Helping Mistreated Dog People

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Helping Mistreated Dog People

#1 Postby Anna » Mon Nov 06, 2017 5:29 am

Shalom, dear Sisters and Brothers!

There is a dog being mistreated in my neighborhood, and after a series of visits from Animal Control this creature is now tethered outside 24/7. Formerly he was constantly kept in a small pen for such a large dog, and then he was tied but kept getting tangled in the trees so he could not reach water or shelter. So, the tether usually does not keep him from water, or shelter in a dog house but--as most dog lovers know, tethering is an inhumane practice that isolates a highly social animal and can cause a dog to become fearful, neurotic, and aggressive.
The dog has, at least upon one occasion after a visit from authorities, been heavily sedated and kept in the doghouse out of sight from the street.

With this in mind, I cannot forget that many animals are abused and neglected by their owners.
What prayers and ceremonies may be done to help this dog and other animals that we know are being abused but cannot be helped by law enforcement? I would love any insights into very specific practices to protect this dog and to help all who are involved in this situation. Also, it seems that, like ripples on a pond, there may be specific ways to expand prayer and ceremony to reach out to other abused and neglected animal people.

In the Guadalupe path we learn that there are countless and very specific emanations of the Celestial Noble Woman. I often call upon Dog Woman, especially when I need to take practical action. The Mother has given me the courage to continue working with Animal Control, and to also find legal ways to view the dog when it seems in the most distress. I have named the dog White Dog in remembrance of the beautiful, brilliant white coat it used to have. Now its coat is tan from the dirt it constantly lives in.

It breaks my heart to watch the treatment of this wonderful dog over the past several months, but since the dog cannot be rescued until Animal Control witnesses an egregious breaking of the law, I must wait upon the Mother---waiting, watching, and praying for this dog's life to improve. I must add that every agent I have spoken with at Animal Control has been kind and compassionate. One agent in particular has encouraged me to continue watching and to call any time I see a problem with the dog. I can only imagine the frustration that these dedicated people must feel at the lack of legal protection for animals in Virginia.

Your prayers and insights are most welcome.
May the Mother protect her animal peoples and may She open the hearts of all who take on responsibility for the lives of her earthly angels!
Halelu Imma Gadol!


Tau Malachi
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Re: Helping Mistreated Dog People

#2 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:16 am

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

I’m sorry to hear of the dire circumstances of this dog. Such things are difficult to see and hear about, and this sort of abuse, and worse, is far too common. There is, indeed, pervasive suffering in the world, in creation, and all sentient beings, living beings, are in need of deliverance - salvation.

Remember, when we pray for those who are lost and suffering, those in need of deliverance, healing and illumination, we are not just praying for human beings, but for all creatures, all living beings. Whatever prayers, meditations and ceremonies might be offered for the sake of human souls can, and are, performed for the sake of all living spirits and souls, the souls of animals too. Thus, having knowledge of how to pray for human people, so all ‘people’ - all living beings. If you can engage giving and receiving for human beings, or unification with partzuf and extending blessings, so also with all living beings.

You can also engage in special prayers for any living being you see and know in need as you would for anyone else, such as in this case prayers for divine protection and deliverance, and courage and wisdom for those able to take action, and so on.

Joined with this you continue your practical effort as an advocate, a witness, striving for social justice for this dear creature. If I’m not mistaken, video is also evidence, so that if something illegal is happening and you have a video on your phone of it, and an animal control officer sees it, that can give them cause to take further action. So, joined with prayer, practical action - active prayer, active compassion.

I’ll join you in prayers for this dog person and I do hope some intervention can happen sooner rather than later.

Aside from this, on a practical level what spiritual people can do is make a point to adopt rescued animals, giving them the opportunity to heal and have a better life. There are so many in need of homes, so many wonderful individuals, and even to take in one at a time makes a difference. When many people do this many lives are saved.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi
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