The Forty-Seventh Names

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The Forty-Seventh Names

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The Forty-Seventh Names

The Forty-Seventh Name of Gevurot: Ain-Shin-Lamed

The Holy Name equal Tau (400), this is the power of the Holy Cross, which is the full power of the Holy Sefirot – the ten Holy Sefirot in the four Olamot, each having all ten Sefirot within them.

Tau in Hebrew, like Omega in Greek, indicates fulfillment, completion, perfection – when the power of all ten Holy Sefirot from all four Olamot is drawn down into Malkut, the fullness of the Holy Shekinah is manifest in the world, the power to bring the soul and the world to its fulfillment in the Holy One, the True Light.

Now, in the Christian tradition it is said that with the advent of the Messiah of El the world and the heavens came to their fruition, the old world and old heavens passing away, a new heaven and new earth being manifest – on the Holy Cross the whole world was brought into cessation, and a new heaven, new earth and new humanity came into being, creation was fulfilled and was renewed, all according to what was ordained in El Elyon, the Supreme.

On the one hand, the world is the same and nothing has change; on the other hand, the world is changed and will never be the same – for those who cleave to the world, and to the chaos and darkness of matter, it is the same, but for those who cleave to the Risen Messiah they dwell in a new heaven and new earth, and represent a new humanity, supernal and divine.

The Light of the Cross, the Light of the Messiah, is the fullness of the Holy Sefirot (Divine Emanations) made manifest in the world – the world uplifted into the Pleroma of Light, that Holy Pleroma being embodied in it.

So it comes to pass when we receive the Supernal Influx – the Light of the Cross; our soul is transformed and the world is transform, and we walk on a new earth and abide in a new heaven, our eyes being opened to behold the glory of God, the presence and power of God, in all things. When our soul ascends into the Supernal Abode, and Supernal or Messianic Consciousness dawns, that Supernal Light above is known everywhere below – not only do we see a burning bush as the prophet Moses, but we see the whole world on fire with the Supernal Spirit of God.

Now the Supernal Light is like a spiritual nuclear fire – it is a transforming power that makes all like unto itself; in it is the power to transform every level of being and consciousness, including the physical consciousness and the very substance of matter itself. We behold this in the Body of the Risen Messiah – the Empty Tomb, the very flesh, every particle of matter composing it, being translated into pure energy, pure light, pure spirit; such is the potential power of the Supernal Light Transmission – the Great Transformation.

In the mystical tradition of Christianity – Christian Gnosticism or Kabbalah, we labor for an integral self-realization in the Messiah, and yet more, we labor for the Second Coming of the Messiah, the Omega Point to which all is destined, the Great Transformation. We have a vision of this Great Transformation in the Book of the Apocalypse, echoing the Book of Enoch, and when we receive the Supernal Light from above and realize the Supernal Light everywhere below, we have a vision of this Great Transformation in our own experience – the Gnosis of Supernal Being.

In this Holy Name is the power to invoke the Supernal Influx through which we can see the Pleroma of Light within and all around us – and to the extent that seeing it we are able to realize and embody it, we transform ourselves, and not only ourselves, but we uplift and transform the world.

In Yeshua Messiah this is the power of this Holy Name of God – a power activated by the advent of the Messiah, and by those who cleave to the Messiah and call upon this Holy Name in prayer for the Great Transformation.

Here we may remind of what the Christian Kabbalah teaches us: The full power of the 72 Names of God of Gevurot and Hasidim are in the Risen Messiah; they are powers of the Solar Body of the Resurrection, the Body of the Sun of El arisen.

Now as this Holy Name may invoked to bring down the Supernal Influx when we have prepared our mind, heart and body as a fit and holy vessel to receive it; so too it may invoke be invoked to bring about a shift of our sight or consciousness into any number of higher gradations – it is a Holy Name of seeing, hearing and knowing in the Spirit through higher levels of consciousness, the peak of which is the Supernal or Supramental Consciousness.

Thus, calling upon this Holy Name, letting go of one gradation of consciousness to pass into another, through the blessing and grace of God in it our soul is uplifted; with this, naturally and spontaneously we experience a higher grade of the Holy Shekinah, the Divine Presence and Power, and whatever gradation of the Holy Shekinah unfolds in our experience we embody and transmit in the world.

In this, perhaps, you may understand that this is among the Names of God that the navim call upon to enter into higher gradations of the experience of Ruach Ha-Kodesh and prophecy.

Along a similar line, this Holy Name is as a prayer for the reception of the Holy Bride, the end of the exile of the Holy Shekinah, the redemption of Sophia – the Holy Shekinah is ornamented and uplifted by this Holy Name and brought into the Bridal Chamber.

There is a special power and blessing in this Holy Name on the eve of the Holy Shabbat, when called upon as we welcome the Shabbat Queen, the Holy Shekinah; calling upon it and reclining in repose with her, souls are illuminated and liberated, abiding in the World-To-Come while as yet in this world.

As you might imagine, this Holy Name is often invoked in celebrations of the Holy Wedding Feast as part of the consecration of the bread and wine – for it is a Name of special blessings of the Shekinah of Messiah, the Supernal Shekinah.

A Holy Meditation with the Name: The Vision of New Jerusalem

When you wish to pray for the reception of the Holy Bride or Second Coming, or you seek insight and illumination about the mystery of New Jerusalem, study and contemplate the image of the Holy Lamb and New Jerusalem as revealed in the Book of Apocalypse; envisioning yourself and all living spirits and souls in the City of God, call upon this Holy Name.

Go within and open to the Holy Light of God from above – envision the Spiritual Sun in your heart and envision your body as formed of the Holy Light of God; call upon the Divine Names of the Middle Pillar with the conscious intention of yourself as a holy vessel receiving the influx of the Light of the Messiah for the world and all who are in it, and when you reach Holy Malkut (Adonai), envision that magically New Jerusalem appears around you, encompassing the world and all who are in it.

Unify the Pillar of Judgment into the Pillar of Mercy as a prayer for the salvation of all, the enlightenment and liberation of all; then intone Yah Yahweh Yeshua Adonai and call upon the Holy Name: Ai-Sha-Lo

When you call upon the Name envision an influx of Supernal Light, white brilliance, flashing down into you, and flashing out from you to all; then, take up the sacred chant of Shalom, with the heart-wish for the peace and joy of all, as in the Holy Bride who remains with us until the fruition of the Divine Intention on earth.

When you have prayed for the sake of heaven on earth in this way, complete the movement with the celebration of a Holy Wedding Feast, extending blessings to all and uplifting all into the Light Continuum.

When you walk in the world, walk as a citizen of the City of God, New Jerusalem – see all as the new world with the new kingdom of heaven manifest in it; let all sound be as the Living Word of God; let all thoughts and emotions be as the Holy Wisdom of God; receive all as the radiant display of the Mind of God, the presence and power of God, whether the appearance of beauty and horror just the same – bless all and pray for all continually as you walk in this world. This is the Holy Seal of the practice.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Gathering into the Body of Emanation

Let the daughter of son of the navim perform a Union with Holy Partzuf according to the wisdom of their heart – the Partzuf they most adore; and in their union, let them transfer their consciousness into the Glory Body of the Partzuf, and then let them pass into the perfect peace and joy of Clear Light Union, the Body of Truth of the Partzuf.

Arising from the Truth Body through the grace of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, let them arise in Body of Glory as the image of their soul in the Supernal Light, the Holy Maggid, and let them return to their material body as a Body of Pure Emanation.

Then, as a fit and holy vessel – a living temple of the Shekinah made by the Word of Yahweh, let them invoke the influxes of the Sefirot from Atzilut to Asiyah as in the Great Convocation, receiving all influxes of blessing for the sake of imparting them to the world, to the people and the land.

When they have invoked and received all influxes, manifesting the Holy Shekinah of the Messiah in full, let them intone the Holy Name:


As they intone this Holy Name let them generate the Sacred Heart and hold all in their heart with great affection and love.

Then let them intone the Holy Name: Aio-Sha-La

As they intone this Name let them hold the conscious intention of the transmission of the influx of blessings to all living spirits and souls, and let them pray for the happiness of all beings, the uplifting of all beings in Hayyah Yeshua.

Let them seal the movement by the intonation of the Shema with traditional kavvanot and let them abide in the Body of Truth in Primordial Contemplation.

This is the practice – there is perfect peace in this.

*At times the creation of a sacred circle is joined to this practice; that, or the initiate may perform it in a Holy Light Wheel, for the Light Wheel is an expression of the power in this Holy Name.

Angels of the Name

Ai’Amdiel, Sha’Shamshiel and La’Liel are the holy angels of this Name of God; they come from the order of the Serafim and hold secret knowledge of the Transforming Power of the Light of the True Cross (Shin-Tau).

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Forty-Seventh Names of the Gevurot through the grace of God manifest in Emmanuel. God is with us! Praise God! Amen.

The Forty-Seventh Name of Hasidim: Bet-Ain-Kaf

This Holy Name equals Peh-Bet (82), which is the sum of the name Laban when Nun is counted as 50 – perhaps you may remember the story of Laban for whom Jacob labored but was perpetually cheated out of what was due to him by Laban. According to the Zohar, Laban was a sorcerer – a black magician, which is ironic, since the name Laban means “white.” Because Laban was a sorcerer, knowing ways of witchcraft and pagan magic, and was using his knowledge of the occult to cheat and enslave Jacob, Jacob relied upon the power of El Shaddai and the Magical Kabbalah to get what was due to him and to escape the dominion of Laban.

As the story goes, Laban prospered while Jacob was with him and when it was time for Jacob to leave he did not want to let him go so he asked Jacob to remain and work for him. As payment for Jacob’s labor he told Jacob he could have goats and sheep from the flocks of a certain color and markings, but then went back on his word, removing them from his flocks and taking them for himself. Thus, seeing the Laban was cheating him out of what was due to him, Jacob made rods charged with the power of The Name, the power of the Sefirot, and he put them in the watering troughs – this caused an abundance of goats and sheep to be born bearing the color and markings of those promised to him. In this way, Jacob was able to get was owed to him, but in such a way so as not to take from what Laban called his own and without conflict – essentially he received his due in a “win-win situation.”

Now in this world there are many “Labans” – which is to say that there are many sorcerers, and many who might try to take advantage of us and cheat us, many who want a profit of more than their share at our expense; this may happen in mundane business and relationships, and it may happen on psychic and spiritual levels, through forms of psychic vampirism that drains our energy or through psychic or magical assaults by those who use occult knowledge for their own selfish interests and ambitions.

In this Holy Name is the power to receive our portion or what is due to us, not more or less, but exactly what is due – all according to God’s will. This is not a Name of Gevurot, however, but is a Name of Hasidim, so that while receiving our portion, calling upon this Holy Name, others will receive their portion too and be satisfied, pacified and enriched; in the face of ignorance and injustice, this is a Holy Name invoking the satisfaction and happiness of all, leaving no residual of negative karma between souls.

Essentially, everyone has a portion that is due to them, as ordained by the Supreme, and in this Name of God is the power to invoke everyone reception of their portion in a situation and the ability to see their portion and be satisfied with it – in this, of course, is our own greater enjoyment of our portion, for when everyone is satisfied and feels blessed, there is peace, and we are free to live and enjoy.

Thus, in this Holy Name in the wisdom of “enlightened selfishness” as taught in Living Gnosis along with the practice of perfect success – hence, the wisdom of the heart-wish for everyone to be successful and happy.

There is, of course, a very deep esoteric level to this Holy Name, for in this Name of God is the power to learn how to pacify, enrich and subjugate spiritual forces of the klippot – both admixed and dark forces, for the sake of the redemption of all spiritual forces through service to heaven, service to the Continuum of Light Transmission. Essentially, in our interactions with spiritual forces of all kinds we seek to uplift and redeem them – to bless them and be of benefit to them; in order to do this we must know what is good for them and how to give it to them in a positive way – how to uplift them in a way that they can be uplifted. Thus, a navi or wonderworker may call upon this Name to understand how to pacify, enrich or subjugate spiritual forces in order to extend the Light of the Cross to them and receive them into the Sanctuary of Grace.

This same play naturally ensues with a holy tzaddik and souls in this world, so tzaddikim may often call upon this Holy Name to know and understand the skillful means necessary to uplift souls that are bound up with very powerful klippotic forces in order to bless and deliver them from their bondage.

Within and behind all of this is knowledge of the exchange of sparks between souls, whether in a positive or negative form, and knowledge of how to fulfill an exchange of sparks between souls in a completely positive way, whether that exchange was conceived in positive or negative circumstances; thus, in this Holy Name of the power to bring various kinds of karmic connections to an end in a positive resolution.

In this you may understand that this Holy Name holds the power of true justice – the justice of love and compassion, which is the holy desire for the salvation of all, the happiness of all.

A Meditation with the Name: Seeking Justice

If and when you find yourself in a situation in which you are being taken advantage of or that you are being cheated, calling upon this Holy Name you can invoke justice for all – the satisfaction and happiness of all who are involved.

Remember the Light-presence (Messiah) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) that is in you, and remember this Holy Light within all – the truth of the innate goodness within all beings; and seek to generate the Sacred Heart, holding all in your heart as in the Sacred Heart of the Messiah.

Generating the Sacred Heart, turn to God in prayer, and in the presence of God, cleaving to the Messiah and Holy Shekinah of Messiah, forgive the person who you feel is taking advantage of you or cheating you, and remember your own struggles with greed and lust – your own tendency to desire more than your own portion, and uplift that selfish desire into the Divine Light, praying for the forgiveness and liberation of all.

*If the generation of the Sacred Heart or forgiveness is a struggle then you may wish to perform Giving and Receiving Meditation.

Then, pray for justice for all who are in the situation – the blessing of all in the situation, that all might be satisfied and happy, and find a positive resolution of the situation transpiring between them; praying in this way, join your soul to the Sefirot of the Tree of Life in ascent by intoning the Divine Names, then passing down in descent, pray for corresponding blessings from every Sefirah, bringing down blessings for yourself and everyone involved, and when you reach Holy Malkut, pray that everyone receives their share and portion, and that everyone is satisfied and happy.

Then, intone Yahweh Yireh, Yahweh Yeshua, and envision the transmission of blessings and light to all; and then intone the Holy Name: Ba-Ai-Ka, and as you do envision the resolution you seek, envision all in the situation satisfied and happy.

Then pray for the happiness of all beings – this completes the movement.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Pacifying & Enriching

When a navi or wonderworker seeks to pacify and enrich klippotic forces with the intention to subjugate, uplift and redeem them, they may call upon this Holy Name.

They will purify and prepare themselves, and they will gather appropriate offerings – then going out into the wilderness they will find a place of power suited to the spiritual work they intend, and there they will create a sacred circle with their holy rug in the center, and they will lay their offerings and their sacred objects upon it.

Then they will purify and banish, generating sacred space, and they will call upon Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers; manifesting the sacred circle as the Holy Palace they will envision it corresponding to the nature of the spirits to be pacified and enriched, whether in blissful, semi-fierce or wrathful form, and along with the Divine Powers they will invoke the corresponding oath-bound guardians of the Continuum.

All of this they will do in the Hokmah of Ain, the Wisdom of Emptiness.

When the sacred circle is created, formed and made in this way, they will open the gates and invoke the spirits that they seek to pacify, enrich and subjugate; when the spirits come they will make offerings before the presence of Ha-Shem to the Divine Powers, and they will offer to the spirits what is good to them, feeding and blessing them in a way that is positive and good, and yet satisfying to them according to their form and nature.

Then, they will emanate the Body of Glory in a form corresponding to the spirits they have call, appearing as a great spirit of their dominion, but in the Way of the Messiah, and they will draw the spirits into the service of the Light Continuum, setting them to a task that will serve the intentions of heaven.

*As the initiate arises in Body of Glory they will intone the Name of Yahweh Elohim and Yahweh Yeshua, and then the Holy Name: Ba-Ai-Ka, with the heart-wish of the pacification and enrichment of the spirits.

When this is accomplished, then they will perform a Wedding Feast, inviting the spirits to partake of the Holy Body and Blood – offering it in a form suitable to them, and they will preach the Gospel of Shalom and bless them; all who partake the initiate will receive their vow of service and will receive them into the Holy Sanctuary.

When all is done the charge to depart and blessing in departure is given, and there is a closing and sealing of all gates, and a full purification and banishing is performed; then there is praise and thanks offered to El Elyon, along with prayers for the blessing and redemption of all. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

*This is a practice for experienced and accomplished initiates.

The Angels of the Name

The angels of this Holy Name are Barukiel, Ai’Noel and Kasashiel; they are from the order of the Beni Elohim and hold secrets of the Divine Balance and True Justice according to Ratzon Elyon.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Forty-Seventh Names of Gevurot and Hasidim, all as is granted by the Holy One this day. Hallelu Kodesh Achad – Praise the Holy One! Amen.

Adonai, blessed are You who gives what is good to all and who brings all to fruition; we pray that Your blessing might rest upon all beings in the way that they can receive it – that all might receive as they desire to receive and be uplifted. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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David A Powers
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I was given this Name during a contemplation...

#2 Postby David A Powers » Thu Dec 20, 2012 3:22 pm


This is my first post here, and I was delighted to see so much comprehensive information on the 72 names.

Not long ago, during a period of contemplation, I saw the three letters Ayin-Shin-Lamed, and after utilizing google learned that this was one of the 72 names (This happened previously once as well, with the name for "soulmate"). I should mention that I am slowly attempting to learn Hebrew but at this point am still learning to recognize the individual letters by name.

What meaning might it have if one receives a specific name during contemplation in this way, and Ayin-Shin-Lamed in particular?

I must confess, unlike some on the spiritual path I was not one who naturally has had more intuitive types of spiritual experiences from youth, although I did have some level of spiritual connection, so experiences outside of "consensual reality" are quite a novelty for me within the last two years. So I am also looking for general guidance on being open to the voice of the divine and learning how to trust and utilize what I receive while also exercising discernment.

Thank you and Shalom,

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A call for a conscious invocation and evolution...

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu Dec 20, 2012 4:36 pm

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua, the Risen Messiah!

Greetings David, and welcome to our online community – it’s good to see you here.

The real value of any spiritual or mystical experience that arises in contemplation, or prayer and meditation, such as the one you describe, depends upon what we do with it, and the existent to which we may draw out blessings and wisdom from it. As an example, on a most basic level seeing a Name of God in meditation we can let it bolster our faith and devotion, and let it become a remembrance of the nearness of God, and we may let it inspire a deeper immersion in the spiritual life and practice; joined with this, however, we can take it further, studying and contemplating the individual letters composing it, and then contemplating them altogether, seeking to draw out deeper mysteries and wisdom from this Name of God. In the case of a Name of God, such as this one, we may also consider the attributes of the Name, and why it is invoked, and pray, asking for the corresponding blessings, and hold the conscious intention of receiving those blessings, meditating on the Holy Name, and calling upon the Holy Name in prayer. In this way we may receive what arose in our experience as intuitive guidance from the inner aspects of our soul, or as guidance from the indwelling Messiah and Holy Spirit, and so follow that guidance. This is wisdom and this is good to do.

In terms of what is written here of the 144 Names of God, in truth what’s been recorded is just an introduction, just the beginning, coupled with examples of different ways the Names can be invoked. Thus, there are other layers of meaning, and reasons they might be invoked within and behind those that have been shared. For instance, this Name of God has a deep correspondence with the Holy Shekinah, or the Divine Feminine, and at times it is used as a prayer or invocation of the vision of Imma-Mother and Kallah-Bride in all of her forms. So to perceive this Holy Name in contemplation could be a call to seek deeper intimacy with the Holy Shekinah, or the Divine Feminine, and it could be received as a blessing from the Holy Mother.

As I shared in the writing on this Name, so it can also be a call to go within and open to a higher, more expanded state of consciousness, and to pray that the Holy Spirit might draw your soul, your consciousness, in ascent; but also, this is a Name to elevate or uplift any and all desires, and more so is one of the Names that corresponds with the awakening and uplifting of the serpent power – hence, the Shekinah Power in us. In terms of uplifting the serpent power, specifically this Name corresponds with uplifting the fire snake to the brow, and corresponds with an invocation of greater spiritual vision, and the opening of consciousness to new dimensions, or inner and metaphysical dimensions.

Per what you have share, perceiving this Name of God does seem to point to an ongoing spiritual awakening underway in your experience, and it seems as though a blessing and guidance to push forward in this conscious evolution in the Messiah and Shekinah of the Messiah; hence, to engage an even more passionate invocation and dance with the Holy Shekinah.

As I prayed about your question, and contemplated it, this is what the Mother Spirit put into my heart to share with you.

May all who seek intimate knowledge of the Holy Mother-Bride receive it. Amen.

May God bless you!
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