Dream Interpretation: Dream & Vision

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Dream Interpretation: Dream & Vision

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Dream Interpretation: Dream & Vision

The Zohar says that in sleep the soul departs from the body and passes into other realms and worlds of the inner dimensions of our universe, or at times ventures into realms and worlds of parallel universes. According to the Zohar, “at midnight,” the Holy One of Being enters into the “secret garden” to commune with the righteous ones, the tzaddikim, revealing to them mysteries of creation and mysteries of God and Godhead, and revealing things that will soon come to pass in the world and fulfilling the prayers of their souls in communion.

Now, the ascent of the soul into the inmost communion with the Holy One, the interior Shekinah, Imma Shekinah – the Supernal Light, requires the utmost purity of mind and heart, thought and desire, perfect devekut-cleaving to the Supernal Shekinah, the Shekinah of El Elyon, the Supreme. The single desire of the soul must be the knowledge of El Elyon or Eheieh and union with El Elyon or Eheieh, for in ascent the soul passes through many realms and worlds of the inner dimensions, and may be drawn into the realms and worlds of parallel universes – if a soul desires anything less than knowledge of the Holy One and Union with the Holy One, and turns aside seeking to fulfill that desire, then in their journey that night they will not enter and abide in the inmost communion with the Holy One of Being, but their communion will be in a lesser gradation or an impure grade.

Nevertheless, even an experience and communion in outer grades can be very lofty and can venture into a luminous vision in dream, for if a soul has sufficient purity in mind and heart, but is not so pure as to entertain the inmost gradation of communion directly with the Shekinah of El Elyon or Eheieh, the Divine I Am, then they may commune with one of the other Divine Attributes, or if a soul cannot pass up in ascent into the World of the Holy Sefirot to commune in the Divine Attributes or Supernal Malkut, then the Holy One may commune with them through the archangels, greater divinities, and the spirits of the great tzaddikim and navim, or if an ascent into the world of archangels and souls is not possible, the Holy One may commune with them through the holy angels, lesser divinities, and the spirits of imperfect tzaddikim and lesser navim.

If a soul cannot ascend into the world of angels, then they will entertain communion with the Holy One through luminous celestial and elemental spirits, and various spirits of righteousness – the luminous shedim all manner of mythical and magical spirits that are inclined to the service of the kingdom of heaven.

At all of these gradations luminous dream can transpire, and if and when lucid dream occurs, depending upon the degree of lucidity, a vision can occur within dream – something more than a “dream.”

Now, there are also all manner of gradations of dream that are more admixed and less luminous – dreams of Klippah Nogah and the Other Side, the dominion of the klippot. As souls ascend they may become bound up in the domains of the demiurge and archons, and they may come into contact with “archangels” and “angels” of these titanic and impure forces, and all manner of deceptive spirits and unenlightened souls associated with them, or they may be drawn into the darker realms and worlds of shades and shadows, demons and spirits of the void and chaos. On occasion, through merit or through grace, souls of ordinary individuals might be drawn for a little while beyond these realms, worlds and universes of false lights, glimpsing something of the kingdom of heaven and True Light, or some divine messenger might be sent to them in the midst of their soul’s wandering in the dominion of the klippot; but, generally speaking, most ordinary individuals do not pass beyond Klippah Nogah in their soul’s journey in dream, for their desire is bound up in the false lights and their karmic continuum binds them to the impure emanations and influences of the klippot, the dominion of the demiurge and archons.

In this we may understand the need for self-purification among the navim, the seers, and the need for the generation of merit – greater energy or light-power and a higher vibration in consciousness, for according to the thoughts and desires of a soul, or according to what the soul most loves, incarnations, dreams and afterlife experiences arise, giving expression to the soul’s desire, the soul’s love.

Here we can say: Always, the soul becomes what it most loves, all of the soul’s experiences arising from its desire.

At every level, even at the level of the most luminous dreams, according to the sages of the Zohar, there is always an admixture of truth and falsehood, though in the inner gradations of luminous dreams there is greater truth. Likewise, even when vision arises in dream, the soul becoming lucid in dream to some degree, until the soul is able to behold the vision in the clear mirror of prophecy, seeing the vision in the hazy mirror there can be misunderstanding, distortions and falsehood mixed with the truth. Indeed, apart from a full awakening in dream and a breakthrough into Supernal Consciousness and the Supernal Universe, the Pleroma of Light, all dreams and visions have some admixture of falsehood with truth, and spiritual discernment is necessary.

According to the Zohar, all dreams, at every gradation, impure or pure, have a great manifesting power in them – everything that transpires in the world and in waking consciousness first takes place in dream and the inner dimension of consciousness, and it is revealed in dream or vision before it transpires in the world. This manifesting power is directed by the interpretation of the dream – whether an interpretation within the dream by the power of a lucid dreamer acting within the dream, or upon awakening from dream by the power prayer and invocation, speaking its interpretation. The key power, however, is speech upon awakening from dream, for it is by speech that what might have been accomplished in lucid dream is made complete and accomplished, and so it comes to pass as it is spoken.

Because of the power of the interpretations given of a dream – the great manifesting power directed by thought and speech, the Zohar teaches us that we must always draw out the truth from within our dreams and that we must always interpret dreams in a positive way, drawing out whatever blessings are in them. Likewise, because whatever a person might speak regarding our dreams also draws upon this same power, shaping what manifests, we should be careful with whom we share our dreams – if we are wise, we will share them only with people that we can trust and who love us, lest, if a person speaks a negative interpretation of dream, then rather than a blessing a curse may be invoked from it.

In this regard it does not matter what grade of dream we experience, or whether it is luminous or shadowy, pleasant or unpleasant – always we will speak a positive interpretation of the dream, and pray to the Holy One and Shekinah for what we have spoken to be made manifest.

Even a dream of apparent ill omen can be positively interpreted – for example we might say, “The divine will protect me from this ill-fortune or evil,” or “I am being liberated from this fear and the negative karma behind it – the Holy One is bringing about the tikkune of my soul.” In one way or another a positive interpretation will be spoken – and here we must emphasize that it must be spoken aloud, and joined with prayer or invocation; for speech is the first gradation of manifesting in the material dimension and the physical world, and therefore what we wish to see made manifest we speak aloud.

In truth, in all things, the vision-bringer must remember the great power within speech and must seek to master speech – regarding this you may wish to contemplate the Letter of St. James and take to heart his sage advice to the saints, the tzaddikim.

Indeed, this power extends into everything manifesting in our experience, and to whatever circumstances, situations and events transpire in our lives – as St. James teaches us, even apparent trials and tribulations, or apparent ill-fortune, ought to be received with joy and interpreted in a positive way, and whenever we have a need or feel that we are lacking, we ought to pray, invoking the blessing and empowerment of the Holy One and Shekinah.

The Zohar says that dream is “one sixtieth the power of death” – that the soul embarks upon the same journey in sleep and dream as in death and the afterlife, only in sleep and dream the soul maintains its vital link to the body and, running, it returns to the body, whereas at the time of death it can no longer return and enter into the body. Thus, observing sleep and dream at present we have insight into the experience of the soul in death and the afterlife were the hour of death to come at present, and just as how we live each day is reflected by our dreams, so how we live our life is reflected by our afterlife experience, for better or for worse. Likewise, to the extent that our future lives are formed from our afterlife experience, arising out of the afterlife experience, if we want to know what our next incarnation will be like, we merely need to look and see how we are living today, and look and see what’s transpiring in our experience of dreams. If we wish to make a change, now is the time to speak it and to enact it!

In this regard, the sons and daughters of the navim make a close study of the teachings on dying and death, for going to sleep is the very same process in consciousness, though without the dissolution of the vital link between the body and soul, and the arising of the afterlife experience from “death” as taught in the tradition is the very same process as the arising of dreams. In fact, our experience of reality arises in the very same way in all states and dimensions of consciousness, all are a radiant or magical display of the mind, consciousness or soul.

Those familiar with the teachings on death and the arising of the afterlife states will know and understand that, in truth, all souls pass into the inmost gradation of communion with the Holy One of Being in dreamless sleep, and all souls experience the inner gradations of luminous dream and vision, but just as most souls in death, their abiding in dreamless sleep is a state of unconscious oblivion – a complete loss of self-awareness, and likewise, the subtle and sublime arising of the inner gradations of luminous dream and vision from the Clear Light occur in an unconscious state. In much the same way that the ordinary or unenlightened soul arises in the afterlife states, forgetting death and wandering aimless in impure visions, coming to the judgment or life review, and experiencing the spiritual entities with which it has formed links in the previous life, all by way of an unconscious karmic compulsion, so it is with ordinary or unenlightened souls in dream.

Thus, in truth, it is not that any soul is separate from the Holy One of Being or the Light of the Infinite, but it is that souls are unaware of their innate unity and perfection – they, as yet, have not recognized and realized the essence and nature of their holy soul and therefore are bound up in the ignorance, forgetfulness, and the illusion of separation.

The power that is in us to speak the interpretation of dream and to shape how its influence manifests in life reflects the innate unity of the soul with the Holy One and the Clear Light – the Light of the Infinite, the power of Eheieh in us, the Divine I Am.

As is known to mystics around the world, as taught by the ancient seers, all reality is dream-like, the radiant or magical display of our own mind – this is true of the realms and worlds into which the soul incarnates, and the realms and worlds the soul enters in dream, and the realms and worlds the soul enters in the afterlife, all are the radiant or magical display of the soul’s energy-intelligence. Thus, the realms and worlds we encounter in dream or in the afterlife, and the beings we experience in them, are as relatively real in their own dimension as our world, as we are in this dimension, the material dimension.

Whether in waking consciousness, sleep and dream, or death and the afterlife, all of our experiences are equally “real,” all arising from the same ground, in the same way, though each is an arising in different dimensions of consciousness – the ground of all is the Nature of the Divine Mochin (Mind), the Clear Light Nature, which is the inmost essence of the soul and the Holy One of Being.

Thus, the navim receive dreams in this way, seeing their dreams as equally important as what transpires in this world. Indeed, for they know and understand that what transpires in this world first transpires in dream, as surely as what transpires in this life comes from what transpired in the afterlife states before the soul entered into this life.

Understanding this, the navim respond and interact with their dreams through shifts in their spiritual life and practice in just the same way as they respond and interact with what’s transpiring in their lives, seeing their dream life and waking life as completely interwoven, inseparable from one another. Thus, just as what is transpiring in life guides and directs their prayers and sacred ceremonies – their spiritual works for the people, so also do their dreams and visions; what arises in dream and vision shapes their continuum of prayer, meditation and sacred ceremony.

Indeed, when luminous dreams and visions arise, when they awaken in the morning they will give praise and thanks to the Holy One and Shekinah, and they will invoke the Divine Powers to manifest the blessings they have beheld and received, speaking the interpretation of the dream or vision, praying and performing sacred ceremony to draw out the blessings and light-power of the dream or vision.

In a similar manner, if and when less than luminous dreams and visions arise, they will take up a continuum of purification and banishing for the people, invoking divine protection and empowerment against shades and shadows; in the same way they draw out an increase of mercy and grace, they will seek the mitigation of judgment, praying for relief from sorrow and suffering, deliverance from shades and shadows.

Always, the navim pay attention to their dreams and their energy, and they speak positive interpretations of their dreams, and actively respond to what they behold in dream and vision for the sake of the people.

Here it must be said, that while our dreams may seem personal, and while, perhaps, there may be some personal or individual elements in them, in truth they are not only personal but are transpersonal – they are as much about the people, all our relations, as they are about us. Thus, in our labor with dreams and visions, we do not labor for ourselves alone, but we labor for the enlightenment and liberation of all beings, all our relations.

Dreams, in fact, are never about what’s happening with us alone, but are about what’s happening with countless sentient beings. in countless world-systems, as well as what may be happening in our experience; thus, dreams instruct the daughters and sons of the navim in their spiritual works for the people, guiding them in their spiritual life and practice.

Along with self-purification, the sublimation and mastery of desire, the inner gradations of dream and vision, like the inner gradations of Light Transmission, require the generation of merit, light-power, and the cultivation of a higher vibration in consciousness; hence, the awakening of the Fiery Intelligence in us and the generation of the Body of Light – the Solar Body of the Resurrection.

The more an initiate is immersed in the spiritual life and practice, with zeal and passion for Ha-Shem, the more luminous dreams and visions will arise; the greater their passion and light-power, the further the “ascent” of the soul in sleep and dream, the more often lucid dream or vision will occur, and the more they will be able to consciously engage spiritual practices in the dream-time. Indeed, awakening in life, we awaken in dream, and the more we walk in beauty and holiness, and sojourn as a light-bearer, healer and peacemaker in one reality, so it is in the other.

In this, understanding the relative reality of dream, and the prophetic quality of dreams – what is done in a dream has an actual effect and influence, and it is equally a relatively real action accomplished; in much the same way as the adept who is able to generate a body of light, shift their consciousness into it, and take up spiritual works in the inner dimensions, so it is in works within dreams, especially in lucid dreams of higher gradations.

In this respect, you may know and understand that true adepts – illumined or realized individuals, labor for the kingdom of heaven and the glorification of God in sleep and dream, just as they do in their waking life and this world. They teach and initiate spirits and souls in dream-time, impart blessings and empowerments, engage in healings and illuminations, exorcisms and the vanquishing of demons, and all manner of good works, and they are actual spiritual works, as sure as those that they do in this world – it is their “heavenly ministry.” They do not sleep, but they pray without cessation, tending the Flame of the Continuum day and night – this is the noble ideal and aim of the sons and daughters of the navim, the labor of a true Baal Shem Tov, Master of the Good Name.

In this regard, true adepts do not only seek to ascend into the lofty heights, but they also seek to descend into the shadowy depths – in their play of spiritual works in the inner dimensions and in dream they seek to preach the Holy Gospel and extend the Light of the True Cross into all realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence, the Entirety. Their spiritual works in the inner dimensions, and in dream and vision, correspond to the compassionate intention of their Holy Maggid and Body of Glory, just as their spiritual works in this world correspond with the compassionate intention of their Body of Emanation.

Now, in terms of the interpretation of dreams, such as what we see with the patriarch Joseph or the prophet Daniel, it is a gift given by the Holy Spirit – let the daughter or son of the navim pray for this gift, and for all gifts necessary for the spiritual labor of a vision-bringer for the people.

If a direct knowing of the true meaning or interpretation of a dream does not dawn spontaneously, whether their own dream or the dream of someone else, then a navi will purify and consecrate themselves, and will pray and meditate, seeking its interpretation from the Holy Spirit. Likewise, they may perform a sacred ceremony for dream interpretation, invoking Ha-Shem and the Shekinah, and seeking the interpretation of the dream from the Divine Powers of the Sacred Circle – in one way or another they will seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for a dream’s interpretation.

Although a dream that is given to you may be interpreted according to your luminous heart-wish, ideally the interpretation of a dream ought to be inspired by Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Holy Spirit. Thus, when interpreting dreams the navim always seek the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the word of Yahweh Elohim.

This is the initial oral transmission on the interpretation of dreams given to aspirants in the Order of St. Gabriel, the assembly of the sons and daughters of the navim, the seers – further oral transmissions about dream interpretation proceed from this foundation, some of which will be shared later in due season.

Receiving the Good Grace of Hayyah Yeshua, may all living spirits and souls be drawn up in the Great Ascension in dream and the afterlife, and so fulfill their inmost heart’s desire, their soul’s dream. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Gradations of Dream & Visions in Dream

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Gradations of Dream & Visions in Dream

The inmost gradation of prophecy is neither a dream nor a vision, but rather it is a state of pure radiant awareness in union with God and Godhead in which we experience direct knowing, a state indicated by various terms such as, the Divine Mind, Gnosis Mind, Perfect Thunder Intelligence, Supernal Habad or Messianic Consciousness, among others. This inmost gradation of “prophecy” corresponds with Keter on the Tree of Life, union with the Shekinah of El Elyon, the Supreme, or Eheieh, the Divine I Am, and it corresponds with the deepest possible state of meditation (hitbodedut), which parallels the ability to maintain the presence of awareness in what we call “death” and dreamless sleep, the state of the dissolution of consciousness in union with the Clear Light Essence.

Essentially, if we are able to abide awake in dreamless sleep, abiding in the presence of awareness, recognizing our inseparability from the Clear Light, the pure radiant awareness of the Holy One of Being (Divine or Enlightened Being), in this state is all knowledge, understanding and wisdom, and we may say all prophecy, for all arises from this primordial ground of Clear Light, Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite, the illumination of Bornless Being.

Now, abiding in this way, if and when dream arises, if we are able to maintain this presence of awareness – pure radiant awareness, there is no difference between dreamless sleep and the arising of dreams, for in this inmost grade of the presence of awareness we are completely awake in dream, aware of the dream as the radiant display of the energy-intelligence of our mind, consciousness or soul, inseparable from its essence and nature, the Clear Light. It is an experience of non-dual gnostic awareness, and in this experience all self-liberates as it arises, and dream is directed by a silent volition or intention, or a mere wish or thought. This is the enlightenment and liberation of the soul, the full realization of the soul – the state of the Perfect Tzaddik, the Perfect Master.

In this regard, the Perfect Tzaddik has no need for dream, no need for practice, so their attainment is called “no more dream,” “no more practice,” and yet, on account of the Sacred Heart, love and compassion, the desire for the enlightenment and liberation of all sentient beings, they take up the play of dream for the sake of the Continuum of Light Transmission, arising in dream and in the inner dimensions in Body of Glory. Aware of their Glory Body and the worlds of dream and the inner dimensions as inseparable from one another, aware of all as the radiant display of mind, consciousness or soul, appearing and enacting the Great Resurrection and Ascension they liberate living spirits and souls from their bondage, awakening them.

Thus, for the Perfect Tzaddik, every gradation of dream and vision is the same, there is no difference, whether dreams or visions at the level of Atzilut, Beriyah, Yetzirah or Asiyah, whether of the Holy Sefirot or the klippot, for they abide in non-dual realization, full Supernal or Messianic Consciousness.

The same is true of the Perfect Tzaddik arising from death into the afterlife states, and entering into incarnation for the sake of the salvation of living spirits and souls, or their return from sleep and dream to the waking consciousness of incarnation – there is no difference between death and dreamless sleep, or deep meditation, and the arising of incarnations, for they are aware of all as a radiant or magical display of mind, consciousness or soul, aware of their apparent body and the apparent world of incarnation as Pure Emanation.

An individual with this full Self-realization in Christ is, indeed, a holy and enlightened being, and may rightly be called an incarnation of Divine or Enlightened Being – and embodying the awareness of all reality as dream-like, as a lucid dreamer fully awake, they bear the power to transform apparent reality, great wonderworking power, such as we witness in Adonai Yeshua and other Perfect Tzaddikim (great masters) who have appeared among us.

In this, perhaps, you may gain insight into the mystery of the crucifixion and resurrection, insight into how the karmic continuum of the world was dispelled by Adonai Messiah and insight into how the Pleroma of Light was embodied and revealed in him – the Light Transmission that awakens souls.

Here we may say that the body and the world in which it appears are inseparable from one another – therefore, knowing this and intending to redeem the world, bringing his body to cessation Adonai Messiah brought the sin or karma of the world into cessation, and appearing in the resurrection he revealed the truth of the body and world as Pure Emanation, all the radiant or magical display of mind, consciousness or soul.

In this light, consider and contemplate the appearance of the Risen Messiah in the gospels, orthodox and gnostic, and consider and contemplate the description of the “appearance of the Lord” in the Acts of St. John, and consider and contemplate the story of the “transfiguration of the Lord” in the gospels and all of the miracles or wonders he performed, even raising the dead to life.

Sleep and dream, and death and the afterlife, and reincarnation, are no different in essence and nature – it is all dream-like, a magical display of consciousness, only the incarnate state throughout all realms, worlds and universes, in all dimensions of sentient existence, is as a great collective dream, a radiant display of the mind or consciousness of all spirits and souls in it.

Now this inmost gradation of “prophecy” is relatively rare in the fields of sentient existence, it is a most lofty attainment and there are precious few who embody it within the realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence, the Entirety; but always, Perfect Tzaddikim are among us, usually laboring in secret, and with them there are many imperfect tzaddikim who labor in the harvest of souls, adepts and masters of various gradations of Self-realization in Christ, ranging from various gradations of Supernal Realization to various gradations of cosmic and spiritual realization – a great luminous assembly of tzaddikim and maggidim, initiates of the “Order of Melchizedek.”

Although this inmost gradation of Self-realization is relatively rare, there are many other grades of realization and prophecy, many other grades of dream and vision – the dreams and visions that arise corresponding with gradations of the realization of the consciousness or soul, various gradations of the presence of awareness and actualization of our energy-intelligence.

“Dream” corresponds with all visionary experiences that arise in sleep when the soul remains asleep and dreaming, unaware that it is dreaming, and it corresponds with dreams in which some lucidity dawns, some awareness of dreaming, but in which little or no conscious volition is possible, let alone more radical transformations of dream or the conscious ability to bring the dream into cessation, dissolving it into its essence and nature.

“Vision” in dream corresponds with lucid dreams in which the soul becomes aware that it is asleep and dreaming, and in which a conscious volition to engage and determine actions in the dream arises, and in which a capacity arises to direct or transform the dream, more or less, the peak of which is the ability to bring the dream into cessation or repose, or dissolution into the Clear Light Essence.

The various gradations of dream are recognized by the level of light that is in them, and by the gradation of the emanations of divine and enlightened beings (or spiritual beings-forces) contacted – the greater the light level and the greater the spiritual beings-forces, the higher the grade of the dream, the greater the truth that is in it and the less falsehood.

The various gradations of vision are recognized by the level of lucidity that is in them, and by the gradations of the emanations of divine and enlightened beings contacted – the greater the lucidity, the greater the presence of awareness and conscious volition, and the greater the emanation of the Divine Presence and Power, the higher the grade of the vision, the greater the divine revelation and the less distortion of ignorance (the demiurge).

Now, in terms of dreams, most dreams occur in the astral dimension – astral planes, and there are lower, middle and upper astral planes. The lower astral planes corresponds with hell realms and hungry ghost realms, and to all manner of darkly splendid and frightful dreams (nightmares) – such dreams occur in what seems like night time or in dimly lit environments, and usually these dreams are pervaded with anxieties and insecurities, or with unsatisfied longing and lust, or with anger and hate, and often there are accusers, adversaries or predators in them, feelings of being pursued, stalked or attacked, or persecuted. In the middle astral planes there is more light – moon-like light, similar to a full moon, and the emotional texture of the dreams and what transpires in them is significantly more positive, and the characters and entities in the dream tend to be less hostile and more friendly. Dreams in the lower and middle astral dimensions tend to assume forms akin to more personal subconscious rambling, and express the play of egoistic desires and fears in life, but dreams in the lower astral and middle astral can take on a magical quality – in the lower astral actual encounters with hungry ghosts (unclean spirits) and demonic spirits (evil spirits) may occur and in the middle astral encounters with various mythical and magical spirits, and celestial and elemental spirits may take place. The upper astral tends to be somewhat spiritual and significantly more magical, and is very luminous in comparison with the lower and middle astral planes. The light of the upper astral is moon-like, but very bright and pleasant, far greater than any earthly moon, and the emotional texture of the dreams is very pleasurable and joyful, and what transpires tends to be completely positive and the beings encountered are very friendly, magical and luminous. In the upper astral dreams can become heavenly and the soul may begin to come into contact with lesser angels and other souls that are faithful and who sojourn the spiritual path, seeking truth. All astral realms, worlds and universes, however, are deceptive, and at all levels of the astral dimension, even at the level of the highest astral plane, there is a great admixture of truth and falsehood, the play of light and shadow, good and evil, and in the astral dimension evil can appear luminous, good and true, when it is not. Thus, in the astral spiritual discernment and knowledge of how to put spirits to the test is essential – in the astral there is a strong presence of “archangels” “angels” and “spirits” of the dominion of the demiurge and archons, as well as darker spirits of the Other Side.

Beyond the astral dimension there is the mental, higher vital and causal dimensions, and beyond them are the spiritual dimension and the Supernal Dimension, the Pleroma of Light. Dreams in the mental dimension are lit by what seems like sunlight – not an ordinary sunlight, which can occur at the level of the upper middle astral, but a very bright and intense sun-like light, and that light tends to flare off beings and objects in the dream world of the mental planes. At the level of the higher vital, the light becomes even brighter, and beings and objects of the dream world glow and sparkle with the light, beginning to become self-luminous. In the causal dimension, everything is self-luminous, but in what may be called a subtle “moon-like” way, whereas in the spiritual dimension, the spiritual planes, everything blazes with self-radiance that is “sun-like.”

Throughout the mental, higher vital and causal dimensions contacts with angels and various divine and enlightened beings become more and more frequent, and the spiritual beings-forces contacted bear greater power from one dimension to another. At the level of the causal the soul may begin to encounter messengers of archangels who come in their name or restricted emanations of archangels, and as a soul passes into the planes of the spiritual dimension they will encounter greater emanations of the archangels, greater divinities, great cosmic forces and spirits of the greater tzaddikim and navim – very radiant and powerful spiritual beings-forces.

From one level to another, from the mental to the spiritual dimension, there is greater light and less shadow, greater truth and less falsehood, but even in the peak of the spiritual dimension, the inmost spiritual plane, there remains some influence of darkness and falsehood, for the most subtle and sublime dualism or illusion of separation remains in consciousness. It is only as the soul passes into the Supernal Dimension that dualism is brought into cessation, and with it all darkness and falsehood passes away allowing the fullness of the Divine Truth and Divine Light to be revealed, the visions and prophecies in gradations of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness.

Here we must say that the distinction between gradations of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness are known only to the greater tzaddikim or spiritual masters who realize them – they correspond to the Supernal Sefirot and are unifications with the Divine Names and Partzufim, the fruition of which is unification with El Elyon and Eheieh, God Most High and the Divine I Am.

It is at the level of the Supernal Dimension, the Supernal Consciousness, that conscious union with God and Godhead becomes possible – true Self-realization in the Messiah.

Dream or vision can occur at any level from the astral to the spiritual, but at the level of the Supernal Dimension it is always a “vision” – in a dream the soul sees, hears and knows what is revealed, and the experience proceeds along as though pre-scripted, akin to ordinary dreams, but in a vision within dream there is lucidity and a soul can interact with the beings and world that appear, akin to how the soul may interact with the beings and world that appear in incarnation. In other words, there is a distinct conscious volition in thought, speech and action, and the greater the degree of lucidity, the greater the power to direct and transform the vision, and the greater the knowledge, understanding and wisdom that dawns in it.

Naturally, the interpretation of a dream or vision, or prophecy, has some foundation in the recognition of the grade of the spiritual and mystical experience – misrecognition of the gradation of dream and vision can lead to distortions and misinterpretations. An excellent example is the prophet Mohammed, whose visions occur at the level of Beriyah through the archangel Gabriel – Yesod of Beriyah; although the visions of the prophet Moses occur at a far higher grade, and the attainment of Adonai Yeshua is of an even higher grade than that of Moshenu, Mohammed proclaims himself the “greatest” of all prophets. Likewise, although true prophets and apostles, and divine and enlightened beings, continue to appear among us, he proclaimed himself the “last true prophet of God.” In this we see the deceptions and falsehood that can occur in lofty gradations of prophecy.

Indeed, we have the great contrast between the Old Testament and New Testament as our grand example, and the great ignorance that taints and pervades the entire Old Testament – the corruption of the demiurge, the ignorance. The highest gradation of prophecy in the Old Testament occurs at the level of cosmic consciousness and the inmost plane of the spiritual dimension, never arising to the Supernal Dimension, and therefore none speak of entering into conscious union with God and Godhead. Adonai Yeshua, however, as the Messiah, speaks from the experience of union with God and Godhead, the inmost grade of union, unification with El Elyon and Eheieh, the Divine I Am, embodying the fullness of the Supernal Sefirot and Shekinah.

In this we may know and understand that there are many different gradations of divine revelation, and many different gradations of wisdom traditions, teachings and Light Transmission arising from the various grades of divine revelation – just as all revelations are not of the same gradation, so all teachings and initiations are not of the same gradation, but there are higher and lower gradations of wisdom, and within the various gradations of wisdom there are secret, inner and outer manifestations, and each soul is able to receive according to their capacity, their development and evolution.

Having indicated various gradations of true dream and vision, or prophecy, we can also indicate gradations of false prophecy that come from the Other Side, the dominion of the klippot – we may examine the works of “Enochian Magic,” for example, and the strange teachings of false prophets arising from them, or we may consider the life and teachings of the false prophet Joseph Smith and the strange doctrines arising from his dreams and visions. These are all examples of “prophecy” from false light of Klippah Nogah and the dominion of the Other Side. Indeed, great deception and great falsehood is possible in dreams and visions, and in spiritual and mystical experiences – self-purification and consecration are key, specifically the purification of self-cherishing, attachment and aversion, or the play of the egoistic self, and egoistic desire and fear.

Always it is through self-grasping that deceiving spirits and falsehood enter into play, playing upon egoistic desires and fears that have not been removed from consciousness.

Thus, it must be remembered that our consciousness itself is the mirror of prophecy, whether clear, hazy, or sorely distorted and obstructed.

This is an extension upon the basic oral transmission regarding the interpretation of dreams, and in a little while perhaps we might add something more to this, but no doubt, for the moment, this is enough.

Living in submission to the Holy Shekinah of the Supreme, may all who seek the influx of the Light from above receive it, and may they dream true and be blessed with spiritual discernment through the Grace of Hayyah Yeshua. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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The Play of Interpreting Dreams

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Mar 20, 2009 12:36 pm

The Play of Interpreting Dreams

The Zohar says that a dream not interpreted is like a “letter that is unread,” a message that is, in effect, not received, remaining “unknown” – nevertheless the energy that arises in dreams plays itself out, but unknown to the person, which is to say that it plays out on an unconscious level according to habitual patterns of thought, speech and action, or habitual patterns of desire, fear and unconscious expectation, the karmic continuum of the soul.

Here we may remember the realization of the adepts at the level of Da’at, the Great Abyss – reaching Da’at they realize that things manifest as they expect them to manifest, whether by unconscious karmic patterns or by way of conscious volition. If by way of unconscious habitual patterns, or the karmic continuum of the soul, then if the soul has great merit, positive and luminous patterns in consciousness, blessings and good fortune will follow, which is all well and fine; but if there is not merit, but there are negative and impure patterns in consciousness, trouble, curses and ill fortune will come to pass – from an unconscious level the karmic continuum of the soul plays itself out, for better or for worse.

This is exactly what transpires with dreams – when they are not interpreted and their energy is not directed on a conscious level, then the energy of dreams will play itself out on an unconscious level, according to the law and the karmic continuum of the soul. Failing to interpret our dreams we may, indeed, rely upon merit, but doing so is very unpredictable, for it is impossible to say what karmic seeds will be activated – it could be positive or negative, or neither, and there is no way of telling. Likewise, relying upon merit is unwise, for merit can be expended and it is good to store up merit for a time that it might actually be needed and used for something worthwhile – something of true benefit to our soul or the soul of another.

Aside from this, however, when dreams go without interpretation it gives inroads to the influences of the klippot to enter into play and link with the soul to steal vital energy and light-power, and to cause all manner of trouble and grief. Thus, not only the karmic continuum of the soul may come into play with unfortunate consequences, but the karma of the soul may also attract klippotic forces, admixed and dark forces.

We may also say that if we wish to experience more luminous dreams, let alone visions in dream or lucid dream, then we must pay attention to our dreams and to our energy and vibration in consciousness, seeking to keep our energy completely positive and seeking to maintain a higher vibration in consciousness. Thus, actively working with our dreams and interpreting our dreams becomes very important, invoking and banishing as is called for, and taking up the energy flowing out of our dreams on a conscious level, consciously responding, instead of unconsciously reacting or ignoring.

Ignoring equals ignorance!

The most crucial issue, of course, is to bring about the tikkune-healing of our soul, the reintegration of our soul with our body and life, and the reintegration of our soul with the Light Continuum, Yahweh; hence, our liberation from bondage to the law and karma – the shattering of all internal klippot and the liberation of all sparks of the soul bound up in them.

Here we may say, to the extent that we dispel internal klippot and reintegrate the sparks of our consciousness or soul bound up in them, we retrieve light-power of our soul from external klippot, liberating our soul from the dominion of the archonic and demonic spirits. As we know, when souls depart the body in sleep and dream, or in death and the afterlife, and pass in ascent, most often they are not able to ascend into the higher grades and upper worlds, but they become trapped below because of cords of negative karma or sin that bind them to the klippotic forces and their domains. Therefore, in order to pass up in the ascension beyond the lower realms and worlds of dreamtime and the afterlife, internal klippot must be dispelled and the sparks must be liberated and reintegrated – purification and tikkune must be accomplished.

In the holy sacrifice of Adonai Messiah upon the cross we are ransomed from the dominion of the klippot, there is redemption from sin, the complete dissolution of the klippot – all through the grace of the Messiah, our faith in Yeshua as the Messiah and our gnosis of the Risen Messiah; to the extent that we cleave to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, and abide in the sanctuary of the Mystical Body of the Risen Messiah, we are delivered from our bondage. Yet, this salvation is founded upon an active and dynamic surrender to the Shekinah of the Supreme and the Messiah – submission to Divine Grace- and we must actively cooperate with the Holy Spirit in the tikkune and liberation of our soul; faith must be nourished and lived, and our faith must bear the good fruits of gnosis, true realization and embodiment of the presence of the Messiah, the Light-presence and Light-power.

Thus, just as St. James teaches us to interpret all that transpires in life in a positive way, so we must interpret our dreams in a positive fashion, and likewise, just as he teaches mastery of speech and good works in life, so also we must apply right speech and spiritual works to our dreams – then, indeed, the Messiah and Holy Spirit will take up our person and life, whether in the world or in dreamtime, and will uplift us in the Great Resurrection and Ascension in sleep and dream, and in death and the afterlife.

Faith is the invocation of grace, and works are the realization of grace, the fruition of which is Divine Gnosis – the illumination and liberation of the soul.

As we know and understand, morning prayer corresponds with Hesed-Mercy, so praying, meditating or performing sacred ceremony in the morning is an invocation of mercy and grace – the interpretation of dream is joined to morning prayer, and interpreting dreams in a positive way the energy of our dreams is uplifted and unified with Hesed, and it is anointed with the power of mercy and grace. If we speak an interpretation in the fullness of faith, never doubting, cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, what we speak will come to pass as we speak it.

Likewise, as we know and understand, evening prayer corresponds with Tiferet-Beauty or Rehamim-Compassion, so praying, meditating or performing sacred ceremony in the evening is the invocation of the mitigation of judgment and the Sacred Heart of the Messiah – reviewing the day and interpreting the events of the day in the very same way as a dream the energy of the day is uplifted and unified with Tiferet, the Sefirah of the Messiah, and what we speak in the fullness of faith will come to pass as we speak it.

These two actions determine the flow of energy from dream into waking consciousness and determine the flow of the energy of waking consciousness into dream, respectively. The former becomes prophetic to the extent that the energy of dream manifests as it is spoken, and the latter becomes the invocation of the soul’s ascension into luminous dream and vision in dream, invoking divine revelation or prophecy. These two actions go hand-in-hand, empowering and fulfilling one another.

In the midst, of course, is afternoon prayer, corresponding to Gevurah-Judgment, and these two actions are joined at this time when we remember to pray, invoking Ha-Shem and the Shekinah. If we have veered or stumbled, falling into negativity, whether with regard to the interpretation of our dream or the events of the day, it is the time we can uplift and join the energy of dream and the day to Gevurah, invoking the power of rectification, redirection, dispelling shades and shadows, klippot.

As for the midnight prayer of the holy tzaddikim, arising to study and contemplate the Holy Torah and Gospel at midnight, cleaving to the Holy One and communing with the Holy One – this is the fruit of the continuum of interpreting dream and laboring for prophecy in dream. Though, indeed, at times we may actually arise from our bed to take up this continuum of midnight prayer in the body, this time of prayer is within dream-time itself, the arising of luminous dream and vision in dream, and the arising of the capacity to enact spiritual practice, spiritual works, in dream and vision.

The development of a zealous and passionate continuum of daily spiritual practice is integral to seeking luminous dreams and visions in dreams, or lucid dreams, and the more zealous and passionate our faith and the works of faith – our spiritual life and practice- the more Divine Grace, the Holy Spirit, will move in our dreams, and the more luminous dreams and visions will arise. Let no one delude themselves and believe that great heavenly rewards or great spiritual gifts come to anyone who is lukewarm in their spirituality, or lackadaisical in the spiritual life and practice – in speaking to the churches about the lukewarm in the Book of Revelation the Risen Messiah is very clear about the lukewarm, akin to what St. James teaches about the double-minded and those who doubt. Nothing good or true comes from lukewarm faith and spirituality, and no one should expect any greater attainment apart from an active and full spiritual life and practice – the greater the realization sought, the greater our zeal and passion and our own efforts must be.

If we are willing to divine passion, willing to an active and dynamic surrender to the Holy One and Shekinah, willing to active cooperation with the Holy Spirit, Divine Grace, then the mercy and grace of El Elyon will flow far beyond anything equal to our efforts or any merit we might generate – we will be taken up by the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, and the Great Work will be accomplished with, in and through us.

Naturally, most often, we begin in ignorance, in dullness, and our early experiences of dream are not all that luminous or divine – we often may have trouble remembering our dreams, or remembering them, more often than not, they appear as nothing more than personal subconscious rambling, fitful, inconsistent and vain, completely bound up in our ego, egoistic desires and fears, all the reflection of our grasping at the flesh, name and form, personal history and the world. In a word, at the outset, if and when we remember our dreams, they are largely false and klippotic.

Nevertheless, even so, we begin to take up the continuum of positive interpretation of our dreams – speaking of the fulfillment of desire in a noble and good way, and speaking of the removal of all insecurities, fears and resentments that might arise, or whatever forms of negativity we may encounter. At the same time, we will take up a continuum of self-purification and consecration, dedicating our lives and ourselves to the Divine, and we will pray and invoke the remembrance of our dreams, and pray and invoke seeking more luminous dreams and visions in dreams.

If and when we do not remember our dreams, then we will pay attention to the thoughts and emotions arising when we awaken in the morning – the thoughts and emotions arising, the tone and texture of the mind, is the direct expression of the energy of the dreams in the night; and likewise, we will pay attention to the feelings and sensations in the body, for that too reflects what has transpired in dream. Aware of the energy flowing out of our experience of dreamtime, in the same way that we interpret dreams remembered, we will consciously respond and work with the energy that we awaken with in the morning – sometimes doing this can be even more powerful, for there is no distraction or deception, just the raw energy-intelligence in a formless state ready to be acknowledge and directed.

In this you may understand that we will even interpret not remembering dreams in a positive way – we will view it as a great blessing, for we can work directly with the energy-intelligence of the dreams free from forms that might distract or deceive us. At the same time, continually, we will affirm our capacity to remember our dreams and continually pray for remembrance, though without attachment to remembering or aversion to not remembering – abiding, waiting upon the movement of the Holy Spirit.

When you take up this continuum of seeking luminous dreams and vision in dreams, and speaking the interpretations of the dreams that come in this way, eventually, sooner or later, more luminous dreams will arise, spiritual practices will occur in dreams, and lucid dreams will spontaneously occur – in that dreamtime is non-linear; through the grace of the Spirit radical leaps can occur into very lofty heights on occasion, even early on; relying upon Divine Grace as we do, there is no saying the blessings and boons the Holy Spirit may give to us.

Now, here we may speak an open secret – even within and behind dreams of mindless subconscious ramblings, and all of the vanity and deceptions they contain, still there is a play of spirits or spiritual beings-forces, and although the spirits corresponding with such dreams are very admixed and dark, within them there is a holy spark, and within and behind them are greater divine spirits, for the kingdom of heaven or light realm holds dominion over all and all arising from the same foundation, all depends upon the Holy One and Shekinah. Therefore, though sorely distorted, corrupted and obscured, there is truth and light within and behind them, and there is much good and light-power that may be drawn out of them. If nothing else, they reveal one’s own energy, the state of one’s mind, heart and life, and reveal the tikkune necessary for the soul to grow and evolve in the Messiah.

Thus, the first level of dream interpretation is looking and seeing the energy that arises, and the corresponding play in one’s thoughts, speech and actions, and the flow of one’s life – considering all that appears in dream as an expression of one’s own energy-intelligence, and as aspects of oneself, the dream becoming like a magical mirror of self-knowledge. Based upon this, speaking an interpretation of dream, you can cultivate and draw out what is positive and good, and you can seek to transform whatever is negative, consciously responding to it and seeking a positive manifestation of the energy.

The second level of dream interpretation is looking and seeing, and recognizing, the spiritual being-forces within and behind what appears, banishing all shades and shadows, all klippot, and invoking the influence of divine powers – a conscious response to the play of spiritual forces within and behind what transpires, whether in life or the dreamtime. In this we come to know and understand that the arising of what may seem “personal” is not so personal at all, but rather that much of what arises in the mind, consciousness or soul reflects the play of spiritual being-forces within and behind the great matrix of creation, the Entirety, and can be addressed on that level through prayer, meditation and sacred ceremony.

The third level of dream interpretation is founded upon the second level – passing beyond any interpretation on a personal level, we interpret the dream as a herald of what is moving among the people and the land, and of what is about to transpire in the world – we interpret it as a dream revealing the energy-intelligence that is moving within and behind what’s transpiring in the world. Thus, interpreting the dream on this level we take up spiritual work not for ourselves alone, but for the people and the land – a spiritual labor for all sentient beings, seeking the happiness and fulfillment of all beings.

Within and behind these three levels of interpretation there is another – we may seek to look and see spiritual and esoteric mysteries, mysteries of creation and God within and behind dreams, acquiring spiritual knowledge from our dreams.

Always, there are spiritual and esoteric mysteries revealed within dream – indeed, within all our experiences. As an example, consider the play of frightful and shadowy dreams of unconscious ramblings – in them you can look and see the plight of the soul in bondage to the ignorance, and you can see the play of the law and karma, the judgment, not as something external, but as internal. In truth, such dreams hold insights into the Sefirah Gevurah, but in such dreams we gaze into the klippah of Gevurah – nevertheless, however, revelations of deep mysteries of Gevurah are in this kind of dream. So we may say the same about various kinds of dreams – all correspond to the spiritual power of the Sefirot, whether in positive or negative manifestation, or in an expansive or constrictive manifestation; and if we recognize the energy of Sefirot in dreams, then we know what Sefirot to invoke to empower the interpretations of our dreams – we know the corresponding Divine Names, archangels, order of angels, and so on, that we may call upon.

These are the four levels of dream interpretation.

In this, perhaps, you might gain more insight into how to interpret your dreams – there is more to be said in a while, but this is enough for now. You may consider this and then we can continue with the oral transmission of dream interpretation.

May all living spirits and souls be awakened in Hayyah Yeshua. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Dreams and karma

#4 Postby Brooke » Sun May 10, 2009 7:04 am

+Tau Malachi wrote: We may also say that if we wish to experience more luminous dreams, let alone visions in dream or lucid dream, then we must pay attention to our dreams and to our energy and vibration in consciousness, seeking to keep our energy completely positive and seeking to maintain a higher vibration in consciousness. Thus, actively working with our dreams and interpreting our dreams becomes very important, invoking and banishing as is called for, and taking up the energy flowing out of our dreams on a conscious level, consciously responding, instead of unconsciously reacting or ignoring.

Shalom ! and thanks for this beautiful explication of the importance of dreams in our lives.

I was wondering if dreams that seem to revisit past wrongs we've committed toward others can be healed through the dream itself? In other words, let's say all of a sudden we start dreaming about people we've hurt but in the dream we seem to make peace with the individual or individuals -- that in the actual dream you see the harm you committed undone and you even apologize to that individual (not in words but through a type of telepathic communication). The individual seems very happy now as if she or he was never hurt -- although the dreamer still feels some guilt or shame or perhaps even the feeling that the person is hurting you back in the dream. It's almost like, "I'm fine now but I want you to know there are still consequnces" and then that person(s) says something that hurts you.

May these type of dreams be interpreted as a sign that needed healing may be taking place for ourselves -- and a potential reversal of karma for yourself and those you have hurt? Of course, I guess much of it depends on how we apply the dream to our spirit and lives. If we are still feeling guilt in the dream then I guess that might be a sign we have work to do. Yet, might it also be the beginning of tikkune?

By the Grace of the Holy Shekinah May We All Come to Recognize the Lessons of our Dreams!

Shabbat shalom!

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Tikkune In Dreamtime

#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun May 10, 2009 10:51 am

Salutations in the Light of the Messiah!

As the Zohar teaches us there is great power in the interpretation of our dreams – prophetic and magical power, manifesting power. In a dream such as the one you mention you want to interpret it in a positive fashion – there is tikkune, healing and forgiveness, underway.

There are also teachings and guidance in our dreams, and interpreting our dreams in a positive and creative way we can look to the teachings in them and look for the guidance of the indwelling Messiah and Holy Spirit. In this dream we see how we carry sparks of one another’s souls, how we create karmic links through our interactions, and how they can become self-perpetuating unless sparks are returned and karmic links are resolved.

Essentially, through our interactions with one another we create energetic links, positive and negative, and even when we are no longer in one another’s lives on a material level, these links remain active and at play on psychic and spiritual levels. Positive connections we seek to maintain, strengthen and uplift, and negative connections we seek to resolve, to enact forgiveness and compassion, to heal and bring peace. If we have a dream of tikkune, healing and forgiveness underway, then in our waking life, in our spiritual practice, we will take up the action of tikkune through prayer and meditation, as well as through seeking to bring about a change in thought, speech and deed so that the same kind of negative energy exchange does not happen again.

As an example, in this case, you would uplift this person in prayer, praying for forgiveness and healing, and sending them blessings and light-power, and you might also enact a practice for them, such a giving and receiving, or some healing meditation; then, whatever transpired, you would look to ensure that nothing similar is happening like that in your life now, and if it were, your would pray about it, uplifting it to the Holy One and seek empowerment from the Messiah and Holy Spirit to change it.

Thus, we take up the play of energy in our dreams according to our interpretation through spiritual practice – we enact the interpretation, consciously moving with dreams. This is very healing and empowering.

There is also another teaching, another guidance, in this dream – our hurt feelings are a matter of our view and our thoughts, and the play of attachment and aversion. If we are getting our feelings hurt in a dream, it might be a call for us to cultivate hishtavut, a state of detachment or stoicism. Essentially the ideal is this: that we might be the same in praise and blame alike – so we strive for this in our spiritual lives. Indeed, we may not always be perfect at it, we may fall into the play of attachment and aversion from time to time, but nevertheless we continue to cultivate this capacity.

Thus, this dream could also be a call to work with generating greater hishtavut, perhaps, for example, practicing invoking the silent witness in moments of hurt feelings, and perhaps offering those feelings up in prayer to discharge them.

Kavvanah, devekut and hishtavut are three essential capacities we labor to cultivate in our spiritual lives – one interpretation of this dream could be, “Adonai is calling me and empowering me to generate hishtavut, non-attachment.”

An increasing capacity of non-attachment, non-reaction, is a wonderful blessing – it frees us from much sorrow and suffering! Praise the Lord!

Also, this dream says that you are becoming more aware of the energetic dimension – something very essential to progress in our spiritual lives. In spiritual and mystical Christianity – “Gnosticism,” awareness of the energetic dimension is crucial, for everything is about an energetic transmission and a conscious direction of our energy, our thoughts, speech and actions. So another interpretation could be, “I am awakening in the Spirit to the energetic and visionary dimension, and I am becoming aware of the play of spiritual forces in my life.”

These, of course, are all connected to tikkune – they are the product of the tikkune and awakening of our soul.

If and when awareness such as this is dawning, we also know that we are refining our nefesh and drawing upon our ruach, and we know that we are in a process of actualizing the greater potential of our soul – thus such a dream can also indicate that we are starting to realize an inner or higher aspect of our soul, and that our consciousness is expanding.

Here we can say, hishtavut, our capacity for the silent witness, is very important because as the soul awakens, and as consciousness expands, we become more and more sensitive, more and more open, and to have such sensitivity and openness we need non-attachment and non-aversion, lest it could be quite painful on a psychic or mental-emotional level as awareness and sensitivity increases.

So this sounds like a dream of the soul blooming within you, of Christ and the Holy Spirit shining brighter and brighter within you; it also sounds like you are engaging in deeper tikkune of your soul in dream, on inner levels, your spiritual practice taking affect in dreamtime.

Here we must say that it is fine that we have regret for the harm we have caused – that is healthy and empowers us not to do the same thing again; but guilt is something different – it is a klippah we want to purify that tends to draw us into the same actions again and that prevents full forgiveness and tikkune. Having regret is good, but when we see guilt, we want to take that into prayer and meditation and purify ourselves of it – such things, of course, may arise many times and each time it does we purify ourselves of it and move forward.

Since we are not a fixed or static entity, but rather we are a constantly changing phenomenon, naturally our growth and development in the Spirit is a process, a movement – our tikkune and our self-realization is an ongoing process, so there are many things we will seem to address again and again. In doing so, however, we do it not only for ourselves alone, but we do it for everyone, all our relations, and we are quite happy to take part of the karma of the world upon ourselves and labor to uplift it. Thus, all of this is not quite so personal as it might seem – it is a movement, a process that we are involved in.

What a delightful play of energy!

May the tikkune of all creation be accomplished – may all be blessed in the Name of Yeshua Messiah. Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Re: Tikkune In Dreamtime

#6 Postby Brooke » Mon May 11, 2009 2:12 am

Tau Malachi wrote: There is also another teaching, another guidance, in this dream – our hurt feelings are a matter of our view and our thoughts, and the play of attachment and aversion. If we are getting our feelings hurt in a dream, it might be a call for us to cultivate hishtavut, a state of detachment or stoicism.

Thank you, +Tau Malachi ! There is so much in this post to help us process, absorb, and understand these types of dreams that seem especially tied to karma and tikkune.

Shalom !


Regret and Guilt

#7 Postby Susan » Tue May 12, 2009 8:46 pm

Greetings in the Light of the Spirit of Messiah!

Thanks to these posts I have come to a deeper understanding of these two terms - "guilt' and "regret." Upon consideration of the energetic qualities of both behaviors I now feel quite a heavy and gnarly sort of energy within "guilt" with a dead-end association to it also.

Whereas with "regret" it is a softer, more open-ended quality of energy/feeling. Regret does seem to arise more from within the heart area, whilst guilt is very much in the throat, and to lesser degree in the head, facial almost too. It seems to me that "regret" represents our own true response to a set of circumstances, perhaps I would venture to say our Unique Self's heart-felt response.

However "guilt" is very much tied-up with our conditioned self, that human behavior formed for us, not by us, through our up-bringing within family and culture. In feeling regret we enact change, we want to make sure that this feeling is not experienced again, because we genuinely feel sorry about whatever we, or others, have done. But feeling guilty, as +Malachi has said, is destructive to all concerned. It eats away at one and does not have the same potential for a resolution, for tikkune, as does regret. Guilt is very much an imposition made upon us.

I am also feeling a correspondence here to the Sacred Hebrew Letters. Guilt relating to Resh and regret to Chet. But these are new intuitions I have only just heard, so more consideration is due before any more is said! Fascinating outcomes from this thread of discourse, many thanks my friends. Thank you Woman of Light!



Leslie Kaneel

Dreamless Sleep

#8 Postby Leslie Kaneel » Sun May 24, 2009 8:14 am

Shabbat Shalom!

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah!

In the post above speaking about gradations of dream, dreamless sleep is also described in some detail. Although, it is one thing to say to strive for consciousness in dreamless sleep and that it is the same mode as deep hitbodedut and moving into the after-life, the main question is, how do we know when we are conscious in dreamless sleep?

This may sound silly asking such a thing, and right away a quick "answer" would be, "well, because you are conscious." The twist is that if you become conscious then this is related to being in the waking state for those not so practiced in this; consciousness would be like waking up out of sleep for most. This dreamless sleep sounds more like "suspended animation" where the body is still and resting but the mind is moving many places. Another twist is that we enter the waking state of hitbodedut from being awake whereas this would be another entry point, it seems, to practice hitbodedut from the sleeping state.

What would we look for to feel this happening in us? Would this be when dreams themselves become more and more subtle so as one Knows that there is communing with Beings and the energy is Known but nothing so dramatic as would be in a dream?

If this is happening for us, how would we approach spiritual work out from this conscious dreamless sleep? There is much description on how to move about within lucid dream, would this be the same approach? As said, there becomes no difference between all states of consciousness including dreamless sleep and dream. It also feels to be great Healing Power if we are able to Work from this state of dreamless sleep; Healing for all sentient beings. This would be the main draw for asking these questions.


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Nothing to Think or Talk About

#9 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon May 25, 2009 1:50 pm

Greetings in the Light of the Messiah!

This experience of being awake or conscious in the depth of meditation, dreamless sleep, or the fruition of the black path, death, is very clear and distinct when it occurs – it is a presence of awareness in no-thingness, emptiness, pure beingness; there is no thought or desire, there is no self and other, there are no reference points – there is peace and unimaginable bliss, joy.

When this transpires it will transform our consciousness.

It is in this womb of emptiness that the recognition of the Clear Light Nature occurs and the full Supernal Influx transpires – the dawn of enlightenment and liberation.

With the dawn of Supernal Consciousness in this womb of emptiness, conscious unification with the Divine becomes possible.

It is an experience of pure radiant awareness – nothing more and nothing less, and everything self-liberates as it arises in this holy awareness, whether in waking consciousness, dream or the afterlife; it is the foundation of true non-dual realization, the dawn of primordial enlightened being, true “Gnostic Being.”

In such a state, one knows as Divine or Enlightened Being knows, and everything is accomplished by silent volition – one is no longer dependent upon thought and thinking as before, and if one takes up the play of thought and desire in love and compassion, the entire play is transformed, Supernal Being-Consciousness-Force taking up all actions.

If there is no doer, no self and other, what is there to do?

Of course, it is the capacity to abide in this cessation that leads to the dawn of Divine Illumination – at the outset it is simply the experience of pure awareness, pure being, liberated from all thought and desire, without the arising of images or objects; hence “dreamless.”

Now that all of this has been said, it can all be thrown out with the trash – all thinking about this experience is an obstruction of preconception, precondition and expectation; truly there is nothing to think about or talk about in the experience – the experience itself is its own answer.

We are completely aware, completely awake, in dreamless sleep.

As to what transpires when this experience dawns we will know when it dawns.

In the meantime, we live the spiritual life, we practice, and we pray and meditate often – as often as we can.

It must be emphasized, however, we do not want mental concepts about this so as to hallucinate some mental concoction of the experience and be self-deluded or deceived – it is best to just practice, always seeking to go deeper, and deeper still, and to go beyond, and continue to go beyond, leaving aside all egoistic grasping and claims, and all egoistic desires and fears, becoming truly empty of oneself so as to be Spirit-filled.

All in due season Divine Grace will accomplish the Great Work with, in and through us – if such an experience is our portion in this life, it will come in due time. If not in this life, then perhaps at the time of our death, or perhaps in another life – we abide waiting upon the Spirit of Yahweh, content in our labor for its own sake.

As a practice, silence the mind, still the vital, and abide without attachment or aversion...

Abiding, may we look and see, listen and hear, and know in the Spirit of Bornless Being. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Learning: Dream Union and Prophetic Meditation

#10 Postby Melissa » Wed Dec 15, 2010 7:34 am

As I am learning to better understand my dreams, I am starting to distinguish that there are many functions of different dreams and visions. I find that in life I am drawn to the toughest, most forgotten people to comfort and guide. I have had experiences that support this in the interactions in dreams or different planes. That being said is there other ways beside self-purification that protects the traveler working within the shades and shadows? This is where my lack of spiritual guidance or mentorship shows. I understand your teaching leads to both the know how and the why this occurs but is their more I can do? I had an experience that was both wonderful and terrifying. I have a concern; I have never gone into this plane with the conscious intent to work. I do not purposefully enter this state. I have trusted that my soul knows what it needs to do. In your readings you have clearly explained that one must open their hearts and minds in order to receive what Yahweh intends. I am patient but does an adept master of this sort of work able to do this more often or have more control over their travels? I was curious. But what is more pressing for my present situation is do I always purify myself until I can make the change of better self-control? How do I master this self-control?

Are there instances where these beings or souls from the shades and shadows stay with you? I have had a recent experience that has never occurred before where the level of awareness was high well after I was fully in the present. This experience was both a great learning opportunity but it was terrifying. Was it my initial fear (and I hate fear) that allowed a turning point to happen? I feel silly asking this but can a person be harmed when something possibly goes wrong? If it is more, how do I protect my family? Is there any practical advice you can give me?

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More that can be done...

#11 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Dec 15, 2010 9:31 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

It is only natural that an adept or master will have greater awareness and control in the play of sleep and dream, as well as the projection or transference of consciousness by other means – the process of self-realization is a development of consciousness beyond the body, and it is an influx of consciousness into the body. This empowers many spiritual works, spiritual transmissions here and in the inner dimensions, and it tends to generate various spiritual gifts, various manifestations of knowledge and power.

Life is composed of a dance of great beauty and great danger, and so these two must play out on all levels, and in all expressions of life, including the spiritual life, the mystical journey – certainly so. Yet, just as we do not focus upon and concern ourselves with all of the possible dangers in life, and so get bound up in doubts and fear, likewise we do not do this in the spiritual life – it would lack wisdom.

There are a large number of things we can do that can help generate greater control of our consciousness, and likewise generate a guardianship – the list goes on and on.

Here, perhaps, we may point to a few things.

There is purification, but there is also consecration – an offering of ourselves and all our actions to God, and invoking God’s presence and power to sanctify us, to take up our person and life, and so to take up the various actions of our life, both mundane and spiritual. This naturally empowers and protects, giving sanctuary.

If I cleave to the Holy One and I stand in the light of the Messiah, sanctified by God Most High, what will I have to fear from shades and shadows?

Along with this, as much as purify ourselves of what is negative, we also cultivate what is positive – love, compassion, and all manner of human qualities, which resemble the qualities of God because the human being is the image and likeness of God. This will leave no inroad, nothing to link with, for shades and shadows.

In this process, naturally there is a continuum of daily spiritual practice – prayer, contemplation and meditation; hence, a tending of our communion with the Divine and all our relations.

Joined with this we acquire support, encouragement, empowerment and guardianship, in a word “sanctuary,” from our sacred friendship with an experienced teacher and guide, and from fellowship in community – these are great guardians against shades and shadows when we cultivate the right bonds in sacred friendship, bonds in the love and affection of Christ, the Human One of Light.

The good, the light, that you generate will extend to your family, so attending to your spiritual life you will bring blessings to your family; the greater the self-realization in Christ you unfold, the greater a benefit to all you will be.

May we abide in the holy sanctuary Yeshua Messiah was, is and forever shall be. Amen.

Peace be with you!
Tau Malachi

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Explaining Resolve when addressing negetive connections

#12 Postby Melissa » Sat Jan 15, 2011 9:11 am

I have a question on addressing negative connections. You have explained that while addressing negative connections we should seek to resolve, to enact forgiveness and compassion, to heal and bring peace. I would like to inquire about the meaning of resolve. I want to know specifically what this looks like. This could mean to separate, find answers to, to understand. I would think that this just depends on the actual connection we are addressing? If our practice should be to seek only the positive to understand would be a natural step towards forgiveness and compassion but I can see where the others would work and the out comes may be entirely different. This seems to be the intellectual way of handling this part of the negative connection which gives the person initiating resolve a way to live. Through prayer and sending blessing would be our spiritual way of handling a negative connection. I have never separated this before. Should I?

There is a person that I care for very much that I unintentionally hurt through my self-perpetuating issues. As this was reaching a boiling point and his help was no longer helping (because I couldn’t see or find the courage to change), there was a lesson in a dream that I had about a year ago that I believe shows resolve on his part. My feelings were hurt by what I saw and felt in this dream because I did not understand resolve and as for which resolve I believe I saw I am still not sure which. I believe that it would make a great difference in repairing and building a good friendship. By understanding that we carry sparks of each other soul through our interactions I see that I have some welcomed work to do.

In understanding the meaning or actions of resolve I feel that I can do a better participant in giving and receiving this very important interaction.

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#13 Postby sheryl » Sat Jan 15, 2011 12:08 pm

Greetings Melissa!

I hope you do not mind if I step forward and offer what I am learning as I work to implement the same guidance in my own spiritual life and practice.

When I think of resolve, I think of inner resolution that eventually unfolds or manifests in our outer circumstances. The teachings being offered through the tradition can guide us in bringing about inner resolution - uplifting the situation, the souls involved, into the Light of the Messiah, looking for the good in all things, etc. These actual 'acts' done with sincerity, and kavvanah (focus) and devekut (devotion) can result in the elevation of our consciousness, invoking Light, Compassion, allowing us see the bigger picture. The delusion or ignorance that is keeping us energetically bound to the negative, begins to unravel. Unraveling though is a process. Perhaps we might only find a little bit of unraveling and uplifting initially, but if we continue seeking resolve in all situations, we might just discover more and more unraveling and uplifting occuring.

I found that the play in Genesis between Joseph and his brothers reflects this inward reconciliation which then unfolded or manifested in his outer interactions with his brothers.

‎19 Joseph said to them, “Do not be afraid, for am I in the place of God? 20 But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good, in order to bring it about as it is this day, to save many people alive. 21 Now therefore, do not be afraid; I will provide for you and your little ones.” And he comforted them and spoke kindly to them.

Through inner reconciliation, Joseph was able to see that the evil working through his brothers, their evil intention, was used by God to work for the good. Perhaps we might say that in seeking inner resolution, Joseph was able to see that both evil and good have the same intentions at heart. If we speak of this generally, perhaps we might say that all people whether working what appears to be evil and what appears to be good are seeking love, acceptance, friendship, relationship. Those working good are following the short route to the fulfillment of their true desires, while those working evil are revealing the klippot or obstacles to the fulfillment of their true desires, and so are taking a longer route.

What I find key in this play is that inner resolution for Joseph resulted in him comforting and speaking kindly to those who had worked evil against him. In invoking the Light of the Messiah, and seeing that their true desire was the same as his, as it is the same for all people, he was then able to respond to them with compassion, with Mercy and Grace.

It was not an act, or a mental decision that he attempted to act upon. It was true Mercy and Grace that flowed through him, as he found inner resolution.

We might take note though that this encounter between brothers occurred many years later, I believe 17. And so it might be that Compassion calls for boundary setting, or even separation, for a period of time, even lives, before we can engage the souls again in a way that will not add to the klippot or obstacles that already exist.

There is a discussion in a similar vein occurring on the EPS facebook page. You might find it helpful as well. Just click on this link:

http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=1 ... opic=15758

Shalom and may all beings receive the blessings of resolution!


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