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Dream Visit

#1 Postby Anna » Sun Jan 08, 2012 8:15 am

Blessings and grace to all beings in our Mother!
In dream I was on a mission in another country accompanied by a sister in the lineage. A scorpion kept appearing, causing no small amount of consternation! In fact, the aggressiveness of this creature proved rather discouraging to the mission. At one point the scorpion came after me and jumped on me. Somehow I managed to shake it off. Amazingly, the creature did not harm me, although it certainly had ample opportunity. I wonder what this appearance of scorpion in dream might indicate. Perhaps it really meant to guard us rather than harm us on our mission, but in the dream I misunderstood its intent, judging instead by appearance.

Elder Sarah
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Power of the Chrism

#2 Postby Elder Sarah » Sun Jan 22, 2012 9:51 am

Shalom Sister Anna,

As I read your inquiry regarding the power of scorpions and the dream you are sharing, a couple observations arise. First, I a verse found in Gospel of Luke 10:19,

“See, I have given you the authority to tread on snakes and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing will hurt you. Nevertheless, do not rejoice at this, that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.”

Also, “scorpions” shows up in a Beautiful Prayer found in the Prayer Section of the Forum titled, “A Prayer for Chrism”,

”O Holy One, our Father, our Mother, we bless and we praise your Name, and we invite and welcome your Shekinah among us – we pray that you send your Son, Yeshua, the Messiah, and so anoint us with your Holy Light and Spirit, that we may trample upon serpents and the heads of scorpions, and all the power of the demiurge and archons, and Satan, since this world is dominated by darkness, ignorance, and there is a need for deliverance.”

In the verse from Luke and the beginning of this Prayer for Chrism, both seem to point to “scorpion” as representing the power of dark and hostile forces, the power of ignorance and separation. I also see the power of distraction present in and behind the meaning of scorpions.

It is a very beautiful question to ask what is this power given in Luke? It seems in your dream you were touching into this power. This power is hinted at in Revelations 9:3,

“Then from the smoke came locusts on the earth, and they were given authority like the authority of scorpions of the earth. They were told not to damage the grass of the earth or any green growth or any tree, but only those people who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads”

From this, we can observe the Authority Yeshua gives unto the Apostles to tread on snakes and scorpions is the same Authority given with the Seal of God upon the forehead. This becomes even more confirmed by the Prayer Tau Malachi wrote, the title being, “A Prayer for Chrism. The Chrism, this mark on the forehead, brings power to overcome the dominion of darkness, ignorance and the illusion of separation.

How does this power come into being? One must first be baptized, purified of the links in consciousness that might connect one to these “scorpions”. From the Baptism comes the Anointing, the opening to the Light that is above. This opening is surrender to the Holy Spirit, that She may indwell, taking up ones heart, soul, mind and actions. In this the powers that serve to distract, that serve ignorance and the illusion of separation, simply have no connection. They have no connection because they cannot link to what is “Light”, just as a shadow dissolves in the presence of the sun.

These are some thoughts that come up regarding scorpions and the dream you shared.

May the Light of the Holy Spirit indwell, taking up all that is Hers!



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Dream Insights & Inspirations

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Sun Jan 22, 2012 10:53 am

Greetings and blessings in the light of the Messiah!

I had read the original post some time ago, and intended to respond, but life happened in the continuum and there was suddenly much to do. I love your post Sister Sarah. It reflects the very contemplation that arose when I first read about this dream. Very often scorpions are either a representation of a demonic force, or an angel of wrath, though like serpents and ravens, for example, they have a dual meaning in the tradition and, at times, can indicate a hidden knowledge or power that is neither demonic nor wrathful. In this dream, though, the nature of the appearance seems to indicate a klippotic force, a demonic influence.

If we inquire into a demon and an angel of wrath, although in appearance they can seem much the same, a demon seeks to distance souls from God, the True Light, while an angel of wrath seeks to draw souls closer to God, initiating a return to God through the cessation or destruction of evil.

In the Zohar we are taught to interpret all dreams in a positive, constructive way, for there is prophetic or manifesting power in our dreams; whether bright or dark, we are taught to interpret our dreams in the same way, always positive. Thus, a dream like this we will interpret as a sign that we are overcoming evil, darkness, and likewise, we will understand a call to pray for the person we were with, praying for their deliverance from dark and hostile forces as well. We might also glean from it that there is a hidden hostility, and pray for forgiveness and peace.

Any time we have a dream of this kind, following such a dream we will take up spiritual works of purification, receiving it as a call to engage in purification, for ourselves and for others. Always, we seek to respond to our dreams in an active way on an energetic level, letting our dreams inform and guide our continuum of spiritual works and practice, along with letting other inspirations inform and guide us as well. In this way we can draw great power from our dreams, and we will establish the cause of dreams of higher grades.

This is not only true of experiences in dream, however, but also in life. If, for example, we have found ourselves needing to deal with negativity, or we experience a negative energetic exchange with others, immediately thereafter we will pray and meditate, and respond consciously, taking up works of self-purification, forgiveness, and so forth, just as following positive exchanges we will seek to bolster the light-power or blessings, and give praise and thanks to God. Thus, in our continuum of spiritual living and spiritual practice we wish to respond in a conscious way to all situations, circumstances and events, whether in dream or waking consciousness just the same, and this shapes our continuum of spiritual practice – our spiritual practice is being present in what’s happening and enacting a right response in Christ.

I love what you have shared sister about the power of the true chrism, our anointing with the Holy Spirit, and our immunity to the contagion of evil, or our empowerment to overcome evil. In this we understand that we do not only respond to such things through works of spiritual purification, but also, affirmation and the invocation, generation, of greater light. When the Holy Light shines from within us, there is no wrestling with shades and shadows, and they have no power over us, but rather, in the Holy Light they vanish. Thus, such dreams remind us of the great need to invoke and embody the Holy Light of the Messiah, and to abide in our faith of salvation, enlightenment and liberation.

O Adonai, we pray, let the Light of the Messiah shine brightly into all directions of endless space, delivering the people and the land this day from all shades and shadows, bringing peace. Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
Tau Malachi
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#4 Postby Anna » Fri Jan 27, 2012 9:26 am

Blessings in the Light of Messiah!
Thank you Tau Malachi and Elder Sarah for such an illuminating discussion! Your insights and advice resonate very powerfully within me and within the energies pointed out in waking life at this time, and I am very grateful to you and Mother Spirit. In working with your interpretation and recommendations Ma is releasing klippot and giving teachings about many things, including the integration of what happens in the dream-time.
May all beings be empowered to release attachments to the klippot, in the grace and truth of the Risen Messiah! Amen!

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