the Great Name as understood in our tradition.

“Adonai said, ‘Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are you when people revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you' – if you would sojourn in the Way of the Navi, then you must learn to abide unmoved in the face of praise or blame, fame or infamy, blessing or curse, so that regardless there is no difference to you; moreover, even in the face of trial and tribulation, and great persecution, nevertheless, you must proclaim the Gospel of Peace with joy and thanksgiving, and be bold in the Spirit, and the visions given to you by Ha-Shem, and the word spoken to you by Ha-Shem, you must speak to the people – you must learn to be fearless in the ministry that you are given, and to execute all instructions of the Holy Spirit exactly as given without any self-concern or withholding of yourself.

If you wish to understand the very essence of this teaching of Adonai – all that transpires view as God’s will and receive it with joy and gladness of heart, all in the fullness of your faith and hope in the Risen Messiah; and in your spiritual labor, know this – the fruits of all your labors are not your own, but they are God’s. Give all praise, thanksgiving and glory to God.

If, indeed, you are called to the Way of the Navi, then carrying out your call and mission you will receive perfect instruction on this teaching of Adonai Messiah – in your labor keep the faith and hold the space of righteousness, hold on to the Gospel of Truth and be zealous for the Gospel and for the glorification of God.

“Adonai said, ‘You are the salt of the earth…’ – you are the zealous and passionate ones, called to be on fire with the Spirit of Yahweh, as the Ashim, and called to live, not by the wisdom of the world, but according to Divine Wisdom; if you loose your zeal and passion, who shall preserve it? If you are not zealous and passionate for Adonai, then where is your call to sojourn in the Way of the Navi?

“We give you no commandment but that which Adonai Yeshua Messiah has given – ‘love one another as I have loved you’, beyond this, regarding commandments, we can only say that those on fire with the Holy Spirit will need no instruction, but they will be filled with the zeal of the Spirit and love of God.

“Adonai said, ‘You are the light of the world…’ this is so very lofty, so very holy, we cannot speak it; but go, and inquire of the Holy Spirit, and she will reveal the teachings and mystery of this, and more – if she has called you, according to the Ratzon of El Elyon, then she will illuminate you and reveal everything to you, and you in turn will bring illumination and revelation to the assembly of the faithful and elect, and to the people.

“Now, go in peace and reflect upon what has been spoken, contemplate it and meditate upon it, and inquire of the Holy Spirit for further illumination and teachings – in this you have an introduction to the Way of the Navi as taught by Adonai Yeshua, and we have given you a practice to add to those already given to you; may the Lord bless you and Keep you, and may the face of the Lord Shine upon you – shalom, amen.”
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Attachment to the World

#2 Postby Martina » Wed Jan 23, 2008 2:46 am

Greetings Tau Malachi,

these teachings are a treasure of wisdom and a great blessing for all who receive them.

It seems that on this path the active and dynamic surrender becomes essential for any progress, when you point out:

“There is no peace in the surface consciousness, and there is no peace as you are in yourself - but there is peace within the sanctuary of the heart and in the holy crown, the Divine I Am, and there is peace as you are in God; it is the peace and joy of the Messiah, the King of Righteousness, King of Peace – therefore, go within and live within, cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah with all your heart and soul, and all your mind and strength, and so you shall abide in the Sanctuary of Grace.”

Often one is attached to the world in many ways and even with active and dynamic surrender much attachment remains at the beginning. So here a much greater awareness has to be cultivated, hasn’t it?

Blessings and Much Gratitude


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#3 Postby DMt. » Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:24 am

This is, indeed, a great blessing; these sayings of the Messiah, so long half known in ignorance, have become clearer to me than ever before.

Thank you, Tau Malachi.

David Christopher Mount

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Re: Wisdom of the Navi in the Beatitudes

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Jul 02, 2018 2:46 pm


In truth we do not open ourselves, but rather the Spirit of God does, Divine Grace does; though indeed we need to turn to God, invoke and pray often, and invite the touch of the Holy Spirit and the unveiling of God with us. There really is no way to break this down. The way of the prophets assumes initiation, and having a guide in the Way, and they are founded upon the teachings and practice of the Straight Path. If you study and contemplate the teachings we have given on the Straight Path in the "Gnostic Path" forum, that would be as close to a 'break down' as possible.

In short, though, we can always turn to God and ask that God opens us to God, and that God unveils Godself to us.

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