The Sixty-Ninth Names

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The Sixty-Ninth Names

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Nov 25, 2008 12:49 pm

The Sixty-Ninth Names

The Sixty-Ninth Name of Gevurot: Resh-Alef-He

This is a Name of God bearing great tikkune-healing, the healing of all manner of sin or error when we have given way to the sitra ahara, the evil inclination, lashon hara, the evil tongue, or ayin hara, the evil eye. Essentially, we sin or miss the mark when we get out of touch with our inner being, the indwelling Messiah, and the deeper parts of our soul – living only in the surface, bound up in the ego and the play of egoistic desires and fears, we loose our direction in life and tend to fall into the evil inclination and old habitual karmic patterns. When we see that this has happened, if we call upon this Holy Name the power of the Name will instantly dispel the klippot, the shades and shadows we have engendered.

According to the Gnostic Gospel of Mary, sin and death are illusory – they have never substantially existed; this teaching reflects the inmost part of our holy soul, its spiritual essence and nature, which is ever “virgin,” as the Holy Mother of God, pure and pristine, without sin, bornless and therefore deathless – the power to remember the Ain Nature of the soul, or its Clear Light Essence, is in this Divine Name. This holy remembrance is the ultimate power for the negation of sin or the cause of death, the cause of all sorrow and suffering.

When we loose our direction in life and become bound up in error, as we know very well, we may feel lost and confused – calling upon this Holy Name, however, we may remember our soul’s purpose in this life and, perhaps, through God’s grace, glimpse something of our destiny so as to fulfill it.

Now, according to masters of the tradition, this is among the “secret names” of the Messiah, the Spiritual Sun, and it holds special spiritual power at dawn – if we go out and greet the sun as it rises at dawn, remembering the Spiritual Sun before us and within us, and we cleave to the Holy Sefirot and call upon this Name, through the power in the Holy Name we may invoke an influx of the Supernal Light, that Holy Light of the First Day that is stored up for the tzaddikim, the righteous ones.

Likewise, this Name of God holds in it the Light-power of Eheieh – it is the Holy Letter of Resh joined to the first two Letters of the Essential Name of God, “I Shall Be” or “I Am.” On a certain level this Holy Name literally means the “Head of Alef-He” or “Face of Alef-He,” the Head of the Great Spirit – those who know how to cleave to the Supernal Crown and call upon this Name may experience the grade of Mochin Gadlut (Big Mind, enlightenment) called the “Head of Eheieh.”

When Yeshua Messiah speaks as the I Am, this is the Mochin he embodies – such is the great power of this Name of God.

Meditation with the Name: Redemption in the Sun of God

If and when you have lost your way, becoming bound up in negativity, and you wish to make a fresh start, arise before dawn and go out to greet the rising sun – cleave to the Divine Names of the Pillar of Compassion in ascent, and arriving at Eheieh take up the sacred chant of this Name of God:


With the light of the sun bathing you, let the Light of the Spiritual Sun pervade your whole being, healing you and illuminating you, restoring you to your innate wholeness and perfection in the Human One of Light, the Anointed of God.

When you have done this pray for the healing and illumination of all, and give praise and thanks to Adonai – go forth by day walking in beauty and holiness, cleaving to Hayyah Yeshua.

*As you might imagine, this is among the Names of God used in the healing practices of the Order of St. Rafael; also, having great power to banish shedim, demons, this Holy Name is often called upon by Templar initiates of the Order of St. Michael – this being said to be the “Name of the Face of Michael.”

A Practice among the Navim: Head of Light

There is knowledge and power of Supernal Ofanim in this Holy Name, as well as the Ofanim of the celestial spheres and the Kerubim of the elemental dominions – when a navi seeks to acquire something of this knowledge and power in a spiritual work for the people they may call upon this Holy Name.

They will go out on the new moon and create a sacred circle, and they will generate the body of light in the form of the Risen Messiah and sojourn the secret paths into the Sphere of Mazlot and the Comity of Stars – calling upon the permutations of the Great Name for the Twelve Powers of the Saviors, and calling upon the archangels and orders of angels of the Holy Emanations, focusing upon this Holy Name and intoning it they will gather the illumination into their head.


When they have run in this way they will return, and they will go in light body to the person for whom they have taken up this work – intoning the Name in the subtle environment of the person they will communicate the blessing in the Spirit of Yahweh.


Once they return to the sacred circle they will pray for all living spirits and souls, praying for their liberation from bondage of the Sphere of Fates and for the fulfillment of their divine destiny, the desire of their true being.

Then they may seal this movement with a Holy Wedding Feast.

*This is a sacred ceremony for the shifting of the balance of the fate of souls; likewise, it is a spiritual work to shift the circuits of the celestial spheres, even as in the ascension the Risen Messiah turned them about.

Angels of the Name

The angels of this Holy Name comes from the order of the Ofanim – they are Reuyayel Omlagiel and Hachtakiel; they hold the secret knowledge of the Messiah causing the spheres to turn to the right or the left, which is the active releasing and binding of sin in the play of the celestial spheres – and likewise they know the times of many things to come to pass, the turning points of the tides of fate in the world as ordained by the Supreme.

This completes the discourse on the Sixty-Ninth Name of Gevurot through the blessing and grace of Ruach Ha-Yahweh; Hallelu Yah – Praise the Lord! Amen.

The Sixty-Ninth Name of Hasidim: Lamed-Alef-Ayin

This is a Holy Name of the grace of God in the Risen Messiah dispelling the vision of ignorance, giving the vision of experience through which Pure Vision is realized – the Great Vision of Melchizedek.

When souls incarnate in a realm, world or universe of the Entirety, essentially their vision of that realm, world or universe is karmic – a vision of ignorance produced by the illusion of separation; this vision of ignorance must be dispelled by a vision of direct spiritual and mystical experience – the experience of seeing reality in a moment of Light Transmission. This Holy Name holds the power to invoke a vision of experience and the empowerment to realize that Body of Vision, to realize the Pure Vision, the Vision of Pure Emanation.

This is the Name of God that dispels all obstructions to the “Eye of the Spirit.”

This is also among the Names of God that empowers creative envisioning, activating the great power of our soul as co-creators with the Holy One; in a manner of speaking, when we call upon this Divine Name and envision what we seek to manifest, God, through the holy maggidim (angels), envisions with us and what is envisioned is made manifest – we need only have full kavvanah and devekut, and so what we envision will come to pass.

According to masters of the tradition, great secrets and mysteries of Elohim is in this Holy Name – secrets of Elohim setting creation in motion, and secrets of creation as a continual outpouring of the Word of Yahweh in Elohim; this is knowledge and understanding of the play of archangels and great cosmic powers within and behind the Matrix of Creation, and of how to invoke shifts in the balance of Divine Powers in the wonderworking art of the navim.

Naturally, when great tzaddikim seek to bring a cosmic force to enlightenment – salvation, this is among the Holy Names of God they will call upon as they preach the Holy Gospel of the Messiah; there is great illuminating power in this Holy Name.

A Meditation with the Name: The Luminous Assembly Envisioning

If you wish to engage a powerful envisioning, seeking to manifest a greater good, then cleave to the Risen Savior and to the Holy Sefirot, and unify the Sefirot of the Middle Pillar in descent.

As you arrive at Adonai, envision the luminous assembly of tzaddikim and maggidim with you – all in holy prayer and meditation, and envision what you wish to manifest in complete detail, aware of the entire luminous assembly envisioning with you, all of one mind and heart, knit together in the bonds of love and affection in the Holy Spirit and Shekinah of Messiah.

Holding the visualization in mind, intone the Holy Name:


Do not doubt that what you envision will come to pass, but abide in perfect faith in the Spirit of Adonai, the Power of Elohim.

Then, in fruition, pray for the happiness of all beings and give praise and thanks to Yahweh Elohim and the Messiah.

A Practice among the Navim: Invoking the Vision of Experience

In the power of the moment, through the inspiration of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, a Baal Shem may call upon this Name to invoke the visionary dimension of Light Transmission when they see the time is ripe for a sacred friend – it is no practice, but only a momentary focus on the Holy Name and inward intonement, envisioning the Holy Letters magically appearing between them and their sacred friend, holding the conscious intention of the opening of sight into the World of the Holy Spirit.

They will bring the serpent power into the brow and speak the Name of God in their heart: Lo-Ah-Ao, and if it is God’s will the Light Transmission will pass between them.

This naturally and spontaneously arises in the power of the moment with little if any thought on the part of the holy tzaddik; so truly, it is no practice, but rather it is a movement of the Holy Spirit.

Angels of the Name

Lardaniel, Amovedel and Ai’Ahvanon are the holy angels of this Divine Name; they come from the order of the Elim and bear knowledge of all manner of spiritual forces, especially those that are called “gods” and “goddesses.”

This brings our sacred discourse on the Sixty-Ninth Names of Gevurot and Hasidim to its fruition, all as ordained this day by El Elyon, the Supreme; Hallelu Elyon – Praise the Most High! Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#2 Postby Elder Gideon » Sun Sep 23, 2018 9:48 am

Shabbat Shalom, Tau Malachi:

In a recent sharing with community, you distinguished an all-important difference between the principle of will-ratzon and khafetz or any number of other Hebrew connotations for desire. Desire is inescapable. We are woven by desire.

'Will' is from our essence as we are in the One, in Atzilut. You've often taught that as we make our will God's will, God's will becomes our own. But who we are as we are in God is often too subtle, intimate, and immediate for us to perceive.

Just as the One veils Himself in the olamot of Beriyah, Yetzirah, and Asiyah, these are the same veils of who we are as we are in ourselves, manifest as desire. These desires co-arise with the apparently external world: the less similar we are with who we are in God, the more separate we feel from the external world of desires. Solomon expounds upon this condition in Ecclesiastes as reality 'under the sun.'

The nearer we are with who we are in God, the external and internal divide of desire thins, even disappears, revealing Will. I'm taken by a recent discovery hidden in plain sight. When Solomon counsels in only a few places of his discourse to "enjoy your toil," I hear an exhortation to remember and identify with Will. To "enjoy your toil" is not as a tax-paying beast of the field, but as a Human One of Light, remembering while one lives from where all comes to where all returns in the One.

A noun for desire and a verb to see are the same Hebrew word ra'ah— רָאָה:

This is what I have seen רָאִיתִי to be good: it is fitting to eat and drink and find enjoyment רְאֹות in all the toil with which one toils under the sun the few days of the life God gives us; for this is our lot (5:18).

This teaches me of a whole new depth of perception—ra'ah by which we come to a lasting enjoyment—ra'ah of what comes from and returns to the One.

Elder Gideon

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Re: The Sixty-Ninth Names

#3 Postby Tau Malachi » Mon Sep 24, 2018 11:33 am

Grace and peace to you in Hayyah Yeshua!

Indeed, we have recently discussed in Zohar discourse the reality of Ratzon, which may be correctly translated as ‘will’ and ‘desire.’ This, of course is a cognomen of Keter-Crown and in that it means both will and desire it indicates that the will and desire of God Most High is singular, there is no separation between will and desire in the Holy One. This is also true of the Messiah, the Anointed of God - the Perfect Human Being, and those prophets, apostles and tzaddikim who share in the Light Continuum of the Messiah, their will and desire are single, inseparable from one another, and their will/desire is Ratzon Elyon, the will/desire of the Most High.

Now concerning this Holy Name of God and its appearance in the verse from Ecclesiastes and its meaning as a word, ‘enjoy,’ this speaks about the reality of our inmost heart’s desire and the true delight, enjoyment, of the soul within us, our true and lasting delight, enjoyment, being God, the True Light; hence, the experience of nearness, oneness, with the Messiah and God. If we consider the verse you quote, the advice to seek to ‘enjoy our toil,’ understanding this as a Name of God, to seek to enjoy our toil is to seek to find God in our toil - to seek God in all that we do, and to serve God in all that we do, even in our earning a livelihood. Understanding this we may invoke this Holy Name for a blessing or empowerment to do so, or as a remembrance of God in our toil, our work.

Also, healing, redeeming from sin, missing the mark, misdirected desire, corresponds with the remembrance of desire in harmony with the Truth and Light - God, and the remembrance of our inmost heart’s desire. It’s all about the redirecting, uplifting, of desire to what is good and true, and to God. This is reflected in what’s already been shared.

Given the meaning of enjoy you will understand that this Name may also be invoked in the practice of the cultivation of joy as taught in the tradition, the generation of joy that is integral to the Holy Shekinah, Holy Spirit, resting upon you, and moving with, in and through you.

Tau Malachi

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