The Twenty-Fifth Names

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The Twenty-Fifth Names

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The Twenty-Fifth Names

The Twenty-Fifth Name of Gevurot: Nun-Tau-He

The Kabbalah says that before we can ascend in the Holy Merkavah, first we must descend; to the extent that we wish to ascend into the heights of consciousness and the heavens, we must be willing to descend into the depths, dispelling the klippot of karmic patterns and releasing the sparks, the very energy needed for an ascent.

This is reflected in the teachings of the tradition that say that before the resurrection Yeshua Messiah descended into the underworld and hell realms to liberate souls bound up in them before the rite of ransom was enacted – he descended proclaiming the Gospel of Freedom and to gather souls into the Mystical Body of the Messiah, the Sanctuary of Grace.

Essentially, the energy of our mind, consciousness or soul becomes bound up in habitual karmic patterns of the past – not only of this life, but from previous lives, and these patterns act like a downward and backward pull, a psychic and spiritual gravity that prevents our forward movement in growth, evolution and the ascent of consciousness. Thus, at times in our spiritual labor we must engage in introspection and must go within and go into the depths of our consciousness, taking the time for some “soul searching,” seeking to look and see habitual karmic patterns of thought and emotion that obstruct us, and seeking to actively workout those obstructions.

This is reflected in the fourth step of perfect success as taught in Living Gnosis – when we see an obstruction to our success, rather than point to anything external as the cause of our apparent failure, we will look within and find the cause, and finding it we will work it out within ourselves.

This Holy Name empowers us to descend into the depths of consciousness and search our soul to find and workout obstructions – and finding them, through this Holy Name we can break the husk of darkness, the klippah, and release the spark or energy of our consciousness or soul that is bound up in it. The natural result of doing this is that we find we have more energy for the ascent of consciousness, and more energy to enact what is right and true and good – the true desire, the true will, of our holy soul and the presence of Messiah in us.

Along a similar line, in the process of the reception of initiation – the Light Transmission, we are all familiar with the ordeals of initiation; likewise, in the mystical journey we will go through the dark nights of the soul – all evolution, material, psychic and spiritual proceeds in a wave-like motion of progress and regress, and in regress the conditions necessary for the next progress are worked out. This Name of God can empower us at these times, helping us dispel whatever obstructs our forward movement more swiftly, thus relieving some of the sorrow and suffering of the dark nights and backsliding times.

When you find yourself backsliding or in the midst of a dark night, calling upon this Holy Name you can receive the illumination and empowerment to break free.

There is also a more esoteric reason the tzaddikim and navim may call upon this Holy Name, not for their own sake, but for the sake of other souls bound up in shadowy in-betweens and hell realms in the afterlife states; passing into their Body of Light and calling upon this Name of God, they will pass into realms of the lower astral dimensions, preaching the Gospel, extending the Light of the Messiah, and with the power in this Holy Name liberate spirits and souls from their bondage, all through the grace in Adonai Yeshua Messiah.

This is a Holy Name well known to initiates of the Order of St. Lazarus who work with the dying and the dead to help facilitate their crossing; when souls become bound or stuck, with this Name of God they will help free them.

Now, reflecting all of this, this is also a Holy Name invoking cessation or mystical death for an ascent in consciousness or spiritual rebirth, and through the crucifixion and resurrection of Yeshua Messiah there is a special empowerment of Divine Grace in this Holy Name – this is a Name invoking the forgiveness of sin in remembrance of the Sanctuary of Grace, the Blood of the Lamb of God. Cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, and calling upon this Holy Name in the fullness of faith, whatever the cause of bondage, the soul is instantly freed from it; you must only be willing to forgive all others of whatever harm they have caused you, as in the Lord’s Prayer.

In a similar way, a holy tzaddik or navi may call upon this Holy Name for the sake of others, extending the power of the Sanctuary of Grace to souls that have become bound up in great negativity or darkness, fulfilling the desire of the Sacred Heart to see the freedom of all living spirits and souls.

This is a Holy Name of radical liberation through the mercy and grace of El Elyon.

A Holy Meditation with the Name: Breaking Psychic Gravity

When you find yourself bound up in a downward and backward pull of powerful karmic patterns and you wish to break free from the psychic gravity, cleave to the Holy One and Shekinah, and call upon this Holy Name.

Take the time to pray with introspection and do some soul searching – pray to Hayyah Abba in the Blessed Name of the Messiah for empowerment to look and see hidden inner klippot and for knowledge of how to work them out; pray for knowledge of the tikkune of your soul and the empowerment to accomplish it through the grace of El in the Messiah.

When you have prayed, then become the Silent Witness, abiding within to look and see, and to listen and hear – abide without attachment or aversion, without self-judgment, completely open to the Divine Light, and completely open and honest with yourself in the presence of God. Whatever arises, recognize and confess, bringing it into the Divine Light, and let go of it, repenting of it, aware of all shades and shadows naturally and spontaneously self-liberating in the Holy Light of God, all shades and shadows vanishing the very instant they are exposed to the Divine Light..

When you have done this, meditate upon the mystery of the Passion and Crucifixion, and upon the Resurrection; meditate upon the forgiveness of sin, the dispelling of negative karma, and upon the revelation of the Pleroma of Light in the Risen Messiah – cleave to the Risen Messiah and Shekinah of the Messiah in your heart.

Then, perform a Union with Partzuf Meditation with Hayyah Yeshua, and as Hayyah Yeshua, bind your soul to the Sefirot of the Middle Pillar in descent from Eheieh to Adonai – bringing down Supernal Grace, Supernal Mercy.

As Hayyah Yeshua, unify Adonai with Yahweh, and then unify Yahweh with Eheieh; and then, envision the Holy Letters of the Name before you and intone the Name:


With this know in perfect faith that the inner klippot are shattered and the holy sparks uplifted – you are blessed and empowered to be free of them and to enact the true desire of your heart, the true will of your soul.

Abiding in union with Yeshua Messiah, pray for the forgiveness and redemption of all beings – pray for the extension of the Divine Light, Supernal Mercy, Supernal Grace; if there are any who come to mind in need of forgiveness, forgive them and bless them in the Holy Name of Adonai.

Then, complete the movement by reciting the Lord’s Prayer with full kavvanah and devekut.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Setting Spirits Free

The labor of the tzaddikim and navim is in the material dimension and in metaphysical dimensions – as much as labor in Light Transmission in the material dimension, they labor in the inner dimensions; their Body of Manifestation appears in the material world, but their Body of Glory appears in the spiritual world, and thus in their Body of Light they enact a heavenly ministry, along with their earthly ministry.

A significant part of their heavenly ministry is with the spirits of the dead – extending the Light of the Messiah and Holy Gospel to earth-bound spirits, and to souls caught up in shadowy realms and hell realms of the lower astral; they labor to extend the Divine Light into all realms, worlds and universes of the Entirety, seeking the enlightenment and liberation of all spirits and souls.

When a tzaddik or navi feels called by the Holy Spirit to extend the Light of the Cross to spirits and souls bound up in shadowy in-betweens and hell realms, they may invoke this Holy Name of God.

They will purify and prepare themselves for the spiritual labor to be done, and at midnight they will go into their holy sanctuary and call upon the Holy One and Divine Powers – praying for the living and the dead, and inviting and receiving spirits into the Sanctuary of Grace, the Holy Light of the Messiah.

Covered in their holy mantle, they will uplift their hands and intone the Shema, and they will proclaim the Gospel of Peace to the spirits – and they will draw the spirits in ascent, cleaving rung to rung from Adonai to El Elyon, allowing each spirit or soul to be elevated to its own proper grade.

Receiving the spirits that come, they will then bow down and intone: Adonai Yeshua Messiah and Eheieh, and they will unify the Pillar of Mercy with the Pillar of Judgment.

Then they will intone Shaddai El Hai, and they will intone:


As they do this they will arise in their Body of Glory, emanating as their Holy Maggid, and through conscious intention they will descend into the lower realms, led by Ruach Ha-Kodesh to spirits and souls in need of divine assistance – as with those spirits that came to them, they will cry out to the Holy One and pray for the spirits and souls they encounter, extending the Light of the Messiah and receiving them into the Sanctuary of Grace.

When they have received those given to them by the Holy Spirit, joined to the Shekinah of Messiah, they will intone the Holy Name: Na-Ta-Hu, and through the power in the Blessed Name of Hayyah Yeshua and the power in this Holy Name the spirits and souls will be liberated.

Ascending, the tzaddik or navi will guide the spirits and souls out of the lower realms, opening the way to those abodes into which the Holy Spirit would send them – this might be to their next incarnation or to a respite in and upper realm or heaven, though at times it may be an ascent to the Supernal Abode; wherever the Holy Spirit wills they will lead the spirits and souls that have been gathered into the Sanctuary of Grace.

When they return to the body, they will perform a Holy Wedding Feast, sealing the spiritual work that has been done, praying for the deliverance of all beings from their bondage and extending blessings to all beings – this completes the movement.

This is the practice – a practice of Crazy Wisdom or Wild Gnosis.

*As is reflected in this practice, this is a Name of communion with the dead, but not as with the false prophets and psychics in vanity or seeking to profit, but for the sake of spiritual assistance and the deliverance of spirits and souls from bondage.

Angels of the Name

The angels of this Holy Name are Numiel, Ta’tikhael and Honeniel – they are from the order of the Galgalim and hold knowledge of the realms of the dead and communion with the dead; so also they reveal deceiving spirits that pose as the dead to lead souls astray with falsehood and are fierce guardians against them. Along with this, they hold knowledge of karmic continuums and the fates to which they lead in the afterlife, and accordingly they may grant visions of those fates for the admonishment of souls to change their ways.

This concludes our sacred discourse in the Twenty-Fifth Name of Gevurot through the grace of Ruach Elohim who reveals all mysteries. Hallelu Elohim! Praise God! Amen.

The Twenty-fifth Name of Hasidim: Lamed-Bet-Alef

The very essence of the revelation of the Divine in the Holy Gospel is in the Risen Messiah – the mystery of the resurrection, or the experience of the Body of the Resurrection; as much as the direct revelation of Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah, the Christian Kabbalah is founded upon the direct experience of the Body of the Resurrection – as the Gospel of St. Philip teaches, we are to experience the Body of Resurrection while we are in this life and this world, so that we might experience the Great Resurrection and Ascension when we depart from this world, and pass into repose.

Essentially, the experience of the resurrection is a development of consciousness beyond the body, which at one and the same time is an influx of consciousness into the body – Supernal or Messianic Consciousness; and it is the development of a continuity of awareness throughout all states of consciousness, whether waking consciousness, sleep and dream, or death and the afterlife. In fact, with the development of consciousness beyond the body, and the development of a continuity of awareness throughout all states of consciousness, our consciousness opens to new dimensions, and we can see, hear and know the reality of all manner of realms, worlds and universes in the Entirety, as well as experience the Supernal World and the Light Realms within it.

If we wish to gain insight into the Body of the Resurrection, or into the development of consciousness beyond the body, we may contemplate the practice of the transference of consciousness – the generation of a body of light and the shift of our center of consciousness from the physical body into this spiritual body. The basic truth of the resurrection and ascension is in this practice among Christian Mekubalim, and if we develop this capacity in this life, when the hour of our death comes we will not experience death, but rather, transferring our consciousness into the body of light we will experience the soul’s passage into eternal life, the eternal realm, the Light Continuum (Yahweh).

Now, the Body of Resurrection is something more than this – it is a Rainbow Body Attainment, all light-power or energy bound up in the matter composing the physical body being released; but the generation of the Body of Light and Transference of Consciousness is a step in this development towards full attainment of the Great Liberation – you might say that it is the Gateway of the Great Exodus.

This Holy Name of God holds the blessing and grace to facilitate an experience of the transference of consciousness, and thus to help us acquire knowledge and understanding of the Solar Body of Resurrection and the Rainbow Body Attainment we witness with Yeshua Messiah.

If and when an initiate develops the actual capacity of the transference of consciousness they have become a true adept, and as you might image, their view of themselves, the world and all reality is radically transformed; they no longer run and return from earth to heaven, but rather, they run and return from heaven to earth, knowing their origin in the Pleroma of Light, the Light Continuum – though in this world, truly they are no longer of this world, and the dominion of the klippot no longer holds the same power over them.

Thus we read in the Gospel of St. Philip: “The archons cannot see you when you put on the perfect light, and they cannot seize you. You put on the perfect light in the mystery of the bridal chamber.”

Now all of this may sound very lofty and far removed from our experience, and it may even sound somewhat fanciful – yet, this capacity is spoken about in all wisdom traditions imparting teachings of the highest grade, and we are blessed and empowered in Hayyah Yeshua to this spiritual realization; through the grace in Adonai Yeshua Messiah the Holy Spirit can accomplish this in us. It is not so far removed from us, but in Yeshua Messiah it is already accomplished – we merely need to actualize and realize it, and embody it.

On the most practical level we are speaking about the remembrance and awareness of our transcendence – as much as invoke this Holy Name to empower our practice of the transference of consciousness, any time we find ourselves too bound up in self-identification with name and form, and personal history, or find ourselves reacting too much to passing situations, circumstances and events in our lives, we may call upon this Name of God to restore the awareness of our transcendence, our spiritual hope in the Risen Messiah.

This is a Holy Name invoking Sanctuary in the Transcendent.

A Meditation with the Name: Transference of Consciousness

When you wish to remember your transcendence in the Risen Messiah, take up this essential practice.

Perform a Union with Partzuf Meditation – choosing any Holy Partzuf your have a heart-connection with; but in the fruition of the practice, rather than envisioning the Partzuf dissolving and merging with you, instead, envision yourself dissolving into fluid flowing light and pouring into the luminous image of the Partzuf.

Just as you are about to enter into union intone Yah Yahweh Ah-Ya-Ha, activating the Name, and then intone the Holy Name: La-Ba-Ah, and being blessed and empowered in this way, envision the transference of consciousness.

In conclusion pray for the enlightenment and liberation of all beings and for the extension of blessings to all beings – pray for the Great Resurrection and Ascension of this Good Earth and all that is in it.

This is the practice.

Another Simple Practice: Remembering Transcendence

If you find yourself too bound up in mundane matters and vital reactions, or too bound up to name and form, and personal history, call upon this Holy Name in remembrance of Hayyah Yeshua and your transcendence.

Remember your faith and inwardly cleave to Yeshua Messiah and the Shekinah of Messiah – remember the truth of the resurrection.

Then intone: Yah Yahweh Yeshua; and then intone: La-Ba-Ah, and abide in the awareness of the transcendent, abide in primordial meditation.

This is the practice.

*Although this may seem very simple, nevertheless it is very powerful and effective.

A Practice among the Navim: Crossing Over

When a holy tzaddik or navi is present at the time of a person’s death and sees they need help crossing over, they may call upon this Holy Name and perform a Transference of Consciousness on their behalf.

In the most essential form, they will envision a Divine Image that the soul of the person resonates with – envisioning the Divine Image above the person’s head, and they will pray that the person is received, blessed and guided by the Holy Partzuf.

Then they will take up a sacred chant corresponding with the Divine Image, whether inwardly or outwardly, as is appropriate, and they will transfer their own consciousness into the Divine Image.

Then, as the Holy Partzuf they will intone: Ya-Ha, Ya-Hi-Vo-Hu, Ya-Hi-Sha-Vo-Hu

As they do this they will concentrate their mind on the heart center of the person who is dying, and envision the person’s consciousness gathered there as a Spiritual Sun; and intoning the Name: La-Ba-Ah, with conscious intention they will loosen the consciousness or soul from the klippah of the body.

Intoning: Ah-Ya-Ha, they will envision the consciousness or soul of the person streaming out of the top of the head of the body into their heart as the Holy Partzuf, receiving the soul of the person into the Light Continuum.

Joined with the soul of the person in this way, with conscious intention they will ascend and pass into Clear Light Union, reintegrating the soul of the person with El Elyon, the True Light.

Three to four days later they will perform this practice with the soul of the deceased again when their soul arises into the afterlife experience, and they will perform a Holy Wedding Feast with it, and that will complete the movement; during this time of three to four days whatever they are led to do by Ruach Ha-Kodesh on behalf of the soul of the deceased they will do.

This is the practice.

*In some cases an initiate may do this every seven days on the weekly anniversary of a person’s death for forty-nine days when Ruach Ha-Kodesh inspires them to do so because there is a need for it – otherwise, this is enough to accomplish the transference.

**This practice may also be performed in Body of Light by an adept or master at a distance.

Angels of the Name

Lohevael, Betzvael, and A’metemurel are the holy angels of this Name of God; they are from the order of the Ashim are guides of souls of the dead – it is said that they know the comings and goings of Archangel Azrael, or that they know secret mysteries of Azrael.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Twenty-Fifth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim through the great blessings and mercy of God. Hallelu El – Praise God! Amen.

O Yahweh Elohim, we give all praise and thanks to You, and we praise and bless Your Holy Name – may Your Holy Name be glorified in us, and may Your Divine Intention be fulfilled; we pray for the outpouring of Your Holy Spirit upon the people and the land, the fulfillment of Your Promise in the Risen Messiah – Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Mon Jul 23, 2018 9:51 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi:

I'm enjoying so much of what you've already taught of this Name of Hasidim. I can't help but marvel when words appear in Names, such Lamed-Bet which spells Lev, Hebrew for 'heart.' I can't also help but notice when such a letter as Alef—breath, wind, spirit—seems to culminate and integrate with what is so plainly spelled out as 'heart.'

I'm certainly reminded of the Lord's teaching to Nicodemus in John when he first introduced being born from above and even likened a station for such souls to the 'wind': The wind blows where it chooses, and you hear the sound of it, but you do not know where it comes from or where it goes. So it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit (3:8).

Perhaps we could expand on this beautiful Name of Hasidim in light of its letters.

Elder Gideon

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Re: The Twenty-Fifth Names

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Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah!

Ah, you have seen the secret mystery hidden in plain sight within this Holy Name of God my brother, and you have called it out. Praise God!

As God wills, may we consider this and be gifted with insight from God. Amen.

First, understand, the most common method of the transference of consciousness beyond the body is the gathering of the soul, the life and light, one’s entire consciousness and being in the heart, and then, through conscious intention, projecting it upward from the heart through the top of the head and crown, either into the body of glory, a heavenly body of light, or the body of truth, clear light dissolution - oneness in the Absolute Light. In this you may understand that the teaching we have given concerning this Name of God and the ‘Body of Resurrection’ is, perhaps, the most esoteric interpretation of the Name. There are, however, various other powers, actions, associated with this Name, and therefore there is further knowledge, understanding and wisdom concealed within it. Something of this becomes obvious when anyone with understanding gazes upon the spelling of the Name, as you have, and yet more, when someone with understanding invokes it and God unveils further mysteries concerning this Holy Name and the manifestation of the Shekinah, Holy Spirit, that corresponds with it.

We may say that the way of the transference of consciousness, or aliyat neshamah, that has been shared above corresponds with a radical purification and uplifting of the heart to God - a complete ‘opening’ of the heart; and as we know, Adonai Yeshua taught that those who have a ‘pure heart’ will ‘see God’ (El, Elohim). It is also known that the heart of a human being is the place of the unveilings and self-disclosures of God - revelations of God to the soul, and when it is prepared, purified, the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, indwells the heart and the full revelation of God may transpire, full knowledge of God being gifted to that soul by God. The word Lev, ‘heart,’ followed by Alef, implies this very mystery, this very divine action of the Spirit of God. Remember, Alef itself is considered an essential Name of God in the Holy Kabbalah, as well as a letter indicating the Spirit of God, or Breath of God, and so we may say that this Holy Name invokes the opening of the heart, and invokes the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, and in this greater unveilings and self-disclosures of God to the soul.

In this you may understand that this Holy Name is among those holding significant keys to the true knowledge of God.

As you know, in the Straight Path the initiate seeks to let their mind be as the Mind of God, their heart as the Heart of God and their body as the Body of God; we may say that on an inmost level the invocation of this Holy Name is an invocation of the Sacred Heart of the Messiah and God - Heart of God.

To call upon this Name, and experience its full force, however, first the heart must be circumcised - there must be one single desire, the desire for God and God alone; then, indeed, the Holy Shekinah may enter into her full divine action and fulfill this inmost desire of the soul. Praise the Lord!

Now, joined with this, initiates may also invoke this Holy Name at times when they are struggling to forgive, seeking God’s help in forgiveness. As Adonai Yeshua has taught his disciples, forgiveness is among the most essential keys to the redemption and realization of souls; and here we may share that it is essential for the development of the actual capacity of transference of consciousness or mystical ascents of the soul - aliyat neshamah.

May the fullness of God’s love fill our hearts! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi

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