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Ecclesia Pistis Sophia - Registered Non-Profit Church

#1 Postby Yonah » Tue Dec 13, 2011 4:53 pm


I wanted to write and update everyone on some new developments within Ecclesia Pistis Sophia. Ecclesia Pistis Sophia is now a registered non-profit corporation, 501 (c) (3), in the United States under the title of Church and Religious Organization. A couple of years ago Magdalene Circle, in Austin Texas, was registered as non-profit and we have seen benefits for the spiritual work that we have decided to extend this to EPS.

There are many benefits to being a registered church beyond the obvious ones that most people are familiar with. One of the biggest benefits that I have personally seen is that some employers will match donations if the donation is being given to a registered non-profit. This means that every dollar I give will be doubled by my employer and make my donation even more impactful to the church. As an individual, the fact that Ecclesia Pistis Sophia is a non-profit, means that your donations are tax deductable. I know that for most of us giving is purely because we want to help with the work and we would do so with or without a tax deduction. But I also believe that doubling of donations and receiving a tax deduction can be used as good stewardship of what the Mother Spirit has given us.

The donate button on the website links to paypal and is registered under Ecclesia Pistis Sophia. We pledge that all information from a donation is handled in a highly secure manner, and is solely for the purposes of processing the donation. We commit that we will never sell or share your information with any person, entity, or other organization any anyway whatsoever.

What I’m most excited about are the ways we can reach out to members and potential members of Ecclesia Pistis Sophia. A new version of the web site is being worked on right now. It will contain even more content than the current site. Donations help toward cost and maintenance of the site, including forums, teachings, audio streams, and much more.

Many new avenues for providing teachings are being explored. E-Books, increased audio content, and even video are being discussed for the future. In addition, we feel it is important to get information about the Tradition out to as many people as possible. Even though we do not believe that Sophian Tradition is for everyone or that we are the only path, we know that even those that may not chose to become part of our church can be impacted by the teachings and options that mystical Christianity provides. There are also many individuals throughout the world that do not know that this option is available to them as a spiritual path. Donations will help us to put teachings, information, and links out for seekers to find – for some a path home to Ecclesia Pistis Sophia.

I’ve found that giving is as important as receiving. At the heart of Kabbalah is the idea that one cannot truly occur without the other. We will be posting more information in this forum as more information on opportunities and resources become available.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me via email at

I’m personally very thankful that I had the opportunity to find this Tradition and now to be a part of the great work.

Blessing to you all in the name of Adonai Yeshua,
Bishop Yonah
EPS Columbus Gathering

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