The Thirtieth Names

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The Thirtieth Names

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 10, 2008 2:31 pm

The Thirtieth Names

The Thirtieth Name of Gevurot: Alef-Vau-Mem

The Gospel of St. John begins with a most beautiful prologue speaking the mystery of the Word and the Incarnation of the Word in Yeshua Messiah:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and without him not one thing came into being. What has come into being in him was life, and the life was the light of all people. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it” (1:1-5).

The knowledge of this power and mystery is in this Holy Name – the power and mystery of the Creative Word of God, the power and mystery of all arising from Sound-Vibration as we behold in the Great Vision; in fact, it is a Secret Name of the Word of God and intoning it can led to an experience of Mochin Gadlut, Divine Illumination.

The sound of this Name of God is taught in the wisdom traditions of the East as the most Essential Name of the Divine, and as the Divine Sound-Vibration from which all emanation-creation arises: it is the Sacred Om – AUM.

Intoning this Holy Sound can bring a sense of profound peace, balance, harmony and connectedness – an awareness of Sacred Unity underlying all; when the illusion of separation between self and other, subject and object, vanishes, it can become an experience of union with all and with the Holy One – such is the great power in this Holy Name of God.

On one hand, in the experience of Union there is an experience of the complete dissolution of the individual into the universal – like a drop of salt water poured back into the infinite ocean of the cosmos; yet, on the other hand, at the same time, the universal becomes embodied and fulfilled in the individual – as though the entire ocean is pouring through the drop of salt water. This is the truth of the Divine Incarnation – the truth realized in the experience of Supernal or Messianic Consciousness; the truth of the non-dual realization.

This is the power in this Holy Name.

When this Holy Name is pronounced with full kavvanah in our soul we will know sin and death are illusory, and that the demiurge, archons and demons – the klippot, have never substantially self-existed; we will know there is only Kodesh Achad, the Holy One – we will know the Holy One in all and all in the Holy One, the knowledge of unconditional love.

This is a Holy Name of awareness of the interdependence and interconnectedness of all, and of the empty nature of all, which is at one and the same time the fullness of all – the Pleroma.

Now, as is said frequently in the teachings of the Kabbalah, what we do in the Lower World becomes reflected in the Upper World – whether a movement to the Side of Judgment or to the Side of Mercy. If and when we are able to make right connections with all our relations – to love our neighbors as ourselves, then the unification we bring about below is brought about above in the worlds of angels, souls and Holy Sefirot; conversely, when we cause wrong connections or cause disconnections between ourselves and others – not loving our neighbors, then the separation and discord we bring about below is brought about above, and in place of Mercy-Hesed the dominion of Judgment-Gevurah comes into effect.

This is a Holy Name of connectedness – a Name of God restoring and healing connections and relationships; acting in such a way to bring about restoration and healing of connectedness in our lives and calling upon this Holy Name connections are restored below and above – influxes of Divine Light pour forth and blessings flow.

Here we may share an open secret: This is a Holy Name invoking communion with the angels of God – specifically, it is an invocation of the angels of peace or mercy; but in order to entertain communion with holy maggidim we must form right relationships here on earth and entertain right communion with all our relations in our Earthly Mother.

Here we may speak an esoteric mystery of the Fifth Commandment: “Honor your father and your mother.” The simple outer meaning of this is well known, as well as the inner meaning associated with it; but on a deeper level, this speaks of honoring our Heavenly Father and Earthly Mother, and of the communion with their angels – all our relations, all our siblings, on earth and in heaven.

This is a Name of God for Holy Communion.

In this, perchance, you will know and understand that the mystery of the Holy Wedding Feast is in this Holy Name.

A Meditation with the Name: Awareness of Sacred Unity

If for some reason your awareness of Sacred Unity is diminished and your connections with others in your life are suffering, meditate upon the Holy Letters of this Name and chant this Name, and as you do your awareness of Sacred Unity will be restored.

Go and meditate, and cleave to Hayyah Yeshua and the Shekinah of the Messiah – remember the mercy of God in the Divine Incarnation, and in the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah activate the Name.

Then, envision the Holy Letters before you and intone the Name as AUM – see the Holy Letters dissolve into fluid flowing fiery light, which streams into your heart, purifying and sanctifying it, opening it; and as you continue to chant merge your mind completely with the sound-vibration of this Name of God, as in Primordial Meditation with Sacred Chant – be this Holy Name, this Holy Word, this Sound-Vibration, underlying all.

Restoring your awareness of Sacred Unity live by that awareness, live according to your faith – love your neighbor as yourself. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

Another Meditation with the Name: Restoring Relationship

When you wish to restore a connection or relationship with someone that has become degraded by negativity and ill-will, call upon this Holy Name.

Take up Giving and Receiving with the person, envisioning them before you, and chant the Supreme Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah, cleaving to the Messiah as the Spiritual Sun in your heart, opening your heart to Adonai and to the person.

Then, envision the Holy Letters of the Name between you and the person, and chant the Name: Ah-Va-Mey; as you chant it envision that you are both blessed by the fiery light of the Holy Name streaming into your hearts, purifying the negativity or klippot engendered between them and you, and restoring the connection between your souls – empowered in this way, perform Giving and Receiving, completing the purification of all negativity or klippot between you and the person.

Then take appropriate steps to restore and heal your connection and relationship with the person – do what Adonai has taught us to do, forgive and seek forgiveness, and love the person in the Light of the Messiah. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

Remember, the most direct way we can love God is through actively loving one another – loving the presence of God in all our relations; this is what the love of the Messiah means.

A Meditation among the Navim: Knowledge of the Word

Let the son or daughter of the navim purify themselves and contemplate (hitbonenut) the prologue to the Gospel of St. John, and let them contemplate the meaning of Logos-Word in depth – as they tend the continuum of contemplation, let them pray to Hayyah Abba in the Blessed Name of Adonai Yeshua for the illumination of Ruach Ha-Kodesh.

Then, let them meditate, joining their soul to the Sefirot of the Middle Pillar from height to depth, and let them unify the Holy Names of Yahweh and Elohim, and of Yahweh and Adonai.

When they have unified the Names let them intone the Shema, and let them proclaim the Two Holy Commandments of Love; then let them bow down and intone the Holy Name: Ah-Va-Ma

*Or they may use the AUM intonement.

In the fruition of the chant let them wait upon Ruach Ha-Kodesh in hitbodedut – silencing the mind and stilling the vital completely.

It conclusion let them perform the Holy Wedding Feast and call upon the Name again in the consecration of the bread and wine – often it may be at this point that Ruach Ha-Kodesh comes upon them.

If Ruach Ha-Kodesh does not come upon them, let the further purify themselves and intensify their continuum of contemplation and worship, and let them perform this practice again and again until Ruach Ha-Kodesh illuminates them in the mysteries of the Word and Incarnation.

This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

Ashfiel, Vn’Adiel and Mimael are the holy angels of this Name of God; they come from the order of Malakim and hold knowledge of the mysteries of the Word of God.

This concludes our sacred discourse in the Thirtieth Name of Gevurot through the grace and glory of the Shekinah of El Elyon. Hallelu El Elyon – Praise God Most High!

The Thirtieth Name of Hasidim: Alef-Gimel-Yod

The coming into being of the Holy Sefirot and Olamot occurs in a wave-like motion, the play of reaching and not-reaching until there is reaching; this occurs from Sefirah to Sefirah and from Olam to Olam.

Souls come into being and evolve in a similar way, through many incarnations they evolve in a wave-like motion of progress and regress; indeed, this is the movement within evolution on all levels, from the spiritual to material evolution – this is the movement of all creation.

We witness the same movement in the revelation of the Divine, from the Old Testament to the New Testament, and so it shall be with the Third Testament that is coming – each is a radical leap progressing forward, and afterward there is something of a dissipation and regression, but the regression opens the way for the next progression.

In this Holy Name of the power of Creative Evolution, and calling upon it radical leaps in development and evolution become possible.

Through the agency of Gimel, Alef (1) becomes Yod (10) – the power of growth and increase is in this Holy Name of God. According to masters of the tradition this Holy Name is connected to the wonder Elijah performed for the widow and her son, the wonder of the ever-flowing oil, and it is connected to the wonder of the loaves and fishes that Adonai Yeshua caused to multiply, feeding thousands.

This Holy Name is also called upon for dreams and visions of the future – riding it the navim can see what shall come to pass; likewise, it is said to hold something of the mystery of the Second Coming – the mystery of the increase of power in the Second Coming, and it is called upon to hasten the coming of the Messiah.

Now the Second Coming of the Messiah relates to the fulfillment of the promise of God for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all peoples, so that all should know Yahweh, so as to fear and love Yahweh; in the fear of Yahweh is the desire not to harm your neighbor and in the love of Yahweh is the desire to serve your neighbor – it is the love of your neighbor. This holy fear and love is expressed in acts of loving-kindness; and in this Holy Name is empowerment to acts of loving-kindness, the very actions that hasten the coming of the Messiah.

In this, perhaps, you have some hint as to the power and mystery of this Name of God.

A Meditation with the Name: Leaping in the Spirit

If you sense that you are on the verge of a leap in spiritual progress or evolution and you wish to take that leap, then cleaving to the Risen Messiah call upon this Holy Name and you will receive the blessing and empowerment from God for your soul’s leap.

In the Blessed Name pray for what you are seeking, and then intone: Yah Yahweh, Adonai Yeshua.

Then intone the Name: Ah-Gi-Yo

Then, in faith, go and take your leap, rejoicing in the presence of Yahweh Elohim in the Way.

This is the practice.

*Invoking this Holy Name, though, you will want to be very certain you are ready to leap!

A Practice among the Navim: Invoking the Ever-Flow upon the Assembly

This Name of God also holds the power to invoke a radical increase of the Ever-Flow of the Holy Sefirot; when there is Ever-flow moving in the assembly, a tzaddik or navi may call upon this Holy Name to increase it.

Seeing the movement of Ever-Flow and receiving divine sanction, the holy tzaddik, united with the Tree of Life, will invoke this Holy Name.

They will into the Names of the Middle Pillar and then intone AGLA in full; and they will unify Yahweh with AGLA and Adonai with AGLA.

Then with the conscious intention to increase the Ever-Flow they will invoke the Name:


The Ever-Flow will increase and there will be greater joy.

This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

Adamshavael, Gavyodel and Yeshmael are the angels of this Holy Name; they come from the order of Galgalim and know great mysteries of the gilgulim and how souls evolve with God’s blessing.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Thirtieth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim with God’s blessing – May the Name of the Holy One be praised and blessed! Amen.

Holy One, we praise and we bless Your Holy Name – in Unity are You and Your Name; so we pray that the Unity of You and Your Name is made manifest upon the earth – we pray for the swift coming of the Messiah! Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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A Wonder

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Mar 02, 2019 9:11 am

Shalom Tau Malachi:

It was with great joy last Shabbat that I discovered something so wonderful: This Thirtieth Name of Gevurah is exactly the same as the Sixty-Eighth Name of Hasidim.

Alef-Vau-Mem then holds another dimensionality I never imagined. Given all of the splendid teachings of Hokmah-Sophia in the Continuum, I am certain this name holds key nuances in this ongoing discussion of partzufim of Son and Mother present in this holy name. What's most intriguing is how no other name in all of the One Hundred Forty-Four Names is identical in its manifestation among Gevurot and Hasidim. This reminds me of how Gevurah and Hesed never alternate with any other sefirot in a Great Tree of Life!

I pray that the Most High might reveal more of this mystery through you!


Elder Gideon

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Re: The Thirtieth Names

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Mar 05, 2019 1:00 pm

Grace and peace to you from Hayyah Yeshua!

You have noticed a secret hidden in plain sight by brother, no doubt because of your becoming well acquainted with these Holy Names of God through invocation of them over some years. This, indeed, is the Holy Name of unification of Gevurot and Hasidim, severities and mercies, and as such the unification of Hesed-Mercy and Gevurah-Judgment; understanding that Tiferet-Beauty, which is also called Rehamim-Compassion, corresponds with this unification, so this Name holds secret mysteries of Tiferet, which as we know is called the Sefirah of the Messiah, and is at the center of the array of Zer Anpin, the ‘Little Face.’

If you look into this Holy Name, Aleph may be said to correspond with the Supernals, and specifically Keter-Crown, and Vau, of course, corresponds with Tiferet, and Mem may be said to correspond with Malkut-Kingdom. Thus, this Holy Name can be understood as an invocation of the Middle Pillar, an influx of the Holy Light and Spirit - the Messiah, Anointing; hence the power of El Elyon, God Most High, unifying Mercy and Judgment, and bringing salvation - enlightenment and liberation. Yet, when invoked with the intention of Hesed or Gevurah, the Hasidim or Gevurot, so this Name invokes supernal influx through ‘Mercy’ of ‘Judgement.’

As pointed out in teachings on these Names, or rather this Name, not only is it an invocation of influx of the Holy Light and Spirit from above, but also for the sake of mystical ascensions of the soul, neshamah aliyat, and the realization of the station of ‘passing away’ through which supernal stations beyond may be reached.

If there is something to say here concerning the Mother and Child, and the Holy Bride, it is that this is among the Names of God that conveys secret mysteries of the Divine Incarnation, or ‘Word made flesh,’ for in it is the entire play and spiritual power - supernal power, of the running and returning, descending and ascending, of the Messiah, Son of Man, Son of God. The Holy Spirit, coming upon the Virgin, and then later upon the Son, brings the embodiment of the Wisdom and Word of God, primordial and supernal, and then this Holy Spirit and Light passes through the Holy Bride to all peoples, all creatures, all creation. This movement of the Word and Wisdom of God, and this radiance of the Supernal Crown embodied - the True Light made to shine in this world, is in this Holy Name of God.

As we know, with the revelation of the Messiah, along with the Gevurot we are given the Hasidim, and in the Messiah the Gevurot and Hasidim are unified, and we are given knowledge of the unifications of the Names of Gevurot and Hasidim, this Holy Name being the key of the unification of them.

These are a few further thoughts the Spirit would incline me to share.

May this Holy Name be invoked this day for the people and the land, and all the world, all creation! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi

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