The Fourth Names

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The Fourth Names

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The Fourth Names

The Fourth Name of Gevurot: Ayn-Lamed-Mem

Adonai Yeshua teaches us that it is not what we put into our mouths that defiles us or that is the cause of impurity, but rather that it is what comes out of our mouths – specifically, he teaches us that it is thoughts and emotions we conceive in our hearts and minds, and the various fantasies that we entertain that are not aligned and in harmony with the Divine Light and Divine Intention. Put simply, the cause of impurity and misdeeds – the force that generates sin or negative karma, is negative thought, and all of the negative emotions and images it gives rise to; if we want to purify ourselves and draw nearer to the Holy One, and wish to root out the seeds of negative karma that lead to unfortunate circumstances, and to sorrow and suffering, then we must dispel negative thoughts, and in place of the negativity cultivate a completely positive attitude and view, positive thoughts, which leads to positive speech and action – the cause of good fortune, health and happiness.

On the one hand, according to the Kabbalah, thoughts are not created by our brain, or even our minds or souls, but rather the brain, and our minds or souls, are like receivers and transmitters – channels of cosmic and spiritual forces. Thus, the Kabbalah says positive and luminous thoughts have their roots in the Divine Light, in divine spiritual forces and God, and negative and shadowy thoughts have their roots in the Other Side, in klippotic forces and Samael (or Satan). Based upon the thoughts we entertain and allow, we become the vehicle or channel of corresponding cosmic and spiritual forces, whether divine, archonic or demonic – such is the nature of a human being, to channel and embody cosmic and spiritual forces.

On the other hand, according to the Kabbalah, not only do thoughts comes from cosmic spiritual forces of the light and the darkness, and the admixture of the forces of light and darkness, but with every thought and emotion, and their corresponding words and deeds, we also generate and create spiritual forces – angels, archons and demons. Thus, thoughts represent the influence of spiritual forces of light and darkness, but they also are the generation and creation of spiritual forces. Through our thoughts we link with and invoke cosmic and spiritual forces into the subtle or psychic atmosphere of the earth and our environment; and likewise, through our thoughts we, in effect, “breed” corresponding spiritual forces, “populating” the subtle or psychic atmosphere of the earth and our environment with spiritual forces, whether of the light or the darkness, positive or negative – such is the nature of a human being created in the image and likeness of Yahweh Elohim, they are co-creators with God.

This is why the Mekubalim and true mystics around the world teach that sin or negativity in the mind and heart is greater and more powerful than in speech or action, for wrong speech and wrong action comes from wrong thought; but not only that, through thought we invoke and create very powerful spiritual forces in the subtle or psychic atmosphere of our world and environment, and thus we shape the fate of our own lives and the fate of our world.

Unaware of the very real power of thought, or the mind or soul, in ignorance most ordinary people believe that it is okay to think negative thoughts as long as you do not speak them or act upon them; even modern psychology, at times, proposes this, but as Adonai Yeshua teaches us, nothing could be further from the truth – thoughts are everything in the human experience and we are wise to recognize their great power and seek to master the mind, for our thoughts determine the reality of our experience, whether in this life or future lives.

The reality of our experience is the radiant display of our own mind, consciousness or soul – specifically, our thoughts and emotions.

Assuming that the Holy Kabbalah is correct, and the balance of spiritual forces in the subtle and psychic atmosphere of the earth reflects the thoughts and emotions of human beings – given our habitual tendency to negative thought, imagine what that subtle or psychic environment looks like!

Here we may say, our struggle with the pollution and destruction of our physical or material environment stems from our habitual pollution of our psychic environment with negative and destructive spiritual forces – if we want to conquer our problem with material pollution in the world and the destruction of our ecosystem, then we must resolve our problem with psychic and spiritual pollution, we must purify ourselves of negative thoughts and emotions, and learn to walk in beauty and holiness.

The power of the Fourth Name of Gevurot is to dispel klippotic forces that give rise to negative thoughts and emotions, and likewise, to shatter the klippotic forces that we have generated and created with negative thought, emotion and fantasy.

Now negative thoughts have their root in self-grasping or self-cherishing, and the play of egoistic desires and fears arising from it – the evil inclination, sitra ahara; and with self-grasping we tend to generate a negative self-image, an image of ourselves in the delusion of lack, the illusion of separation. As is well known to spiritual healers, a negative self-image is virtually always within and behind unfortunate circumstances, illness and unhappiness; thus, often an integral part of healing is the dissolution of the negative self-image and the generation of a new self-image of the person and soul as they are in the Divine Light, as they are in God.

The power of the Fourth Name of Gevurot is the shattering is the klippah of negative self-images that perpetuate negative thoughts and emotions; and interestingly enough, the power of the Fourth Name of Hasidim is the generation of a positive self-image, or the generation of the Body of Vision and wearing the Body of Vision. Thus these two Holy Names go hand-in-hand together, and are often invoked together.

A navi might invoke this Holy Name to dispel negative thoughts in themselves that obstructs their experience of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, or to dispel the klippotic forces that influence the thoughts of the people obstructing the reception of the Body of Vision; in a similar way, wonderworkers may invoke this Name in sacred circle to banish the influence of negativity from the subtle or psychic environment of the sacred circle, and healers may call upon this Name of God to dispel negative self-images that are the cause of illness.

Any time we find ourselves bound up in negative thought, emotion and fantasies, or wish to pray and help another person liberate themselves from negative thought and negative self-images, we may call upon this Holy Name of God – all such shades and shadows in consciousness instantly vanish in the light-power of this Holy Name.

A Meditation with the Name

If and when you find yourself in the “snare of the fowler,” the web of negative thoughts arising from Sitra Ahara; go within and invoke the Silent Witness, and letting go of self-judgment, abide in God’s presence and call upon the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah, praying for a blessing and empowerment to overcome negativity.

Then, take up the chant of El Elohim:

Al Al-O-Ha-Yah-Ma

As you chant, envision the Holy Letters of the Name, Ayn-Lamed-Mem, magically appearing in the space before you; the Holy Letters as Black Fire upon White Fire – black flame in the midst of infinite white brilliance.

As you continue to chant, envision that this reverses and that the Holy Letters become White Fire and the field of infinite space becomes Dark Radiance; as the Holy Letters become white brilliance, see them take on an electric blue aura.

As you continue to chant, envision that Holy Light begins to flash forth from the Name of God, and that the Holy Letters begin to grow in size, as though pervading infinite space in all directions, including you – as you conclude the sacred chant, you are Holy Light in an infinite ocean of Holy Light, all shades and shadows vanishing, all negativity dispelled.

Turn your mind and heart in full to the Messiah and El, and let your mind be filled with thoughts of God and the goodness of God – filled with holy awe and wonder of all of the works of God, creation and all miracles God has done; and pray that all souls might be liberated from negativity and restored to God, the True Light.

This completes the movement.

Remember the simple truth that is often said in the teachings: “If you are struggling with shades and shadows, or stumbling in the darkness – turn the lights on! In the very instant that you do you will no longer be struggling nor stumbling.”

A Practice among the Navim

Klippah Nogah is very powerful, especially in our times – false dreams and visions, and false prophecies and false prophets abound; when a holy tzaddik or navi wishes to bind the unclean spirits and “angels” of Klippah Nogah away from a person, or wishes to break their enchantments over a person, they will call upon the Fourth Name of Gevurot.

They will go out into a place in the wilderness and create a sacred circle, calling upon Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers.

(The invocation of Divine Powers and consecration of the sacred circle will include the Divine Name: Ya-Ai-Ho-La-VoYa-Hu)

They arise by way of the Middle Pillar to the Sefirah of Da’at, binding their soul in ascent from Adonai to Yahweh Elohim; and they will call upon the Names of God in the Pillar of Judgment – Elohim, Elohim Givor, and Elohim Tzavaot.

Invoking Archangel Tzafkiel into the sacred circle, they will seek knowledge of the names of the deceiving spirits, and then they will invoke Archangel Kamael and Archangel Michael for the binding and banishing of the klippotic forces, the dispelling of their magic powers and enchantments.

Then, outside of the sacred circle they will trace an triangle of evocation to the north with their staff (or with a consecrated sword), and they will trace images of the Holy Letters of this Name of God upon the earth at the points of the triangle of evocation – returning into the sacred circle.

Standing within the sacred circle, uplifting their holy staff, in the Supreme Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah they will evoke the unclean and deceiving spirits, binding them by the Blessed Name to the triangle of evocation; then speaking the name of the person or persons to be freed from the influence of the deceiving spirits, they will take up the intonement of the Holy Name:

Ai-Lo-Mi (Ai – long “A”)

As they do this, they will behold the unclean spirits in the triangle of evocation surrounded by the flaming letters of the Holy Name, and they will hold the conscious intention of the binding of the unclean spirits from the person or persons, and the intention of banishing them to their realms – as they near the end of the chant, they will take up a stone in their hand, charging it with the power of the Name, and with the end of the chant they will cast it into the triangle of evocation, saying, “Out unclean spirits, be gone to your realms and bound away from this good earth” – and throwing it they will intone Elohim Givor with great force.

The deceiving spirits will be bound and banished in this way.

With their foot, they will erase the triangle and with their staff they will erase the letters.

Then, they will worship in the presence of Ha-Shem and the in company of the Holy Shekinah, giving praise and thanks for the enlightenment and liberation of souls in Yeshua Messiah, and giving praise and thanks to El Elyon, and they will make offerings on behalf of the people and the land, and pray for the liberation of all from the dominion of the klippot and the false lights of Klippah Nogah.

Having worshipped, they will enact a ceremony of purification or banishing, and this will complete the movement.

*In cases in which very powerful dark and hostiles forces are involved – actual shedim, the holy tzaddik, navi or wonderworker might invoke the full wrathful emanation of the archangels of the sacred circle and the wrathful emanation of Archangel Kamael, and invoke corresponding oath-bound wrathful guardians, and rather than subjugating, binding and banishing the evil spirits, they might act to shatter or destroy them.

This invocation of the Holy Name and binding of deceiving spirits may also be performed in Body of Light in the astral dimension, going to the subtle or psychic environment of those to be liberated and enacting the movement in that dimension.

The Angels of the Name

Ai-Anyiel, Lakhmiel and Mesha’ashiel are the angels of this Holy Name; these are angels that come from the order of Hashmalim, and it is said that they hold secret knowledge of the creation and destruction of spirits, and of the mysteries of the “temporary angels.”

This concludes our sacred discourse upon the Fourth Name of Gevurot – Praise the Lord whose Spirit illuminates and reveals all mysteries, Hallelu Yah! Amen.

The Fourth Name of Hasidim: Yod-Kaf-Ayn

This is a Holy Name invoking good fortune – perfect success; and it is a Holy Name that is called upon to invoke dreams and visions of Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah.

When navim seek a new Body of Vision for the people, or empowerment to enact a Body of Vision with the people, they will call upon this Holy Name; likewise, when initiates seek a vision of their image as they are in the Messiah, or a vision of their Supernal Zelem, they may invoke this Holy Name.

In this Name of God is the power of the Holy Sefirot, above and below, and sight into the World of the Holy Spirit, and it is a Name for the generation of Partzuf and the Body of Light.

Gazing into the crystal sphere, and invoking this Holy Name: Yo-Ka-Ao, with the sacred gesture of open hand (Yo) and closed hand (Ka), the close hand brought to the brow, then opened with the palm facing the brow (Ao), and taking the image of the crystal sphere into the center of their head and resting the mind upon it, gazing into it the seer sees in the Spirit Vision.

Having dissolved the false image of a person in need of healing, with the intonement of this Holy Name: Ya-Ki-Au, laying hands on the person, the healer brings the holy zelem and soul into the person from the Clear Light, as a Body of Glory into the Body of Emanation, and they are healed; anointed, they are then sealed in Adonai Messiah, made perfect and complete in Hayyah Yeshua.

Tracing these Holy Letters by each Kerubic Stone of the sacred circle, calling upon Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers, and making offerings, activating the Name and intoning the Name: Ya-Ka-Aa (south), Yi-Ki-Ai (west), Yo-Ko-Ao (east), Yu-Ku-Au (north), the wonderworker invokes visions of the Holy Winds and Kerubim – touching the brow of their companions, their companions gain insight.

A Meditation with the Name

If you want to invoke a vision of Hayyah Yeshua in dream, or wish to gain knowledge of yourself in the Messiah through luminous dreams, before going to bed, with this intention in mind, fill your mind and heart with thoughts of the Messiah of El, and cleave to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah – then, let go of it all; abide in primordial meditation and go to bed.

As you go to sleep, envision these Holy Letters in a Sphere of Light over your head, and envision yourself in a Body of Light with the Spiritual Sun within you; intone the Name, Yah Yeshua, and then intone the Name: Ya-Ka-Aa.

As you intone the Name, envision light flashes down from the Sphere of Light and Holy Letters, and that your Body of Light instantly dissolves into fluid flowing light and is gathered into the Spiritual Sun in your heart; and envision that you, as the Spiritual Sun, dissolve, merging with the Sphere of Light and Holy Name – as this, dissolving into Clear Light of dreamless sleep, abide, awaiting vision in dream. In this way go to sleep.

When you awaken in the morning, arising, intone Yah Yeshua and the Name, and remember your dream – do this every night until a vision comes in dream of the Risen Messiah.

If the vision in dream does not come, purify yourself and intensify your worship; that, or after one week, let go of the practice and take it up another time, for it is not God’s will or due season.

When you are taking up this practice, pay attention to right thought, right speech and right action throughout the day in all things – walk in beauty and holiness; and do not let yourself be moved by any mundane events, but rather be moved by the Spirit of God alone.

This is the practice.

A Practice among Navim

When a holy tzaddik or navi is called to enter into the dreams of another person as a messenger of Yahweh to them, they will call upon this Holy Name.

Arising at midnight, or having never retired to their bed, they will go and take up the study and contemplation of the Holy Scriptures with full kavvanah and devekut; and when the Spirit calls them, they wrap themselves in their holy mantle and will cleave to Adonai, Shaddai and Yahweh (or Yeshua), and then they will call upon El Shaddai by extension, and generating the Body of Light they will divest themselves of the klippah of matter.

In the Body of Light, as their Holy Maggid, they will go to the subtle dimension of the environment where the person is asleep, and they will envision the Holy Name over the person; and holding the intention of entering into the dreams of the person, they will invoke the Holy Name and pass into their dreams:


Invoking the Name they will envision what is done and spoken in the dream, and then envision the Holy Letters dissolve into fluid flowing light and pour into the brow star of the person as they are sleeping, sending this Body of Vision and Voice into their dreams.

Then, they will return to their body, and they will recite Psalm 6, holding this person in mind; and when this is done they will go to bed, and as they go to sleep they will perform a dream union with their Supernal Zelem.

In the morning when they arise, they will worship in the presence of Ha-Shem and they will pray for the blessing of the person whom they were sent to visit in dream and they will intone the Holy Name again, but unifying Shaddai into it, praying specifically for the person’s remembrance of the dream:


Then they will study and contemplate the Holy Scriptures, and conduct their morning prayers and worship – this completes the movement.

Of course, a perfect tzaddik or master prophet can do this purely by way of conscious intention, and they can visit many souls in dream within a single night; likewise, the maggidim of the holy tzaddikim and navim go naturally and spontaneously to their companions in the movements of the Holy Spirit without need for thought or intention on the part of the tzaddik or navi, but simply because God sends their maggidim and because of their perpetual heart-wish for the happiness of their sacred friends.

A Prayer-Invocation with the Name

Purify and prepare yourself, and bathe and put on clean cloths; light a single candle and offer up incense, and invoke Ha-Shem and welcome the Holy Shekinah, enflame yourself with prayers in praise and worship of God, the True Light.

Then intone the Shema with traditional kavvanot – then begin to gaze.

Gazing into the flame – a single flame in the midst of the night, pray:

Hayyah Abba, Living Father, in the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah, anoint and empower me to look and see in the Spirit Vision – may I behold the image of the Risen Messiah and gain insight into my soul root in the Mystical Body.

Intone Al-La, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord; if Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon you, pray the prayer again, and then intone Yah-Ha-Shu-Vo-Hu, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord; if Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon you, pray the prayer again, and intone Al-La, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord; if Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon you, pray the prayer again, and then intone Yah-Hi-Vo-Hu Tzavaot, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord; if Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon you, again pray and intone Yah-Ha-Shu-Vo-Hu, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord; if Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon you, intone Al-O-Ha-Ya-Ma Tzavaot, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord; if Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon, pray once again, and intone the Holy Name: Ya-Ko-Ai, and gaze, waiting upon the Spirit of the Lord.

If the Holy Spirit does not take you up, nevertheless give praise and thanks to El Elyon, and offer up prayers for all your relations – then extinguish the flame and say amen.

*The eve of the Holy Shabbat is the best time for this prayer.

The Angels of the Name

The angels of this Holy Name are Yedael, Kafanael, and Aynazael; these are said to come from the order of the Elim, and have secret knowledge of the dominion of Archangel Haniel and generation of the Body of Glory among the angels, as well as holding secret knowledge of enlightened god and goddesses that serve Adonai.

This completes our sacred discourse on the Fourth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim, all through the blessing and grace of Ha-Shem. Hallelu El! Praise God!

Adonai, we bless and praise your Holy Name, and we give all thanks to you; please bless and empower us to continue in our sacred discourse of your Holy Names and let our discourse be a blessing upon the people and the land – a blessing upon all living spirits and souls. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Ayin Lamed Mem

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Mon Apr 18, 2016 8:02 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi:

I was enjoying with companions the Shabbat before last a discussion you'd tipped of olam-universe being a mentality. Not only is an aeon, or olam, a period of time manifest particularly in a place, but it conveys through all manner of expressions a mentality, a consciousness, an orientation.

Needless to say, I was elated to find the very letters for olam (with a Vav) in this Divine Name of Gevurot: עוֹלָם. If this weren't already more than enough, I discovered a rarity in root words. The root word for olam עוֹלָם is coincidentally the exact letters in the exact order as this Divine Name. Alam עָלַם has many meanings: to conceal, hide, be hidden, be concealed, be secret.

Given what you've already shared above, I wondered what more you might have to share of the nuances comprising these three particular letters of this Divine Name of Gevurot.


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Re: The Fourth Names

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 28, 2016 9:12 am

Grace and peace to you in the Eternal One!

Yes, indeed, if Vau were added this would be the word Olam - “world,” or “universe,” and this indicates another intention an initiate might have for invoking this Name of God: the opening of consciousness to realms and worlds of inner, metaphysical dimensions, realms and worlds of the astral, spiritual and supernal universes. Thus, if an initiate is praying for direct spiritual and mystical experience of realms and worlds of inner dimensions, inner planes, and the heavens, this may be a Holy Name they invoke in prayer. The opening of consciousness to the realities of inner dimensions, of course, corresponds with the development of consciousness beyond the body and the experience of aliyat neshamah, transference of consciousness into a subtle body, or mystical ascents of the soul, and something of this spiritual power, this spiritual gift, is in this Name of God.

Now this Holy Name is the word Alam exactly, and to be hidden or concealed implies shelter, sanctuary, or divine guardianship. Perhaps you may recall a teaching from the Gospel of St. Philip that archons and demons cannot perceive a soul that has put on the Perfect Light - Clear Light. If we consider the complete purification of the soul it corresponds with the realization of the Great Natural Perfection, the Clear Light Nature of the soul. Truly, in Clear Light Union a soul is completely hidden, concealed, from the spiritual forces of the Other Side and cannot be bound by them. This Name of God, however, is also an invocation of what may be called a “lesser concealment” from spiritual forces of the Other Side; hence to be hidden, concealed, by the exterior Shekinah of Yahweh, which is to be sheltered from the assaults of dark and hostile forces. Thus, this Name is often called upon for divine guardianship against the assaults of angels of the archons and demons, or unclean and evil spirits.

These more esoteric intentions for calling upon this Holy Name are intimately connected to the primary intention that has been shared - purification from internal klippot, or negativity, for all of these divine actions require the release and overcoming of internal klippot, impurities in the soul or consciousness.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi

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