The Palace that Thomas Built

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The Palace that Thomas Built

#1 Postby Claudia » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:34 am

Salutations in the Light of Yeshua Messiah,

I read in the Acts of Thomas this marvel story, which I would like to share with the people of

As we now, the Apostle Judas Thomas, or the Twin of Jesus, is known to have received India by lot for his apostolic sphere of work.

“When Thomas arrives in India, he is brought before the King, and being questioned as to his knowledge of masons’ or carpenters’ work professes great skill in either department. The King asks him if he can build him a palace. He replies that he can, and makes a plan which is approved of. He is then commissioned to build the palace, and is supplied abundantly with money for the work, which, however, he says he cannot begin till the winter months. The King thinks this strange, but being convinced of his skill acquiesces. But when the King goes away, Thomas, instead of building, employs himself in preaching the Gospel, and spends all the money on the poor.

After a time the King sends to know how the work is going on. Thomas sends back, word that the palace is finished all but the roof, for which he must have more money. This is supplied accordingly, and is spent by Thomas on the widows and orphans as before. At length the King returns to the city, and when he makes inquiry about the palace, he learns that Thomas has never done anything but go about preaching, giving alms to the poor, and healing diseases. He seemed to be a magician, yet he never took money for his cures; lived on bread and water, with salt, and had but one garment. The King, in great anger, sent for Thomas.

“Have you built me a palace?”


“Let me see it.”

“Oh, you can't see it now, but you will see it when you go out of this world.”

Enraged at being thus mocked, the King committed Thomas to prison, until he could devise some terrible form of death for him. But that same night the King's brother died, and his soul was taken up by the angels to see all the heavenly habitations. They asked him in which he would like to dwell. But when he saw the palace which Thomas had built, he desired to dwell in none but that.

When he learned that it belonged to his brother, he begged and obtained that he might return to life in order that he might buy it from him. So as they were putting grave-clothes on the body, it returned to life. He sent for the King, whose love for him he knew, and implored him to sell him the palace. But when the King learned the truth about it, he refused to sell the mansion he hoped to inhabit himself, but consoled his brother with the promise that Thomas, who was still alive, should build him a better one, the two brothers then received instruction and they were baptized."

Greetings and Shalom,


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Drawing out the Godness

#2 Postby Marion » Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:27 pm

Shalom Claudia,

I am so glad that you brought up this wonderful story! i have loved it ever since the first time I had heard it.

I do remember one detail that might be interesting to add to the discussion...

(this goes at the beginning) One day Judas Thomas and Yeshua are in the market place. With all of the Various vendors selling their wares; and then Yeshua begins yelling out into the crowd, "Slave! Slave for sale! Skillied in building and archetecture! Slave for sale!" Thomas looks around as he tries to figure out who Yeshua is speaking about and realizes that it is him! so he pleads with Yeshua, "Please Lord, why are you planning to sell me as a slave?" then a servant of the King of India hears Yeshua and offers to buy Thomas for the king wished to build a palace. The transaction was completed and Thomas was sent away and then the story continuues.

From what I understand, this is a story about the palaces and heavenly realms of refuge within the body of the Tzaddik. this is done out of compassion on the part of the Tzaddik upon seeing the suffering of beings.

Here, Thomas has the oppritunity to teach the King something. He saw that the King loved his earthly wealth, hence his desire to build an even more extravigant palace than he already had. And Thomas decided to instruct him on the importance of heavenly wealth as well.

When the king first hears about his heavenly palace he is so outraged that he plans to kill Thomas. this gives Thomas the oppritunity to instruct him on the body of light. Just as when Thomas first realized that he was being sold as a slave to a forgien King he was probably outraged. But obviously as time went on he realized that his Tzaddik proably was teaching him something, this is what we would call crazy wisdom :-)

Also, when Thomas saw that the King had a good heart but had forgotten a little bit about his people he knew that the king would have to deal with that responsibility at the time of death. So, he began generating positive merit and keeping a spiritual continuum on behalf of the king. truly Thomas is a Tzaddik of unbound compassion. It is interesting as well because Thomas takes a very Gevuric (restricted, severe) situation and turns it completely around to the side of Mercy. Therefore, he also teaches us how to turn seemingly difficult situations that we encounter in life to draw out the mercy and goodness in them. It won't always be easy, ut we can always seek to seve the divine Kingdom and draw the godness out in people that we encounter. Just as Thomas did for everyone that he enountered in India. This was perhaps one of the lessons that Yeshua was teaching Thomas here.

May we be a shinning light to those we encounter in this life. Drawing out the Godness in all our relations! Amen.

Blessings and Shalom!


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A house of many mansions

#3 Postby Elder Gideon » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:26 pm

Shalom Friends!

Delightful thread, sisters! I too adore this story for everything you have both already cited and more: Have we any idea the power of the smallest help we offer to others? If hurricanes theoretically trace from a butterfly's wing, then we see in St. Thomas' efforts to serve the poor with money intended for earthly splendor the metadimensional rippling of active love and service. When I'm encouraged in the smallest way during my work day by a random act of kindness, my experience of my consciousness is repositioned such that I can be aware of others', however so slightly. Chain reactions build this way, generate energy this way, manifest everything beautiful or nightmarish this way, all from one quite simple, compact little moment.

In this regard, I hear Yeshua telling His disciples,

In my Father's house are many mansions.

What are these mansions? And what are mansions doing in a single house? This verse has fascinated contemplatives for millennia. In our context here, we can practice its insights by the smallest acts of kindess, which generate opportunities for others. The very despair contemporary people feel in this generation--that it's too late to make a substantial difference (say, for the environment)--is none other than the collective ceasing to act kindly (at least), generating the very reality of 'no future' pervading our time. If we won't do a single thing, a single thing won't be done. To simply pick up a piece of broken glass off the ground makes a difference for a barefoot two- or four-legged creature of God we'll never meet; picking up a piece of glass is itself a transparent sanctuary we generate for another. How subtle and sublime! If this is so for a tiny piece of painful trash, how much more a word or encouragement we offer another!

Every difference is a difference. What is great comes from what is small; the supercollider in Switzerland will prove what Yeshua Messiah already spoke of the House of many mansions:

The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, the tiniest of all seeds, which grows to become a tree in which the birds of the air may rest.

Blessed are you Adonai for faith, hope, and love in action.

Elder Michael+
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Leslie Kaneel


#4 Postby Leslie Kaneel » Sat Sep 13, 2008 7:05 am


This story also reminds that to Give Light to others, we must have Light to Give. Thomas IS confident in having the Transformative Divine Light to offer the King. The Light-presence & Light-power transferrable in full power and affectivity! Divine Grace!

We are guided to not give light to others, in the manner Thomas did, until we are stable in development of the Body of Light. Therefore, avoiding the transfer of admixture which may translate into hinderance rather than help. We see this all too often in society where the 'helper' is, in illusionment, separated from those in need. The egoic mind going about saying to itself, "oh I am the great helper of the needy." When in fact this person would only be spreading darkness! Giving for self alone!

"Don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing."

....lift up a piece of broken glass and I am there....... :)

This story is a perfect depiction of enlightenment & liberation of oneself for the sake of enlightenment & liberation of as many others as possible!


May we walk as True Light-bearers wherever we are and whomever we are with! amen.


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Energetic Body & Palace

#5 Postby Tau Malachi » Wed Sep 17, 2008 10:36 am

Salutations in the Light of the Messiah!

In the story of the Acts of St. Thomas, Thomas is, indeed, sold as a slave by Adonai Yeshua – it is an illustration of discipleship, sacred friendship, sacred trust; but even more it illustrates our right relationship with God, the Great Spirit, and following where the Spirit and Powers lead us, and having the force of will to enact what we are shown.

Now, as a slave, in apparent bondage, Thomas goes to India according to the legend – although in the world it appears that he is the slave of the Indian king, he is, in fact, the servant of the Messiah, the Anointed of God; so it is with all of us, in whatever we do, we must live in alignment and harmony with the Light-presence (Messiah) and Light-power (Holy Spirit) in us, and though apparently subject to the world and the god of the world, the demiurge, the ego, we must instead be subject to the indwelling Messiah, our true and natural self as we are in God, the True Light.

Regardless of outward appearances, even those that seem “unfortunate,” we live in freedom in this way.

This story is very interesting given the modern myth in some schools of thought of Yeshua having gone to India to get enlightened – something quite opposite is proposed, for through Thomas he sends teachings on a new gradation of self-realization and Light Transmission to India, as to many other lands and peoples, a self-realization divine and supernal.

This story ventures into something far more subtle and sublime, though, for we must inquire of the palace sought by the king and the palace Thomas builds, and we must inquire of the body through which one lives in such a palace as Thomas builds, understanding that body and that palace as inseparable from one another. The palace the king demands built is completely material – of the earth, and it is an ego palace that he seeks, for he lives only on the surface, in the ego, unaware of his deeper being and unaware of the true nature of reality, dream-like. Thomas, of course, does not build him a palace that is material – of the earth, but instead he builds him a palace of heaven, a palace that is spiritual, a soul palace, if you will.

Now, this reflects the truth of our being in this world – we are material and spiritual, of the earth and of the heavens; this is not to suggest that there is anything wrong with our material and earthly being, but rather that there must be some balance and harmony brought between heaven and earth in us – until we awaken in the Spirit we tend to grasp at the earth and live in ignorance of heaven. This is a state of disorder, imbalance and disharmony – we are in conflict within ourselves, a conflict between our dual nature, heavenly and earthly.

Heavenly, earthly, these words imply many odd things when they remain only a concept in the mind – but with some experience their true meaning is simple; there is spirit and there is matter, there is an energetic dimension and the material dimension, and in truth, the material dimension is a dense manifestation of spirit, like frozen energy or light, and the spiritual and material dimensions are completely interconnected and interdependent, inseparable from one another.

We will know and understand this if we look and see a little child in their natural state, their natural self – looking and seeing them in the energetic dimension; they are luminous beings with a whole and radiant energetic body, looking something like very bright self-luminous eggs, stars. Looking and seeing them in this way, and then looking a seeing most adults, we will see a great contrast – the energetic body of adults is rarely so self-radiant or luminous, moreover we will see something like black holes in the energy body of most adults, and various knots or blocks to the natural flow of the energetic body. As Adonai Yeshua teaches us, when we look and see we will be shocked or greatly troubled by what we see – having begun whole and complete in our natural or original self, this original blessedness, this innate goodness, we have become sorely diminished, damaged, and are in need of healing, regeneration, reintegration.

The heavenly part of us is this energetic body, this body of light – and this is the part that dwells in the heavenly palace, the energetic or light palace (realms and worlds in the energetic or spiritual dimensions).

When we look and see in this way we will swiftly begin to inquire about what has happened to damage our energetic bodies and diminish our self-radiance; finding out what has done this, we can then seek our healing and reintegration.

The time we call “death” is a time of healing and reintegration – all are healed and reintegrated; and yet, not all go to the mansions of heaven, and not all remain conscious, awake, in the transition – many fall unconscious and swiftly return to incarnation, and the cycle of forgetfulness and the loss of our natural self or being starts all over again. In one life time or another, we must consciously accomplish our healing, our reintegration, and healed, reintegrated, we can accomplish our soul’s purpose or mission – only then can we break this repetitive cycle and pass into the energetic dimensions beyond, no longer requiring physical incarnation.

We must awaken in the dream to awaken from the dream!

St. Thomas is aware of the energy dimensions – heaven, and the energetic body, and that is the context in which he labors.

Here we can speak something of an open secret – our energy body is self-healing, it knows how to heal and reintegrate itself; unfortunately, though, living only in the surface consciousness, the ego and rational mind, we block its self-healing capacity.

All our thought and thinking, all the theology and intellectual debates in the world, will do nothing to bring about this healing and reintegration – in fact, we must learn how to silence this idle chatter and still the vital to allow this healing power of God to act; it is about intuition and feeling, not the rational mind alone, and it is about something energetic, experiential.

This, quite naturally, leads to some insight as to the Sophian Gnostic view of the Wedding Feast or Holy Eucharist as a vehicle of this healing power of God, the True Light.

In this story, as in many other stories from the scriptures, there are hints about how to accomplish this healing and reintegration – it all begins with becoming aware of the energetic dimension, as in the case of the king visited by the soul of his dead relative, and with awareness of the energy dimension, an awareness of the energetic exchange we are having in all of our relationships, with all of our relations. Adonai Yeshua points us to this awareness again and again throughout his teachings of the Gospel – he teaches us to pay close attention to the exchange of energy we are having with all our relations to ensure that it builds up and does not tear down, damage or disintegrate.

The conscious healing and reintegration of our energetic body is the generation of our palace of light (energy) or mansion in heaven – our ability to accomplish the soul’s purpose here and pass beyond in due season.

In this process, of course, we seek a balance of heaven and earth, and a dynamic integration of our energetic and material aspects – it is not so simple as denying earth for the sake of heaven, as in such denial of our whole and integral being, energetic (heavenly) and material (earthly), we remain divided against ourselves and in conflict – most of Christianity and many forms of “spirituality” suffer from this imbalance. The very message of the Gospel – Divine Incarnation, teaches that we are to embody this dynamism of heaven and earth, the integral play of spirit and matter.

In this regard, if the Indian king could balance his earth with heaven, he could very well have a heavenly and earthly palace, and the two would be inseparable from one another – the same is true for us.

*As the story goes, the truth is that the king already had a wonderful earthly palace, he just needed to regenerate and reintegrate his energetic body so as to build up his heavenly palace as well – no doubt, in so doing, and he was able to enjoy his earthly and heavenly palace.

May all who seek healing know the healing power of God innate within them and so receive their healing; amen.

Blessings & shalom!
Tau Malachi
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