Saying 3

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Saying 3

#1 Postby michellejune » Thu Jul 21, 2005 7:41 pm

Shalom Tau Malachi and Friends,

Greetings in the light of the Divine Mother!

Today in our group in Connecticut, we discussed verse 3:

...The kingdom of heaven is inside you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty."

I thought I would share some of our insights:

We were discussing when we experience the divine Christ-self, our experience of reality can be transformed. Any moment can be heaven or it can be hell, or any level in between, based on what level of consciousness we are realizing. When we let the old patterns work their automatic pilot, are "asleep" and are enslaved to circumstances. In awakening to higher consciousness, we are free to perceive ourselves, our lives and all experiences in a way that promotes our enlightenment.

We discussed how when we keep up with our practices, we are not reacting to negative people or events as much, and can sometimes get insights of the 'behind the scenes' workings of the spirit. From time to time, the hidden blessings in "bad" experiences are revealed, which turns them from hellish to heavenly experiences.

It's very humbling to know that we have no way of judging experiences until we gain a higher spiritual discernment. In realizing my own need for forgiveness, I thought about someone for whom I have had trouble extending forgiveness to for many years. In the past few days I have been thinking and praying about it. I really expected when the forgiveness 'experience' came, it would be in a certain way during a meditation. But it started to come another way- through insight and understanding. I think this is the just the beginning of gaining insight into forgiveness and it has to do with changing perspective. When we choose to look at all our experiences as neccesary for our growth, we become open to seeing what we may have gained from our pain. In applying this principle towards those whom we need to forgive, we may start to see the spiritual mission behind their actions, and this process may bring us closer to forgiveness. We could imagine that our souls called these experiences with this person into existence for growth and balancing karma.

In contemplating the "force that binds is the force that sets us free," we became aware that were it not for the very painful experiences with our 'enemies', we probably would not have worked so hard at trying to find answers, meaning and purpose to our lives. We may have found life satisfying and enjoyable. Whereas it was pain that originally provoked our quest for answers, in addition to striving in life.

I realized that I did indeed develop certain qualities and abilities in direct response to this pain, that it served me well. Taking a higher perspective transforms not only the view of the past, but the experience of the memory. Since the body does not (chemically) discern responses activated by memory from present experiences, I believe it can alleviate the stress response and have a healing effect on many levels. It's like a spiritual form of neuro-linguistic programming. (Replacing bad memories with good (higher) thoughts) Quite literally, our experience of past, present and future can be transformed.

I think that's where 'any moment can be heaven or hell' comes in. The perceptual change can be great.

The other part of the feeling of empowerment comes from the identification with the Christ-self and not the body. -"It is you who are the sons of the living father." After practicing going into a higher state of awareness and identification, we may not feel as offended, hurt, etc.. from all the things that happen here in the physical. Somehow, in that place, it's not as "personal" or ego-oriented. There is a feeling of spiritual self-worth. It's so comforting to be there even for a few minutes, feeling that our worth is established by God, not by man and his arbitrary measurements of worth.

As "sons of the living father," we accept our power to create our reality, and the increased need to understnd with a higher mind. (metanoia) As we see the inner workings of the Holy Spirit, we can see trials that come, moreso in a heavenly light.

Please keep our group in your prayers, and please share your thoughts with us.

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Michelle Abraham Lambert

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#2 Postby lleyr » Wed Jul 27, 2005 8:57 am

Greetings Michelle,

Thank you for posting your groups insights. It is very helpful and uplifting to see what others are doing in their studies.

Blessings, Mark

Elder Gideon
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Beatitudes of Self-Knowledge

#3 Postby Elder Gideon » Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:01 pm

Shalom Michelle!

What an empowering discussion! The insights from your groupwork are so vital and practical. May we never underestimate the tremendous power of looking within for the cause of our sorrow and suffering.

The longer I attempt to surrender to the Gospel way, the more powerfully the notion of enemy and persecutors as a force outside of myself is questioned. A great study in conjunction with Thomas 3 (one of my favoritesjavascript:emoticon(':wink:') ) are the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount. In them, none of the energies we see plastered on check-out stand magazines are blessed; rather everything in this world that is against the stream, struggling and striving; THIS is what is blessed by the Anointed.

Blessed was a vague word until I connected it with the Creation story where the end of each Day is blessed by Elohim: "It is good" (ki tov); all those, except the Second Day, for, as rabbis will comment, it was a day of strife, the creation of hell and therefore "incomplete". So, the experience of completeness has something to do with whatever it means to bless or be blessed! How else can we access completeness and blessing apart from the self-knowledge the Anointed exhorts us to seek in Thomas 3? In the Beatitudes, as in your groupwork, I feel him speaking the sparks of light--the good--within every facet of human suffering, and releasing them with affirmation and purpose!

Such beauty from such horror!

Praise be our Savior for Self-Knowledge,
whose Life ransoms Light from ignorance!


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Re: Saying 3

#4 Postby Brother Brian » Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:01 am

Verse 3 brings up the ongoing creative intelligence –energy that one can experience at any given moment. The Human One having the capacity of experiencing a running and returning of all levels of consciousness. In Genesis 1:9 it is spoken that Elohim spoke “Let the water under the sky come together in (ONE) area and let the dry land appear.

This brings to mind the emergence and manifestation of Messiah appearing and ministering to those that had come under the dark cloud of forgetfulness of this presence within humanity. In the very first chapter of the Gospel of John we witness this presence manifest for he was the source of life and, and that life was the light of humanity.

This presence this (dry ground) was in the world, and the world came into existence through him. Yet the world didn’t recognize him however he gave the right to become God’s children to everyone who believed in him. These people didn’t become God’s children in a physical way- from human impulse or from a husband’s desire to have a child. They were born from God.

This reminds one of Yeshua’s experiences of stirring the people that he gathered around into this remembrance of this spaciousness within that brings one into the journey of desiring to experience nearness with God and Oneness.. Yeshua was a living walking memory stick that transferred his experience of Oneness with God to all the people and land. In many instances of Yeshua’s healings and miracles wasn't this what he was healing them from? Was this not always his intent to heal the people from the illusion of separation and bringing the people back into remembrance of this place within (dry ground) that has never left the presence of God. He was a living roadmap of the way.

This stirring energy when the people were around Yeshua we could imagine would lead them into an investigation. An investigation of exploring these higher states of consciousness, which heals and illuminates. This place where there is a multiplicity of choices and experiences verses the static and trapped state that living in surface consciousness only brings. When Yeshua spoke to the people’s hearts it would set on fire this burning passion to open up in the present moment and experience nearness which became a mighty powerful addiction.

Praise Mother Spirit we have this message to share with the people and land. This message of believing this presence within and abiding with it. This message of hope when all seems hopeless. This message that there is nothing absolutely wrong with the way we are its just in our hearts and minds we have separated ourselves from this presence within. God loves us and as our Tau has taught our Mother only knows us in our perfection. May we co-labor to cut loose and let go of all these added impurities that we have added to this purity, this clear precious great pearl that we are.

Brother Brian

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