The Thirty Fifth Names

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The Thirty Fifth Names

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Apr 17, 2008 11:28 am

The Thirty-Fifth Names

The Thirty-Fifth Name of Gevurot: Kaf-Vau-Kuf

In the midst of the exchange of sparks between souls that strengthens and uplifts there is also that which serves to weaken and pull down, or that holds us in bondage – these represent negativity and karmic debts engendered between souls, negative connections that bind souls into karmic patterns with one another and keep them entangled in the great karmic web and gilgulim.

Essentially, on an unconscious level we hold onto the harm others have caused us in previous lives, and likewise, other souls hold onto the harm we have done to them; in the ignorance, rather than seeking forgiveness and true rectification – tikkune or healing, what often happens is a vicious cycle of negativity in which the pattern of negative actions with one another continues to be perpetuated so that, in a manner of speaking, the karmic debt continues to be exchange, that or two souls are locked into a repetition of the same scenario from one life to another in a play of victim and victimizer. These karmic patterns can go on for many lives and are the cause of much sorrow and suffering.

In this Holy Name is the power to break the cycle of negative connections between souls and the empowerment for something different to be done – for forgiveness and tikkune, true rectification or mending.

This principle does not only play itself out between individual souls, but it also plays itself out between groups of peoples and nations; we see this in the ongoing struggle between peoples of different ethnic groups, for example, who have been lock in mortal conflict and persecution of one another for generations, sometimes for hundreds of years, and sometimes for thousands of years, and who continue in their hostilities to this very day.

Thus, while this Holy Name may be invoked to break such cycles on an individual level, it may also be invoked to break the same kinds of cycles on a larger collective level – to have an affect there must simply be a window of power or opportunity, auspicious circumstances that make a radical change possible.

In this regard we may contemplate the wisdom of Adonai Yeshua in his teachings of forgiveness and love – for forgiveness of one another and the love of one another is the key to the cessation of the karmic continuum and karmic debt, the “net of the fowler” as the psalmist calls it; when we are unwilling to forgive and unwilling to love, but remain bound up in the fear base of the bestial nature and the egoistic self, we in effect create our own bondage – individually and all of us together. It is rather like a person who is drowning and who in their panic grabs on to the person trying to rescue them, both being pulled down and drowning together – in terms of karmic debt this may occur due to fear or due to hatred, sheer spite. In the end, though, we only cause harm to ourselves and keep our soul in bondage to the demiurge and archons, and the demons – the klippot.

The key to calling upon this Holy Name to break out of the cycles of karmic debt is the willingness to forgive others and to love others as they are, and willingness to take responsibility and pay our karmic debts, seeking forgiveness and making amends, seeking to facilitate tikkune, liberating and uplifting sparks. This is a principle teaching in the example of Yeshua Messiah and the crucifixion – not only was he willing to forgive all, but he was willing to pay the karmic debt of all, assuming full responsibility for the tikkune of the world and all who are in it; this exact view and state of mind is liberation from the karmic web.

Now this Name of God has another power related to this – in it is the abundance of desire-energy, the most basic manifestation of which in our experience is sexual energy. On the one hand, misdirected desire-energy or sexual energy can be a great distraction and obstruction to our spirituality and self-realization in the Messiah, on the other hand when directed correctly and consciously, with integrity and love, it can become a great support and vehicle of spirituality and realization.

As you might imagine, relationships in which desire-energy or sexual energy is misdirected and misused, and in which the relationships formed are not based upon love and the intimacy and nurturance of souls, but upon bestial and egoistic desires, are among the causes of powerful negative karmic connections and karmic debt between souls – a cause of powerful bondage and suffering.

We may call upon this Holy Name to uplift sexual and desire-energy, shattering klippot of misdirection or misused of it and receiving the empowerment to redirect this powerful life-force in a positive and uplifting way, one that serves towards the illumination and liberation of souls rather than their bondage – one that serves to bring about satisfaction and enjoyment, rather than sorrow and suffering.

At times, because of karmic patterns, our desire-energy may be impaired or diminished; in this Name of God is also the power to shatter klippot that impair or diminish our life-energy and to invoke an influx of life-energy, restoring the flow of desire-energy in our lives. In this we may understand that, in and of itself, there is nothing wrong with desire-energy or sexuality; in fact, in the midst of the play of desire in love and sexuality is something of the mystery of the Sacred Unity underlying all things and the awareness of our innate unity with the Holy One. Thus, sexuality can be a very powerful vehicle of Divine Illumination and Union; hence, the mysteries of the arayot in the Holy Kabbalah.

There is yet another power in this Holy Name that the Holy Spirit gives us permission to speak – as you may know, in the human genome and the collective unconscious there is the memory of the evolution of all life upon the earth, all life in our world, and if we know how to access it we can drawn upon the knowledge of all life, as well as its psychic and spiritual powers. This, for example, is reflected by the shamans who know the art of shape-shifting, and who in taking up the forms of various totem animals draw to themselves their psychic and spiritual powers, and sometimes even their physical attributes.

This Holy Name holds this power.

Yet, it holds and even greater power – for in consciousness, in its greater depths and heights, not only is there the memory and power of all life in this world, but of all life in the universe, all sentient existence in all realms, worlds and universes, throughout all dimensions; hence, the knowledge of life in cosmic consciousness and that greater consciousness beyond it, the Supernal or Messianic Consciousness.

Thus, calling upon this Holy Name it is possible to “remember” life in worlds beyond and to draw upon the knowledge and the psychic and spiritual power of that life – this includes the knowledge and power of the “elder races,” or divine and enlightened beings.

A Meditation with the Name: Paying Debts

When you find yourself bound up in a negative connection with another person and sense that the cycle of interaction being enacted is not new but comes from previous lives, if you wish to become fully conscious of the karmic pattern and break the klippah of the cycle, then, abide in the Sanctuary of Grace and call upon this Holy Name.

Pray and meditate about the situation and ask the Lord for the insight and illumination of the Holy Spirit to know and understand the karmic continuum and how to bring about tikkune-healing; cleave to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, and open to the word of God through the Holy Spirit, willing to look and see and take full responsibility for the necessary tikkune – it does not matter what the other person has done, but what you have done and what will bring about tikkune for both of you.

As you pray and meditate, cleave to the Middle Pillar in ascent, with the conscious intention of elevating and drawing blessings to yourself and the other person; then unify Elohim into Yahweh, Elohim into El and Elohim Tzavaot into Yahweh Tzavaot, and intone the Supreme Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah, activating the Holy Name.

Then, call upon the Name: Ka-Vo-Ku, and abide, waiting upon the Holy Spirit to illuminate the exchange of sparks, the karmic debt involved, and the way of tikkune.

In the presence of the Lord, forgive this person and pray for them, and ask to be forgiven any sins or misdeeds involved; in the Divine Light, seek to open your mind and heart, and seek to look and see the way for tikkune-healing, and seeing it let the desire to enact it arise in your heart and know yourself empowered to accomplish it by the power of this Holy Name and the Blessed Name.

Whatever the Spirit of the Lord guides you to do, and whatever your heart and soul instructs you, this is what you must do – doing it completes the movement.

This is the practice.

*If and when necessary, Giving and Receiving may be joined to this practice, facilitating the opening of the Sacred Heart and forgiveness, and laboring for tikkune on an energetic level.

A Practice among the Navim: The Remembrance of Elder Races

When a navi or wonderworker wishes to draw upon the wisdom of the elder races they may call upon this Holy Name in sacred circle.

Purifying and preparing themselves they will go out to a sacred and holy place and create a circle, and performing a purification or banishing ceremony, they will called upon the Great Name of Yahweh and Elohim, and call in the Divine Powers, and they will make appropriate offerings of prayers, incense, lights and such, all as Ruach Ha-Kodesh inspires.

Then, they will join their soul to the Tree of Life, and ascending to El Elyon (Keter) they will descend cleaving to Yahweh Elohim (Da’at); then, in one way or another, they will perform the Great Convocation of Forces, opening all gates of the elemental realms and celestial spheres, all gates above and below – manifesting the palace of light and great luminous assembly.

When they have done this they will turn their mind to the elder races and the journey of their soul walking among the stars, and above them they will envision the generation of a Body of Light in the images of the elder races as known to them; gathering their consciousness into the Spiritual Sun in their heart they will intone the Holy Name:


When they intone this Holy Name they will shift their center of consciousness into their Body of Light, their consciousness as the Spiritual Sun in their heart dissolving into a light stream that pours upward into the Light-Vesture; then, in the Body of Light they will meditate upon the Name and invoke the Name: Ka-Va-Ko.

As they do this they will hold the conscious intention of standing among the stars and elder races – the “Comity of Stars,” and they will cleave to the Primordial and Cosmic Christ, the Human One of Light; when Ruach Ha-Kodesh comes upon them in this way they will abide in the communion of the Comity of Stars.

In fruition they will perform a Holy Wedding Feast in this Divine Knowledge. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

*There is a “secret star” and “celestial sphere” that is the focus of this invocation among the adepts of the tradition, and this invocation corresponds to the Direct North, Archangel Uriel, and to the Wind of Knowing and Seeing Yahweh; the secret kavvanot are given through an oral transmission during an empowerment for knowledge of the Light Transmission Lineage of our Holy Order and the elder races.

**This form of invocation and communion requires the three key steps towards prophecy: devekut, hishtavut and hitbodedut; hence, full self-discipline and purification, lest the consciousness of the aspirant will not pass out of the dominion of the klippot, or if passing out of the klippot will be caught within Klippah Nogah and the web of delusions in the Great Abyss (Klippot of Da-at).

Angels of the Name

K’tzariel, Vatkiel and Qumiel are the holy angels of this Name of God – they come from a secret and supernal order of angels of which it is not given that we speak in public, but only in private, and that to one who has encountered them and knows already.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Thirty-Fifth Name of Gevurot through the great mercy of God. Hallelu El – Praise God!

The Thirty-Fifth Name of Hasidim: Vau-Kuf-Tau

Vau represents the six Holy Sefirot of Zer Anpin, the Little Face, which is also the Supernal Human One (Adam); through Zer Anpin the shefa and ruhaniyot flow from the Supernals above (Arik Anpin, Abba and Imma) to Nukva – but with the breaking of the holy vessels on account of the “sin” of Adam, instead of flowing to Nukva or Malkut, the spiritual energy of the Holy Sefirot goes to the Other Side, feeding and sustaining the dominion of the klippot, the shells.

In this is the knowledge of the mystery of the crucifixion – the holy sacrifice of the Lamb of God (El), for on the Holy Cross the Serpent is crucified, the spirit of the Other Side is brought into cessation, and the breach in the Great Name, or separation between Zer Anpin and Nukva, is healed; the empowerment for the Great Tikkune is accomplished.

The knowledge and power of this holy mystery is in this Name of God – through it we cut off the flow of spiritual energy to the Other Side, the klippot.

There is something incomplete in this movement of the Great Tikkune as yet, though, for the Bridegroom was received but the Holy Bride was rejected. Thus, though uplifted and redeemed, Nukva continues in her long exile, the Holy Bride continues to wander in exile, and this Great Tikkune will not be complete until she is received among us, until the fullness of the Human One of Light is revealed, the Groom and Bride received as the Anointed One, the Messiah of El.

In this Holy Name is the power to shatter the klippot that would seek to hinder and obstruct the reception of the Holy Bride, the fullness of the Shekinah of Messiah; hence, to dispel klippot that seek to prevent the Second Coming in Glory – it is a Holy Name dispelling the power of the Great Beast.

The wandering of the Shekinah of Messiah in exile, however, and the expanse of time between the First Coming and the Second Coming is the mercy and compassion of God – it allows for the development and evolution of souls, and a greater harvest of souls before the coming of the End-Of-Days; likewise, even the Great Beast and the forces of the Other Side serve to facilitate the Divine Intention, for they provide the conditions necessary for full free will and for the development and evolution of souls – all of this accords with the Divine Intention, the Divine Plan.

In the world of angels there is knowledge of the Divine Plan – knowledge of the mysteries of creative evolution, and the development and evolution of souls through the Great Matrix, and the holy angels are conscious agents of God in this process of Coming Into Being; in this Name of God is the power to invoke the knowledge of the angels of the mysteries of creative evolution and the harvest of souls empowering us to also serve as conscious agents of the Divine Intention with them.

There is also another secret mystery in this Holy Name that we have permission to hint at – according to the Holy Gospel, in the fruition of the crucifixion the “holy veil in the temple was rent asunder”; according to masters of the tradition, this is the Holy Name of rending the veil.

On a practical level, when it is time and you are called to bring all desire into cessation, calling upon this Holy Name you will receive the spiritual empowerment to do so – this is the invocation of the Womb of Emptiness in which the Divine Pleroma is realized and Divine Illumination dawns.

In this respect, invoking the Name of the Gevurot parallel to this Name of Hasidim, awakening desire energy in full and then invoking this Holy Name, the adept brings all desire to its root in God – the cessation of desire in the fruition of the inmost desire, Clear Light Union.

A Meditation with the Name: Receiving the Holy Bride

When you want to pray for the reception of the Holy Bride, Kallah Messiah, or when you wish to gain insight into the mysteries of her reception, call upon this Holy Name.

At the outset hold the conscious intention of acquiring knowledge of the reception of the Holy Bride and abide in Primordial Meditation, then:

Perform a Union with Hayyah Yeshua, and in fruition pass into Clear Light Union; then, when your mind moves and you are in the body again, perform a Union with the Holy Bride – as the Holy Bride invoke the Middle Pillar, and then intone: Yeshua Messiah, Kallah Messiah, IO Adonai.

Unify Yah and Yahweh, and Elohim and Adonai, and then Yahweh and Adonai – then as the Holy Bride intone the Name: Vo-Ku-Ta.

As the Bride receive Ruach Ha-Kodesh, and look and see, listen and hear, and know in the Spirit of the Messiah.

When this is done celebrate a Wedding Feast, praying for the reception of the Holy Bride – in fruition, as the Holy Bride, enter into Union with the Holy Mother and as the Mother pray for the people and the land, and bless them. This completes the movement.

*This is Union with the Woman of Light as the Holy Mother.

This is the practice.

*This is a practice taught in the Order of St. Mary Magdalene.

A Practice among the Navim: Union of Zer Anpin & Nukva

Let the daughter or son of the navim purify and prepare themselves, and then let them call upon this Holy Name and unify the Groom and Bride.

Go within and receive the influx of Divine Light from above, calling upon the Name of the Lord; and receiving the Divine Light from above, invite and welcome the Holy Shekinah, drawing the Holy Fire up from the root to your heart, uniting the Light and Fire there, the Groom and Bride – let the Spiritual Sun blaze with the passion of their love-play!

Now, join your soul to all of the Holy Sefirot in turn and pray for the full embrace of Zer Anpin and Nukva in the Bridal Chamber; then unify the Divine Names of Zer Anpin from El to El Hai with Adonai, and pray that the Little Face of Yahweh shines upon the Community of the Faithful and Elect, and blesses the people and the land – with this prayer intone Yah Yahweh Yeshua Adonai and Kallah Messiah, and call upon the Name:


Receive the Supernal Influx for the people, and abide in the communion of saints and angels in the Light Continuum for the people, praying for all needs and everything good; in fruition, celebrate a Holy Wedding Feast on behalf of all peoples – this completes the movement.

(At times in the celebration of the Wedding Feast the unification of Adonai into the six Divine Names of Zer Anpin will be intoned during the consecration of bread and wine – having run, the initiate will return, descending, they will ascend for the sake of tikkune.)

*The first three Names unified with Adonai correspond with the union of Jacob and Leah, and the unification of the second three correspond with the union of Jacob and Rachael – in this are the secret kavvanot of this practice; Leah and Rachael correspond to Martha and Mary, respectively.

This is the practice.

Name of the Angels

Vogaliel, Kufamael and T’ Avalashmel are the angels of this Holy Name; they are said to come from the order of Watchers and are said to stand guard in the Great Wilderness, witnessing all comings and goings, and all that transpires.

This concludes our sacred discourse in the Thirty-Fifth Names of Hasidim and Gevurot through the good grace of the Holy One and good company of the Holy Shekinah. Hallelu Yah – Praise our Heavenly Father-Mother!

Our Father, Our Mother, we praise and bless your Holy Name and we pray in the Name of Yeshua Messiah for the full outpouring of Your Supernal Chrism, Your Holy Spirit – the advent of Kallah Messiah; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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Re: The Thirty Fifth Names

#2 Postby winsoko » Fri Sep 04, 2015 5:19 am

Hello Tau Malachi and thank you for sharing such a beautiful practice. Sheryl had shared this with me after our discussion on karma and karmic debt. I do have a few questions on karma in this sense...if karmic debt is built up over lifetimes and each "life" personality is unique, I can only assume that the karmic debt (or good karma?) is left over like garbage in a stream? and the "garbage" attracts itself to like "garbage" in the next life and that is how the cycle continues? the new personality being unaware of the connection and why they perceive negativity or have a bad relationship with a person in this lifetime?

So once this practice is completed and done with a sincere heart and with the grace of God, the karma may be dissolved and the cycle broken? And if you have developed good karma, may you find the person in the next life and just enjoy each other?

And secondly, the outer church and other traditions teach that people die, but they are still there, that their spirit is still around and perhaps can see us. You can pray to them for assistance, to watch over you etc or on another level, praying to saints for their intercession, how does that work? Is there any residual life force left over that we can connect to in this life? I assume for enlightened beings of which saints could be, but what about family or just us ordinary folk?

Is part of our awakening releasing karmic debt good or bad (with grace of course, without which we can not free ourselves?) Do we become passersby going forward (I have never understood what that means, but I am beginning to, I think) in the sense that we realize all of our perceptions are just that - our perceptions - and they could be misleading us, so we act as observers and don't attach ourselves or get too excited either way by what we are experiencing?

Blessings to you,

Elder Gideon
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#3 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:46 am

Shalom Winnie:

I enjoyed your many questions and will focus on those concerning karmic debts, as these are an urgent matter for us all.

When hearing about karma—positive, negative, or neutral—people naturally imagine it like something external that waits for, follows, or happens to them. I certainly did. As I have so much more to perceive of the endless nuances of what all world wisdom traditions mean by this principle of debt, sin, or memory, what I am seeing more clearly now is less external and personal and more internal and energetic. As you grow in your integration with a Kabbalistic vocabulary, you're sure to appreciate the mystery of how energy becomes visible, audible, or publicly experiential.

Karma technically is pre-physical, being just energy privately held in consciousness from desire, fear, or self-grasping. Rather than waiting for us now or in some future life, or following, or happening to us, Tau Malachi speaks often in the name of his Tzaddik, Tau Elijah, that we don't have karma: We are karma. Just as life is not happening to me, but I am life happening, so karma is not happening to me, but I am karma happening.

Held in this heart changes how one hears the deep and profound sophistication of Adonai Yeshua's constant teaching of forgiveness, of release, and of moving forward, freed from everything pulling backward. He's speaking of this life experience while at the same time speaking of the afterlife, these two in his teachings being one fabric of consciousness. This life is the afterlife of the former life. I'm careful not to speculate in my head about how this works. Instead, I go to my heart, how I'm really feeling in my skin at 3 a.m. and focus on what's present in this life, for here alone is where change can be made, past and future, which is why this life is so precious, brief, and beautiful.

The metaphysics of forgiveness are very simple: To forgive is to be free. Whether for what's been done to me or for what I've done to another, the need for forgiveness is the same inner work. What is present in my life to release and let go is my inner work, my cross. What I have to forgive of myself and others corresponds to the experience of how enlightenment, or salvation, will unfold distinctly and uniquely for me. While that which I release and let go is proportionate to an ascent and expansion of my consciousness, the love of the Holy Spirit blesses me far beyond my inner work. What exceeds our efforts, the Apostles mean by Grace.

To grow this inner work for now, I'd point you away from the Seventy-Two Names of God towards a much more grounded direction, one that Tau Malachi just elucidated in some new and very lovely ways just recently. I'm sure you've been introduced to our foundation practices for giving and receiving in the main website. Engage these with intention and your life will change, even the past and the future. Experiencing for yourself in your heart what it is to release and be released of any debts you owe or are owed you will bring you that much more deeply into what the word Gospel really means: news of deliverance.

I hope this helps you, sister. As I pray for you, I'll look forward to where the Holy Spirit this carries you.

Elder Gideon

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Re: The Thirty Fifth Names

#4 Postby Tau Malachi » Sat Sep 05, 2015 2:42 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

We need to understand that there are outer and inner aspects of the soul, there is nefesh (vital soul) and ruach (spirit, intelligence), these outer aspects correspond with our person and life in a given incarnation; within and behind these there is neshamah (heavenly soul, divine nature), hayyah (life force, light-power) and yechidah (divine spark, unique essence). You will be studying these five aspects of the soul when you progress through your study of “Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ” with Sheryl.

Here, though, we may share something about the outer and inner aspects of the soul. As the soul passes through numerous lives a karmic continuum is generated, and there is a play of progress and regress in the evolution and awakening of the soul as it passes through mineral, vegetable, animal and human incarnations. Throughout many incarnations little, or nothing, of the inner aspects of the soul is expressed, or actualized and realized - embodied; what continues from one incarnation to another is the karmic continuum of the mind, consciousness or soul, habitual patterns of thought and emotion, or self-grasping, desire and fear. In the midst of this, as we interact with other spirits and souls, karmic connections are formed, and these draw us into repeated encounters and interactions with one another as we pass through various incarnations. This karmic continuum and karmic connections we form is positive and negative, as well as admixed, though there is a shift more and more towards the positive as souls evolve and awaken, seeking to return to God, or seeking enlightenment.

At death, in the afterlife, as souls pass between incarnations, the outer aspects of the soul are progressively dissolved, and new outer aspects come into being, corresponding with the karmic continuum of the soul and the next incarnation. Generally speaking, in the unenlightened condition, because little or nothing of the inner aspects of the soul - neshamah, is expressed and embodied, other than the karmic impressions generated, little or nothing of nefesh and ruach is preserved. As the soul evolves and begins to awaken, however, this changes, because more and more the desire or will of the inner aspects of the soul and heaven becomes expressed and embodied, and in so doing our neshamah - our heavenly soul or divine nature, is embodied, merging with nefesh and ruach, and as this happens these outer aspects of the soul are integrated with neshamah and they endure. Thus, as we know, holy and enlightened ones - saints, tzaddikim, of the past continue to appear, and if such souls have multiple incarnations in this world, then there may be multiple appearances in different forms corresponding with the different outward manifestations of the soul that embodied neshamah; hence, for example, Elijah and Yohanan the Baptist appear to the faithful in dream and vision as distinct individuals, although as we know they are one and the same soul - neshamah.

The transmigrations of souls, experiences of dying and death, and the afterlife, these are complex, subtle and sublime subjects, the full breadth of which elude an explanation in this post, but an overview of the teachings on dying and death, and the afterlife, is given in “Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ,” in the chapter on Yesod. Typically speaking, many religions attempting to speak to the masses oversimplify doctrines or teachings on death and the afterlife, and given the rejection of reincarnation in mainstream forms of Christianity, and supplanting Yeshua’s teaching of reincarnation with the idea of a single life that determines the eternal fate of the soul, for the most part it makes sounds as though the ego is preserved after death, and there is little, if any understanding of the deeper subtleties of the soul, afterlife states and the true salvation of the soul - the enlightenment and liberation of the soul. You will find that our teachings go much further on this subject, and you will find them very similar to what some of the wisdom traditions of the East teach.

In terms of karmic connections between souls, what Elder Gideon has share is very good. Aside from the esoteric practice with a Name of God that’s given here, the most common practice we would use for the transformation, uplifting and dissolution of negative karmic connections would be giving and receiving, and on the most practical, simple level, is learning to forgive as Adonai Yeshua has taught us to forgive. Joined with this, whatever our part might have been, or might be, in the formation and sustaining of negative karmic connections, this needs to be addressed, and we need to seek to do something different; we need to take responsibility for our energy, and our thoughts, words and deeds, and seek to mend whatever harm we have caused as we go forward into the future.

It is true, through the practice given here, and more so through giving and receiving, we may mend our connections with others and fulfill our true destiny with them; the fruition of this spiritual labor may come in this life or in a future life, but through grace and our co-labor it will come to pass, as as God wills and ordains, certainly so!

Ultimately it is the Spirit of God that accomplishes these works, but we have our part and need to co-labor with the Spirit of God, choosing to enact what’s good and true - faith and love.

In this world very often we find ourselves in very complex and confusing relationships with others, and right relationship, and enacting what’s good and true, can be a challenge - we certainly encounter this in relationships within family, though it extends well beyond family. Though it is challenging, however, engaging in right relationship is central to the Gospel, and with God’s help it is possible.

Aleichem Shalom!
Tau Malachi

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Re: The Thirty Fifth Names

#5 Postby winsoko » Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:24 pm

Thank you both for your replies, so I am hearing karma essentially creates each individuation and it is not permanent, it is more pattern based in an unenlightened condition until neshamah is expressed and embodied. To me that is a little sad and impresses the need for the work of more souls becoming enlightened otherwise their uniqueness is lost? When we awaken, we become integrated instead of living more of a parallel, but unaware existence with neshamah - which is the whole point!! And at the same time it is not about our individual awakening as much as the awakening of all. That is the union we are seeking is it not? And it is the way in which Elijah and Yohanan are the same soul?

Am I understanding your replies clearly? please redirect any misunderstanding I have.

Thank you and God's Blessings to you.

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Re: The Thirty Fifth Names

#6 Postby winsoko » Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:34 pm

Hello Again

I actually have a few more karma related questions. I have been previously taught that one's karma may be responsible for one's lot in life - why some people live in western society vs third world country or of a higher or lower caste in India for example. So if I am my karma I can see a correlation, but how does "collective" or "community" karma factor in? And would it be true then that when we offer up blessings for the good of all does extending blessings raise everyone?

Secondly, what about the state of the world with regard to karma? Is the present ISIS situation partly karma and partly the work of archons? Is there a situation where archons control a community, like ISIS, and what can be done on this plane? Or is it remedied on a spiritual plane?

Thank you and blessings to you.


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Re: The Thirty Fifth Names

#7 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Sep 10, 2015 1:14 pm

Greetings and blessings in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

If we are to speak of the enlightenment of all, or an uplifting of the collective, this happens through the enlightenment of the individual, for the entirety, or collective, is composed of individuals. Remember, he individual and universal are completely inseparable from one another, and we are co-creators of the reality that manifests on every level.

The karma of individuals composing a society or collective forms the karma of the society or collective, and in some way individuals who incarnate in a society or collective have some form of karmic connection with it, and in some way the experience of that karmic matrix is necessary for the soul. In the midst of whatever situations, circumstances or events we find ourselves involved in, if we will enact our true heart’s desire - the desire of the inner aspects of our being, our soul, and live according to what’s good and true (faith and love), then we will be uplifted and others will be uplifted with us - we will uplift sparks of holiness bound up in shades and shadows, or fallen husks.

As for something like ISIS, akin to the Nazis, this is something more than the influence of archons - these movements in the world correspond with the influence of completely dark and hostile forces, demons. Essentially, these are great shadows of the collective that have not been dealt with and integrated inwardly, so they arise outwardly in the world, and in this way they must be dealt with and overcome. Remember, when the inclination to violence is not resolved inwardly, and when negativity is not resolved inwardly, violence erupts and shades and shadows manifest in the outward life, and this is true with both the individual and the collective.

Countries, peoples, from around the world all have had a hand in co-creating the conditions through which this evil has come to power in the world, and now all of them will have to deal with it; and so we can say this of many other things that are transpiring in the world.

This, of course, is the play of Judgement or Severity (Din or Gevurah), but not in the sense of something external to us, or the arbitrary wrath of some deity, but rather as something internal, something built into us and creation, a power of co-creation that’s within all sentient beings for good or for evil. Understand, though, that there is also the play of Mercy and Compassion, and that we also have the power to manifest Mercy and Compassion - we must awaken and we must choose what’s good and true, regardless of outward situations, circumstances and events.

We are the world, and the world is us; you are the world and the world is you. If you want to bring about a change in the world, then bring about that change in you and your life; it’s in this that the world can be transformed and the consciousness of the collective can be uplifted - each of us holds the key, and in the Messiah and Holy One we have divine assistance to enact and accomplish this Great Work.

May we cleave to the Messiah and Holy One and take up our work! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem - peace be upon you!
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Re: The Thirty Fifth Names

#8 Postby winsoko » Thu Sep 10, 2015 2:21 pm

Yes, yes, I hear you and "We are the world, and the world is us; you are the world and the world is you. If you want to bring about a change in the world, then bring about that change in you and your life; it’s in this that the world can be transformed and the consciousness of the collective can be uplifted."

All of us have a hand in the creation and we must always chose what is good and true. Beautiful and full of hope. Thank you.

Blessings to you always.

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