Book of the Hekalot: Chambers of the Palace

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Book of the Hekalot: Chambers of the Palace

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Book of the Hekalot: Chambers in the Divine Palace

When the vision bringer Elijah stood at the mouth of the cave, having been called to come out by Ha-Shem, it is written:

“Now there was a great wind, so strong that it was splitting mountains and breaking rocks in pieces before Yahweh, but Yahweh was not in the wind; after the wind and earthquake, but Yahweh was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but Yahweh was not in the fire; after the fire a sound of sheer silence. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. Then there came a voice to him…” (1 Kings 19:11-13).

The Mantle of the Prophet

First it must be said, if you wish to ride the Holy Merkavah you must know how to pray and meditate, and how to worship in the presence of Ha-Shem, and so also you must know how to consecrate a holy mantle (tallit, or prayer shawl), for it is unseemly to go before the Holy One without a light vesture; having consecrated your mantle as the mantle of Elijah, enter into the Tent of Meeting (Makom) only when you have purified yourself and are sanctified by the Holy Shekinah – let nothing unholy or impure taint the Holy Abode.

There is power in the mantle of the prophet, for the Names of the Holy One are in it, and the blessings of the archangels are upon it, and it has become woven with the Light and Fire of the Holy Shekinah – and so it is a vehicle of Light Transmission, Divine Revelation. Throwing his mantle over Elisha, Elijah chose and empowered his disciple according to the will of Ha-Shem, and so with his mantle Elijah parted the waters of the Sacred Jordan, and the place where the waters parted the Father entered into the Entirety in the form of a Holy Dove of White Brilliance, the Spirit of Messiah; when Elijah was taken up by a strong whirling wind in divine rapture, passing his mantle to Elisha he passed the power of the Baal Shem, the Master of the Name, to Elisha, and the prophecy of the coming of the Messiah was confirmed above and below.

When your prayers are acceptable to Yahweh Elohim and your meditation runs deep (hitbodedut), then the Supreme will consecrate your mantle through his Supernal Shekinah, the Supreme Mother, and Yahweh will speak with you in Elohim, and you will behold the appearance of Yahweh Elohim Shaddai; then holy angel of Adonai will walk with you wherever you go, and wherever you go that place will be holy, for the Holy Shekinah will be in that place.

You can go out to a place of power and consecrate your mantle in Sacred Circle, calling upon Ha-Shem and the Holy Shekinah, and invoking the Divine Powers, but until the Supreme and Shekinah of the Supreme ordains you, and consecrates and sanctifies your mantle, it is not the mantle of the prophet, the vision bringer; if you seek to receive the mantle of Elijah, the blessing of the Baal Shem, you must wait upon the Spirit of Yahweh in the Place, abiding unmoved until the Spirit of Yahweh moves you, for it is the Spirit of Yahweh that must give you the mantle, and the divine authority that comes with it.

When the Spirit of Yahweh moves, the Holy Star will shine in the East – the Bright Morning Star, the herald of the Spiritual Sun and the World-That-Is-Coming. Then by the True Light you will look and see, and the voice of Yahweh will come to you and speak to you, and you will know and understand.

Yet, if you are to look and see by the True Light, you must purify yourself and offer yourself up to Ha-Shem, and you must seek to walk in the way of the holy ones, who walk among the angels of God in the company of the Holy Shekinah; male and female must be joined in you so that the image of the Human One shines from you – always you must walk with the Holy Shekinah, never departing from her, not even for a moment of your life.

If and when the profane seek to look and see, abiding in a state of impurity, it is not the True Light that dawns for them, but the false light of the Other Side, Klippah Nogah; this is the light that deceived Faith-Wisdom and many angels of heaven, and from which the husk of religion was born, and it is the light from which all false prophesies arise, the inspiration of the false prophets and soothsayers who lead souls astray from the True Path.

Seeking to receive the mantle of the prophet, become a solitary individual – an authentic human being, and cleave to the Holy One and Shekinah.

Entering into the Palace of the Holy One

If you are called to seek Ha-Shem and you are invited into the Palace of Elyon, the Most High, then know that there are seven hekalot-chambers of the divine palace, the seventh chamber being the inmost, the Throne Room; there is yet another secret chamber with a bed in it, but only one who resembles the Sun of God can enter there, one destined to inherit the kingdom of God with all the authority of Elyon, Eheieh.

If you wish to enter into the holy palace, first you must unify your soul with Ha-Shem and be joined to the Holy Shekinah; the way of this is in the word hekhal-chamber, the number of which is 65, which is the number of *Adonai* – through unification with Adonai you must unify your soul and your body with all of the Divine Names, putting on the Mystical Body of the Risen Savior, Adonai Messiah.

*See the teachings on the Power of Ha-Shem and the Yichudim-Unifications elsewhere in this forum.

When your soul is unified with Ha-Shem, wrap yourself in your mantle as in a light vesture, and generate the Body of Light, as the Solar Body of the Resurrection; go out of the mouth of the cave, shifting your center of consciousness into your light-body through the Place of the Crossing on Golgotha, the Mount of the Skull – and standing at the mouth of the cave, wait upon the Spirit of Yahweh to draw your soul in ascent, and when you are called by the Spirit of Yahweh, invited, through conscious intention arise in ascent.

Here it must be said, “Before you can ascend in the merkavah, first you must descend.”

There are hekalot within hekalot – counting them would be as counting the stars in the night sky; and there are gradations within gradations when souls enter into the Divine Palace, riding the holy merkavah; of the chambers themselves the rider of the merkavah speaks to one who knows already, and that in private, and only when the Holy Shekinah is present.

In the first gradation, drawing near the first chamber and passing through the portal, there is inspiration to songs of praise and thanksgiving, and worship of Ha-Shem; and it is through worship of God in spirit and truth, and through worship with songs of praise and thanksgiving, that the soul runs and returns, ascending and descending in peace.

When Hayyah Yeshua appeared in the upper room, he spoken the mystic word *shalom-peace* twice; granting the disciples peace in ascent and peace in descent as they stood at the mouth of the cave, wrapped in their mantles, waiting upon Ruach Ha-Messiah. (In this a secret mystery is revealed.)

When a soul is in a higher grade they can enter the palace, and they are brought in and led by the maggidim through the heavenly chambers, where they are sanctified and allowed to stand before the Throne of Glory. Then in their soul, a person knows what shall come to pass in the future, and they will know who will be exalted and who will be humbled, and who will be empowered and who will be banished, who will be made wealthy and who will be made poor, and who will live and who will die, who will inherit and who will loose their inheritance, who will be invested with knowledge and understanding of the Torah and Gospel, and who will acquire Divine Wisdom.

When a soul rises to a yet higher grade, they can then look and see the secret deeds of people; they will know the righteousness of souls and unrighteousness of souls, and gain deeper insight into the esoteric mysteries of creation – all of this the soul recognizes and knows, and so there is knowledge of the tikkune-healing of souls.

When a soul rises further, to another grade above, they will know all manner of sorceries and magic, and wonderworking powers will dawn – if they are wise and upright, they will recognize the temptation, as did Adonai Yeshua when Satan came to him in the desert, and they will abide undistracted and seek only the glorification of El Elyon, God Most High.

Passing in ascent, whoever strikes out at the holy man or holy woman will find themselves plagued – for walking in the company of the angels of God, unified with Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot, the unification of Yahweh Elohim Shaddai shall come to pass, and the angels will look upon whoever has struck out at the holy person with judgment, causing ill-fortune. (The holy tzaddik need not even invoke this, but the angels will move of their own volition, according to the law and the will of Ha-Shem; but the holy tzaddik of this grade may act to suspend or prevent the judgment, forgiving the ignorant person or evil-doer.)

At a yet higher grade, even one who speaks negatively or maliciously about the holy man or holy woman may come to ill-fate.

As a soul passes yet higher in ascent, they are set apart from the masses of humankind, distinguished by the Light-presence and Light-power that is in them – they honored on high and below by those who love the Divine Light; whoever acts against such a holy and righteous person not only invokes the angels of wrath, but great darkness falls upon them, and they are given over to their fate with the dark and hostile forces (judgment without any mitigation).

Passing to an even higher gradation, perfect knowledge of the tikkune of souls dawns, including knowledge of the tikkune of divine beings and spirits, and a capacity to facilitate tikkune, to bind and release, to uplift, illuminate and liberate – the full power to pacify, enrich, subjugate and destroy; so they can discern between the various gradations of soul, and discern between the bestial, faithful and spiritual elect, and have complete knowledge of spirits. As much as the power of judgment, there is the power of mercy and compassion with them, and they are anointed with the Supernal Light of God, having come into being as a Light-bearer, Healer and Peacemaker.

Thus, passing from chamber to chamber, grade to grade, the soul of the holy tzaddik comes to the knowledge of God, and through Divine Grace the experience of conscious unification with God and Godhead in the Risen Messiah – union with the Messiah in El Elyon, Eheieh.

When the Holy Remembrance of the Divine I Am dawns there is Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom (Habad) – the Perfect Thunder Intelligence; and Faith, Hope and Love are radiant in that holy person, and there is the presence and power of the Holy One with that person – they do not walk with their feet on the ground, though it is only through the Holy Spirit that anyone can recognize who and what they are in the Continuum-Covenant.

*Of such a holy man or holy woman it must be said, “Unless the Holy Spirit reveals them, they abide in secret, for they do not make great claims of themselves, but they rely upon the witness of the Holy Spirit.”

Now, seeking to enter into the hekalot of the Divine Palace we shall say, you must become perfectly acquainted with the Elemental Forces and Divine Powers, and the elements of your consciousness must be purified, so that when the Presence of Yahweh moves you can calmly abide without fear, and likewise, as you pass through the lower grades of Divine Revelation you do not grasp at anything that appears, but pass by in ascent, undistracted. Thus, if you seek to enter into the chambers of the holy palace, first know and understand the Sacred Circle, and walk with Ha-Shem in the Sacred Circle, calling upon the Divine Powers in service to the Divine Kingdom.

If you ponder the power of judgment and divine protection surrounding a holy tzaddik or apostle, a bringer of vision and wonderworker; know and understand that darkness rules this world, and so there must be guardianship of the Continuum of Light Transmission, and the Light-bearers, the faithful and the elect, lest the Light Continuum could not be manifest in this world, or in any other realm, world or universe of the Entirety. Yet also you must know that there is a guardianship of the hekalot – for eight holy angels stand as guardians at every gate of the holy palace, and emanations of these are companions of souls who enter, so that these powers of the great guardians are with a true holy tzaddik, these emanations always being present with them. Not only these, but the emanation of the Prince of the Face (Metatron) and the Angel of the Holy Shekinah (Sandalfon), so that the Great Angel of Yahweh (or Yeshua) is with them, and all of the holy archangels under the dominion of the Prince of the Face are coming and going continually from their presence, all as ordained by the Supreme when the image and likeness of the Human One is made manifest.

Of the holy maggidim, the holy angels of God, the True Light, it must be said, they have peaceful, blissful and wrathful emanations; yet, all of the emanations of the maggidim are the manifestation of the mercy of God (Hesed of El), for they labor for the salvation of all souls, the enlightenment and liberation of all beings. Likewise it must be said that the maggidim of the True Light are sent out even among the greater and lesser divinities for the sake of their enlightenment and liberation, and so also do the holy tzaddikim labor among the divinities for their illumination – even gods and goddesses seek out the holy tzaddikim to receive teachings and initiation, and to be set upon the Path of the Great Ascension.

Calling upon the Great Angel of Yahweh

When you seek to enter into the Divine Palace, having unified your soul with the Holy Sefirot, then you must call upon the Great Angel of the Lord; putting on the Blessed Name, the image of the Risen Messiah, you must bind the image of Torahkiel Yahweh to you – this is accomplished with a sacred chant and kavvanot

Intone the Shema with the three kavvanot as taught in the tradition; and speak the commandment of Yeshua Messiah, the essence of the Holy Torah – and call upon Ha-Shem and praise and bless and glorify The Name, and pray for the unification of the Holy One and The Name.

Then take up the chant: Torahkiel Yahweh (IAOWAY), and then, Ah-Doe-Na-Yah, holding the kavvanah of the union of the Lord and His Name on the face of the earth.

When this is done, wrap yourself in the mantle and chant: Ta-U-Ta-Ree-Sa-Ya-Ah-Yo, holding the kavvanah upon Divine Beauty.

Then take up the chant:

Ta-U-Ree-Sa-Ya-Ah-Yo Tza-U-Ree-Ta-Ka Ta-U-Ta-Ree-Voo-Yo-Ah-Lo

Ta-O-Fe-Ga-Ree Ah-Sho-Ro-U-Yo-Ah-Yah Za-Va-U-Da-Io-Ah-La

Za-Ho-Ree-Ro-Ya-Ah-Lo Ta-Nu-Doe-Io-Ah-Lo

Ya-O-Zu-Ya-Ah Da-Ha-Ya-Va-U-Ro-Ya-Na


Yahweh Elohenu Israel

(This chant is intoned while holding the kavvanah of the Holy Crown, Ain Sof.)

*Each of these chants are intoned for one full round of the rosary, the chants being counted by the beads.

This is the generation of the Body of Light for the ascension, and the consciousness is transferred in fruition.

Knowledge of the Gatekeepers

*If you wish to know the gatekeepers of the Gates of the Divine Palace, you yourself must first serve as a gatekeeper, a herald, an exorcist and an acolyte (or inner guardian), serving at the holy altar of the Lord – you must know the way of the Palace of Lights upon the earth to know the way of the Palace of Light in the heavens.

The image and likeness of the glory of the Lord, the God of Israel, which is the image and likeness of the Human One of Light (Messiah) abides in the seven chambers of the Divine Palace, one within the other, and is enthroned at the right hand of El Elyon in the seventh chamber; at each of the Gates of Light there are eight gatekeepers, eight guardians, four of the right and four of the left, four of mercy and four of judgment, with a light-presence of compassion in the midst.

On the lintel is the corresponding Holy Name in flaming letters that holds dominion – with the Blessed Name, and songs of praise and thanksgiving corresponding to the Holy Name that holds dominion, judgment is negated and mercy is affirmed, and so the soul is allowed passage, being led in the way and uplifted by the angels of God, all according to the will of Elyon, the Most High.

The Holy Name of the first gate is Adonai Ha-Eretz, and the names of the holy maggidim are: Dahaviel, Kashriel, Gahuriel and Butiel to the right, and Tofhiel, Dahriel, Matkiel and Shaviel to the left; this chamber is the outermost courtyard, and in the midst is a fountain of living waters for the purification of the soul, and the Souls of Fire are in worship there.

The Holy Name of the second gate is Shaddai, and there are few who are not overwhelmed so as to pass through it. The names of the holy maggidim are: Tagriel, Matpiel, Sarcheil and Arpiel to the right, and Shaharariel, Satriel, Ragaiel and Sahiviel to the left. There is a seat of judgment in this holy chamber, and great glory and splendor such as no words can describe; the Great Kerub with a sword of flashing fire stands guard within it.

The Holy Name of the third chamber is Elohim Tzavaot, and the names of the holy maggidim are: Shaburiel, Ratzutziel, Shalmiel, and Sabliel to the right, and Zachzachiel, Hadariel, Paltriel and Bazriel to the left; this is the abode of worship of the Sons of God, and there is a great danger of temptation in it, for Satan is known to enter among them, holding the power to enter this chamber.

The Holy Name of the fourth gate is Yahweh Tzavaot, and the names of the holy maggidim are: Pachadiel, Geburatiel, Cazviel, and Shekhintael to the right, and Shatakiel, Araviel, Capiel and Anpiel to the left. This is an abode of prophetic inspiration, and in it the enlightened gods and goddesses worship in the presence of Ha-Shem.

The Holy Name of the fifth gate is Yahweh, and the names of the holy maggidim are: Techiel, Uziel, Gatiel, and Gatchiel to the right, and Sa’afriel, Garfiel, Gariel and Dariel to the left. This is an abode of great beauty and holiness, and the word of the Lord and knowledge of the Lord comes to those who enter here.

The Holy Name of the sixth gate is Elohim, and the names of the holy maggidim are: Dumiel, Katpiel, Gahgahiel and Arsbarsabael to the right, and Agromiel, Partziel, Machakiel and Tofriel to the left. This is an abode of the awesome power of creation and destruction, and the “great dragons” fly in within it, worshiping Ha-Shem in their full glory and power.

The Holy Name of the seventh gate is El, but in its perfection it is Yahweh Elohim. The names of the holy maggidim cannot be spoken; they are known only to the one who can go look and see, and to whom the Holy Spirit reveals them. There, at this gate, are all of the great and mighty ones, terrifying and fearsome in their power and glory, with swords of flashing fire in their hands, lightening bolts shooting from their eyes, streams of fire blazing from their nostrils, and coals of fire burning in their mouths – they are the pure ones, and with them are all manner of divine beings and the holy elders; within this chamber is the Throne of Glory, with the One-Who-Sits-Upon-The-Throne seated upon it.

Of the inmost secret Bridal Chamber we shall say the Holy Name of its door is Yah Yahweh Elohim, Eheieh; but only those who know and proclaim the Supreme Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah will gaze into it – therein is the presence and power of the Sacred Tau, Shin-Tau (the Great Seth). The sixteen watchers of Hua are the attendants in this most holy abode of Supernal Grace and Glory; in the midst is the Messiah in repose, abiding in the union of El Elyon and the Supernal Shekinah.

*The holy angel that is named first is the chief guardian of the corresponding gate – the angel that presides over the gate and the holy order guarding it.

A soul may pass into the hekalot in a vision within dream – with the knowledge of the Divine Names and names of the maggidim they may ascend; but so too, an adept may project their consciousness into them through their light-body in a meditation from within waking consciousness – in either case, though, there is preparation through prayer and fasting, and self-purification.

We shall say, “Those who are able to enter in full into the Divine Palace are those who rise at midnight to study and contemplate the Holy Torah and Gospel, and to worship in the presence of Ha-Shem.”

The Powers of the Gatekeepers

These are the powers of the corresponding Holy Sefirot of Construction manifest in mercy or judgment; the holy ones who are acquainted with these angels and who have direct knowledge of the hekalot can call upon them, drawing upon their power for the sake of the Great Work, the harvest of souls. If an initiate has true knowledge and understanding of the Holy Sefirot and their correspondences, and is able to unify their soul with the Divine Names, they will know and understand the power of these holy angels and how to call upon them.

Yet, there is something more to be said of the powers of these holy maggidim, for having become acquainted with them and having acquired direct knowledge of the hekalot, calling upon The Name and the maggidim, the holy tzaddik can bring down these Gates or Portals of Light upon the earth, opening them on the earth to extend the blessings and grace of the Palace of Light in the world. Indeed, such a holy man or holy woman is a keeper of the gates and opener of the way, and it is for this reason that the vision bringers run and return, seeking to invoke the blessings of Ha-Shem upon the people, all for the sake of the harvest of souls.

Here we must say, “All of this must be performed for its own sake, and for the sake of the desire to give and to bring glory to God, lest the klippot will enter to taint and pervert, and there will be great danger, for the outermost guardians are dark and hostile forces, demons.”

This is the Book of the Hekalot, the essential teachings on the gates and chambers of the Divine Palace – receiving initiation and the oral transmission, with study and contemplation of this holy book, and through prayer and meditation upon it, an aspirant who is called to take up the practice of this ascension will understand the instructions that are given in it.

*This holy book is recorded in the name and blessed memory of Tau Elijah Ben Miriam.

(In order to acquire deeper insight into the hekalot, an aspirant may wish to also study and contemplate the teachings on the ascension through the seven heavens as given in the Order of St. Lazarus, understanding an energetic correspondence between the seven heavens and the seven chambers.)

This completes the essential introductory teaching given on the hekalot – May Ha-Shem bless and sanctify those who seek with a good heart, circumcised of the Orlah of Klippah Nogah.; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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