Serpent Dance

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Serpent Dance

#1 Postby Anna » Sun Feb 03, 2013 10:44 am

Blessings of Holy Light and Inspiration in the Messiah of El!

In learning and dancing a couple of traditional Breton dances yesterday I was struck by messages of the movements and directions within the dances. Many Breton dances move in serpentine fashion around the dance space, all participants joining arms or pinkies. It is a very organic movement, and in the case of these dances, an Andro and a Hanter Dro, always to the left. Now this movement of the community begins with what we consider the receptive or feminine side of the body, also the side of Mercy if we see ourselves as the Tree of Life, having "backed into the array," as Tau has put it.

Beginning our dance with Serpent Power in tradition we are taught to draw more from the side of Mercy than from the side of Judgement. There is great wisdom in this, as we do begin in surface consciousness with all kinds of attachments and aversions, much judgement that needs to be released. These obstructions block or freeze the flow of energy, and require the skillful means of an experienced spiritual guide to help us move through them. I enjoy the contemplation of the Serpent made of dancers led by an experienced dance instructor. Even in the material realm we have this reflection of the need for someone who can guide us in our dance.

In practices and teachings we learn to "open to the Light from Above," walking in faith and trust that this Fiery Intelligence, will activate and lead the Serpent Power, our desire energy, into union with the Bridegroom in the heart, into cessation in Brow and Crown. So this lovely step left spoke very powerfully to me of opening and praying for receptivity to the Light from above, by grace, not by merit. Serpent Power is not illumination, we are taught, and we may certainly experience this ourselves in the movement of this energy within us. It can wreak havoc when we forget to walk in loving kindness and compassion with self and others, in Sacred Heart. But always there is grace, always the Holy Soul is waiting for that moment of teshuvah, turning back to cleaving to the Christ Spirit, uplifting everything, our good, our admixture, and our evil in full self-offering to God.

Obviously we will miss the mark many times in this dance, but our community, our spiritual friends, including tzaddikim and maggidim, Righteous Ones and Angels, can help us up again to continue the dance!

Within the two dances there are steps of progress and regress, but overall the dance moves ever forward. This is the way of evolution, on individual and communal levels. Really, as this dance moves on it is very beautiful to see. Our Breton dance instructor commented that, watching these dances from above, it looks as if the entire assembly is breathing, in and out. What a lovely image for us in the dance of Spirit--being breathed in and out by Ha-Shem, dancing always in our Mother's arms, never having left the Light Continuum, Yahweh!

The interlocking arms of the Hanter Dro proves rather stabilizing to the dancers, who support each other by holding each other's arms close to their hearts. The arm movements of the And Dro are up and down with a little spiral movement in between. Dancers hold each other's pinkies gently, which reminds of the gentleness with which members of the Body of Christ hold each other in heart, prayer and other support. In the Gospel of Thomas we see this intensity of gentleness when Yeshua says: "Love your friends like your own soul, protect them like the pupil of your eye." (Saying 25)

Discovering these contemplations in the dances made me wonder if these ideas were in the minds and hearts of their originators. Certainly it opened my mind and heart in gratitude to Mother Spirit, for she often gives grand gifts of wisdom to the humble of heart. These inspirations are treasures waiting to be drawn out later in contemplation according to the desire and capacity to receive her wisdom jewels.

O, Yahweh Elohim Shaddai, strengthen us in faith, hope and love, in our communal journey into Union, reintegration in the Light of Yeshua!
Shabbat Shalom!

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