The Sixty-Sixth Names

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The Sixty-Sixth Names

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:47 am

The Sixty-Sixth Names

The Sixty-Sixth Name of Gevurot: Mem-Nun-Koof

In modern times it has become very common for us to point at unfortunate circumstances and environments in our past – our personal history, as the justification and excuse for the problems in our lives, our weaknesses and our own negative behaviors. Very often our family is the great scapegoat for what’s wrong with us and our lives, that or other unfortunate situations and circumstances we may have encountered – often there is some truth in our perspective of the negative behaviors of others and the harm done to us, yet rarely are we seeing the more panoramic perspective of what transpired, but rather our view of things is very narrow and limited, and from an egoistic perspective. Likewise we often do not consider the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of what took place, the karmic continuum of our soul and the exchange of sparks within and behind what happened – the truth that our negative behaviors and misdeeds in previous lives are the cause of negative experiences that occur in this life.

The reality of our own responsibility for the experiences that take place in our lives, and for our fate and fortune in life, can be very painful to admit and accept. Yet, it is through accepting responsibility that we are empowered to bring about a change and accomplish the tikkune of our soul – as long as we consider others to be responsible for our problems we remain powerless to solve them or to bring about any real change, and as they saying goes, “History repeats itself.”

The Fifth Commandment to “Honor your father and mother” proves very interesting in this light, especially when we have had an extremely negative experience with our parents, for if we are willing, looking at what transpired in our relationship with them we will be able to see the reflection and expression of our own energy, the radiant display of our own mind or soul-stream, our own karmic continuum. Essentially, honoring our father and our mother, regardless of what may have transpired between us in the past or present, and recognizing a co-creative responsibility – the karmic effects of actions in previous lives playing out in this life, we become empowered to dispel and work out our own negative karma and to generate positive karma or merit in its place; hence to accomplish the necessary tikkune – the mending or healing of the soul.

The same, of course, is true of all other significant relationships that have formed on our lives, or any other environments we have found ourselves in, or any other situations, circumstances or events that have taken place – looking to see the reflection of our own energy and karma we are empowered to bring about the needed rectification or correction and to heal our soul. This and this alone, liberates us from becoming perpetually ensnared in the great karmic web of the demiurge – cosmic ignorance, leading us towards the experience of the Great Exodus.

In this Holy Name is the power to look and see the reflection and expression of our own energy and karma within our life experiences and to bring about the necessary tikkune.

Now, based upon our view of our personal history we form patterns of thought and emotion in consciousness – we form certain “mindsets,” and apart from understanding and accepting our responsibility for the situations, circumstances and events of the past, these mindsets can be very negative, filled with all kinds of resentments and hatred, and the desire for revenge. These, of course are internal klippot which play out in our behaviors and relationships today, perpetuating the same fundamental cycles of experience, the very same karmic continuum – in this Holy Name is the power to shatter these klippot and to liberate our soul’s energy that is bound up in them, as well as the power to bind and banish the external klippotic forces they attract.

This, quite naturally, is integral to our capacity to have compassion and to forgive others, for we will begin to realize that we are all involved in the same struggle, all bound up in the same fundamental ignorance striving to grow and evolve through much trial and error, and all manner of follies; and we will recognize that in everything we are co-creators and share co-responsibility, so that it is no longer about “us versus them,” but it is about us working together for the greater good of all in a process of our conscious evolution towards self-realization in the Messiah, the Human One of Light. Thus, in this Holy Name there is also empowerment to forgive and for the generation of the Sacred Heart – spiritual love and compassion.

Here we may say something regarding spiritual love and compassion on a most simple and practical level – on the most basic level, love and compassion is born from the acceptance of ourselves and others as we are, and from the acceptance of life and creation as it is, Reality as It Is. This is what spiritual love means, accepting ourselves and others in whole, just as we are, with all of our beautiful and positive qualities, and with all of our glaring imperfections and weaknesses – and compassion is the knowledge and understanding that this is just the way we are, and it is recognizing within it an innate good and seeking to nurture and draw out that goodness, that light.

This, of course, also leads to our awareness of the Sacred Unity underlying all – our deep interdependence and interconnection with all our relations, and our awareness of our soul’s interactions and interrelationships with countless other spirits and souls throughout countless past lives. This may lead to a very esoteric and mystical understanding of the Fifth Commandment to honor our father and mother, for in effect we have had all manner of relationships with all beings we encounter in this life, and it may be said that throughout countless incarnations, at one time or another, all beings have been fathers and mothers to us and we to them – in effect, creation is one big family and there really are no “strangers,” just long lost friends and relations, and forgotten acquaintances.

Now, on a more esoteric level this Name of God holds the power for shifts between various levels of consciousness, as well as insight into the development and evolution of souls through many and diverse incarnations; likewise, it is among those Holy Names that holds the shape-shifting power, which though seemingly fanciful or mythical, is in fact a great power of our soul as reflected in the capacity of the soul to generate countless forms of incarnation in countless world-systems throughout its journey.

As with all of the Holy Names involving the Mother Letter Mem, this is among the Names of God holding something of the power of baptism – in this Holy Name it is the power of the radical transformation of the past that occurs when we are reborn of the Holy Spirit, the Mother Spirit, for all of the past assumes a completely different context and meaning when it leads to the spiritual illumination of the soul and its fruition in Supernal or Messianic Consciousness; even the sins or negative karma of the past become part of our self-realization in the Messiah, part of the process of trial and error in the development and evolution of the soul.

In this, perhaps, we may know and understand something of the great power of God in this Holy Name.

A Meditation with the Name: Gazing into the Karmic Continuum

At some point in our spiritual development, when we are ready and willing, when we have grown in our faith and spiritual maturation, we need to look into our personal history and use it as a talisman to gaze into the karmic continuum of our soul and see the necessary tikkune-healing. In this process we must suspend all self-judgment and judgments of others, accepting ourselves and others as we are in God’s presence, and we must be willing to accept complete responsibility for the experiences and relationships in our lives, no longer projecting the blame or fault upon others, regardless of what others might have done. When it is time, and we are ready and willing to this – called by our faith and the Spirit to take up this labor of tikkune, we can invoke this Holy Name for empowerment.

Go within and open to the Holy Light of God from above, and invoke Ha-Shem and the Divine Powers; join your soul to the Holy Sefirot in ascent and commune in the Shekinah of Yahweh, cleaving to El Elyon in the Messiah – in this way become a silent witness in the Light of God, letting go of all judgments, all attachments and aversions.

Abiding in this way, unify the Divine Names of the Pillar of Judgment with those of the Pillar of Mercy, and unify the Divine Names of the Pillar of Compassion in ascent, drawing all into unification with Eheieh – remember the Great Natural Perfection underlying all, the Clear Light Nature.

Then, call upon this Holy Name: Ma-Nu-Ku

As you call upon this Holy Name hold the conscious intention of accepting yourself as you are and others as they are, and hold the conscious intention of accepting completely responsibility for the experiences in your life from the past to the present.

When you have done this, in the Shekinah of Yahweh contemplate situations, circumstances and events of the past and pray about them, and let the Holy Spirit show you your part in their co-creation, the play of the karmic continuum of your soul and how to bring about tikkune – let her show you the bigger picture, the more panoramic view, and let her love and wisdom give you knowledge and understanding.

As you do this, acknowledge your part and offer it up to Adonai – seeking forgiveness, and forgive others involved in the experiences; open your heart completely to yourself, others and to God, and pray for healing and redemption for yourself and others – true spiritual healing in Yeshua Messiah.

When you have done this, give praise and thanks to God for the Sanctuary of Grace manifest in Yeshua Messiah, and pray for all your relations – pray for the enlightenment and liberation of all beings, the healing of all beings. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

*A Wedding Feast may be joined to this practice.

**This practice may be taken up as a continuum in a cycle of the spiritual life, methodically exploring your personal history – all of your life experiences, shattering klippot and uplifting the sparks, facilitating the tikkune of your soul.

A Practice among the Navim: Vision of the Cosmic Christ

If the daughter or son of the navim wishes to invoke the Divine Vision of the Cosmic Christ, purifying themselves and worshipping with passionate zeal, they may call upon this Holy Name.

Living within, open to the Holy Light of God from above, they will go into spiritual retreat, secluding themselves, and they will pray and meditate as Ruach Ha-Kodesh inspires – cleaving to Hayyah Yeshua and the Holy Shekinah.

When the Spirit uplifts them and calls them out, they will rise up and join their soul to the Holy Sefirot of the Tree of Life, cleaving to El Elyon; joined to El Elyon, they will take up a practice of Union with Hayyah Yeshua, and entering into union they will perform a transference of consciousness, divesting themselves of the klippah of matter.

Arising in Body of Light as Hayyah Yeshua they will intone Yah Yahweh Elohim, and Yahweh Elohim Tzavaot; then they will intone the Holy Name:


Intoning this Name as Hayyah Yeshua, they will pronounce the Holy Name:


As they do this they will hold the conscious intention of their Body of Light expanding to encompass the world – and yet more, they will allow it to expand into the infinite height and depth, and into all directions of endless space, encompassing the whole of the Great Matrix of Creation, the Entirety and Pleroma; and so they will gaze upon all creatures and creation as the inner space of their Body of Light, all being within themselves as Hayyah Yeshua.

In this Holy Awareness of the Risen Messiah they will perform a Wedding Feast blessing and uplifting all into the Pleroma of Light – leading all in the Great Ascension. This completes the movement.

This is the practice.

Angels of the Name

M’kiel, Natriel and K’doshiel are the angels of this Holy Name; they are from the order of the Hayyot and have secret knowledge of the Cosmic and Primordial Messiah – the Human One of Light in the Pleroma of Light.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Sixty-Sixth Name of Gevurot through the flow of God’s blessings and grace this day. Hallelu El – Praise God! Amen.

The Sixty-Sixth Name of Hasidim: Alef-Nun-Mem

In essence, as we enter into the Way and sojourn in the Way we are seeking a radical change in consciousness – a true spiritual conversion; we are seeking to die and be reborn in the Messiah – a rebirth in the Holy Spirit. We, ourselves, of our own power cannot bring about this radical change in consciousness, but rather, it is Divine Grace, the Holy Spirit, that brings about this spiritual conversion – the Light from above enters, the Mother’s Force, and it is this that transforms our consciousness and life, uplifting us in the Messiah of El.

On our part, we need only go within and live within, and open to the Holy Light from above – receiving the influx of the Mother’s Force, we need only enact an active and dynamic surrender to Divine Grace, cooperating with the Holy Spirit as she reintegrates us with the Light Continuum (Yahweh) and transforms us to resemble the Messiah.

This Holy Name of God is an invocation of the influx of the Great Spirit, the Supernal Light, through which a radical change in consciousness takes place – it is the invocation of the baptism of the Spirit.

Now in this Holy Name is the power to look and see all things as they are in the Supernal Abode or Pleroma of Light – specifically, the power to see their coming into being, the degree to which they are actualized and realized, the degree to which their divine potential is activated. Coupled with this is the power to see the potential and essence of all – to see the ultimate destiny of all and how that destiny will be fulfilled.

Indeed, this world is the World of Falsehood, for in it virtually nothing is as it appears to be – here the weak may come into great power, but the strong may seem to have little, if any, power at all; but this is not so in heaven and in the Pleroma of Light, it is the World of Truth, for all appear as they are – power is not gathered from the outside but comes from within, and so there is no deception, but what is good and true is radiant with glory and what is evil and false does not appear.

This is a Holy Name that reveals the truth of things as they are – it dispels all deceptions.

This is also a Holy Name of great manifesting power, as well as telepathic or mind-to-mind transmissions.

A Meditation with the Name: Invoking Spiritual Conversion

The way of the mystic is very simple – it is encompassed in an admonition spoken to initiates in the tradition: “Enflame yourself with prayer and invoke often.” If you seek the experience of the radical spiritual conversion the Risen Messiah brings about, coupled with this you may call upon this Holy Name.

As reflected in this admonition, cultivate your passion of faith and devekut – passionate worship and cleaving, and let yourself become filled with the burning desire for a true and full spiritual conversion, a radical change in your consciousness and life.

Go within and live within, open to the Light of God from above and hold a conscious intention of the full reception and integration of the Holy Light and Spirit; as you abide within call upon the Holy Name of Adonai Yeshua Messiah and invoke this Holy Name:


Whether or not the influx of the Mother’s Force transpires in your practice session, give praise and thanks to God and let the zeal of your faith and passion grow and increase, and pray that all might receive the Holy Spirit in due season – this completes the movement.

Pray for the reception of the Holy Spirit in this way each and every day in the fullness of faith and with devekut – in due season it will transpire.

This is the practice.

*The spiritual empowerment for this practice is the Threefold Rite of Initiation – coupled with this, you may also ask a holy tzaddik or apostle to pray for you to receive the Holy Spirit, and you might also ask them to lay hand on you for the reception of the Holy Spirit; if you ask for this spiritual assistance, remember that you must prepare and refine the holy vessel of reception and be willing to live surrendered to Divine Grace, the Holy Spirit.

A Practice among the Navim: Blessing with the Spirit

There is an open secret to how the holy tzaddikim or apostles impart Light Transmission – there are many vehicles through which they may impart it, a talisman or relic, a glance or gaze, breath or touch, even at times a mere thought or intention; but always, there is a union of their Glory Body with the subtle body of their friend, and in union the full activation of the Light-presence (Indwelling Messiah) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) in them – merged with their friend in Body of Light, something of the Light Transmission naturally and spontaneously occurs, all according the friend’s desire and capacity to receive.

Communing in the Messiah and Shekinah of Messiah, joining with their sacred friend in this way and uplifting their friend by way of the Pillar of Compassion, invoking this Holy Name often brings about Thunderbolt Illumination – a profound reception of the Holy Spirit and Supernal Light.


This is no practice, but rather it is a play of the Holy Spirit, the dance of the Shekinah of Messiah – the Holy Bride.

So, too, taking a sacred friend under the Mantle of Elijah or the Mantle of the Bride this Holy Name invokes thunderous spiritual transmissions of Holy Light and Fire; many have been received into the Holy Sanctuary in this way.

*In this we have openly spoken a secret of the Passing of the Holy Mantle, whether of the Bride or the Prophet.

The Angels of the Name

Ah’Ahmemiel, Nurashael, and Malaliel are the angels of this Holy Name; they come from the order of the Serafim and hold secret knowledge and power of the transmissions of the interior Shekinah, the Supernal Shekinah – they are also known as fierce guardians of the Holy Mother.

This concludes our sacred discourse on the Sixty-Sixth Names of Hasidim and Gevurot through the illuminations of Ruach Ha-Kodesh. Hallelu Yah! Praise the Lord! Amen.

O Holy One, following in the Way may all souls be led forth in the Great Exodus – may all be enlightened and liberated in Hayyah Yeshua. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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The Sixty-Sixth Names

#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Feb 12, 2017 9:59 am

Shabbat Shalom, Tau Malachi:

I'm astonished by the contemplations of these names in light of words or roots of words that they happen to spell. These two Names of Gevurah and Hesed happen to reflect this very event.

In our Name of Gevurah—Mem Nun Qof—we actually have in rearranging the same letters a Hebrew root naqam, being a verb and a noun for the act of avenging or vengeance. This is astonishing in light of your teaching In this Holy Name is the power to look and see the reflection and expression of our own energy and karma within our life experiences and to bring about the necessary tikkune. Evidenced by the same very letters rearranged, the very impulse to seek vengeance for harm done is healed and nullified by this Name.

In our Name of Hesed—Aleph Nun Mem—we have another word when the letters are rearranged: Amen. I'm aware that when we intone Amen in prayer and worship, we are drawing upon the First Emanation: Keter. When the letters are rearranged, as in this Holy Name, you taught that this is an invocation of the influx of the Great Spirit, the Supernal Light, through which a radical change in consciousness takes place...the invocation of the baptism of the Spirit [which] reveals the truth of things as they are – it dispels all deceptions...[it is] a great manifesting power.

I'm seeing now how often you tie together two 'sides' of any of the 72 Names for their relationship with each other. All the more here! Present in both the Name of Gevurah and Hesed, is the deep truth of how Vengeance is mine (Deuteronomy 32:35); to hold to this and let the Shekinah bring justice, I perceive how one might invoke the release and liberation from all forms of anger, hatred, and bitterness in a Supernal instant. A mountain of karma can dissolve by the Light of Messiah: For truly I tell you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, “Move from here to there”, and it will move; and nothing will be impossible for you (Matthew 17:20). Likewise, I also feel in the mystery between these two Names an essence Our Lady experienced in her return to the Holy Land from exile and years of self-hatred: When Yeshua's disciples baptized and anointed her, the mountain of it all disappeared, like last night's dream.

May all who are willing to surrender vengeance
be released by the Most High!

Elder Gideon

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Re: The Sixty-Sixth Names

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Blessings to you in the Holy Light of the Messiah!

Each of the 144 Names is a divine action in itself, corresponding with Hesed-Mercy or Gevurah-Judgment; hence, hasidim and gevurot, ‘mercies’ and ‘severities.’ The place of their revelation in the Holy Scriptures reflects these attributes of judgments and mercies very well, severities given opening the way for the exodus from Egypt and mercies offered in a time of bitter exile with promises of eventual redemption. As we look into the various divine actions associated with the Names, however, we may begin to see how mercy and judgment are intimately interconnected, inseparable from one another, and how there is mercy in judgment and judgment in mercy; hence, how actions of mercy and judgment swirl, and ultimately are the manifestation of compassion. Each of these Holy Names stands alone as a divine action, distinct from the other, but each pair is also an integral action when invoked together, or when they are unified. The sixty-sixth Names are a perfect example of this, as your post suggests.

Look and see! If there is to be an invocation of a greater influx of the Supernal Shekinah, or radiance of the Supernal Crown, first there needs to be the formation of a fit and holy vessel able to receive and hold that spiritual force. That vessel of reception is the soul and body of light, the formation of it corresponds with the tikkunim, rectifications, of the soul and generation of merit, light power, through which the light body is manifest. If you consider the Name from among the gevurot, Mem-Nun-Koof, this is the very divine action associated with it, the tikkune of the soul, whether on the level of nefesh, ruach or neshamah depending upon the individual, their grade of soul and need. Then there is the Name from the hasidim, Alef-Nun-Mem, the invocation of a greater influx of the Supernal Shekinah, or radiance of the Supernal Crown, into the rectified soul, vessel. When invoked together, or through a unification, this is, in fact, one divine action. It reflects the common way and order of prayer as we turn to the Holy One and draw near, first, there is repentance, joined with praise and thanksgiving, and then the invocation of blessing.

There is something more to be said about this pair of Holy Names, for both hold the mystery of Mem and Nun - power of Mem and Nun, joined with Koof and Alef. As is known, Koof is the single natural letter that has a tail that goes below the writing line, all the others that have these tails are final letters. When a letter has a tail that goes below the line, according to mekubalim this indicates a ‘feeding of the Other Side,’ the klippot. The sustaining of Sefirot and klippot is central to the mystery of Koof, and so knowledge of good and evil. Understand, Mem-Nun-Koof, in this Holy Name is the power to bind and seal away the spirit and forces of the Other Side, or to seal the ‘Gates of the Abyss.’ Alef, of course, holds the entirety of the Great Name and indicates unity, oneness, with the Spirit, and as such in this Holy Name, Alef-Nun-Mem, is the power to open the ‘Gates of Light’ and seal oneself in the Holy Light, the Holy Shekinah.

In this perhaps you might recall the essence of the law: “Turn away from evil and do good.”

These we are couple of thoughts I was inclined to share.

May the Holy One bless you and keep you, and seal you in the Messiah! Amen.

Shalom Aleichem!
Tau Malachi

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