Sixty-Fourth Names

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Sixty-Fourth Names

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The Sixty-Fourth Names

The Sixty-Fourth Name of Gevurot: Mem-Het-Yod

This Holy Name enumerates Nun-Het (58), and Hen is the Hebrew word for grace; this is also the number of the name Noah, the righteous one who God saved from the waters of the flood and who acted to preserve life on the earth by building the ark and gathering pairs of creatures into it – this Holy Name is the invocation of the grace of salvation, divine protection, in a time of judgment.

The grace of salvation, of course, is embodied in Yeshua Messiah, and the Shekinah of the Messiah – the presence and power of the Anointed, is the Sanctuary of Grace; Shin, as we know, is the Holy Letter of the Shekinah, and when added to Nun-Het it enumerates 358, the number of Nechash, the Serpent, and Messiah, the Anointed. The power of this Holy Sanctuary, which is manifest by the uplifting of the Serpent, is in this Name of God.

Now, the Sanctuary of Grace is forgiveness of sin – but to receive forgiveness we ourselves must be forgiving, and to be freed from the judgment, we ourselves must not judge others. The klippot of being unforgiving and of judging others is very powerful, however, and we may easily fall into the syndrome of holding on to resentments and of seeing only the worst in people – a very dark pessimism and cynicism that is poisonous to our heart and soul. At such times, of course, typically speaking, we are bound up in great self-negativity and insecurity, so that our sever judgments of others reflects our sever judgments of ourselves – at such times, as much as seeing all of the weaknesses and negativity in others, we are displaying our own dark side and creating the conditions in which we invoke and experience the darkness in others. When we recognize that this is happening, restoring ourselves to the Sanctuary of Grace and calling upon this Holy Name we will be empowered to shatter this dreadful klippah.

This Holy Name is also invoked against klippot that might hinder or prevent us from receiving the influxes of the Holy Sefirot or Attributes of God, or that seek to taint, distort, corrupt and pervert the spiritual influxes of the Sefirot – all that might encumber the flow of God’s good grace and blessings.

There is great healing power in this Holy Name, for all that would block the flow of Divine Grace is the cause of illness in the body and dis-ease in the soul.

Corresponding with these powers in this Holy Name, it is also a Name of God called upon to bind and banish klippot that might obstruct a person from confession and repentance, and seeking baptism, the actions through which they enter into the Sanctuary of Grace and open the way to the reception of the Holy Spirit.

A Meditation with the Name: Banishing the Klippot of Judgment

When you see yourself becoming bound up in the klippot of judgment – the judgment of yourself and others; remember the Sanctuary of Grace manifest in Yeshua Messiah and call upon the power of this Holy Name.

Go within and open to the Light from above, and remember the Light of God within yourself, and within everyone and everything – take the time to look and see the good in you and in others, and to rejoice in that good, worshipping in the Shekinah of Yahweh and letting go of all judgment.

To empower yourself to see the good in yourself and others, chant the Blessed Name of Yeshua Messiah and invoke this Holy Name: Ma-Ha-Yo

When you have done this, practice a Union with Hayyah Yeshua, and as Hayyah Yeshua draw the world and all who are in it in ascent up the Middle Pillar – envisioning the world as the Light Realm, envision it dissolves and pours into your Sacred Heart as Hayyah Yeshua, and then envision that you dissolve and merge with the Light of the Infinite (Or Ain Sof).

When all is done, give praise and thanks, and celebrate the Wedding Feast, praying that all might be gathered into the Sanctuary of Grace – when you go out into the world, practice seeing the good in all and no longer walk in judgment. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Opening the Way to Baptism

When a holy tzaddik or navi sees an aspirant in the snares of the Dweller in the Threshold they may invoke this Holy Name to bind and banish the Dweller.

Going to the person in Body of Glory they will take up Giving & Receiving, and they will pray over the person for their reception into the Sanctuary of Grace – with prayer and fasting they will uplift the soul or the person to the Lord; as they begin Giving & Receiving, holding the conscious intention of dispelling all klippot binding the person from taking action and seeking baptism, they will call upon the Holy Name:


Then they will intone the Name:


The fruition of Giving & Receiving completes this movement.

This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

Malkhiel, Ha’ shafshiel and Yhiel are the angels of this Name of God; they are from the order of the Ashim and hold secret knowledge of the company of the Holy Shekinah moving in peaceful, blissful and wrathful emanation.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Sixty-Fourth Name of Gevurot through the grace of Yah pouring out of the Mother’s Heart-Womb. Hallelu Elohim – Praise God! Amen.

The Sixty-Fourth Name of Hasidim: Mem-Resh-Yod

As you can see, this Holy Name is very close to its counterpart among the Gevurot – only one letter is different, Resh in place of Het; but this makes all the difference in the world, for rather than banishing klippot obstructing the reception of the influxes of the Holy Sefirot, this is the invocation of pure influxes – the Face of Yahweh radiant with great glory.

Now this Holy Name equals Nun-Resh (250), which is a Hebrew word for lamp, prosperity and instruction; when we wish to invoke the Divine Light from within ourselves and others we may call upon this Name.

The term Ner, “Lamp,” is a title given to great spiritual masters in the Kabbalah – for example, Rabbi Simeon Ben Yohai, the leading Mekubal of the Zohar, is call the Holy Lamp of his generation because he was the greatest spiritual master of his lineage in the day, a true Baal Shem Tov, Master of the Good Name. According to the Kabbalah, there are “lamps” or great masters in every generation, and among them is the “Holy Lamp,” a master of the highest grade or realization. There is power in this Name to invoke a spiritual connection with great masters living in our times, whether on a subtle level in dream and vision, or, if it is God’s will, an actual meeting and visitation in the material world; joined to this, it is also a Holy Name invoked to experience ivurim with great spiritual masters, specifically with those living among us in our generation.

The greatest Holy Lamp of all in our stream, of course, is Yeshua Messiah – specifically, Hayyah Messiah, the Risen Messiah; and so this is among the Names of God called upon for direct revelation of Hayyah Yeshua.

The inmost part of our holy soul – Yechidah, is a spark of Adonai Messiah, and so in this Holy Name is the power to draw down influxes of our Divine Spark when we are ready and willing to receive them.

As you might imagine, this is also a Holy Name invoked by tzaddikim and navim on behalf of aspirants in the rite of baptism – as spiritual empowerment for the direct revelation of Hayyah Yeshua and reception of the Holy Spirit.

In this, perhaps, we have some indication of the power in this Holy Name.

A Meditation with the Name: Pure Shefa of the Sefirot

If you wish to invoke the blessing of pure influxes of the Sefirot take up a continuum of self-purification and intensify your worship of God, and cleaving to the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, call upon this Holy Name.

*As part of the continuum of self-purification you may wish to undergo a water ceremony or baptism.

As you pray and worship in the Shekinah of Yahweh, bind your soul in ascent to the Sefirot of the Tree of Light – joined to Eheieh, take up the chant of Yah Yahweh Yeshua and then Adonai Messiah; having done this, call upon the Name: Ma-Ru-Yo.

When you have called upon the Name, then descend rung to rung drawing down the Holy Shefa – arriving at Adonai, perform a Holy Wedding Feast, receiving and imparting the blessings and grace of God. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

A Practice among the Navim: Imparting a Great Blessing

At times, receiving an aspirant as a spiritual companion in circle after they have undergone the Threefold Rite of Initiation, tzaddikim or navim may impart upon their sacred friend the priestly blessing, which is among the spiritual empowerments for the direct revelation of Hayyah Yeshua in the tradition – coupled with the speaking of the priestly blessing that may call upon this Holy Name.

The holy tzaddik or navi will call upon Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers, and they will intone the Shema with the kavvanot of Divine Rapture – the traditional kavvanot in the lineage; then, holding Ha-Shem before them, and with hands uplifted in the sign of the traditional priestly blessing, they will speak the blessing, Numbers 6:24-26:

“Yahweh bless you and keep you:
May Yahweh make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you;
May Yahweh lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.”

Then they will intone Yah Yahweh Elohim, Yah Yahweh Yeshua; and they will transmit the blessing, intoning the Name: Ma-Ra-Ya.

If this is done in person, then the laying on of hands completes the movement, but if it is done in Body of Glory, then it is completed by way of a union with the aspirant, the holy tzaddik or apostle assuming the form of Hayyah Yeshua in Glory Body as they merge with their sacred friend in light-body.

This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

Marmarael, Ravmaniel and Yofdaniel are the holy angels of this Name of God; they are from the order of Kerubim and have secret knowledge of the Opening of the Gates and Sealing of the Gates in the Great Ascension.

This completes our sacred discourse on the Sixty-Fourth Names of Hasidim and Gevurot through the outpouring of God’s mercy and grace. Hallelu Yah – Praise the Lord! Amen.

O Holy One, drinking from the Waters of Life and receiving Your Salvation-Yeshua, may we become as a Holy Sanctuary to all beings – so we pray to you, Adonai, let Your Divine Blessing rest upon the people and the land this day. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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