The Sixteenth Names

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The Sixteenth Names

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The Sixteenth Names

The Sixteenth Name of Gevurot: He-Koof-Mem

The Holy Kabbalah says that the Great Name of the Holy One is unified through the service of prayers, meditations and sacred ceremonies offered up by the faithful and elect – essentially, when the faithful and elect offer worship to the Holy One and invoke the Divine Light, Yod-He-Vau is join to the final He of the Great Name, the spiritual everflow of Names of God (Atzilut), archangels (Beriyah) and orders of angels (Yetzirah) being brought down through the celestial spheres into this world (Asiyah). When the Community of the Elect is strong, the Holy Light of the Supernal Abode is brought down, and the blessings and mercy of El are manifest in the world.

Conversely, when the Community of the Elect and Matrix of Faith is weak, and there are relatively few who offer true worship to the Holy One, instead of the Holy Light of God, and the influence of the archangels and orders of angels, the forces of the archons and shedim are invoked, and the everflow or influx from the Upper World feeds the Other Side, the dominion of the klippot.

This is a Name of God that is invoked during times when the Community of the Elect and Matrix of Faith is weakened to cut off the flow of influxes (shefa) to the Other Side.

All that we can say, of course, regarding the collective of humankind is equally true on an individual level – when we tend the Continuum-Covenant, attending to our service of prayer, meditation and sacred ceremony, the influence of the Divine Light and the Holy Shekinah is strengthened in the world, and when we neglect our service, the Holy Shekinah is diminished and the dominion of the Other Side is increased.

On occasions when there is compromise in our service to heaven – our continuum of the spiritual life and practice, or when there is a break in sacred circle, this Holy Name is invoked to cut off the flow of psychic and spiritual energy to the Other Side and to enact the tikkune-healing of our spiritual continuum.

Parallel to this, at times it is possible that we might fall into great negativity in the face of challenges and apparent setbacks in life, whether in the spiritual dimension of our life or other aspects of our life – we may become overwhelmed by extreme psychic tension and stress, bound up in excessive anxiety and fear, overtaken by radical levels of anger, or fall into the pit of depression or a mental-emotional stupor. Unfortunately, this, of course, only feeds and attracts klippotic forces and becomes a self-perpetuating inferno, only serving to generate more negativity and a plunge into great darkness.

Our discouragement in the face of apparent failures, our frustration with our weaknesses, our guilt over our mistakes and tendency towards depression in the face of apparent setbacks, are some of the greatest inroads to klippotic forces – things that dark forces commonly use to keep us in bondage and to drain our light-power. Through the blessing and grace of God in this Holy Name, however, calling upon it we can receive the empowerment to rise up and face whatever challenges are present, the empowerment to stand in the presence of Yahweh, even amidst great adversity – in it is the power to shatter klippot that would seek to hold us down and keep us in bondage.

When there is reason on any level to cut off the flow of energy to the Other Side, the Dark Side, this is the Holy Name to call upon.

A Meditation with the Name: Healing the Continuum & Soul

When you see compromised your service to heaven, or see that at some time have failed to attend to your continuum of the spiritual life and practice – calling upon this Holy Name you can cut off the flow of psychic and spiritual energy to the klippot and restore your continuum; likewise, in a similar manner, if you see that you have fallen into great negativity, calling upon this Holy Name you can receive the empowerment to raise yourself up out of it and to cease giving sustenance to the Other Side.

It is very simple – restore yourself to the Sanctuary of Grace, cleave to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, and turn to the Holy One in prayer, confessing and repenting of whatever you have done, invoking forgiveness and healing, and yet more, invoking empowerment for a change.

Then, bind your soul to the Sefirot of the Middle Pillar in ascent, speaking corresponding praises and prayers – arriving at El Elyon, intone the unification of El into Elohim:


Then intone this Holy Name: Ho-Ku-Ma.

When you do this envision yourself in a pillar of white brilliance with the Spiritual Sun in your heart – hence, envision yourself reintegrated with the Light Continuum (Yahweh).

Then perform a practice of Union with Hayyah Yeshua – this completes the movement.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Giving Power to the Matrix of Faith

When the Community of the Elect and Matrix of Faith is diminished, the holy tzaddik or navi may call upon this Name of God to restore power to the Community of the Elect.

They will take up a continuum of self-purification on behalf of the people as they are inspired by Ruach Ha-Kodesh; and setting the Great Name before them, and the Holy Name of Elohim about them, they will go out into the wilderness, walking in the company of the Holy Shekinah, walking with Ha-Shem.

As the walk in the company of the Holy Shekinah the will call upon the Name of Yahweh Nissi, “Yahweh is my banner,” and they will call upon the Name of Yahweh Shammah, “Yahweh is there,” and they will pray and invoke for the people and the land, most especially on behalf of the faithful and elect, the Lamp of the Holy One among the people and in the land.

When they come to a sacred and holy place, and the Spirit calls them to turn aside, they will erect a single standing stone there, gathering the stone in a sacred manner, baptizing and anointing it, and setting it into place – and they will put the Name of Yahweh Elohim upon the stone, and calling upon the Holy Name of the LORD God, they will welcome the Shekinah to that place and invoke the Divine Powers of the sacred circle.

There they will pray and make offerings on behalf of the Lamp of the Holy One for the people and the land, and pray for the tikkune-healing of the Continuum-Covenant; then, they will rise up in the Body of Glory, and cleave in ascent all the way to Keter Elyon – and cleaving to Eheieh they will unify the Pillar of Mercy into the Pillar of Severity, and having unified the Holy Pillars, they will call upon the Holy Name: YaHaHoKuVoMaHu.

Then they will invoke the Name: Ha-Ko-Ma.

When they have called upon the Name they will invoke the archangels and angels to empower the Community of the Elect, and they will speak judgments upon the klippot that would oppose the Lamp of God and that seek to extinguish its Holy Light.

Then, they will worship in the presence of Yahweh in that place, and they will name that place – the standing stone being left in place as an ongoing prayer for the people and the land, and as a blessing upon the people and the land.

When they go from this place, returning to their home, they will walk in the same way as they went out, praying for the people and the land, especially the Holy Lamp, extending blessings and light to one an all.

In their home they will celebrate a Holy Wedding Feast, sealing the movement.

This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

Hakmiel, Kanti’ael and Misha’ashael are the angels of this Holy Name; they come from the order of Principalities, and they are as swift and fierce winds, wrathful in guardianship, but generous with their secret knowledge to those who fear and love Yahweh, and who unify The Name – of their knowledge we cannot speak, save by flames of fire when offerings have been made.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Sixteenth Name of Gevurot through the blessing and grace of Elyon – blessed be Elyon; Hallelu Elyon – Praise the Most High!

The Sixteenth Name of Hasidim: Bet-Kaf-Resh

Bet is the Holy Letter with which the Holy Torah begins, and it indicates the original blessings in which all creation is conceived; Kaf is the Right Hand of God in which abundant life and all blessings are contained, and it is the Holy Letter that begins the word for “cup,” kos, and alludes to the power of the Holy Grail; Resh means “face,” and indicates the Face of God shining upon us and blessing us, but also it is the binding and banishing of the Evil One (the Ego), as in the Lord’s Prayer following the invocation of abundance and mercy.

This is a Name of God invoking blessings and abundance, but more specifically, restoration to the state of original blessing, banishing the illusion of “original sin.”

Now Bet is two, Kaf is twenty and Resh is two hundred – this is the full extension of the power of Bet, invoking the full force of Bet; calling upon this Holy Name we can gain deep insights into the Twelfth Netivah, which extends from Keter to Binah and gain knowledge of how it plays out in creation, and specifically how it plays out in Supernal Realization – for this Netivah represents the aspect of form in Supernal Realization, while Alef represents the aspect of the formless. Invoking this Name of God we may gain insight into the inseparability of form and formlessness in Supernal or Messianic Consciousness.

When the holy priest-king Melchizedek met with Abraham and Sarah in the Valley of Kings he brought forth from his tent (house) bread and wine, the Cup of Blessing, the Holy Grail – according to the masters of the tradition, although the King of Sodom was there he could not perceive Melchizedek or sup with him, the appearance of Face of the Holy Tzaddik being concealed from him; only Abraham and Sarah, having overcome the dominion of the klippot, the “Kings of Edom,” could receive this blessing.

Tau Elijah taught us that in this Holy Name of the power of the non-dual truth through which the dominion of the klippot over the soul is brought into cessation and this blessing from Melchizedek is receive – the awareness of the Great Natural Perfect of the soul in the Messiah and El Elyon, the True and Holy Light (Clear Light). This is, of course, the state of the original blessing, the state of Supernal Grace.

When it is time, purifying yourself, and walking in beauty and holiness, calling upon this Name of God, it may invoke true knowledge and understanding of the mystery of Melchizedek bringing out bread and wine, the very essence of the mystery of the Last Supper or Holy Wedding Feast – in it is the light-power of this Holy Rite of the Most Ancient Order, the Holy Order of those who serve Atik Yomin, the Ancient of Days, the Eternal Youth.

In this perhaps you will know and understand that this is a Name of God invoking good fortune and long-life.

In regards to “good fortune” we may say that this corresponds to the Perfect Tzaddik, the Perfect Master, for it is the sign of such spiritual perfection, though not in the way the profane and unenlightened would imagine it. Likewise we may say, in the service of heaven, the harvest of souls, the Holy One intends you to prosper and have everything you need to fulfill your spiritual labor and soul’s mission – calling upon this Holy Name you will receive everything you need, and God will glorify Godself in you; you need only be completely surrendered to Elyon, and calling upon this Holy Name you will experience good fortune and may receive an extension of life to continue your service to heaven.

*Because this Holy Name holds the power of the extension of life it is among those called upon in the healing work of initiates of the Order of St. Raphael.

A Holy Meditation: The Name & Wedding Feast

If you want to invoke insight into a holy and supreme mystery, and you have a need to invoke good fortune in service to the kingdom of heaven, the Light Realm – celebrate the Wedding Feast as taught in the tradition and call upon this Holy Name.

Let bread and wine be brought out, aware of your service in a Sacred and Holy Priesthood, as taught in the Book of Hebrews and Letters of St. Peter; putting on the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah, call upon Ha-Shem, blessing The Name and invoking the Holy Names of the Tree of Life, and giving praise and thanks to the Holy One.

Then intone the Shema with the traditional kavvanot and call in the Divine Powers, and invoke the company of the Shekinah, the luminous assembly of tzaddikim and maggidim, the guests and attendants of the Wedding Feast.

When all are gathered, invite and welcome the Malakhah Ha-Shabbat (Queen of Shabbat), the Holy Shekinah of Messiah, Kallah Messiah, the Holy Bride.

Affirming Sacred Unity – the truth of the Holy One as the All-In-All, proclaim the Holy Gospel of Peace, the Mystery of Bread and Wine, the Body and Blood of Adonai Messiah.

Consecrating the bread and wine in the way of Holy Melchizedek, unified with Eheieh, let Ruach Ha-Kodesh give Utterance, as with the speaking of the Word of God giving birth to the Matrix of Creation; Ruach Ha-Kodesh speaking with, in and through you, and as you, the Holy Name of Yah Yahweh Yeshua is intoned, and then the Holy Name: Ba-Ka-Rey.

Then, partaking of the Body and Blood and extending the blessings it is done – intone Vehayah and then Amen.

When you go out of your house, walk in beauty and holiness as a Sacred Priest bearing the Cup of Blessing (Sacred Heart) for the people and the land; see the Light Realm within and all around you; hear all sound-vibration as the Word of Yahweh; receive all thoughts and emotions as the innate display of the Wisdom of Yah – walk with Ha-Shem in the company of the Holy Shekinah.

This is the practice – in this way you will prosper and live long.

*The word “priest” in our tradition is used without reference to gender – both men and women are priests just the same; likewise, though there is a recognition of elders or ordination of priests who may take up the service of a lineage-holder in the tradition, all initiates are viewed as members of a Sacred Priesthood – all are light-bearers, healers and peacemakers as we are taught by the Holy Gospel. Thus, in our tradition, all initiates are taught to perform the Wedding Feast – a Holy Feast that is made valid not by the sanction of any manmade institution but by the indwelling Messiah and Ruach Ha-Kodesh in any spiritual Christian.

A Practice among the Navim: Gazing at the Face of Melchizedek

First it must be said that when a holy tzaddik or apostle seeks to extend the fullness of blessings they will bring out bread and wine, along with holy oil of anointing, and receiving a soul into the Holy Sanctuary of the Ancient and Divine Order, they will put The Name upon them, lay hands on them, and breathe upon them, blessing them in the Way of Melchizedek, and if it is God’s will they will extend the Mantle of the Bride, taking up the dance of the Holy Shekinah in the Continuum of Light Transmission. Having been received, so they receive, and they impart the Blessing of Blessings, which is called Good, Tov.

In the midst of the play of the Gnostic and Light Transmission – specifically the oral transmission of the Melchizedek Teachings in the Christian Kabbalah, giving an empowerment of Gazing at the Face, the holy tzaddik or navi may call upon this Holy Name of God.

Having spoken the introduction, and shown the sacred objects and explained them, and having invoked The Name and pointed out the Threefold Body of Melchizedek in The Name, and having shown how all arises from the Ain Nature of The Name – just as they go to speak of the arising of the Great Vision, they will intone this Holy Name: BA-Ha-Ra, adding the intonement of Ya-Hi-Sha-Vo-Hu to it.

*The sacred objects are a crystal, a crystal sphere and a mirror – and there is a holy cup; with these the tzaddik will have their holy mantle and staff. The inmost essential transmission, however, uses none of these things – it corresponds with the Seventeenth Name of Hasidim.

When they do this they will hold the conscious intention of the heart-to-heart transmission and the revelation of the “Face of the Beloved by Loving Gaze”; the spiritual empowerment transpires in this way – and passing by in the Body of Glory they finish the transmission of teachings in the Body of Emanation.

This is the practice, but with the holy masters it is “no practice.”

The Angels of the Name

Barukiel, Kenzael, and Remuniel are the holy angels of this Name of God – they come from the order of Kerubim and are called “Openers of the Way.” It has been said that they hold secret knowledge of the mysteries of Bet El and the initial revelations of the Holy Merkavah.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Sixteenth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim through the merciful and gracious blessing of God’s Holy Spirit; Hallelu El Elohim! Praise the Great Spirit, God!

Intoning the unification Ah-Ah-La-La-Hu-Yah-Mi we pray: Holy One, may Your blessings and grace continue to flow with us, and walking in Your Shekinah, cleaving to Adonai Messiah, may we be empowered to bear blessings to the people. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Wed Jul 25, 2018 9:43 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi:

I can't resist posting direct, letter-for-letter translations of any of the One-Hundred and Forty-Four Names of God that also happen to be Hebrew words.

Strongs 1069: Bet-Kaf-Resh: Bakhar

My source cites this as "A verb meaning to be born first, have the birthright. It means to recognize as firstborn. The word describes animals being born as firstling or firstborn. It depicts a woman who bears her first son. It also describes fruitful trees bearing fruit every month."

Another word Strongs 1070: Bekher

"A young camel...bringing goods and products to a glorified Zion from Midian and Ephah."

How might this impact our hearing this Name of Hasidim?


Elder Gideon

Baker, Warren & Eugene Carpenter. The Complete Word Study Dictionary: Old Testament. AMG Publishers, Tennessee, 2003.

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Re: The Sixteenth Names

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Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

Consider the passage in Exodus that calls Israel the firstborn of Yahweh, and consider the passage in John that speaks of the Messiah as the ‘only begotten Son of God.’ Here we may say that the ‘firstborn’ corresponds with your Divine Self, or Christ Self - who and what you are in the Eternal One, and experiencing the revelation of God through this Self and as this Self, so you will know the ‘original blessing’ in which your soul was conceived, emanated, from the radiance of the Infinite One.

Understand, with the recognition and realization of the Divine Self, the Divine I Am, the ego is negated, and in this recognition and realization is the inmost unveiling and self-disclosure of God to you - this is the highest of the Thirteen Attributes Mercies, God giving Godself to you. Something of this most precious blessing, mercy, is in this Holy Name.

As for a ‘young man’ bearing blessings, know that this is among those Names of God through which revelations of secret mysteries of Enoch-Metatron are invoked by those with understanding.

May the revelation of God come to fruition in you! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
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