A Holy Shrine of Inspiration

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A Holy Shrine of Inspiration

#1 Postby Tau Malachi » Thu May 27, 2010 10:57 am

A Holy Shrine of Inspiration & Sacred Space for Creativity

The work area of a sacred artist is a sanctuary of the Creative Spirit, God’s Spirit, and so it is tended as a sacred sanctuary, kept in an orderly fashion and kept clean, but more so, while typically a very practical space, a workshop or studio, the sacred artist will usually seek to make it an inspirational atmosphere, visually and energetically, supporting their creative endeavors.

Thus, they may make or acquire appropriate talismans and icons, and decorate their workspace with some sacred and inspirational objects, and likewise, most often they will make and tend a Holy Shrine of Inspiration in that space, a focal point of the Light and Spirit moving in that place.

The Holy Shrine of Inspiration can assume any number of forms, and what is put in it can vary wildly, depending upon the view and way of the sacred artist, and their perspective of the source of inspiration and the various channels through which they receive their inspiration and illumination. As with any shrine or altar, however, it is a place where incense, lights and other offerings may be placed, and will have some central object of devotion that represents the manifestation of the Creative Spirit to them, and naturally, it will reflect and express their creativity and art.

This holy shrine will be purified and consecrated in the typical way through a sacred ceremony, purified with holy water, consecrated with holy oil, the Spirit of the Messiah and Holy Shekinah being invoked to rest upon it and indwell it, and so being invoked to rest upon and indwell the sacred artist, taking them up as a holy vehicle of Creative Play, the generation of expressions of beauty and holiness, truth and righteousness, divinity.

When the Shrine of Inspiration is build, purified and consecrated, so the entire space and all that is in it will be purified and consecrated, made sacred and holy to the Creative Spirit of God and creative expression.

As is usual in the tending of holy shrines, this shrine will continue to be built up and grow over time.

At the outset of creative work, generally the shrine will be awakened and offerings made, prayers and invocations spoken, and at the conclusion of creative work praise and thanks will be offered to the Holy One and Shekinah for what has transpired, and the shrine will be put to rest. This becomes a common way of opening and closing creative movements, and often some form of purification is added, such as a smudging ceremony.

The creation and tending of holy shrines or altars is a playful and creative affair, and it is not only for our own sake, or our own inspiration, that we make and tend them, but rather we know whenever and wherever we erect a holy shrine it becomes a vehicle of the Spirit and Light in that place and time – we are actively bringing in, holding and grounding spiritual power in that place, which rays out as blessings to all in the vicinity. Thus always the creation and tending of shrines is the generation of a talisman of blessings for the people and the land, an active labor for the extension of the Light of the True Cross in the material world.

In other words, the creation of a holy shrine is a theurgic or magical action – a powerful prayer for the awakening and uplifting of souls in the Great Ascension.

In a manner of speaking, a holy shrine is the creation of a point where heaven and earth meet and embrace, the holy remembrance of integral weave of the Pleroma of Light and the Entirety – Supernal Realization.

If and when the Creative Spirit, the Spirit of God (Ruach Elohim), moves through the shrine of a sacred artist, the same may be said of the entire space – in effect it becomes a “Heaven-Earth Place,” the Holy Shekinah dwelling there.

It must be said, though, that even more than the visual appearance of our creative workspace, it is the energy of that space we must pay attention to, just as is true of our sacred art – it is the energy or light power in it that is most important, for it is that that truly touches and inspires the people, it is that for which our creativity and art is a vehicle, a talisman.

May the Holy Creative Spirit flow with, in and through us, and so also with, in and through our creative space and art. Amen.

Blessings & shalom!
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Creative Sacred Spaces

#2 Postby Melissa » Thu Nov 18, 2010 5:48 am

Thank you for a reminder of the importance of creating in sacred spaces. As a mother of three growing children the idea of having such places isn’t always put into place because I find myself sharing everything with my family. As an artist, I have experienced a creative block that stems from lack of time and space. As I study the Gospels and am inspired to create what I’ve learned and envision I find that I experience disconnect. It was easy to blame these conditions on temporal conditions and yet as a person would prepare for prayer or spiritual practices of other types we are conditioned to create these spiritual settings that invite the holy spirit. It really never occurred to me that this should also take place in my artwork. I do recall reading this some where else in another posting but I must not have been ready to understand.

To find a scared space allows the conditions to be right for inviting the Holy Spirit to work through you and allowing your creativity to awaken. The playfulness of this alter should reflect the artist and inspire them. As this offering is raised to simultaneously invite and give thanks, it should reach out and inspire others and their creativity, especially my children. This is interesting because as a parent I am constantly making our home a vessel of growth for my children and some how as our lives get busier I have forgotten the importance of maintaining this for myself.

Thank you for this wonderful reminder.

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Shrines Hidden in the Open

#3 Postby Elder Gideon » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:42 pm

Shalom Melissa!

Your integration as artist-mystic-mother is a learning curve with which many in our forum and larger community can deeply relate. How often I've heard imaginative, dynamic people say, "Someday," and postpone or defer what can be done to another future time.

Regarding what the future holds, in every respect, Dr. Jane Goodall reminded an audience of which I was privileged to be a part that, "Any difference is a difference." I heard this very differently than it first sounded. When individuals defer their dreams, dreams are deferred for all. When anything, any sense, any grasp, any possible little act is manifest, suddenly, there really is an immediate difference.

Imagine a sweet little shelf right above the kitchen table with an plastic-laminated image of the mother and sculpy-ball in front of Her. Sculpy never dries and can be made and remade innumerable times by whoever finds it and plays with it. How many hands could be drawn to that, play with that, and set it back on the shelf when done? Something this simple, indestructible, and transparent can be a private intention and prayer to Ma of a mother-artist-mystic for Her creative spirit to enter one's life, home, and heart. A shrine this basic could be a beginning to growing other shrines in other places, where one could eventually cultivate one's own, more private and intimate.

In my wood shop, upon a dented, red metal storage lock box, a magnificent, wooden Guadalupe will soon stand and bless my space, tools, heart, and hands. In my own public high school classroom I even have wall shrine that no one even sees. ;)

"Any difference is a difference," words spoken so well by a mother-scientist-mystic who understands profoundly that something is always more than nothing, that something is the beginning and invocation of more, without doubt or disbelief. Shrines in my own experience can literally manifest this difference, in literally any way.

May Ma's playful transparency bless her artist daughters and sons.

Elder Gideon+

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