The Holy Order of St. Haniel

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The Holy Order of St. Haniel

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Tue Jun 23, 2009 1:29 pm

The Order of St. Haniel: The Way of the Sacred Artist

This forum is dedicated to sharing the teachings and practices of the Way of Sacred Art and the Sacred Artist, and to the discussion of those teachings and practices.

The Order of St. Haniel in the tradition is dedicated to the Way of Sacred Art as a path to divine illumination, and it has deep connections with the Order of St. Gabriel, for when inspired by the Holy Light and Spirit, art and the creative process is visionary and prophetic, therefore the sacred artist has much in common with the navi or seer who seeks luminous dreams and visions for the people.

Essentially, Ruach Elohim, the Spirit of God, is a Creative Spirit, and as such, one of the principle ways the Holy Spirit manifests in our experience is as the inspirations and illuminations that arise in the creative process, or in the play of creativity. Therefore, if we know and understand how to enter into the creative process as a person of faith, with kavvanah, focused attention, and devekut, passionate cleaving to the Divine, in the generation of our art we will experience various gradations of Ruach Ha-Kodesh, the Spirit of Holiness, and sharing our art with others, through Divine Grace, we might transmit something of the spiritual power or light-power that we have invoked in our creative process.

When delivered from egotism, self-cherishing, desire and fear, and taken up in a playful and luminous spirit, for the sheer delight in the creative process and as worship of Ha-Shem, art becomes a perfect play of giving and receiving, and something of the power of the Messiah, the Word of El and Holy Spirit, can be made manifest in it.

When we speak of sacred art it must be understood that it is not the form itself of which we are speaking as “sacred,” but rather it is the intention or spirit from which it is generated and created, and the energy-intelligence that moves with, in and through the artist and their creative process – sacred art can and does assume forms that have a distinct outward appearance that is spiritual and mystical, but it may also assume forms that do not outwardly appear spiritual or mystical at all, and yet that shine with the Holy Light and Spirit of the Divine, and that blesses and uplifts those with whom it is shared.

In terms of sacred art we are speaking of all forms of art and creative expression – any form of art that can be named, in any medium that can be named.

Basically speaking, this Holy Order teaches us how to integrate our creative process with our spiritual life and practice, and how to transform it into a vehicle of self-realization in Christ and the Continuum of Light Transmission, the revelation of the kingdom of heaven on earth.

Here it must be said that while all of us may not be called to be sacred artists, but may have other talents and gifts in the Holy Spirit, we all have a capacity for creativity, and we all can and do use creativity as part of our spiritual life and practice – as is well known, the Sophian way of spirituality is a creative affair. Thus all initiates can benefit from teachings and practices of the Sacred Artist and Sacred Art, whether or not they feel called as an “artist” in this life.

Essentially, whether or not we are an artist, we are all co-creators with the Holy One, and cultivating whatever form of creativity we are inclined to, through our creative process we may gain insight into the Holy One, the Creator, and we may worship the Creator in spirit and truth through our creative expressions.

This is the basic view and foundation of the Order of St. Haniel – a worship of the Divine through creativity.

Remembering ourselves as co-creators with God, may we labor for the fulfillment of all creation in the Great Ascension, seeking to uplift all our relations by way of the Fiery and Creative Intelligence in us. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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#2 Postby Brooke » Wed Jun 24, 2009 2:24 am

Shalom, +Tau Malachi !

Thanks so much for starting this new forum gateway on Haniel. Haniel was a topic of discussion during our circle meeting this past weekend as we discussed Netzach and the influx of energy in feeling and inspiration that gives rise to our creativity.

We are blessed in our circle with musicians, artists, and writers who want to use their gifts from God to serve Our Mother more fully in order to uplift sparks and humanity. But, as you pointed out, even those who do not think they have gifts for the creation of sacred art are still very much co-creators with God. I think if we open ourselves up to this flow of energy from God and pray for understanding and gnosis of this energy then we will all by grace be receptive to more creativity for the sake of the Great Work.

May We All Be Inspired by the Energy of the Divine I Am and by the Grace and Gnosis of Our Mother to Live Our Creativity Each and Every Day !


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#3 Postby mikewolf » Mon Jul 06, 2009 4:43 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi

Thank you for this inspirational piece on the Order of St. Haniel. Most definitely a topic close to my own heart as I find myself spending more and more time at work writing something or another. I've always been a scribbler, jotting down notes on this or that, but over the last couple years writing has become a deeply spiritual practice that I can just cannot do without!

"there is a blessing on all who serve"

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