Union with St. John the Baptist

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Union with St. John the Baptist

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Union with St. John the Baptist

The beginning of the gospel of Yeshua Messiah, the Son of Elohim; it is written in the prophet Isaiah:

“Look, I am going to send my messenger in front of you to prepare your way before you, a voice of one that cries in the desert: Prepare the way of Yahweh, make straight his paths.”

John the Baptist was in the desert, proclaiming a baptism for the repentance for the forgiveness of sins. All Judea and all the people of Jerusalem made their way to him, and as they were baptized by him in the river Jordan they confessed their sins. John wore a garment of camel-skin, and he lived on locusts and wild honey. In the course of his preaching he said, “After me is coming someone who is more powerful than me. And I am not fit to kneel down and undo the strap of his sandal. I have baptized you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.”

(Gospel of St. Mark 1:1-8)

We shall say, “Hallelu Yah – Praise the LORD!”

St. John the Baptist is the Tzaddik of the Messiah, and he is the prophet or vision bringer of the Holy Gospel, the last Baal Shem (Master of the Name) of the Old Covenant and the opener of the way to the New Covenant. According to the tradition he is the reincarnation of the great vision bringer, Elijah.

John wears a camel-skin or camel hair garment, and it is said that he wore a leather girdle – this is the knowledge of oneself as a traveler here, and awareness of the dream-like nature of reality, and it is also the knowledge of the tikkune of souls in the gilgulim, the rounds of transmigration; the girdle is the mastery of desire-energy, or the serpent power.

John lives in the wilderness of the desert, and of Yahweh this holy master has said, “Yahweh is a God of the desert, if you want to know him then you must go out into the wilderness of the desert,” and when baptized by John, this is exactly what Adonai Yeshua did, and there he was tempted by Satan, the Adversary. Thus, the vision bringer John sought nothing of this world, but he lived without attachment or aversion, cleaving to the Holy Shekinah and Holy Spirit; and so it is with all who are *navi*, vision bringers for the people, though in the world, they are not of this world – they walk in-between worlds as travelers in the Spirit. (They are aware we all walk in the in-betweens.)

Here we may speak an open secret – Yeshua was the child of the Bright Imma, Or Elyona Imma, and Jonah (“John”) was the child of Kali Imma, the Dark Mother, the Crone or Hag. In this there is a great mystery spoken for all to listen and hear who have ears to hear!

Jonah feeds upon locusts and wild honey – the “locusts” are the spirits of the Other Side, the shades and shadows of the klippot that have no power over him, and the “wild honey” is the shefa, the influx of spiritual energy of the Holy Sefirot, which the Baal Shem attracts to himself because he knows how to unify his soul with the Holy Sefirot and how to draw upon their Divine Powers. Hallelu Yah – Praise the LORD! Amen. (This is one who is “Master of the Dragon” and “Master of the Name” – Baal Teli and Baal Shem.)

Jonah teaches and enacts baptism – water ceremony, for repentance and the forgiveness of sin; he teaches that the entire path is self-purification, the restoration of souls to the Great Natural Perfection, the Bornless Nature.

Jonah means “Dove,” the sign of peace and symbol of the Holy Spirit – and so it is written: It was at this time that Yeshua came from Nazareth in Galilee and was baptized by Jonah. And at once, as he was coming up out of the water, he saw the heavens torn apart and the Spirit, like a dove, descending on him. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; my favor rests on you.” And at once the Spirit drove him into the desert, and he remained there forty days, and was put to the test by Satan. He was with wild animals, and the angels looked after him" (Mark 1:10-13).

Jonah is the bearer of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Spirit of Holiness, the Spirit of Prophecy and the Spirit of Initiation; in Adonai Yeshua these two are joined by the Spirit of the Messiah – the mystery of “The-Three-Who-Come.”

We shall speak another open secret: Adonai Yeshua is the fruition of the spiritual labor of Baal Jonah – the holy master who, in truth, had but one disciple, for no other could withstand the full presence and power of the Son of Kali Imma, the Crone.

And so we shall speak the secret name of Jonah the Baptizer: Kali Shemesh. He is the “Sun that shines at Midnight.”

All of this speaks the Way of Navi – the seer, the vision bringer, and the Way of Crazy Wisdom; there is nothing for us to preach or say, there is no religious creed or doctrine for us to espouse, but the one who is called and chosen as navi by the Holy Shekinah will naturally and spontaneously walk as the navim, knowing and understanding in Hokmah-Wisdom. If anyone claims to be a prophet or apostle but does not walk in the company of the Divine Presence and Power (Shekinah), then let that be a witness to falsehood, and let that be the judgment of Ha-Shem.

Of Din-Judgment we shall say this: It is the emanation of the Hesed-Mercy of El, the movement of Shaddai. Hallelu El! Praise God!

Here we shall speak according to the Spirit of Truth, the Spirit of the Messiah: The throne established in the heart of the dominion of the Kings of Edom preaches a *false gospel*; it is the gospel inspired by the Spirit of the Other Side – let this be a witness of what the Holy Spirit would speak; let those who have ears listen and hear! Amen.

Melchizedek blesses Abraham and Sarah when they return victorious from their battle with the Kings of Edom – and of this “holy war” it is said that High Father (Abraham) did not do battle, but rather the Angel of the Shekinah went before him and put down the Adversary; and so we pray, “amen!”

We shall also say this – it is a terrible thing to catch hold of the power of the Living God, Hayyah Elohim.

Do you wish to enter into the Assembly of Navim – the assembly of the prophets? Then, dear friend, you must die and be reborn; you must be taken up by the Mother Spirit and live as the navim live, the seers, the bringers of vision. If she calls you and chooses you, then you shall be navi – a seer, a vision bringer for the people.

If you are willing to the dance of the Holy Shekinah, then perhaps you will wish to enter into union with Kali Shemesh, the Black Sun, the Midnight Sun; those who rise at midnight to study and contemplate the Holy Torah and Gospel, they know the intimacy of the Mystery of Bridal Chamber, union with God and Godhead.

Union with Kali Shemesh – the Black Sun, White Brilliance

If you want to know Yahweh, go out into the wilderness of the desert – go to the wilderness in whatever form it is presented to you, and be willing to the fullness of life, and to the silence of death; be willing to the Ratzon of Yahweh – unless you are so willing you cannot enter into union with Kali Shemesh, the *Black Sun*.

Go and pray; go and meditate – learn to wait upon the Spirit of Yahweh, if you are willing.

Go and make offerings; go and create Sacred Circle, and abide in the Sacred Center waiting upon the Spirit of Adonai.

Kindle the Threefold Flame in the Heart – receive the Sign of Initiation on your brow; and be baptized, of water and of the Spirit.

The one who says, “All know already,” they are mistaken – all have questions and all have the power to find the answers, but only if they are willing to God’s will.

Go out sister, go out brother, and see if you are so willing to know, to dare, and to keep silence!

Yahweh speaks in Hashmal – “speaking silence.”

Are you ready to confront Shaitan? Be willing; for you shall!

Want to be chosen – then raise your hands in praise and thanksgiving, and repent, and be baptized, and wait upon the Spirit of Yahweh; when the Spirit of Yahweh moves you, then take up Union with Kali Shemesh, if you are willing and it is God’s will.

Go into spiritual retreat – *hitbodedut*, and abide in the radiant awareness of the Spiritual Sun in your heart; from this Holy Star a ray goes forth when it is the will of Kali Imma, and it appears as the Holy Navi Jonah before you in Body of Glory – the Angel of the Prophet, Hallelu El, praise God!

His feet do not touch the ground, he dances in the sky, his hair is disheveled like that of his Holy Mother, and he has a look of Divine Madness in his eyes; the penetrating gaze beholding all spirits and souls; his aura is filled with flashing fire, and it blazes forth, as though to consume – his countenance as one who has seen Hayyah Elohim, the Living God, and so he has! Do not give way to fear but abide in holy awe and wonder.

Meditate upon this Holy Image, and if you are willing and it is God’s will, open your mind and heart to this Baal Shem, the Master of the Name, and let him bless you in Ha-Shem and teach you Ha-Shem, The Name; listen and hear the Word of Yahweh he speaks, and receive it into your heart.

Now, then, if you are willing, and if it is God’s will, take up the holy chant: Ka-Ah-La-Yah Sha-Ea-Ma-Ea-Sha, and as you do envision the Holy Man blessing you with flashing fire, like lightning bolts; these strike the serpent, awakening the Fiery Intelligence; as you are chanting, let the Fiery Light arise in the Middle Channel, and also the Sun and Moon channel; envision the Fire Snake in ascent to the Brow Star, and hold it there.

Then, take up the chant: Yah, Yahweh, Yo-Na-Ha; and envision the Holy Dove of White Brilliance, diamond-like light, descending upon you, Abba in the form of Yonah – the Dove; see this divine Light go down into the depths then rise up, bringing the Fire Snake into the Holy Crown, running and returning – all thought and desire enters into cessation, there is only Hashmal, Silent Volition, the Ratzon of El Elyon, God Most High, the Supreme.

So, then, behold the Holy Image of the Man of God dissolving into fluid flowing light, and that Divine Light shooting to the top of your head, descending to your heart and lodging itself there – your mind, the Mind of Navi; your heart, the Sacred Heart of Navi; your body, the Holy Body of Navi – so, then, look and see in the World of the Holy Spirit as the Seer, as the Bringer of Vision.

Ask of the Spirit of Yahweh this: How shall I open the way for the Messiah, your Anointed?

Now, then, pray for the outpouring of Supernal Grace, Supernal Mercy, upon all peoples; and invoke the Day of Reckoning – invoke the Revelation, all as the Holy Spirit inspires you.

Look and see, the angels of our Heavenly Father and our Earthly Mother gathered around you – commune in the Living Presence of Yahweh, at-one.

When you arise, returning to your name and form, pray for the people and this Good Earth, and give praise and thanksgiving; walk in beauty and holiness as the navim, and do all that the Holy Shekinah inspires – abide in active and dynamic surrender.

So in the end, say: “Amen! Eheieh; Ah-Ha-Yah!”

We will say openly, unless you are willing and it is God’s will, do not take up this practice; but if you are willing, and it is God’s will, so walk with Ha-Shem: Enoch and Elijah were taken up in Divine Rapture in this Way.

So, now, you know the practice of a prophet of God, and you know the Way of the Prophet; you must choose, and if God is willing, you will be chosen – when your will is God’s will, then God’s will shall be your own.

An empowerment in this can be given by the Holy Tzaddik, but the true empowerment comes from El Elyon, God Most High; if it is not God’s will, nothing can be given or received.

This is the Gate of Holiness, the Holy Gate of entrance into an ancient and mystical order – let the Dweller on the Threshold be bound; or as Adonai Messiah has taught, “Let the strong man be bound.” Amen.

There is nothing more for us to say, there is nothing to be explained; what is spoken is enough – as it is spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done; amen, so be it!

If you meet a Holy Tzaddik by the wayside, then do what Yeshua did…

If you want to see in the World of the Holy Spirit purify yourself…

In closing we shall say this: “The rider of Merkavah speaks the mystery in private, and that to one who knows already” – they speak only within direct experienced.

All keys are now in your hands – if you are willing, and if the Holy One is willing, use them, and you will pass into the heavens while, as yet, you are on the earth.

My love to you dear friend; journey in Ha-Shem, and let all good spirits say, “Amen.”

We shall say: “Blessed is the one who comes in the Name of Yahweh; and blessed are we who receive the one who comes in the Name of Adonai. Amen.”

Blessings to you on this Holy Day of the Feast of Apostolic Succession – may the true apostolic succession remain present with us until all is accomplished; amen!

Blessings & shalom!
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Continuum of Union with Yonah the Baptizer

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Continuum of Union with Yonah the Baptizer
(“John the Baptist”)

The way of entering and taking up the practice of Union with Yonah the Baptizer is the way of the Continuum of Union with Yonah (or Yohanan) – it is walking with Ha-Shem, learning to wait upon the Spirit of Yahweh in stillness and silence, and to move with the Spirit of Yahweh when she moves, and to speak with the Spirit of Yahweh when she speaks; when the Spirit of Yahweh does not move, the navi does not move, and when the Spirit of Yahweh is silent, the navi is silent.

If you wish to enter into Union with Partzuf, then you must seek to resemble the Holy Partzuf with which you seek to enter into union – for on spiritual and psychic levels, similitude or likeness is nearness, and the fruition of drawing near is union.

The very way the teachings on the practice of Union with Yonah are given in our oral tradition reflects the way of this Holy Tzaddik – a force of passionate zeal for Yahweh, and a very eccentric and otherworldly person, one who lives completely in spiritual retreat (hitbodedut), immersed in the Continuum of Light Transmission for the people. On account of this he is among the tzaddikim who are called “Holy Maggid,” as though a holy angel of God living among us, completely of Shamaim, the Heavens; these holy ones do not walk with their feet on the ground.

Ours is a path of Integral Self-realization in which, generally speaking, we do not enact a retreat from the world and worldly activities; however, in the Continuum, here and there, there are those initiates called by the Spirit of Yahweh to live, more or less, in spiritual retreat, tending to the Flame of the Continuum for the people – among our tzaddikim they are called “holy maggidim,” for like the angels of God they are somewhat otherworldly in their way, and they are messengers, guides and guardians of the Continuum, maintaining a dynamic balance in the Mystical Body of the Risen Savior. Essentially, they withhold themselves from the world and worldly things in order to take up the task of the vision bringer and wonderworker full-time, and to serve as a generator of Divine Presence and Power from which companions of the Sacred Circle can draw, serving as a great conduit of the Light-presence and Light-power. It is rather like the world class athlete who does virtually nothing but practice their sport, allowing them to perform amazing feats that cannot be done without talents honed by radical focus, self-discipline and passion; and much like such athletes, it is natural to them and is what they most love to do – rather than any false sacrifice of religious conviction, it is their true calling and joy. These are typically disciples of Yonah the Baptizer among us, reflecting something of the way of their Heart Tzaddik who lived in spiritual retreat.

That is not to say that there are not devotees of Yonah among us who draw inspiration from the Baal Shem but who remain very active in mundane affairs – there certainly are; but it is to say that Yonah the Baptizer is a Heart Tzaddik to those who are called to a spiritual retreat for the sake of the people, and resembling the Holy Maggid in their way they enter into the fullness of Union.

This resemblance is first and foremost inward, but quite naturally, to some degree, it will be outward, for the interior life shapes the exterior life, and in actual Union with the Holy Maggid the embodiment of the Light-presence and Light-power will naturally assume something of that form.

If you want to know and understand the zelem of Yonah – the image and likeness, so as to resemble it, then study and contemplate all that is said of Yonah the Baptizer in the New Testament, and pray about it and meditate on it. Likewise, study and contemplate all that is said of the prophet Elijah, and pray about it and meditate on it. When you pray and meditate on this Body of Vision, inquire of the Spirit of Yahweh how you are to put on that Holy Zelem – how you are to cultivate your personality and life display to resemble the Baal Shem. If you inquire, the Holy Spirit will answer you and guide you; and only to the degree there is some resemblance will there be an experience of union with the Holy Maggid in more than name only, or as something more than a vital sentiment or concept in the mind.

As you might imagine, of the various Holy Partzufim, initiates taking up the Continuum of Union with Yonah the Baptizer in full are relatively few in our lineage, though there are many devotees of Yonah the Baptizer in the tradition, for he is viewed as inseparable from Yeshua Messiah.

*If Yohanan is an initiate’s Heart Tzaddik, then so also is the great vision bringer Elijah – the archetypal prophet of the Old Testament, for the soul-stream incarnate as Yohanan and Elijah is one and the same according to the Holy Scriptures.

In the Wilderness

Those who are called take up Yonah the Baptizer as their Heart Tzaddik will frequent the wilderness and places in nature, and often they will be called to live in more rural areas, seeking a life of greater solitude and retreat “away from the minds of men.” They will tend to prefer the great outdoors and the company of wild beasts and angels – the angels of our Earthly Mother and angels of our Heavenly Father. They will frequent the wilderness and places in nature seeking to pray and meditate, contemplating the glory of Ha-Shem in nature, and seeking to commune with the Holy Shekinah in nature; spiritual retreats in the wilderness will form a significant part of their spiritual life and practice.

They will go out to seek luminous dreams and visions for the people, and to pray and perform sacred ceremony for the people – they will draw Sacred Circles on the earth and they will gather sacred stones, and they will know the way of vision quest most intimately.

Places near water will be most sacred to disciples of Yonah the Baptizer, especially places near running water.

Likewise, ravens and crows, or birds of the air indigenous to their land that hold a similar place, will be sacred to them – they will be guiding angels of our Earthly Mother to them; whenever these appear they will receive them as messengers and guides in the Spirit, and they will pay special attention to all that transpires surrounding their appearance.

Walking in the wilderness or in nature they will carry the holy staff as has been the way of the navim since ancient times.

Water Ceremony

Water ceremony (baptism) is an especially sacred and holy rite to disciples of Yonah the Baptizer – it was the principle labor of the Holy Maggid opening the way for the reception of Ruach Ha-Messiah, the Spirit of the Anointed; and so it is with his disciples, his inmost disciple Adonai Yeshua taking up this holy rite and teaching it to his disciples as well.

Thus, frequently, those who take up the Continuum of Union with Yonah will go out and purify themselves in living waters, practicing ritual immersion as an integral part of their continuum of spiritual practice, seeking to abide in the purity of the Great Natural Perfection. Likewise, in circle, they will often ask to accompany elders taking aspirants out for the Threefold Rite of Initiation to actively take up the spiritual labor of baptizing the people and calling them to reintegration with the Light Continuum – they will take up the role of Ruach Ha-Elijah in the sacred ceremony.

*In a ritual of self-immersion the disciple will immerse themselves three or seven times; three times in remembrance of the Divine Mother and Threefold Spirit, or seven in remembrance of transcendence of the heavens of the demiurge and passage into the Eighth Heaven of the Supernal Abode.

(See teachings on water ceremony in the Order of St. Uriel.)

Mastering the Holy Name

Elijah, Yohanan, are Baal Shem – Master of the Name, head of the assembly of navim; thus disciples of Yohanan seek intimate acquaintance with the Divine Names, contemplating them, meditating upon them, and calling upon them constantly in prayers for the people.

They will hold Ha-Shem in mind continually, and along with the Holy Names of the Tree of Life at the level of Atzilut, they will become intimately acquainted with the cognomens, as they are explored in the Gates of Light by Rabbi Joseph Gikatilla, for example; and when they are acquainted with the Names and cognomens of the Holy Tree of Life, then they will seek knowledge and understanding of the 72 Names of God, which are said to be the vehicle through which Ruach Ha-Messiah was invoked at the baptism of Adonai Yeshua in the Sacred Jordan.

With knowledge of Ha-Shem (The Name), they will pray that the Spirit of Yahweh illuminates their knowledge with understanding and wisdom so that they might see and know Yahweh in the Holy Names.

*Coupled with this knowledge is knowledge of the maggidim, the archangels and orders of angels; for they are the active divine powers of Ha-Shem.

Star Gazing

According to the tradition, Yonah the Baptizer would call upon Ha-Shem and the holy angels of Ha-Shem, and gaze into the heavens, gaze upon the stars, looking to see the revelations of the Spirit of Yahweh; thus, disciples of Yonah will go out and gaze into the heavens, praying for insights into the mysteries of creation and knowledge of Ha-Shem.

The fruition of prayer when gazing upon the stars is silence, and the most essential method of star gazing is primordial meditation, resting the mind upon the stars and letting the mind merge with the light of the stars and the endless space in which they shine.

*This method of primordial meditation occurs in the Melchizedek teachings – it is a meditation upon Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite, and Ain Sof, the Infinite.

(See teachings in the Order of St. Uriel on star gazing.)

Fire Gazing

According to the tradition, Yonah would teach his disciples in the evening by an open fire, speaking mysteries of creation and the chariot, and the coming of the Messiah, and often there would be music, song and dance in worship of Ha-Shem around the fire, sending souls into divine rapture, and he would guide his disciples in dreams and visions. He taught his disciples how to gaze into the fire to gain the wisdom of Ha-Shem; thus, to this day, the disciples of Yohanan practice gazing into flame and fire to look and see in the Spirit.

In the name of Yohanan, the one who baptized, it is taught: “Chant the Name of God into the flames of fire, and when the fire becomes the Angel of the Holy Shekinah cleave to her with your heart and mind as to the Queen of Shabbat.”

*This is an ancient practice taught by adepts and masters of the Holy Order in circle around the Sacred Fire – of the chants it is said that they can only be communicated through the fire; apart from this empowerment, the Name of Yah-Yahweh will serve very well.

(See teachings on fire gazing in the Order of St. Uriel.)

Water Gazing

As has been said, water ceremony is sacred and holy to the disciples of Yonah the Baptizer, and gazing into the waters, the Baal Shem spoke many prophecies, including the prophecy of his own death; understanding this, the disciples of Yohanan also make it a habit to gaze into the waters to see what they might see.

In the name of Yohanan, the one who baptized, it is said, “Listen to the living waters as the voice of Ruach Elohim; gaze into the depths as into the firmament of Shamaim (the heavens).”

*The way to set the gaze as taught by Yonah and the Name called upon is communicated mouth-to-ear over running waters, where “only the spirits of righteousness will hear it”; nevertheless, apart from this, calling upon the Holy Name of Adonai Messiah there is much to be heard and seen in this way.

(See the Order of St. Uriel for methods of water gazing.)

Vision of the Threefold Sanctuary

In the Continuum of Union with Yonah the Baptizer, in the Outer Sanctuary, Yonah and Yeshua are inseparable from one another – taking sanctuary, envision Adonai Yeshua in the Sacred Heart of the Holy Dove (Yonah); the Holy Torah and Gospel are inseparable, one Divine Revelation of God the True Light – blessed are they who rise at midnight to study and contemplate the Holy Torah and Gospel, their souls will be taken into heaven, while as yet they live in the flesh; the Sacred Circle is the Assembly of Prophets – keeping good company, and remembering and keeping the Holy Shabbat, a soul shall be blessed by the wisdom of the Light Treasury.

In the Inner Sanctuary the Root Tzaddik is inseparable from the Holy Dove – the image of the Holy Dove is in the Sacred Heart of the Root Tzaddik, and visitation with the Holy Tzaddik and honoring the word of the Holy Tzaddik is perfect sanctuary; the great angel of the Lord is Archangel Gavriel – invoking the great maggid in evening prayer souls are blessed with luminous dreams; the Holy Bride is the Shekinah of Yahweh – receiving every situation, circumstance and event as the will of El Elyon and the word of El Elyon manifest through the Holy Shekinah, souls are uplifted by Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom of the Supreme.

The Secret Sanctuary is ever the same – there is *no difference*.

The central object of Holy Sanctuary in the Continuum of Union with Yohanan is your Holy Tzaddik as the Maggid of the Gospel – the companionship with the Root Tzaddik is as the companionship of Yeshua with Yohanan, and the labor of your Root Tzaddik taken up as your own.

(See examples of Taking Sanctuary in practices of the Orders of St. Michael and St. Mary the Magdalene.)

The Angels of Wrath: The Judgment

When an initiate is well established in the Continuum of Union with Yonah and may be rightly called an adept of the Holy Order, invocations of the angels of wrath and wrathful oath-bound guardians are often taken up as part of the Continuum, seeking to dispel and devour the minions of the klippot from the astral earth; for Yohanan is a Holy Tzaddik of Gevurah-Judgment from the left above, and as it is written, he ate locusts, which is to say that like a raging fire he devoured dark and hostile forces – so passionately was he on fire with the Spirit of Yahweh.

Of these practices nothing may be said in public, but they are spoken by masters of the Holy Order to those who draw very near.

*In place of these practices, when it is time, wrathful psalms and prophecies may be read as magical invocations against unclean and evil spirits, coupled with an invocation of Divine Names corresponding to the side of Judgment. However, if and when the Judgment is invoked one must be in a state of purity, lest it be an invocation of the Judgment upon oneself.

(Kali Shemesh has a deep connection to Lilith – see the Order of St. Mary Magdalene for knowledge of Lilatu, the Dark Bride.)

The Self-Discipline

Self-discipline, self-restraint – the play of repentance, these were significant in the teachings of Yohanan given to his disciples; for unless the bestial nature is regenerated, the soul of a human being does not dwell in the flesh, and unless the evil inclination is brought into subjugation to the good inclination, the “strong man being bound,” the soul of a human being cannot become the clear mirror of prophecy.

It is written, “Fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom,” and the masters of the tradition have said, “Love of Yahweh is the perfection of wisdom.” This is perfect guidance in self-discipline; let Ruach Ha-Yahweh guide you in the way of self-discipline.

*In this age there can be no detailed instructions given on spiritual self-discipline, for the Son of Rebellion (Beliar) holds dominion over hearts and minds, and all such instruction only serves to breed resentment and anguish, as though something imposed from the outside foreign to the soul – few, if any, can listen and hear it with a good heart and joy. Thus, in matters of more refined spiritual self-disciple the instructions must come directly from the Holy Spirit, being communicated inwardly to an obedient and surrendered heart and soul – they must be known to come from within, by-passing the severe karmic vision of unenlightened society in our times.

If you want to experience True Union and have True Vision in the World of the Holy Spirit, purify yourself and discipline yourself according to the word of the Holy Spirit spoken in the intelligence of your heart – go within and live within.

Taking Up the Continuum of Union

The Continuum of Union with Yonah the Baptizer is not among those we swiftly take up by our own whim, but rather, it is only taken up after much contemplation, prayer and meditation, and waiting upon the Spirit of Yahweh to move and to guide us – just as given in the instructions of the main practice. Thus, first we will take up a continuum of prayer and meditation, seeking knowledge of the will of God, and in preparation we will take up a continuum of self-purification, seeking to surrender to the Spirit of God and to become open and sensitive to the Holy Spirit; coupled with self-purification, we will take up a continuum for the generation of merit, seeking to create auspicious circumstances to take up this practice. As this is done, we will study and contemplate the teachings and instructions that are given on the main practice, and we will pray about them and meditate upon them, drawing out insights into the deeper mysteries they contain. Then, if and when it is the will of Ha-Shem, and we are called to this Holy Continuum, having a strong heart connection to the Holy Dove, we will take up the Continuum of Union with Yonah the Baptizer.

(Speaking of proper preparation before taking up new spiritual practices, the masters of the tradition have said, “Good in the beginning, good in the middle and good in the end – Ki Tov!”)

*Another Partzuf Meditation for Union with John the Baptist is given on the main website and that one is more appropriate for newcomers to the tradition.

This reflects a significant difference between the Order of St. Gabriel and most of the other Holy Orders of the Sophian Gnostic lineage – most of the Orders have practices that are good for beginners, as well as those for intermediate and advanced practitioners, but the Order of St. Gabriel has virtually no practices for novices in the tradition, rather it is designed for skilled intermediate practitioners and advanced practitioners.

This is reflected in the teaching style used within the Order of St. Gabriel – it is distinctly a more radical play in the Way of Wild Gnosis or Crazy Wisdom, similar what we experience with the sharing of the inner teachings and practices of the Order of St. Uriel. Essentially, a holy tzaddik takes up the dance of the Shekinah with their spiritual companion, and along with the initial teachings and practices there is something of an experiential transmission, an empowerment – beyond these initial teachings and instructions, however, they will not give further teachings or entertain further discourse until the initiate takes up the practice, as instructed, and something of a direct spiritual and mystical experience unfolds with them. In other words, they will only share further teachings and instructions based upon the experience and insights of the initiate.

In this style, teachings and instructions are often given in a very poetic mystical language – a symbolic language that initiates are able to decipher through their knowledge of our Christian Kabbalah, and through prayer and meditation, unfolding many layers of deeper meaning. Thus, the insights of the initiate, coupled with the experience that unfolds with them, allows the tzaddik to gauge what is good to share – this, along with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, determines all spiritual transmissions that are imparted.

This plays out in the inner branch of all of the Holy Orders in our lineage to various degrees, but it is completely pervasive in the Order of St. Gabriel, as the Way of Prophecy, like the more advanced teachings and practices in the Way of Wonderworking, requires a certain degree of maturity in the spiritual life and practice, and is only good and beneficial in due season – taken up prematurely it can prove detrimental.

The only exception to this are some of the very basic practices of Dream Union that extend Partzuf Meditation into sleep and dream – some of these can be useful to a relatively new practitioner, and they are quite harmless; other than that, however, the practices of the Order of St. Gabriel are intended for intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Aside from this, there is good reason for this style of transmission – after all, if an initiate is to be trained in methods of lucid dream and vision, and interpretation of dream and vision, and taught the art of prophetic meditation, they must learn to receive guidance from the Holy Spirit and learn discernment of spirits; this very style of transmission serves this purpose quite well, as many initiates can bear witness.

Thus, aside from basic Dream Union practice that extends our Partzuf Meditation into sleep and dream, the practices of the Order of St. Gabriel are not practices we wish to take up too swiftly, but only in due season and with the blessing of Ha-Shem.

With spiritual humility joined to spiritual self-worth may we follow in the Way of the Holy Spirit – the Way of the Prophets and the Messiah of God; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#3 Postby Yonah » Fri Aug 13, 2010 9:21 am

As I contemplate the Order of St. Gabriel and read these practices and these teachings I find a great mystery around Yonah the Baptizer.

In your discourse above you say:
"Here we may speak an open secret – Yeshua was the child of the Bright Imma, Or Elyona Imma, and Jonah (“John”) was the child of Kali Imma, the Dark Mother, the Crone or Hag. In this there is a great mystery spoken for all to listen and hear who have ears to hear! "

Contemplating this gives me the impression that Yeshua is an embodiment of grace and Yonah an embodiment of restriction. Much like the pillar of mercy and pillar of severity act as balancing forces to create Compassion. This points directly to Yonah's message of repentance and baptism. The idea of "turning the other direction" and being cleansed. Yeshua then speaks of "salvation" - being free from Karmic bonds and finding our true self. I guess what stands out is that you really can't have one without the other for true healing.

I then contemplate Yonah's name:
"Jonah means “Dove,” the sign of peace and symbol of the Holy Spirit"

This seems contradictory to the statement above since peace doesn't usually have the same connotation as restriction, but as I contemplate further it makes me realize that the restriction that Yonah stands for really is peace.

You state:
"Of Din-Judgment we shall say this: It is the emanation of the Hesed-Mercy of El, the movement of Shaddai. Hallelu El! Praise God!"

I understand this to mean that judgement or restriction is actually grace. Unbridled grace would be overwhelming and leave no creation in its wake, so restriction is part of grace to allow evolution of our souls.

I also read:
"We shall speak another open secret: Adonai Yeshua is the fruition of the spiritual labor of Baal Jonah – the holy master who, in truth, had but one disciple, for no other could withstand the full presence and power of the Son of Kali Imma, the Crone. "

This says to me that Yeshua was Yonah's one and only true disciple because being the child of the Bright Mother was the only way Yeshua could handle the full power of the Dark Mother. This was the balancing of Yeshua to compassion and his ability to be a Talisman for us on the cross.

Would you be willing to expand on the contemplations I have above?
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