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Dog People

#1 Postby Susan » Mon Mar 10, 2008 4:46 am


Just today I heard of the death of a little dog, a terrier owned by a Buddhist friend. This dog was also a friend of mine, she was very tiny but spunky and indeed, filled with loving kindness. Unfortunately her example was not always reciprocated by us 2 legged people.

I suppose at this time I am a bit ready to launch myself at any tradition that speaks of animals as being lesser beings than us, particularly when this thinking is extended into the area of karmic history and the idea that this is somehow justification for treating our animal cousins poorly.

To me dogs are a gift of God; they straddle the world of animals and the world of human beings, being neither completely, but rather, a composite of both. They are a living mirror for each of us, reflecting our true selves and not the constructs of our self-satisfying egos. Dog people thereby provide us with opportunities for self appraisal and personal development in the gentlest and kindest way, if we have the awareness and the goodness of heart to see them for what they truly are.

I find it contradictory that one can be on a so-called spiritual path and yet not be tuned-in to the very spiritual nature of our dog cousins!

And yet, that was me many years ago. Self absorption, self importance distracted me from the real needs of a little dog in my care, with tragic results. So, once again in this journey, I find I have also embodied those very things that I see as faults in others.

In uplifting this sad event with prayers of gratitude and love to the Mother Spirit for the opportunities given to all in this time of loss, may I ask for understandings from our tradition's teachings on our most loved mates, our dog friends?

In Light and in darkness, Kallah Messiah, the Tower of the Flock, be praised!



Elder Sarah
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Gifts of Great Spirit

#2 Postby Elder Sarah » Sat Mar 22, 2008 7:22 pm

Greetings Susan,

Dog people are indeed humankind’s best friends! They have been breed through hundreds of years to become a constant companion, to become any kind of companion we are in need of. Of these include, herding breeds, hunting, guarding, working ect… These are amazing creatures if you really look at what they are. I agree, they are Gods gift to human kind, and they are indeed great conduits that link animal and human worlds.

In recent experience with dog people Mother Spirit has taught so much. A great dog friend of mine recently past away. This particular dog person was more than a dog; in fact I believe this dog had a great Angel moving with him. He had this great gift of socializing with all beings, of making many friends, even friends from the Angelic realms. At times to see this being in the energy dimension, you would notice a vast being that resembled a big heart with legs. I do believe this being brought healing unto many others, brought mending in social situations that otherwise might not have happened. In the witnessing of his passing it was made obvious in Spirit that this being had come here with a certain agenda in mind.

Dog people often act as healing agents between human beings. It is through these beings we are often drawn together. There is something about them and their unconditional, abounding love that allows human beings to experience a kind of connection that has no other motives but love.

Often times dog people can reveal Mother Spirit and her movements. Another close dog friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer in the lymph glands and spleen and was given 4- 6 weeks to live. At about ten weeks, this friend was doing very well, come to find out that the cancer has gone into remission. From a scientific view this is not very common. The only explanation in this situation is the Holy Spirit and Grace. In witnessing the movement of Spirit it has been noticed that much healing and acceptance has transpired through the extended period of time Spirit has given in this situation. Healing both for the dog person in soul and healing for the human ones involved has occurred and is quite noticeable. Most of all, this experience has revealed the Grace of Mother Spirit and those things transpire according to her timing! Praise is!

As well as the healing and connectedness that dog people bring, to it also appears that as we work to domesticate them, they in turn domesticate us. To train a dog person is to train us. This training seems to occur by allowing the dog person to be seen and to assist in this one’s feeling comfortable in his/ her’s own skin. If we look into the process we can see that we need to feel comfortable in our own skin before we can assist another with the same movement. It becomes very noticeable that the way we relate with our dog person friend is the same way se are relating to ourselves. In this way these one’s become quite the mirror of our own energy.

Praise is the Great Spirit who has given such beautiful gifts!
Many Blessings and Shalom!
Sister Sarah+


#3 Postby Susan » Sat Mar 22, 2008 8:55 pm

Greetings Sister Sarah+

Many thank for the response above. Perhaps you could also share with us the teachings of the Sophian lineage regards the aspects of the soul in relation to our animal friends.

On a world scale, whether based in religious teachings or just plain accepted human understandings, there seems to be a great deal made of the fact that animals are lesser beings than us. And this concept is the basis for much neglect , cruelty and lack of respect generally.

Hence my interest in our lineage's teachings on just where animals fit into the Divine scheme of things. Also, the dog specifically - is it somehow different because of it's special relationship with human beings?

Many thanks for your help with these questions; I'm guessing there are many others out there in our Sophian community wondering the same questions as these!



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All Our Relations

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Mar 23, 2008 9:29 am

Salutations in the Light of Christ and Sophia, the Word and Wisdom of God!

The subject of the Sophian Gnostic view of dogs, and animal people in general, is an important one – in much the same way as our Native American brothers and sisters we use the term “people” with animals, plants and stones to remind ourselves that all is an expression of the One Being-Consciousness-Force, all expressions of the One Life-power, all sentient beings; there are holy sparks of Or Ain Sof, the Light of the Infinite, within all that appears.

In our experience of expanded states of consciousness and Light Transmission we have reason to even question the distinction between animate and inanimate, for as the expression of being and consciousness we find that being and consciousness pervades all – everything is “alive” with the presence and power of the Holy One, the True Light.

First and foremost, from the Sophian perspective it must be understood that all beings, all souls, are evolving – all are evolving towards the Human One and the realization of the Human One of Light (Christ or Messiah); all are in a process of development, a journey, to enlightenment and liberation.

In the midst of rebuking the Pharisees, Adonai Yeshua says something rather intriguing, he says to them, “These stones will become children of Abraham before you enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Although from a fundamental and orthodox view this might be taken to mean that the Pharisees are destined to eternal damnation, from a Gnostic Christian and Kabbalistic perspective, in fact Adonai Messiah may have meant exactly what he said – even in stones there is a holy spark that will develop through gradations of the evolution of the soul or being-consciousness to eventually arise into the human-life wave and realize the Human One of Light, Messiah; and it may be that the evolution of holy sparks in those stones transpires more swiftly than some who appear human today, even more swiftly than some who appear to be “pious” and “spiritual.” In other words, what he says can very well be taken as a statement of the evolution of sentient beings on all levels, mineral, plant, animal, human and divine.

At the other end of the spectrum, even great cosmic and spiritual forces are evolving too – even what some might call “gods” and “goddesses” are in need of salvation, enlightenment and liberation; when we pray for the salvation of all beings it includes a vast spectrum of sentient existence, from the apparently “least” to the apparently “greatest.” Of course, lesser and greater, lower and higher, these are all relative appearances from the perspective of space-time, from the Realm of Perud (Separation) or the Entirety; from the perspective of the eternal realm, from the Real of Yichud or the Pleroma, in the Holy Light of God, and in God and Godhead, there is no such thing as “lesser” and “greater,” but all are equal as they are in the Light of the Infinite.

Indeed, and angel as it is in itself and an ant as it is in itself are not equal at all, and yet as the angel is in God and the ant is in God – in the eternal realm, they are equal; and so it is with any other sentient beings that we might name – in the Holy One all are equal, for all are the emanation of the very same Holy and Supernal Light, the very same Being-Consciousness-Force.

All in a mystery, we might remind of teachings on the Threefold Body of Melchizedek, and specifically the Emanation Body – the appearances realized beings might assume in the world for the sake of the enlightenment and liberation of souls. According to Masters of the tradition, this can include appearances as animal people, and even as apparently inanimate objects, such as stones or crystals. In others words, based solely on appearances, one never exactly knows who or what one is encountering – a dog, a tree, a rock, could very well be an expression of the Emanation Body of a realized or illumined being; sparks of a holy tzaddik or light-power of a maggid could very well being within anything or anyone we are encountering.

In this, perhaps, you may understand the Sophian view of the Cosmic Christ and proclamation of the Gospel of Peace that I previously wrote about in the “Gnosis and Gnosticism” forum – Christ does not come for the redemption of human beings alone, but for the redemption of all sentient beings, from stones, plants and animal people, to unenlightened divine beings; that is part of what “Cosmic Christ” means, the redemption of all sentient beings, on all levels of sentient existence. Likewise, we do not only preach the Gospel of Peace to human beings, but rather to all beings – a living spirits and souls, visible and invisible, and this includes animal people, plant people and stone people, all peoples, all our relations; we labor to extend the Light of the Holy Cross into all realms, worlds and universes of sentient existence, to all sentient beings, throughout the three times, past, present and future – gathering all sparks into the Human One of Light, the Risen Messiah.

Of course, preaching the Holy Gospel to an animal person may be different than preaching the Gospel to a human person – then again, sometimes it may not; it all begins by bringing peace and with love, the genuine concern for the well-being and welfare of another over and above our own. First and foremost, we preach the Gospel with actions – with love and affection, *active compassion*. This is a universal language understood by all sentient beings; and with this, we preach the Holy Gospel with energy, with Light Transmission, extending the Light of the Messiah to all beings.

The good news of the firstborn from among the dead on Easter Morning is good news for all sentient beings – it is the redemption of all, the uplifting of all in the Great Resurrection and Ascension! Hallelu Yah – Praise the Lord!

At the same time, in the vast and immeasurable exchange of sparks within the Great Matrix of Creation it must be said that it is not we humans alone that preach and teach the Gospel of Truth, or that serve as light-bearers and messengers in the Spirit of God – very often beings preach and teach us the Holy Gospel, and serve as messengers of God to us; teachings, healings, illuminations and such can and do come to us through stone people, plant people and animal people.

Indeed! The Holy One, our Father, our Mother, Christ and Sophia, are speaking with us all of the time – God is speaking to our holy soul in every situation, circumstance and event of our lives, and through all of the beings we encounter, if only we know how to listen and hear, and look and see; in everything we may commune with God, and know and see God.

In this we may recall the saying of the Master: “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God (El).”

In the midst of this Gnostic view, of course, we must look and see the affects on our own consciousness, and the potential affects in the consciousness of others – to walk with this view can bring about a radical change in our consciousness and in the consciousness of others, an expansion of consciousness or uplifting of consciousness to far higher gradations; this view is an expression of cosmic consciousness, and of the Supernal or Messianic Consciousness beyond it. Thus, walking with this view we open ourselves to the Gnostic and Light Transmission at various gradations, and may even be blessed to experience the inmost gradations of Light Transmission through it. We may experience a radical leap in consciousness, and we may facilitate radical leaps in the consciousness of other beings.

Now above we speak of the evolution and development of all beings, all souls – according to the masters of the tradition, as a being or soul nears the threshold of emerging into those grades of evolution we call “human,” they begin to enter into incarnations in which they will draw near to human beings to take up the exchange of sparks with human beings that will facilitate their evolution into the human life-wave, whether in this world or another. Thus, there is something potentially very special in our interactions and relationships with domesticated animal people, and those animal people that are able to draw close to us in one way or another – these we may offer special assistance to and serve to uplift in special ways because of the closer bonds that form between us.

Thus, in a dog or a cat, or other animal people that draw near to us, and that come to live with or around us, we have a very special and powerful opportunity in the exchanges of sparks. As an example, when animal people go full cycle with us to the fruition of their life in death, having formed close bounds we can perform the transference of consciousness with them and serve to radically uplift them in their evolution – there is much that we can do in the way of psychic and spiritual assistance.

It is not only human beings that we pray and meditate for, or perform sacred ceremony for, but rather for all sentient beings, all our relations; and those that draw close to us are specifically given to us by the Holy Spirit, the Mother Spirit, akin to a holy tzaddik and their spiritual companions who are given to them by God.

This, of course, extends to the invisible spirits or beings that we work with in the wonderworking art – the wonderworker or shaman does not call upon spirits only to draw upon their powers, but they call upon spirits in the working of wonders in an exchange of sparks, seeking to uplift the spirits as much as to receive their help in spiritual works; always for the spiritual and mystical Christian, the “Gnostic Christian,” our interactions and relationships are reciprocal, and always we are seeking to attend to the well-being and welfare of other sentient beings, all in our faith, hope and love in Christ, the Messiah of El.

This expresses the Sophian view with all our relations – all sentient beings.

This is a day that Elohim has made and that Yahweh has blessed – let us rejoice in this day and glorify Yahweh Elohim in it, and let us extend the Light of the Sun of El to all our relations, extending the Shabbat Peace.

May the blessing of Yah El, Yahweh Elohim, be upon all beings and may all be uplifted in Hayyah Yeshua; amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi
Sophia Fellowship
Ecclesia Pistis Sophia


Animal People and Just Being

#5 Postby Susan » Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:17 pm


Many thanks for the above post Malachi+.

As you said, animal people can indeed preach the Gospel of Truth. The dog friends and acquaintances I have met over the years have certainly been Peacemakers, Healers and Light-bearers to many of us 2legged ones.

I am now wondering about how to regard the masses of animal people that inhabit the planet, in terms of their soul's gradation and position(?) within the Great Scheme of Things.

Yes, some animal people will appear to us with special qualities/gifts that we perceive as angelic presences. And these embodiments, as you say, may be fleeting or for the life-time of an animal person. But where do all the others fit, in terms of the evolution of souls?

This is a current source of great interest and learning for me because of life events concerning dog people in particular, and an increasing awareness of all the creatures around us who are living models of just being. What greater examples of this much sought-after spiritual ideal are there than dog people? When a dog is chasing a rabbit for example, she is totally in that moment and nowhere else, just being.And when they are dreaming, they twitch and growl with their eyes moving behind their eyelids, totally involved in their dreams, in that other level of their consciousness.

In fact all animals, from the insects to birds, fish etc they are all totally and completely caught-up in just being (themselves)! Isn't that a blessed place to be? Many of us human people sure aspire to be where they are - totally comfortable in their own skins.

So I sure would appreciate hearing more within this thread of discourse. I'm sensing there is much more for us all to learn in respect to animal people, new understandings created. As Sophians we don't want to fall prey to dogma (hmm), whether from ancient or modern sources.

And I'm wondering if perhaps this extra we have to learn is inextricably woven into the subject of the politics of power and the patriachal society. Will the recognition of the divine feminine come hand-in-hand with new appreciations of all beings? The scale, the enormity of the Coming of the Bride would then indeed be mind-blowing!

With praise to the Mother Spirit for the freedom, the liberation and the encouragement to ask and inquire within this noble house of Sophians!



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#6 Postby Phillip » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:34 am

Shalom All!

It has been a long time since my last dog companion, but my wife and I recently introduced a little 'Westie' Terrier into our homes. I fell in love with terriers recently ;). I know that this process has been about a powerful healing for my wife, but also for myself. As I have been invoking a particular movement in my life, the animal acts to draw those characteristics out of me. She participates in the movement I saught to draw out within myself - quite a miracle - and I feel the same happening for my wife also.

Certainly, animals may not have the same kind of intelligence or role on this good earth that human beings have, but the notion that they do not participate powerfully in our own soul's evolution and actually act as facilitators of our soul's evolution because of this would, I think, be childish. I don't believe there are "lesser" beings from God's point of view, but beings with a variety of roles to play in THE SOUL'S evolution.

I wonder sometimes if angels have a similar view of us as we do our animal friends, while we are maturing in spirit.



#7 Postby Susan » Tue Mar 25, 2008 5:46 pm

Greetings Phillip,

It's heartening to hear of your family's experiences, how wonderful!

Your proposition on the angels considering us, in a similar manner to how we consider animal people, is a wonderful thought; it has given me much fuel for thought too. So I am now imagining the angels blessing us before their intercessions on our behalf, especially when the forms of those intercessions appear harsh to us. This has a special resonance with us as farmers.

Living in the country we are constantly interacting with animal people, both domesticated and wild. It is a joy and a responsibility and a steep learning curve, because you are right in the thick of it, so to speak - life and death and the opportunity for doing so much good or much that is perhaps not so good.

The Sophian tradition's teachings have been a great gift to all of us here who share this small part of the Earth Mother's Queendom. I pray the Light Succession extends rapidly so all beings may sooner know the redemptive power of the Shekinah of Messiah!

Shalom and thanks,


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Evolution & A Vision of Sophia/Shekinah

#8 Postby Tau Malachi » Fri Mar 28, 2008 4:09 pm

Salutations in the Light of the Messiah!

The same principles of evolution play out in all realms of sentient existence. Thus, if you wish to ponder the various gradations of evolution within the animal realm, merely consider it in terms of the human realm. Within humankind there are many different gradations of evolution, from those of bestial humankind to those of faithful or psychic humankind, to those of spiritual humanity. Generally, we may speak of nine principle grades of the development and evolution of souls in the human life-wave, though within those grades are many grades.

The same is true among animal people or in the animal realm, but rather than fruition in Divine and Supernal Being as in the human realm, the fruition of the animal realm is in the humanity.

If we look into the animal realm, and we consider all of the many and diverse species of animals, we will see that some are far removed from humanity, while others are very near, and most are somewhere in between these two poles – what of them? They are developing and evolving as souls or sentient beings, though their evolution is completely subconscious and tends to be very slow – an evolution over thousands, tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of incarnations. What is unique in the human realm is that at a certain gradations of human development and evolution we acquire a capacity to consciously evolve; in the human realm evolution transitions from unconscious to conscious.

All of us share the same destiny though – enlightenment and liberation, the realization of the Human One of Light (Messiah).

The key in this process of evolution, whether unconscious or conscious, lies in self-identification and desire; when we can identify with a more evolved and refined form of life or being, and we have the desires of that form and realm of being, the soul enters into it – animals that identify strongly with humans and human desires become human, and humans that identify strongly with the holy and enlightened ones become holy and enlightened.

In terms of the acceptance of the Divine and Sacred Feminine coequal with the Divine and Sacred Feminine, and a shift in our paradigm with regard to other creatures, the environment and Mother Earth – I had a series of dreams and visions about this in the early eighties. Essentially, they were very powerful and vivid dreams and visions of Sophia on the cross, and how she was/is being crucified in the radical eradication of species, ecosystems, the environment and this Good Earth in modern times; it was reflected very strongly by the Holy Spirit that the denial and rejection of the Divine and Sacred Feminine goes hand-in-hand with the disregard of creatures and our environment – that the full reception of the Divine and Sacred Feminine in coequality was essential for a paradigm shift in our relationship with this Good Earth.

It is our embrace of Sophia/Shekinah that gives us the more expansive and universal view of the Holy Gospel and salvation – Pistis Sophia fallen and redeemed represents all spirits and souls, all sentient beings, of all realms, worlds and universes, and all dimensions of the Entirety or Realm of Perud; her light-power stolen by the demiurge and archons is the souls of all beings – the light-power of Wisdom is bound up in beings within the gilgulim. Thus, her redemption is our redemption, and Gnostic scriptures that speak of the redemption of Pistis Sophia are speaking of a universal salvation, universal enlightenment and liberation – truly Good News!

Of course, in this process not only are we co-creators, but we are also co-redeemers; hence the powers of the saviors joined to the souls of disciples according to the Gnostic gospel entitled Pistis Sophia – in our labor as co-redeemers, as we have said, our outreach is to all spirits and souls, all sentient beings.

This labor in the harvest of souls is the dance of the Shekinah of Messiah – the dance of the Holy Bride, and her dance is inclusive of all.

May all be uplifted in Hayyah Yeshua and may the Holy Bride be received in full – Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Nine Human Grades

#9 Postby MaoShan » Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:44 pm

Tau Malachi wrote: Generally, we may speak of nine principle grades of the development and evolution of souls in the human life-wave, though within those grades are many grades.
Has the subject of the nine grades of human development been discussed on the forum? If so, where can it be found?
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Re: Dog People

#10 Postby RoseOMagdala » Sat Sep 17, 2016 1:56 pm


Forgive me for reviving an ancient thread but the original poster's topic hits very close to home with me and my experience with the Mother's blessed angels that are our canine companions.

Three years ago I was struggling with depression and anxiety, attempting to break out of the self-imposed isolation I had locked myself in order to avoid being hurt. In my darkest moments I would pray to Abba with all my heart that He might send someone special to my life to give me love and encourage me to step outside of my house and see the world. Circumstances lead me to forming a connection to my family's dog, Jezabel, who became my best friend and encouraged me to leave my room and walk regularly through the fields and by the rivers with her. It's because of Jez that I was able to appreciate our Earthly Mother closely once again. And if the darkness of my depression ever began to roll in again, Jez was there to lay her head on my lap or lick my face, offering the comfort and love I needed. She was a constant reminder and example of the Father's desire to give good gifts to His children (Matt 7:11).

Sadly, earlier this year, we had to put Jez to sleep after we discovered she had bone cancer. She was only seven, only half her life expectancy. It was heartbreaking to let her go but I comfort myself knowing she was taken into the Mother's arms - fittingly we scattered her ashes in the river she loved to splash in so much.

And I haven't been abandoned. I have two dogs who are still here with me and my constant source of joy, adventure and comfort. Jez, as well, is a strong presence with the three of us and I feel a remnant of her soul walking with us as we go.

Blessed be every child that has come forth from the Mother of Life and the Father of Light.

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Re: Dog People

#11 Postby Elder Sarah » Fri Sep 23, 2016 10:39 am


Thank you Rose for sharing your story, your sharing is very moving to me. It reminds me that often dog people will come into our lives as though they are Angels who appear for a short period of time to help through a very difficult situation. This reminds that Angels do appear here on the face of the earth in all different forms, in all different situations.

I too had a dog person who lived with me for a time and saw me through a span of time where I was experiencing much shift and evolution, as soon as I was through that time and on the other side so to say, it was time for her to leave. After having the experience I looked back to see how much I had grown during our time together and could see her as a guardian of that growth. It was amazing, I could even see the time she left was conscious in a way, it was perfect timing, her mission was fulfilled.

We learn from these luminous beings that God is always there, in many different forms, to bring mercy in to our lives, this is an expression of the Love of God and the infinite mercy present all of the time if we are willing to receive and take up our part. This also creates a very magical view of materiality, an ability to see within and behind all that appears. This view is often what we need to receive the mercy God gives and it offers healing. What a beautiful vision! Praise God!

Many Blessings to you in your journey!

Elder Sarah

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