The Twelfth Names

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The Twelfth Names

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The Twelfth Names

The Twelfth Name of Gevurot: He-He-Ayn

Adonai Yeshua speaks a beautiful blessing in the Beatitudes. He says, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.” Quite naturally, this becomes a very deep contemplation for the sons and daughters of the navim who aspire to knowledge and visions of God – what does it mean to be “pure in heart,” and where and how shall do pure in heart “see God” (El)?

Meditating upon this Beatitude and this Holy Name, perhaps you will look and see!

We may speak about this Name of God as an invocation of unconditional love – the love with which the Messiah and God love us; but truly, that is nothing more than a concept in our minds, or it is a passing vital sentimental warmth that makes us feel good for a few minutes – it is not the true awareness or knowledge of such love.

Indeed! We must inquire how such love is possible, seeing that typically speaking it is so far removed from our human experience; but you see, Adonai Yeshua answers this question, for to love all beings we must see the innate good in all beings, the godliness in all beings – in them we must see and encounter God, and aware of God in ourselves and in them, God will love God, the unconditional love of God being embodied in us.

We know this very well, for any time we do love, even in our limited and egoistic way, when we love we see the good in another, and seeing the good we love the good – we love because we see the good, and we continue to love so long as we continue to see the good.

Seeing the good, then, or seeing God, is the secret of spiritual love – for seeing the good we will love.

The power of this Holy Name is opening our eyes to see the good – to see God!

When we see in this way, then quite naturally and spontaneously we experience boundless compassion, unconditional love – or at least we will experience greater love than we experienced before.

If you are willing to look and see the innate goodness in yourself, and the innate goodness in others, and you cultivate the habit of seeing the good – then calling upon this Holy Name you may, indeed, see God (El), and you may begin to experience greater love, and even taste unconditional love; cultivating such love, through the blessing and grace of El in the Messiah, you may generate the Sacred Heart, the fullness of love.

Essentially, we must recognize our habitual tendency to focus on what’s wrong with us or what’s wrong with others as counterproductive, and instead we must learn to see and cultivate the good, and seek to draw out the good, draw out the light, from within ourselves and others – in so doing we will discover that cultivating what is positive and good, and learning to love ourselves, others and God, naturally diminished the dominion of the klippot, dispelling the husks of darkness. In the end we will discover that all the while, in truth, there was nothing but God, the True Light, and find that all klippot, all shades and shadows, all sin and death, were unreal, illusory.

This is a Name of God extending Holy Light in which shades and shadows vanish – spontaneously self-liberating!

Now the power of this Holy Name goes even further – as we know, there is a play of Mercy and Judgment, and the Holy Shekinah can manifest in Judgment or Mercy; in truth, however, the appearance of the Holy Shekinah in Judgment arises from our own karmic vision, our own impure vision in dualistic consciousness. Truly, the Holy Shekinah of El is Pure Mercy and Grace, and she does not change, but rather it is we who change, and in a state of impure consciousness it is we who misperceive the Shekinah, or fail to see Reality as It Is – thus, God’s mercy appears like judgment to us.

In the midst of the movement of judgment or the appearance of a wrathful emanation of the Holy Shekinah, calling upon this Holy Name, our sight is purified and the mercy of El is seen, even in the midst of great darkness and horror.

Where do the pure in heart see God? In light and darkness, in beauty and horror alike, in all that appears, in all that transpires – in all God is seen, and all is God’s will.

Pure Vision is Pure Love – Seeing True we Love True; such is the power of this Holy Name of God.

There is a further mystery in this Holy Name, though, for cleaving to Hayyah Yeshua and the Shekinah of Messiah, speaking this Holy Name, through the blessing and grace of El that is in it, we may be uplifted by the Holy Spirit to see into the world of angels or the world of souls, and yet more, we may be blessed to gain a glimpse of the Supernal World – in that very instant we will know that the Supernal Light that is above is everywhere here below, for we will see the Light Realm within and all around us.

Thus, as you might suspect, this is a Holy Name invoked by tzaddikim or apostles for Light Transmission – opening the eyes of their spiritual companions to the Pleroma of Light above and below; likewise as you might imagine, this is among the Holy Names through which a direct revelation of Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah, may be invoked – an inner gradation of Light Transmission.

There is intense Light-power in this Holy Name – spiritual nuclear fire and passion!

A Holy Meditation: Seeing the Good, Seeing God

Abide for a while as the Silent Witness, and letting go of self-judgment, look and see one aspect of the good in yourself – look and see one positive point or attribute of yourself, aware that the good in you represents an innate connection to God and that cultivating the good you draw nearer to God; then add to that another positive point or attribute about yourself, and another – a continue in contemplative meditation in this way.

Then become aware of all of this as the blessings of God upon you, and give praise and thanks to God, and become aware of all of this as your offering to God and offer it up to God – let the awareness dawn that the good in you is God’s presence and power in you, and that the good in you is the direct expression of the light of your soul as it is in God.

Now, turn your mind to someone you love and do the same with them, and as you are able to do this more and more with those you love, try to do this with those you do not know so well, those who are relatively strangers to you, but in whom you may look and see the good; then, when you can do this with sincerity with relative strangers, practicing doing this with people you do not like or who your would view as enemies – forgiving them, and choosing to see the good in them.

Just as you praise and gave thanks to God for the good in yourself, and offered that good up to God, so give praise and thanks for the good in others, and offer it up to God, and as you look out into the world, seek to see the good, and praise and give thanks to God for it, and offer it up to God – this may extend to all creatures and all things.

Cultivate this practice and cultivate the view of “Seeing the Good” in your daily living – seeing the good, seeing God, in all things; first in those that it is easy for you to see the good in, and then in those that it is not so easy for you.

When you have cultivated this view – the view of the pure in heart, and you wish to expand and deepen this view, generating greater awareness of the good in all, the presence and power of God in all, invoking this Holy Name you can receive an empowerment from the Holy Spirit,

Cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, join your soul to the Holy Sefirot of the Middle Pillar in ascent from Adonai to El Elyon; arriving at El Elyon, Keter Elyon, meditate upon the Divine Name of Yahweh Elohim and contemplate all as the emanation of the Holy One, the emanation of the Shekinah of Elyon, the Supreme.

Then, having meditated upon the Holy Name and contemplated in this way, intone Yahweh Elohim in extension; and then intone the Name: Ha-Ha-Ai, and look and see the Good, look and see God.

Any time you are struggling to see the good, remember this Holy Name, contemplate it and meditate upon it, and you will draw a blessing and empowerment from it to see the good.

Seeing the good, seeing God, love the good, love God – this is the practice.

*Giving & Receiving Meditation may also be joined to this practice, and this Holy Name can be used to empower Giving & Receiving.

**This teaching is considered a healing practice in the Order of St. Raphael.

A Practice among the Navim

There is a practice given in the Melchizedek teachings that occur in the Christian Kabbalah – it is very simple, but it is considered an advanced practice for invoking Ruach Ha-Kodesh and prophecy.

The navi will sit and unify their soul with all of the Holy Sefirot, as with the Mystical Body of the Messiah – then envisioning and gazing upon the Holy Letters of this Name, they will intone Yahweh, Yahweh, El, and they will rest their mind upon these Holy Letters, abiding in primordial meditation.

When the Spirit moves them, they will intone this Holy Name, pronouncing the Letters: Hi-Hu-Ai, and they will cast their gaze where the earth and sky meet, resting their mind in the gap, seeing, hearing and knowing in the Spirit of Ain Sof, the Infinite.

This is the practice.

*There are two methods of gazing to where the earth and sky meet, or to where earth and heaven meet – one is external and the other is internal but becomes “external.”

**Masters of the tradition often use this practice in preparation and invocation of mind-to-mind transmissions and inmost essential transmission.

Angels of the Name

Havael, Hanavael and A’ash’ashiel are the holy angels of this Name – they come from the order of Hashmalim and are said to teach all manner of methods of gazing to see God in Spirit.

This concludes our discourse on the Twelfth Name of Gevurot – we give all praise and thanks to El, the mighty and merciful God, through whose blessing and grace we are able to speak the mysteries of the Holy Names; Hallelu El – Praise God!

The Twelfth Name of Hasidim: Nun-He-Shin

Do you want to see Yahweh? Are you willing to disappear? If so, then call upon this Holy Name and you will know and see Yahweh!

The very essence of all authentic spirituality and mysticism is self-transcendence, transcendence of the egoistic self, transcendence of egoistic desire and fear, transcendence of the need for physical incarnation, transcendence of the addiction to reference points, even those most subtle and sublime as those of a body of light and the heavenly abodes, luminous forms; this Holy Name holds the power of self-transcendence, the empowerment to recognize and realization Ani-Ain, the truth of self as no self, the purity of emptiness, no-thingness.

It is in this that Yahweh is known and seen, and yet more, Eheieh (I Shall Be) – and this is the wisdom of the Pachad (fear) of Yahweh, for long before we are willing to disappear, we know that we eventually must and naturally there is fear and trembling.

Consider the Master in the Garden of Gethsemane who perspires blood in fear of the pain of a torturous death drawing near – yet, willing to submit even to death on the cross, he was raise from death to eternal life, and exalted to sit at the right hand of Hayyah Abba; and being raise up, the Master left no body behind, he passed into Rainbow Body Attainment. Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord!

He is one who is anointed with Supernal Light and who knows and sees Yahweh, and knowing and seeing Yahweh, he is Yahweh Yeshua, inseparable from Yahweh – and so before his Holy and Supreme Name every knee shall bend and every head shall bow.

*Here we may speak a secret mystery: Until the Messiah ran and returned victorious, no angel ever bent a knee in worship, but when the Messiah arose from the dead and ascended, all of the holy angels of God bent their knees and bowed down – such is the glory and power of Adonai Yeshua Messiah.

Through the blessing and grace of Hayyah Yeshua, in this Holy Name is the power to invoke the fullness of the Holy Shekinah in an instant – like a lightening strike and the clap of thunder simultaneous; and so this Holy Name is invoked for swift movements of Light Transmission and swift movements of wonders, but as with seeking to see Yahweh, you must be willing to disappear, to be empty, so as to be filled by the Spirit of God, reborn in Jeweled Body, the Solar Body of the Resurrection.

Consider Baal Yeshua healing and exorcising the people – with a mere intention, or a mere thought, or a mere word, or a mere glance or gesture, it was done; such is the power in this Name of God if one knows how to call upon this Name, if one is willing to disappear.

Add Gimel (3) to this Holy Name and it equals the number of Nechash (the Serpent) and Messiah – this becomes a deep and profound contemplation, and understanding this, you will know and understand this Holy Name; to give a hint, it emanates from the “Holy Trinity,” which is to say Supernal Mochin: Keter-Hokmah-Binah.

Now when we speak of the fullness of the Holy Shekinah you may understand this through contemplation and meditation on this Holy Name: Nun is the Fifty Gates of Binah, the knowledge and power of the Supernal Shekinah, and He is the Holy Shekinah below, what is actualize and realized of the Supernal Shekinah, and Shin is the full force of the Holy Sefirot of Imma, the Mother, manifest in the Shekinah below, the Sefirot of Beriyah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah, which naturally brings the shefa and ruhaniyot of the Sefirot of Atzilut down into Malkut.

This is the Secret Name of the emanation of the Holy Mother as the Anointed Bride – anointed with the full power and glory of the Supernal World.

When the Holy Shekinah is resting upon a person, and Ruach Ha-Kodesh is moving with, in and through them, speaking this Holy Name it may come to pass that the Holy Shekinah and Holy Ruach manifest as that person, becoming fully embodied, incarnate; such is the power of this Holy Name – Divine Illumination, the Great Liberation!

A Holy Meditation with the Name: Contemplation of Ani-Ain

Go within, and go deeper still – pass into the depths, floating in being, trusting in the Spirit of Adonai; let the sense of self, Ani, arise, and then, looking into it, see it is no-thing, Ain, and let it vanish – then let the sense of self arise again, and flicker between self (Ani) and no self (Ain) in this way, delighting in the mystery of the elusive self.

In this way, be as the child of the Holy Mother, playing in her lap – your joy her joy, completely playful as a child, completely wondering at the mystery of all that you see.

Then take up hitbonenut – contemplative meditation, on this Holy Name, filling your mind with this Name of God and its mysteries, thinking of nothing else but this Holy Name; when your have probed into the furthest depths you can, considered all that your know and understand of the Name, let go and abide in silence, waiting upon insights and illuminations from Ruach Ha-Kodesh: if you can, pass into hitbodedut – deep meditation. If and when your mind strays, if there is no stream of insights and illuminations arising, engage the contemplation again – do this three or more times.

When you have contemplated the Name in this way, then envision the Spiritual Sun in your heart and your body as light, and envision a ray shooting forth, magically appearing as the Holy Letters of the Name before you formed of translucent diamond-like light; rest your mind upon this Holy Name as in primordial meditation on an object, returning your mind to the place every time it veers – continue in this way for a while.

If insight and illuminations come, be with the experience of Ruach Ha-Kodesh and let her carry you wherever she will, but if they do not, then begin to intone the Holy Letters of the Name: Ni-Hu-Sha, as you intone envision that the Holy Letters dissolve into fluid flowing light that stream to a point above your head, forming a Holy Sphere of Diamond Being; then shift your chant to: Na-Ha-Sha, and add Ah – as you do this envision a flash of white brilliance and the Divine Rapture, imagine you disappear and see what happens!

If the illumination of Ruach Ha-Kodesh arises – specifically Ruach Ha-Messiah, abide in the state of illumination as long as Ruach Ha-Kodesh remains; if not, envision yourself in body of light with the Spiritual Sun in your heart again, and envision a ray shoots forth again, this time magically appearing as Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah – perform Union with Partzuf as you know how.

In fruition, as Adonai Messiah, worship in the Shekinah of Hayyah Abba, and pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Supernal Grace upon all beings; then, as Hayyah Yeshua, intone the Name: Na-Ha-Sha-Ga, and envision you, as Adonai, and all taken up in Divine Rapture.

Proclaim Hallelu Yah, Vehayah and Amen; this completes the movement – this is the practice.

Calling upon the Name in this way the blessing and grace of God that is in it will rest upon you – when you go out, walk in beauty and holiness, walk with Ha-Shem, keeping the Blessed Name of Yahweh Yeshua before you. This is the seal of the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Imparting Supernal Chrism

When a holy apostle goes out to receive a soul by way of the Threefold Rite, putting on the Blessed Name and going out as Adonai in the company of the Holy Shekinah, lifting the person up out of the waters, as they go to anoint the person they stand as the Great Maggid Hua before them, with flashing fire from crown to root, as through all creation, and pillar of fire raising up into the infinite heights in worship of El Elyon, among the mystics words spoken they weave the Holy Name: Na-Hu-Sha, and through their hands the light and fire passes, flashing into the brow of the chosen one, the holy one before them.

This is the practice – but with the masters of the tradition it is “no practice,” with silent volition all is accomplished in the Blessed Name.

Angels of the Name

The holy angels of this Name of God are: Nuriel, Hahayahel and Shekavyahael – these are angels intimate with the Shekinah of Messiah and are among the attendants of the Bridal Chamber above and below, coming from the order of the Serafim, they are among Great Serafim – Nuriel stand to the Left, Hahayahel to the Right and Shekavyahael to the Middle, and there are the three great and holy ones over them, as is known among the holy navim of the tradition.

Remember, you will see what you resemble, and you will become what you most love – when you resemble Yahweh and love Yahweh, you will know and see Yahweh, and so you will come full circle; and as it is written in Proverbs: “The beginning of knowledge (Da’at) is the fear of Yahweh,” and so also in the psalms, “The beginning of wisdom (Hokmah) is the fear of Yahweh.”

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Twelfth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim through the grace and blessings of Ha-Shem; Hallelu Elyon – Praise the Most High!

Let us pray: Hayyah Abba, we bless Your Holy Name and we praise You and give all thanks to You, and we pray for the swift coming of Adonai Messiah, the outpouring of Your Supernal Grace in Divine Rapture – so as we speak mysteries of Your Holy Name may we be empowered in service to Your Divine Sovereignty and to bring forth blessings upon the people; Amen.

Shabbat Shalom!
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