The Seventeenth Names

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The Seventeenth Names

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Mar 20, 2008 1:51 pm

The Seventeenth Names

The Seventeenth Name of Gevurot: Lamed-Alef-Vau

There is an essential teaching in all authentic wisdom traditions – our egotism, and our egoistic desires and egoistic fears, are the cause of all sorrow and suffering, the cause of our bondage; indeed, self-cherishing is the cause of all evil in this world and throughout the Entirety – for although we may speak of the external forces of the archons and demons, the only power such spiritual forces have over us comes from our own egoistic self and the inner archons and demons it generates, the inner klippot.

The influences of archons and demons in the world have only the power we give to them – the power of our own egoistic desires and fears, which reflect and express their energy and serve to channel their energies into the world rather than those of the Divine Powers and God, the True Light.

In a manner of speaking, as the saying goes – “We are our own worst enemy”; the enemy is not outside of us, but rather is within us – the sitra ahara, the evil inclination.

In this regard we may contemplate the temptation of the Lord by “Satan.” Curiously enough, all of the temptations are the expression of bestial or egoistic desires: the first temptation is the hunger of the Master during fasting and prayer in spiritual retreat, and the desire of his ego to break the continuum of his vision quest; the second is the egoistic desire for acceptance, recognition and power over others through a flagrant use of spiritual gifts or magic powers for selfish ambitions; and the final temptation is for wealth and worldly dominion, again in selfishness and personal ambition.

All of the temptations are assertions of the egoistic self into the center of life in place of the indwelling Messiah and El; and all of the responses of Adonai Yeshua restore the indwelling Messiah and El to their rightful place as the orientation and center of life of his – the orientation of a true and authentic Human Being, the Dwelling of God.

Whenever we see ourselves being tempted in this way, calling upon this Name of God we can gain the spiritual power to overcome the temptation; or, if and when we see the egoistic self in dominion, and we wish to reinstate our surrender to God and restore our orientation to the indwelling Messiah and El – we desire to reintegrate ourselves with the Divine Light, calling upon this Holy Name, in that very instant, we will be liberated from the dominion of the ego (the inner satan) and be reintegrated into the Light Continuum.

That said, according to Mekubalim, when confronted with a great power of darkness, free from self-grasping, attachment and aversion, calling upon this Holy Name is the invocation of a “random lighting bolt” striking and shattering the klippah and liberating the holy sparks bound up on it.

Likewise, among the navim, this Holy Name is called upon to behold the Word and Wisdom of God within and behind all that appears and transpires – to know the workings of the spiritual world and the world of angels within and behind the Great Matrix of Creation; this Holy Name being called upon to dispel any klippot that might prevent our awareness of the spiritual world, or that might obstruct our knowledge of the World of the Holy Spirit.

This, of course, accords with the primary intention for which this Name of God is invoked – for always, dispelling any external klippotic forces requires the dispelling of internal klippot; there is no binding or banishing klippot unless we are free from the inner klippot of self-cherishing, desire and fear.

*This is a Holy Name with which Templar initiates are well acquainted, and so, indeed, they do not fear in the face of the Enemy.

A Holy Meditation: Pinning the Angel of Esau to the Earth

You may recall the story of Jacob wrestling with the angel of Esau in the night – of course, what he was wrestling with was his own inner demons, his own egoistic desires and fears; if and when you find yourself wrestling with your inner demons, perhaps you might wish to call upon this Holy Name and pin the demon to the earth!

If you cleave to the Messiah and Shekinah of the Messiah, and in the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah to call upon this Holy Name with confession and repentance, and then perform a Union with Hayyah Yeshua – that, in itself, is enough.

Yet, if you find yourself in a seemingly greater challenge, perhaps you may wish to take this further – if that is the case, go out to a secluded place and take your consecrated dagger with you, along with any other sacred objects you feel called to take, and create a sacred circle, engraving it upon the earth with the dagger.

Then, call upon Ha-Shem and the Holy Shekinah, and invoke the Divine Powers – and cleave to Hayyah Yeshua.

Then, in the Blessed Name, call upon the Divine Names of the Pillar of Judgment and call upon the Name of Shaddai.

When you have done this, abiding in the Holy Sanctuary, envision your inner demons magically appearing as a great demonic there with you – the angel of Esau; with dagger in hand, call upon the Name: La-Ah-Vu, and envision the dagger becoming as a thunder bolt in your hands, and with it pin the demon to the earth – envisioning its form disintegrated and the sparks bound up in it flying up into the heavens.

Removing the dagger from the earth, be free of the klippah – rejoice and worship in the presence of Yahweh, and give thanks and praise to Elohim.

In that place perform a Union with Hayyah Yeshua and celebrate the Wedding Feast, and pray for the liberation of all beings from the dominion of the klippot, and pray for their tikkune-healing and illumination. This completes the movement.

*Shortly after this ceremony, often an initiate will seek to go through a ceremony of baptism, sealing the spiritual work that has been done.

This is the practice.

*This ceremony can be modified to extend spiritual assistance to others who might be plagued with klippotic forces – it reflects a powerful method of binding and banishing unclean and evil spirits.

A Practice among the Navim: Knowledge and Conversation with Maggidim

When a navi seeks to communion with the holy maggidim they will purify themselves and seclude themselves, and they will pray as they know how to pray, and in their prayers they will call upon this Holy Name.

Having bowed down they will intone the Holy Name: YoLaHoAhVoVaHo; and then they will intone the Name: La-Ah-Vo, and having prayed for communion with the holy maggidim, they will rise up, seeing and hearing.

When their communion concludes, they will worship in the presence of Yahweh giving thanks and praise, and they will pray for the people, extending blessings.

This is the practice.

*Remember that every act of living-kindness and every act of charity creates a maggid.

Angels of the Name

The angels of this Holy Name are Latmiel, Uriel and Vakiel, and they are from the order of the Ashim, bearing knowledge of guardianship, mystical prayer and illuminations.

This concludes our sacred discourse in the Seventeenth Name of Gevurot – we give praise and thanks to God through whose blessing we experience the delights of discourse upon holy mysteries. Hallelu Elohim! Praise God! Amen.

The Seventeenth Name of Hasidim: Yod-He-Alef

This is the Name of God that corresponds with Hokmah at the level of Atzilut, but with the addition of the Holy Letter Alef, representing Pure Spirit, Pure Light.

In the Pistis Sophia, Melchizedek is called the “light purifier” and the “light receiver,” and according to Christian Mekubalim, this is the power of this Holy Name of God, it purifies light, and it receives and transmits light, the Holy Light of El Elyon.

The nature of this purification of light is revealed in the Resurrection and the appearance of the Risen Savior; but most profoundly it is in the image of the empty tomb – the image of no body left behind. The ultimate purification of light is reflected in the ascension of Enoch and Elijah, and in the resurrection of Yeshua Messiah – the attainment of the Rainbow Body, in which all of the energy bound up in matter, or the light-power bound up in the klippah of the body, is released, the body being translated into Pure Spirit, Pure Light.

*The Rainbow Body Attainment is the result of full enlightenment, or full Supernal Realization, and is well known in traditions that impart the highest level of spiritual teachings, or that impart the inmost gradation of Light Transmission.

Thus, this Holy Name corresponds with the inmost essential grade of Light Transmission – the realization of the Body of Amet (Truth).

This Holy Name also holds the empowerment for the generation of the Body of Light and for the transference of consciousness into the Body of Light – with Ya-Ha the Body of Light magically appears, and with Ah the center of the adept’s consciousness is shifted into it; that, or abiding in the Body of Light and invoking this Holy Name, with Ya-Ha the Body of Glory grows immeasurably brilliant, and with Ah it dissolves merging with the Clear Light Joy of El Elyon.

This Holy Name is also called upon invoking the Radiant Holy Breath of God in the inner and secret transmission of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, and in it is the essence and power of the Mystic Word spoken in the inner form of the Threefold Initiation.

If one knows and understands this Holy Name it may be invoked to impart all manner of spiritual blessings and empowerments, but there is no mundane use of this Name of God – its purpose is most lofty and spiritual, it is the enlightenment and liberation of souls, union with God and Godhead.

A Holy Meditation with the Name: Essential Transference of Consciousness

Abide in primordial meditation, and when the Spirit moves you, envision the Spiritual Sun within your heart; intoning Yah Yahweh Yeshua, envision a ray shooting forth from your heart and magically appearing as Hayyah Yeshua in the space before you.

Open your mind and heart to Yeshua Messiah, and commune in his presence, praying to him – see him smiling upon you and blessing you with streams of light from his Body of Glory pouring out on you, and see your body become self-radiant like his.

Then intone Eheieh: Ah-Ya-Ha, and as you do envision that you dissolve into fluid flowing light and that the light you are streams into the heart of Hayyah Yeshua, you merging with Adonai Messiah.

As Hayyah Yeshua, with the conscious intention of repose and union in Hayyah Abba, intone the Holy Name: Ya-Ha-Ah, and envision that you disappear like a rainbow in the sky, merging with the empty nature of endless space, bornless being.

Abide in Pure Being as long as you can.

When your mind moves again, give praise and thanks to the Holy One and pray for the salvation of all beings – pray for their enlightenment and liberation.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Essential Light Transmission

Holding Yod in the brow, He in the heart, and Alef in the belly – intoning it and breathing the Radiant Holy Breath, the Holy Spirit passes, the initiation transpires.

When a dear friend has drawn near and their consciousness is expanded, when the Spirit moves, with the conscious intention of the inmost essential transmission, in the Body of Glory the Holy Name is intoned, and intoning it, the Body of Glory is reintegrated with the Body of Truth; appearing again, centered in the Emanation Body, a word is spoken sealing the movement – amen.


This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

Yahvahael, Hanahel and Ariel are the holy angels of this Name of God. They are from the order of Hayyot and know most intimate mysteries of the “interiors” and “essences,” but to receive their teachings a soul must speak their tongue, the tongue of the holy angels and elder races, for they will not speak in mortal tongues.

This completes our sacred discourse in the Seventeenth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim through the blessing and grace of the Holy One; Hallelu Yah – Praise the Lord!

O Adonai, we praise and bless Your Holy Name – may the Light of the True Cross be extended into all realms, worlds and universes, to all beings; may the merit generated by our spiritual labor be a blessing upon all beings – in the Blessed Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah we pray, amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Yod He Alef

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:13 am

Shabbat Shalom!

As I'm continually discovering with these Names, something so plain, ordinary, and easily overlooked leaped out at me from this Name of Hasidim. We'll recall the seed syllables invoking the Divine Name Eheieh: Ah Ha Ya. Sophian practitioners are very familiar with this pattern. What's so obvious to me now, seen in many of our partzuf practices, is how at the end there is a dissolution with the partzuf held in this very Divine Name: Yah Ha Ah. This intention is clearly taught in the writing regarding this Name. Seeing three syllables that conclude a wide variety of partzuf practices brings joy to this contemplation of Yod He Alef here, all the while in plain sight!

May we see face to face and find rest.

Elder Gideon

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Re: The Seventeenth Names

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Shalom dear brother -

Yes, indeed, the meaning you cite is in the writing on the Name. We may also say that this is a Name of God that holds within it the secret that only God can reveal, and it hints at the secret of secrets, which only God knows; hence the realization of the Body of Truth (Amet).

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